#agbellLies – Truth art by Nancy Rourke

will be posting up different Deaf View/Image Art De’VIA works that expose AG Bell the man and association for what they are – abusers of ASL, Deaf culture, and Deaf people – most especially children

Language bigotry is not cool – especially when it has been channeling innocent parents to run their children down the gauntlet of Oral / Aural only education – whether they call it Oralism, spoken language, speech pathology, Auditory -verbal therapy AVT, Listening and Spoken Language LSL – it matters NOT – they are all over zealous systems that actively exclude and demonize a fully natural and accessible language for Deaf children.

Deep Scar by Nancy Rourke

All the artworks below are by Nancy Rourke – to see more of her works or more info on each of the works below go to: http://www.nancyrourke.com/ or click the unique link below each artwork to get more info on that piece.  (Some of the works are still available for purchase). I will put up other artworks by artists about AG Bell & co. soon.  As you can see the De^ARTivists have been on a might fine truth campaign about the harms and dangers and destruction of language bigotry, language deprivation, and cultural genocide.  Not cool AG Bell and co. not cool at all.  ‘Tis a pity.  To all the artists – thank u and keep signing out those songs of freedom.  Truths must be told. And to our beloved community – if you do not rise up against this oppression today and tomorrow after the Nyle buzz has subsided you are in fact enabling.

(added) Nancy Rourke is a survivor of reign of oralism – AG Bell Assoc. and co. politicizing of an unholy regime of oral / aural only upbringing and anti-ASLism.  Her art also is a visual testimony of other victims and survivors of the 1st and 2nd wave of oralism via AG Bell and Co.

Decolonize AGBELL by Nancy Rourke


AGB Whips a Deaf Horse



Deaf Salad vs. AG Bell’s Dream Salad


#LiesAGBELLToldMyParents by Nancy Rourke


AGBell in Disguise by Nancy Rourke


King of Deaf Hearts by Nancy Rourke


ASL Murdered by Nancy Rourke


Elephant in the Deaf Room by Nancy Rourke


Push the Elephant Out by Nancy Rourke



Deaf Elephant in the Deaf Room by Nancy Rourke


Screen shot 2016-04-03 at 11.54.05 AM.png
No to AGB by Nancy Rourke


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