Audism Free America (AFA)’s letter to PURPLE

from Audism Free America
to ronald.obray(at),
date Wed, May 19, 2010
subject Sponsoring Audism


On behalf of the members of Audism Free America and others in the community who value a Deaf community of integrity, we would like to formally request that your organization withdraw its support of Deaf Read and DVTV. As an organization that is committed to unmasking audism, combating media misrepresentation and ensuring the human/linguistic rights of future generations of Deaf children, we cannot turn our heads on what is happening in Deaf Read and DVTV.

Purple cannot afford to sponsor websites which allow slanderous and vicious attacks against members of the Deaf community, and particularly if those websites are run by other Deaf people. This is dysconscious audism of the worst kind: horizontal violence.

Hastle states that horizontal violence is non physical inter group conflict and is manifested in overt and covert behaviours of hostility (Freire 1972; Duffy 1995). It is behaviour associated with oppressed
groups and can occur in any arena where there are unequal power relations, and one group’s self expression and autonomy is controlled by forces with greater prestige, power and status than themselves (Harcombe 1999). It is, generally, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually damaging behaviour and can have devastating long term effects on the recipients (Wilkie 1996)

Clearly, Deaf Read and DVTV have published blogs and vlogs which communicate hostility toward targeted individuals and organizations. With your continued sponsorship, PURPLE is complict and endorsing such behavior.

We urge Deaf Read and DVTV to reexamine how best to provide our community with a ‘safe place’ in which to foster healthy disagreements and discussions free of horizontal violence, audism, sexism, heterosexism and racism. In this way, Deaf Read and DVTV can become models for future Deaf bloggers/vloggers and use their power to promote a Deaf community where we are all valued and respected. Until then, we urge PURPLE to reconsider this sponsorship and be business which prides itself on ethical behavior for the good of the individuals in the community you serve.

Let Freedom Roll,


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