DR & DVTV go purpleLESS – ya hoo now do do?

short vlog explaining that PURPLE has pulled its ads from DeafRead and DVTV. Good work – kudos – big hand waves. Thanks to PURPLE for doing the right thing. Thanks to all of you for creating ASL and/or English lettes and sending them to PURPLE. Also thanks if you signed the petition. The owner and operator of DR / DVTV in a short vlog released tonight explained that PURPLE requested the ads be pulled. In a week the ads would go up with a disclaimer. It is not clear what that disclaimer means and we have asked PURPLE for an official response about the “disclaimer.” In the meantime keep signing the petition and sending letters to PURPLE – can be thank you and say no to any disclaimer or thank you for pulling the ads. Please do not sponsor DR/DVTV until it complies with its own guidelines not to post or list v/blogs that attack people based on their being gay or lesbian, religion, gender, or being Deaf ASL people etc. A disclaimer will not do.


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  1. Diane
    May 19, 2010 @ 03:18:05


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