art by PDurr
#Dackober – Dack Virnig set up prompt words for Oct 2021 and i am hoping to do all 31 days with Deaf-themes

#DeVIA #Surdism #Deafartober2021

Day 1 Gigantic – Audism Free America (AFA) 5 touching the columns of the gigantic Volta Bureau (AG Bell Headquarters) as protesters below wave AFA and Sign Union flags below in solidarity
Day 2 Hollow (young girl with shell shocked eyes and heavy ear tubes and shoulder straps with equipment, her hands are folded under the table – inspired by a B & W photo of CID student)
Day 3 Mindstorm (Deaf person in the center not understanding what people (police man, teacher, doctor, cashier, child) are saying behind their masks and trying to guess / make up what is being communicated
Day 4 Skeleton (skeleton signs “I will always love you “
Day 5 Map – Showing Rochester School for the Deaf (RSD), Rochester Recreation Club for the Deaf (RRCD), and National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID)
Day 6 Climb – two people climb up a mountain peak that has a Sign Union flag planted at the top)
Day 7 Forecast (curtain with wavy hair woman sitting behind crystal ball with one enlarged eye in the middle – she is fingerspelling LOVE. Text reads “I see love in your future”
Day 8 Fish Scale (left scale baby with ear weighs more right scale fish baby with no ear but big eye and hand fins weights less)
Day 9 – Deaf child in AVT (AudioVerbal therapy where the speech pathologist covers up their mouth with a white fan and tries to have the child figure out what they are saying based on sound reception alone.
Day 10 Motor (ASL sign for motor/engine/machine) (outline of car engine shape)
Day 11 Knuckle – Deaf child’s hand being whacked by a wooden ruler for signing – still happens today (hand holding a hand with marks and lightning lines around the hand with ruler and motion lines)
Day 12 – Toss. Embryos that are screened for IVF and found to carry a Deaf gene are most likely tossed. (thumb down at top over a petri dish with embryo cells)
Day 13 – Illuminate (Light bulb with eye in the middle glowing)
Day 14 – Envy (person signing “envy” – bite bent finger with $ in eye pupils looking at dollar bills)
Day 15 – Block (inspired by an artwork by Norman Rockwell) Artist at blank clip board on easel with pen at top of head scratching it at a loss of what to draw)
Day 16 – Static (young girl watching old TV with a woman and a man talking but the speech is unclear – pre- Close Captions everything was static for us)
Day 17 – Couching (inspired by Peter Wollenhaupt’s performance as The Coach in Tales From a Clubroom
by Lights On! Deaf Theatre, where Peter gave a very exaggerated ASL description of a basketball trophy
Day 18 – Beet. Nothing Beets Natural Languages
Day 19 – Murder. AB Harms Children signage in front of Advanced Bionics – a Cochlear implant co. that has had several recalls. Many children and adults have died from cochlear implant complications but no one talks about it.
Audism Free America AFA tried to shed some light on these tragedies.
Day 20 – Chain (broken – walk away Betty. handstand and chain done a wee bit in Betty G Miller’s Ameslan Prohibited style )
Day 21 – Swarm (AG Bell meets his match – Deaf bee colony)
Day 22 – Dew (take time to look at the dew. leaf with dew drops and a child’s hand signing “look at” )
Day 23 – Split (as a partially Deaf person i spent the majority of my life feeling split – left side has open eye with sign for “listening with ur eyes” and right side has cupped hand around ear for trying to hear with my ears, eye is closed because i did not have sign language growing up, neck has stiches because i was mocked for my speech impediment but left side has pearls because i gained my voice via ASL and learning not to use my speech (hence stitched closed lips on left side)
Day 24 – Fangless (snake being stepped on with fangs dropping out)

NOTE: ive been doing the quick drawings before or on the day of but often end up posting a bit late due to not being on the computer much. Just FYI.

Day 25 – Down Pour (goddess using ASL sign for dumping out water – Down pour of rain while person stands in the window and watches it all come down )
Day 26 – Smash (freaky monkey smashing throw audiogram glass headed towards shocked audiogram)
Day 27 – Forbidden Love (Ear head person with half heart shape hand touching Eye head person with other half of heart hand. Even today its sometimes taboo for an Oral Deaf person to fall in love with an ASL Deaf person)
Day 28 – Sturdy (a straggly looking tree on a hill bending to the left, underneath are many hand roots reaching deep. inspired by a fleeting memory in my mind of a poem by Clayton Valli about a lonely sturdy tree he would see as he drove on a stretch of rode – i forgot what it was a metaphor for – Deaf child in the mainstream or Deaf person in Hearing world – resiliency)
Day 29 – Pupils (drawing of Eye ball children at a curved desk – left to right – first eye child has head resting on hands with elbows on the table, second eye child is bigger with wider eye and hand up waving to answer question, third eye child has bent xfinger at top of head as if scratching / puzzling out question, fourth eye child has one finger up shyly offering to answer the question if called on)
Day 30 – Weald (landscape of hands – top down sunrise handshape (f letter) coming over the hill, two open 5 handshapes form the hilltop, tree hand shapes top left, middle and bottom, handshapes flowing down like stream)
Day 31 – Invisible (family at table – father hat head of the table wearing glasses, no eyes, squiggly lines come out of mouth to show talking, mother on right side with squiggly lines out of mouth, baby in high chair next to mom – top of head view squiggly babbling lines out of mouth, sibling next to father with cap on and squiggly lines, last child is in faint dotted line form, long hair, sad eyes, tear drop, hands up to show they dont know what is being said and they are not seen – they are invisible to the family)