Whack goes Oralism RULERS


Repressive Means by P Durr


Whack goes the RULERS

Dr. Barbara Kannapell recirculated her pow pow “let my people go” letter (click link to see the letter) to AG Bell Association from 2011 and Roger Claussen left an important testimony in the comment section so i asked him if i could post it as a blog post here and he said yes.  Thank youRoger

And just so you all know this is not all ancient history because:

  1. it was not THAT long ago and
  2. it is STILL happening.

I #hit you not.  i met a young man a couple of years ago who said that one day a speech pathologist got frustrated with him because he was not pronouncing a word correctly and she grabbed a YARD STICK (not even a ruler but a YARD STICK) and whacked him in the mouth.  He yelled out in pain – another teacher heard him and came to check if all was alright and the LSL specialist said everything was F I N E.

This happened just a couple of years ago to a Asian Deaf young man with cochlear implants in the US of A.

He then went home and told his parents and said he was going MUTE.  He would NOT try to speak for anyone because it invited abuse.  They accepted because he was a junior in HS and that is when young Deaf folks tend to start to assert their somebodiness and parents cant claim parental choice and cuz rulers and yard sticks are for measuring – not for metering out punishment and cuz that #hit aint cool.

If this chap had not shared his story with me – i might have been less inclined to believe Roger Claussen – yet despite already having been RECENTLY introduced to this “method” of the jealous mistress – Oral  aural onlyism – i still felt shock and outrage at reading Roger’s story below.

This is REAL folks.  dont even try to tell me its a thing of the past because:

  1. it aint
  2. even if it was – we need to get this stuff out to the public because the more i learn the more i am applaud and
  3. i know there is alot more that i dont know

we need to shut this #hit down N O W

#agbelllies #liesagbelltoldmyparents #endaudism #iwillneverforget #webelieveyou

thank you Roger for singing these songs of Truth

Scroll down for more De’VIA Surdists works featuring RULERS

Roger C. comment:——————————–

Barbara – Great comment! To: AGB believers, I grew up as a deaf child attending Arizona School for the Deaf in Tucson. My parents were not deaf and did not use sign language at all at home.

In the classroom, we were forced to be oral. My teacher(s) often used a ruler to “whack” my lips if I didn’t pronounce it right. I would think I said the word well. But then my lips would get whack. I hated trying to use my voice , hated speech. For example: the teacher repeatedly had me to say word “baseball” for many days and I still failed. Why weren’t the teacher(s) focusing on the more important subjects such as English, Math, Reading, etc.

At lunch time I would often sit with the high school students in the cafeteria. I had easy / free communication with them using ASL and learned from them. As many young deaf back then and even today being around peers and in a social setting/ environment increased my language and signing skills. For me at that time more so than in the classroom.

When I entered middle school, I was thrilled to see teachers using ASL. However, later my family moved to San Diego. I had to attend a local oral school and forced to use bulky hearing aids. I met about 15 deaf students in the classroom. The students knew practically nothing about sign language and were very behind in most all subjects. I was also shocked to see students aged between 12 to 20 years old in the same classroom.

That teacher taught us to SING with our voices and we would practice the same song for months and then put us in assembly for hearing students to hear our voices. Unbelievable!!!! We were mocked by them. At the end of the school year I told my friends “This coming fall I will transfer to California School for the Deaf in Riverside (CSDR)”. My teacher took me to a private room and talked with me using sign language. I was shocked he could sign and he told me he was glad that I am going to CSDR where I can get better education. Then he told me that if he used sign language in classroom and he will lose his job. It was clear to me that deaf students and teacher were oppressed.

Two years later 7 of my former classmates transferred to CSDR. It was obvious they were starved for communication by using ASL and a better education and socialization.

To AGB believers: Allow the deaf children to be themselves! You have a responsibility to share the truth and the facts to parents, who often get high or false hopes that their deaf child/children are better off in oral schools than schools for the deaf which use bilingual (ASL/English). Let’s work together for the betterment of our deaf children and their future.


Mr.Renck, My Strict Oral Teacher. (a chamber in "My Inner Maze") Prismacolor pencil 2016. David Call.jpg

Mr.Renck, My Strict Oral Teacher. (a chamber in “My Inner Maze”) Prismacolor pencil 2016. David Call


I will never forget by Ellen Mansfield

Why Nyle’s the Jewel of the Nile

nyle at AG Bell hq

Nyle dancing sweeping Mabel Bell off her feet in front of the Volta Bureau – digital art by Shawn Elfrink

Why Nyle DiMarco is the jewel of the Nile in my eyes:
1. not cuz he dances so pretty but rather cuz he dances the truth – he dances about the oppression of Deaf folks via the jealous mistress – oralism = the banning of sign language and the systematic push for Deaf folks value to be measured by their mouths and their ears

2. not cuz he is so hot & will probably be picked by People Magazine to be the Sexiest Man of the Year – i really ain’t a fan of lookism (look it up – its a real word) but rather because he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that speech and audition – ie talking and hearing are not the great equalizer or liberator

3. not cuz he is all over the internet and popular culture – i aint really big on popular culture but rather because he uses his popularity and celebrity status for the GREATER Good. he has uttered words that most of our “leaders” barely mention – he has talked about the harms of Oralism – banning Sign language from the lives of Deaf children. he has talked about Language Deprivation. he has talked about the beloved Deaf community. He has not made this moment be ABOUT him but rather about JUSTICE – that is huge

4. not cuz he is gonna make everything all better for Deaf folks cuz he is not – no single person could or should do that but rather because he is not afraid to take a stand for that which is just right and good. too many Deaf folks think they must – talk pretty, walk pretty, get flies with honey, sell out, etc etc to eventually some day feel safe enough to stand for the truth but Nyle did not wait. he did not minimize what it is like to be a Deaf person amongst all Hearing contestants on ANTM – he called it what it was “language deprivation” – he suffered through it for the goal of winning and visibility. he did not just make dances that were inspiration pornish – he made a dance that was Pow Pow truth telling. he has the courage of his convictions and acts on them

so what i hope for Nyle and all of us is:
1. keep that courage a rolling. keep singing those songs of freedom

2. keep experimenting with creative and artistic ways to express the Deaf experience both resistance of oppression and affirmation of all that is good about being DEAF

3. keep destigmatizing what it means to be Deaf and celebrating Deafhood

4. keep pulling down the mask of AG Bell Association and all the various corporations and systems that promote the biggest LIE OF THEM ALL – the lie that a person must hear and speak to function in society, and that a person’s intelligence is measured by their ability to speak, and that hearing sets you free, and that normalcy is all the rage

Sensory diversity, gender diversity, sexual diversity, neuro diversity etc ROCK

and now a wish – a deep and heart felt wish that Nyle’s spirit does not get adversely affected by fame. Fame is a horrible beast and not anything i would wish upon anyone. it can mess with the mind worse than any addiction or malady i have ever seen. My wish is that it does not taint or destroy Nyle’s spirit. My wish is he will always remain grounded via his family, bestests, and beloved community and that he will continue to give back and not give in.

and for us – my wish is – we do not sit back and expect him to be all and do all. We all got work to do. Creating, Caring, Challenging, and Celebrating. On ward march. its a love reEVOLution

May Day & Other Items

Just a quick note

-11. May Day, May Day
May 4, 2016 the Deaf Grassroots Movement is calling upon Deaf & Deafblind & All to come to go to their state capitols to campaign for EEC




this is the first nationwide mobilization of Deaf folks that I know of – hope you will be there – check out the Deaf Grassroots Movement on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Deaf-Grassroots-Movement-DGM-799439450175504/

and see http://www.tdgm2015.org/

dgm map


2. AG Bell highway

We all know that AG bell took the low way – stealing the phone, cheating the real inventor, stalking Mabel, and waging an unholy war against ASL that is still fought all over the nation – and now some folks in Canada wanna name a stretch of a highway in AG Bell’s honor – NO WAY!  http://banjosworld.blogspot.ca/2016/04/alexander-graham-bells-awful-legacy.html?m=1

Please take some time to do a peaceful shout out against this error

3. Statue of George
Amy Cohen Efron is calling for a statue of good ole Geo. signing DEFEND to grace the Deafspace of the Soreson building at Gallaudet.  I second this motion of such a marvelous notion.  And PLEASE when this becomes a reality – hire a D E A F sculptor.  George W. Veditz would want that.

See Amy’s vlog at https://youtu.be/MM8HOBPoJYM

(thank u Shawn for the info on Banjo’s blog and Amy’s vlog)

4. investing in New Zealand Sign Language
Wow weee – aint it sweet when a nation invests in Natural Sign Language for Deaf children – New Zealand is investing $11 MILLION dollars in New Zealand Sign Language for the kiddies – ohhh gosh one of the best elixir for language deprivation


5. AG Bell Assoc. monologue vs dialogue
no news of AG Bell Association President Sugar being true to her words of wanting a dialogue by accepting the Gallaudet students’ invitation to campus.  Come on AG Bell and Co. schools gonna be out soon and you will have missed the opportunity and your bs will be busted and folks are gonna remember come Fall.  so do the right thing and pay them a visit for a nice heart to heart or keep spinning your web of deceit only to be out shined by a bunch of rocking bilingual college students.  The option & choice is yours.

6. Language Deprivation is part of ACE – Adverse Childhood Experiences
When is language deprivation and the denial of ASL and Deaf culture in the lives of Deaf children going to be recognized as a form of ACE = Adverse Childhood Experiences?????

Screen shot 2016-05-01 at 8.33.07 PM

From CDC


and see what it could / should be like – Petersen and Rems-Smario

P. 21-22 click THRIVES below


Screen shot 2016-05-01 at 8.37.20 PM






…”the cross of a single method”

bird hole

color photo of white hand with Sign Union flag colored bird flying through a stigmata in the hand

So as predicted – things have quieted down three weeks out from the AG Bell Association’s pissy fit over Nyle DiMarco supporting bilingualism.

But it was a wild three weeks wasn’t it?
ya all rocked the house. Truths be a tellin’ ten fold.

I especially appreciate the Buff and Blue’s ASL letter to AG Bell Association and the Council de Manos’ letter (see below).  While i had seen the Buff and Blue’s English letter, I didn’t know of their ASL letter until a colleague mentioned it a few days ago and i went a googling and ta da.  WOW it is a gem.  Love the variety of signers and the message as is the Council de Manos, which they also have in English and Spanish – ohhh multilingualism rocks.

I’ve also enjoyed seeing:
Convo’s #tosignishuman

Letters from individuals (especially poignant letters from parents and victims & survivors), departments, colleges, organizations, De’VIA surdists’ artworks etc singing the praise of ASL & English and busting the bullshit on language and cultural bigotry have been making the invisible visible.  Thank you each and all for standing and demanding that the AG Bell Association cut the crap.  Many of the letters by AG Bell and our communities have been posted up at The Bell Effect website https://thebelleffect.com/

After just one week AG Bell Association’s President M. Sugar released a 2nd letter in which she maintained her very patronizing tone of voice basically saying we don’t know squat.


Problem is – we know a plenty and have brought the truth forward to prove it so she can hide behind their b.s. euphemism LSL as if it were a language when it is the jealous mistress called ORALism, and hide behind the bs shield of parental choice but we know their version of “parental choice” includes child abuse.  YES FOLKS when Ms. Sugar and Co. says parents have the right to choose Oral / Aural Only and ban ASL for their child’s life they are saying depriving a child of ASL and Deaf culture is FINE.  It’s DANDY. Why? because ASL is dying she says (in her first letter) and cuz the babes no needy any ASL cuz they can hear just fine with CI and AVT ie Oralism ie LSL.  Yes she said this crap in response to the American Academy of Pediatric praising bilingualism as best practices too.  She is relentless in her delusions.

Oh the holy grail – to make the Deaf child unDeaf.  to make them speak and hear “like” Hearing folks.  all hail the god of “independence through listening and talking” which is the AG Bell Associations motto and mantra and mission and..

yawn – so boring so endlessly boring and WRONG

W R O N G  AG BELL and Co. – listening and speaking do NOT make someone independent.  This has been proven time and time again.

How do we know?
cuz many completely hearing folks can hear and speak perfectly fine and they are not fully independent

cuz many Deaf folks who use bilaterial implants, do not sign whatsoever, and speak a plenty still want CART services, still want close captioning, still want Oral interpreters, some no go home for the holidays

and cuz… drum rolllllllll

We are all interdependent.  Its called living.  and the holy grail of normalcy is a falsehood and neurodiversity, sensory diversity, gender diversity, ethnic diversity, sexual diversity, etc are groovy.  They truly are – they is what makes the world go round methink.

Truths gonna flow Ms. Sugar and Co. (ie AG Bell Association) and the truth is – there is NO HARM in being bilingual or multilingual and there are GREAT BENEFITS to it. So…..

depriving a Deaf child of such is just basically cruel and unusual

You can cling behind the bilaterial cochlear implants, you can cling behind the clause of “parental rights” when they are really wrong but the truth remains – its unjust and you know it

And YOU – AG Bell Association – have known it since your inception.  You have KNOWN that you can not do pure Oralism (ie lsl and implantations etc etc) without some form of abuse.  YES AG Bell Association you have known about the putting of children into closets for signing, you have known about the making of children sit on their hands, fold their hands, have their hand taped to table tops, bound by mitten strings, tied up, stacked with books to uphold while kneeling on a broom stick, dunked in scalding HOT water, whacked with rulers, and more.  those poor wee dear hands that did nothing but try to do what came naturally – talk.  talk with their hands.  why has this ever been such a sin that parents and teachers have HIT those hands, have made those hands write on boards and sheets of paper 100 times “I will not use my hands.” ha ya all have tried to also make liars out of the children – they knew to write that very sentence they were using their own hands and they knew that to raise their hand in the audiobooth when not really hearing to end the testing, prodding, probing, and distress they would have to practice your skill and value set – deceit.

more has been done to the Deaf child – the Deaf body – lots of surgery – lots of various experimentation on their ears, brains, tonsils and more.  All in that effort to make the Deaf child into something they are not “unDeaf” and as “Hearing like as possible”

ie: AG Bell’s latest and lamest effort at myth-a-making – the notion of “there are many ways to be deaf” duh

that is about as inspired as “Deaf people can do anything except hear”

jewish folks have always been diverse – you dont see folks saying jewish versus Jewish or J/j

African American folks have always been diverse – you dont see folks saying African American vs african american

You did see lots of stratification of disenfranchised folks by the dominant culture in its effort to divide and conquer.  You saw them conjure up Mulatto as a “way of being” and giving it a wee bit of privilege so that resentment and inequality would fester and the oppressed could be the oppressor so the master could worry less and control more

So AG Bell and Co. you can try to paint “your deaf children and poster children turned adults” as being a different way of being deaf but still it is the same ole same ole.  They still be people of the hand eye – they still glean info via their eyes and their hands.  i have seen them in those youtube activation viral videos, i have seen them sitting across from me at the AG Bell Volta Bureau & Laboratory  – speaking when you called on them to speak and trying to read the CART screen when anyone else was speaking despite them having CI and a voice interpreter sitting right behind them.  I have seen how their eyes scan the horizon and i have seen how their hands point and gesture.  So while they are not bilingual with ASL because they have been taught that to use ASL is a dependence and a crutch and demeaning and they should be as hearing-like as they possibly can be, they still gravitate to visual access and if they are Deafblind orally raised they gravitate to tactile access as did John Spencer.

This is nothing NEW.  What it means to be “deaf” has not changed.  The props and excuses and myths have been updated but they are still props, excuses, and myths in which to propagate cultural and linguistic bigotry and that is not cool – AG Bell Association, John Tracey Clinic, House Ear institute, NCHAM, CDC, Cochlear LTD, Advanced Bionics, Med El, and blood cord registry and more..  We see you and we call your bluff.

Not cool at all fools.

We are Deaf – not damaged nor damned.

soooo Ms. Sugar of AG Bell Assoc – you conclude your second letter with a comment about respectful open dialogue after having spread a bunch of disrespectful crap in your letter about not discouraging parents from  ASL (tsk tsk how you lie) and how your mission is backed by research – dont u see how your ACTIONS and words in your letters and history are NOT respectful for open dialogue and if you TRULY wanted an open dialogue – you would accept the Gallaudet Student Body Government invitation to go to Gallaudet for such a dialogue.  AG Bell Association your commitment to crucifying children on the cross of a single method is WRONG and you know it.

Ya busted Ya basta.

George W. Veditz knew that ASL & English was the greatest good for the greatest number.

Screen shot 2016-04-24 at 11.20.51 AM.png

And from the NAD resolutions from the Proceedings of the Ninth Convention of the National Association and the Third World’s Congress of the Deaf.  Colorado Springs, CO.  August 6-13 1910

  • Resolved, That we recognize and appreciate to the fullest extent all methods of educating the deaf, but deplore and condemn the narrow and destructive spirit that endeavors to educate all pupils by any single method. We are firmly and unalterably in favor of the Combined System, which adapts the method to the pupil, and not the pupil to the method. (Resolutions similar in tenor to the above were unanimously adopted at the Nation Convention sat Chicago 1893; Philadelphia, 1896; St. Paul 1899; St. Louis, 1904, and Norfolk, 1907.)
  • Resolved, That the educated deaf, even though they may not be in the profession, feel that it is their privilege to discuss and pass upon questions of educational methods, inasmuch, as they are the results of these methods, and that their opinions therefore should have the weight of authority.


and now i conclude with the truthful words of a Deaf educator and leader.  James L. Smith, who was a teacher and Supt at the Minn. School for the Deaf.  He stated these words at the International Congress on the Education of the Deaf (ICED) in 1900 at the Paris Congress.  Yes this is the same congress that in 1880 Milan, Italy declared oralism to be superior and banned natural sign language from the hands, hearts, and minds of Deaf children and educators and the same congress that in 2010 (2010-07 ICED Resolution – A New Era document-2) declared that the Milan 1880 ICED resolutions were unjust and caused great harm and that we should remember our history and issued an accord for the future in which Deaf folks shall not be deprived of natural sign language and Deaf culture and they shall be involved in decision making in matters that affect their people.

(note there are a million other great statements from gems from our past who prove that what it means to be Deaf has not changed and that excluding Deaf folks from their birthright – a fully natural and accessible language – is wrong like McGregor’s short, precise, and profound 1920 message – but you get the point – things have not changed cuz the oppressive nature of the jealous mistress, Oralism, remains.  Its time for an upgrade AG Bell and Co. Your deceit aint sweet. In fact it is toxic. and its old as in unchanged and ASL is on the rise not on the decline and the Deaf will always be Deaf.


“Let us join together as one to protest these educators who would fix our destiny without consulting us, without hearing us. Here in the greatest republic of the Old World, the delegates from that in the New ask all present to join together to affirm a new declaration of human rights, the right of the deaf to life, liberty the pursuit of happiness, and the education of their children on a plan they accept. Let us declare to the entire world that the deaf will not be crucified on the cross of a single method.”

~ James L. Smith 

Gallaudet Buff and Blue’s ASLized letter to the AG Bell Association:

Council de Manos letter in ASL below (to see in text English and text Spanish go to https://thebelleffect.com/2016/04/08/council-de-manos/)


“A language divorced from its culture is like a body without a soul.” ~ M. Byram, 1998

Thanks Brian S for the quote

Binary is boring and Deceit is not sweet

Very powerful letter in the Gallaudet Buff and Blue from a mother of a Deaf child that supports bilingualism for her child. She firmly shows the AG Bell Assoc. how their binary – EITHER / OR approach to Deaf children is wrong. Binary is so so boring AG Bell and AG Bell Assoc you prove again again how Oralism is the jealous mistress.


pls take the time to read: http://www.thebuffandblue.net/?p=14442
Thank you marvelous mom Laura McMullen.

And so we see how AG Bell Assoc plays things – see this tweet AG Bell released after Trisha Waddell visited the Volta Bureau as part of a class assignment and see her follow up tweet below.  AG Bell Association and Pres Sugar – when are you going to learn that deceit is not sweet

Screen shot 2016-04-16 at 9.15.14 PM.png

Screen shot 2016-04-16 at 9.13.32 PM

NTID & RIT Presidents Support ASL

NTID and RIT presidents released a strong statement in support of ASL & English on April 12, 2016.


The statement is clearly in response to the AG Bell Association’s attack on ASL and Deaf culture reacting to a short write up in the Washington Post praising Nyle DiMarco’s (whose mom is an NTID alumni) Foundation supporting ASL for Deaf children so they have bilingualism and Kindergarten readiness.

Their letter uses D/d as some members of our communities do not identify with Deaf culture but are deaf.  I believe this may be one of the first times RIT/NTID has used the capital D and while i see people who do not identify as being Culturally Deaf as still being D because we dont lower case J for Jewish or a for Asian or n for Native american to signify the diversity within those groups – i understand why Presidents Destler and Buckley chose to go with D/d and im thrilled to see them being inclusive of D as most other organizations or universities or individuals opted to go with d only.

The NTID Alumni Association has also released a letter – it can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/NTIDAA/ (scroll down to Statement in response to Sugar’s letter).  I’m facebook free so when i try to click the document – i cant see it unless logging in.  if anyone would like to copy and paste it in the comment box that would be great.

Many other great letters have come out by individuals and organizations and there has been a more thorough examination of the AG Bell association and its bigotry against ASL and Deaf culture.

Not sure if the Gallaudet Student Body Government ever received a response from AG Bell Association Pres Sugar in regards to their invitation to meet with them at Gallaudet.  If they have not – i hope they will follow up with a phone call or a visit to Volta Bureau.


NTID/RIT Students ROCK !

RIT Student Government and NTID Student Congress (NSC) sent a strong letter to the AG Bell Association and ASLized the letter (See below)

In addition the NTID Student Congress (NSC), Communication Access Now (CAN), and Ebony Club (EC) have been working hard (and i mean very very very hard) on several important issues relating to intersectionality, safe space, privilege, language rights and more.The students have been putting hundreds of hours into advocacy, meetings, committees, coalition building, Solidarity Walk, addressing NTID Advisory Group, and more.  I am learning a great deal from the students. You can follow these groups on Facebook and see the Daily Moth videos on CAN and EC letters and the Walk of Solidarity.
Daily Moth Dec 22, 2015 (English text is under videobox) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH_kzYMc0dE
Daily Moth April 1, 2016 https://www.facebook.com/TheDailyMoth/

Issues of language rights and access have surfaced about every 5 years or so at NTID.  Its refreshing to see such an array of students coming together for a collective solution for this cyclical problem. I have only been able to attend a few of the student meetings but each time i have been VERY impressed with how they make sure access is effective and open, how much they pay attention to each other, how they come up with great solutions, how they negotiate differences of ideas and approaches, how their love and care for NTID/RIT is their central focus and motivation.  Thank you students for leading the way.


Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 9.56.27 PM

Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 9.56.39 PM

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