Barb Digi Cuts off Ties with DeafRead

Reprinted here with permission

One of my basil plants harbored a worm or two. It became necessary to cut off the branch just like I have decided to cut off ties with DeafRead so that the whole plant can continue to grow and prosper into a healthy discourse with respect of ASL advocates who are true to the Deaf vlogosphere community.

We no longer need to tolerate DeafRead editors’ poor judgment that they have neglected to monitor against those who attack the others especially those who have wormed their way to their workplaces. I was a victim of that kind of practice in DR in the past but decided to give them a benefit of doubt knowing they are “human” editors. Now, seeing this happening to someone else was like de ja vu all over again that made me feel sick in the stomach. Although I b/vlogged a lot less at DR in the past few years, it is time for me to officially announce that I am leaving DeafRead from today. Thank you.


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