tsk tsk tsk NAD u lack courage

so as predicted the NAD has released a statement about Nyle’s

yes they FAIL to mention what triggered their statement – it is not that Nyle’s is all hot and popular – it is that the AG Bell lied and lies again and again hence we say #AGBellLIES

but the NAD doesnt even mention the AG Bell

instead the NAD uses the opportunity to go on the defense and pull out a few shinny examples of Deaf “successes” to prove Deaf people have a right to have sign language

yep never mind you Deaf folks who did not have Deaf parents give u ASL or who are not doctors or lawyers or you who will never be on dancing with the stars  – you are not important – we only want to show the shinny Deaf people in defense against the AG Bell’s bullshit when in fact we should be showing that the AG Bell Association has destroyed lives – yes Deaf children have D I E D from cochlear implant complications and Deaf children have KILLED themselves under the weight of audism, oralism, linguicism, phonocentrism, paternalism and more!

This is due to AG Bell & Co.s language bigotry and quest for cultural genocide.

they have NOT been shy about it so the question is…

why is the NAD so shy about NAMING AG Bell when they do this kinda bullshit?

Calling the AG Bell Association in or out – is called direct peaceful confrontation which Gandhi and MLK Jr and Bayard Rustin and Rosa Parks and Larry Kramer and more engaged in – they named the sources of oppression and bigotry and they identified clear demands for justice. and… with a lot of hard work dedication and discipline of pushing civil disobedience forward – it worked.  Lots and lots of progress was made.

Psst NAD did u forget that some Deaf folks are ready to engage in LENGTHY hunger strikes?  Did you forget they are willing to be arrested? Did you forget they want you to boycott and divest from unjust and bigoted systems that promote lies, falsehoods, and harms against Deaf children and ASL
Yep i guess u did – and gosh how cute you mention the Pediatric article on the pros of bilingualism with Deaf children but you NEGLECT to mention the AG Bell Association’s president Ms. Sugar Esquire’s nasty and bigoted response

Just cuz you dont acknowledge them (the AGBAD)  and you do not hold them accountable does NOT mean they are not there.

They are there and they have been wrecking havoc on the lives of Deaf children and their families for a long long time – not just hurting the bond and sense of love and belonging but actually causing learning disabilities as a result of language deprivation when there was absolutely NO reason for that ever to happen in the 20th and 21st century EXCEPT for the fact that the AG Bell Association and pals has risen UNCHALLENGED by the NAD for DECADES.

Organizations and medical professionals are not just RECOMMENDING oralism – they are mandating it!  they are not just IRRESPONSIBLE – they are REPREHENSIBLE, UNJUST, DESTRUCTIVE, and DANGEROUS.

when ceo howard rosenblum promised me a firm response from the NAD to AG Bell’s unbrazen unwanted unsolicited and offensive “hearing specialist” membership cards sent to teachers of the Deaf all over the US in 2011 – i expected much more than this very weak and belated (5 years late) statement.

And i formally request an updated from the NAD on their much delayed Language Deprivation bill (for about the 15th time i am requesting this update over the years) – pls dont refer me to the language acquisition thingy the NAD has up – i want to see concrete evidence that the NAD has been pushing forward a bill to end language deprivation in Deaf children and not just referrals to the Cogswell act which is very weak or their proposing some unclear and superficial changes to EHDI way too late in the reauthorization process

A little courage NAD.
Please just a little courage.  All eyes and hands are watching.

otherwise your rudder be rotten, your sail be shot, and your ship be sunk.

and for those who may have not seen the NAD’s statement hailing Nyle’s and other stars but not being a truth seeker or a justice league fighter – enjoy https://nad.org/news/2016/4/nyle-dimarco-and-language-your-child#_ftn3

and yes i see the irony in them singing up the praise of ASL all in text English – ’tis a pity that they dont even release their statements in support of ASL by using ASL themselves







43 thoughts on “tsk tsk tsk NAD u lack courage

  1. You mention CIs leading to death. I have read of the rare fatalities. I have not read cases of suicides due to the list of things you mentioned. Where can I read more in depth on suicides of deaf orals?

  2. Thanks Patti for honing in on action items.

    NAD, step up, you’re the face of our plight at a national level. Respectful language, political correctness has its place. Dancing around bureaucratic crap now, is NOT representing us.

  3. When I read it this morning, I immediately posted that it was about time they finally said something in rebuttal THREE days later AND I also noticed they avoided naming the culprit AGB in their position statement. and shared that on the wall too.

  4. Perfect response to NAD’s lukewarm response to AGBA’s volcanic bigotry. I am starting to wonder if my membership fees to keep NAD in operation is worth it. I would rather see that my money is going to the organization that refuses to accept any form of bigotry against us while having new strategy that is counterproductive.

  5. I think NAD leaving the AGB out of the response is a good thing because it shows they have better manners than AGB does. To point fingers at just one company is not right when there are also several other groups out there that also negate the uses of ASL. Example how many doctors, ENT, speech teachers etc discourage ASL, so it’s better to include all of them instead of focusing on just one. I applaud them for at least standing up and saying to them STOP and look at the postitives ASL has.

  6. David – NCDHR “found that Deaf people who reported ever experiencing violence (emotional abuse, physical abuse or forced sex) were more likely to report that they attempted suicide sometime in their lifetime.”

    some info here but i dont think their full analysis is out yet

    AJPH video [scroll to the bottom of the page at this address]: http://ajph.aphapublications.org/page/VideoArchive

    its not specific to being raised orally but we know with LGBTQ youth there is a higher rate of suicide and suicide attempts due to stigmatization

    i personally know of some Deaf people who have committed suicide and several who have thought about it and/or attempted it.

    there should be more research in this area as it is so very serious

    peace – patti

  7. Dorothy – glad you are awake and active

    Lanetra – i delayed stopping my NAD membership a few years back but the more i saw how they do not STAND and DEMAND justice the more i saw myself as an enabler so i did stop financing their galas and various functions. it was not an easy choice for me but the minute i did it – i knew it was right despite how painful it was to have to do

    Juliet – the NAD’s write up is in direct response to the AG Bell statement and our communities’ outcry that they the NAD do something and all they did was to talk about how shinny Nyle’s and ASL and some other elite Deaf ASL folks are. they did not call out or in the AG Bell for its transgression just as they didnt when AG Bell wrote the pepsi letter – they think to try to piggy back on the attention from Pepsi or from the Washington Post to say how shinny ASL is and to dispute the “they who shall not be named association”‘s falsehoods specifically while never naming THEM or what they said or what they have been done – makes them look like they are not on the defensive when in fact it makes them look more-so. Defensive and defenseless

    and obvious

    the American Academy of Pediatrics already song the praise of ASL and bilingualism and the NAD piggy backed on that to get their names in the paper. Their recent reactive statement is in direct relations to the AG Bell – to not name them, actually empowers them all the more and allows them to know that the NAD will continue to be a bedfellow.

    but not so for the rest of us – we aint afraid the big bad AGB and we know how to type the truth because #AGBellLies – it truly does

    peace – p

  8. Marxie – my previous entry was signed and then translated to English and this one is in English cuz I am confronting the NAD in a language they choose to use (text English) in response to the letter from the-association-they-will-not-name aka the AG Bell. My entry is not a response singing up the praise of ASL while using English-only as is the NAD s

    I hope to put this entry into ASL tonight

    Thanks for asking

    Bilingualism / multilingualism rocks

    Peace p

  9. This is Tayler. Long time no talk. I’m still vlogging at http://www.deafvideo.tv. You pressed NAD about not making their response available in ASL, when your post right here isn’t in ASL. Moreover, almost all of the letters in response to AGBell are not in ASL, including the one from the California Association of the Deaf. In this circumstance, I think writing a letter, or a post in your case, is acceptable because AGBell can read English, and so can the more important audience, hearing parents of deaf children.

    Do you know what hurts the campaign more than writing in English and not being accessible to parts of the deaf community? Not making our vlogs captioned. We’re talking amongst ourselves without reaching the right audience. We’re wasting our vlogs. It’s funny, Patty, we complain day in and out about uncaptioned content, and we don’t make ours captioned when we really need to reach out to hearing parents with deaf children.

  10. oh BIG hello to you Tayler

    i do agree that folks should be putting the good stuff out in ASL
    did ASL and English transcript for: https://handeyes.wordpress.com/2016/04/02/ag-bell-nad-you-me/ and hope to do an ASL version of this here tsk tsk tsk NAD entry tonight

    re: captions – it is my understanding from Deafblind friends that they desire English transcripts so that they can access vlogs hence that is what i am trying me best to do do.

    As to why would i expect the NAD to put out their rah rah rah ASL response to the “org-that-shall-not-be-named” in ASL itself – well cuz the NAD has paid staff and i do not ; )

    but im gonna try me best to provide an ASL version for sure

    re: your lament that Deaf folks dont caption their videos for Hearing parents and the public – i have seen great strides in folks putting ASL vlogs into English transcripts lately. Really huge improvement in that and it is not easy feat because captioning a spoken English video vs captioning an ASL (or other signed languaged video) involves translation and timing issues that are pretty labor intensive to do. so kudos to all that do do it.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts on delivery. its nice to see your name here as i know ya played a good role in getting AG Bell’s plaque and name off the dorm at NTID/RIT.

    here too i have NO doubt that the more good hands coming forward to push AG Bell Association to cease and desist its unjust campaign against ASL will meet with success

    ground swell is a rumbling

    id love to have a dialogue in ASL via your good tool DVTV but im still awaiting on that promised inclusion of audism or at the very least recognizing Deaf ASL folks as an ethnicity to be equally respected as the other identified groups in the R list

    im a dreamer – what can i do ; )

    much peace – patti

  11. The first rule of writing is writing for your audience, which they followed. It’s fine you didn’t make a vlog to accommodate this post, the NAD board can read.

    Other websites, such as Facebook and YouTube, doesn’t recognize “Deaf ASL folks as an ethnicity” and is chock full of audistic AGBell folks, friends and supporters — yet I see you use both Facebook and YouTube. I at the very least understand ASL and when someone is harassing based on linguism. This is in the R List.

  12. Harassment is on the R List. Harassing based on linguicism is harassment. If you really wanted to dig further, look under Hate Crime. It’s always been there from day one. Have a good day.

  13. hmmm i dont see it but for clarity sake with this copy and pasted thingy on hate crimes below – do u see Deaf ASL folks as an ethnicity as Harlan Lane, Pillard, and Hedberg have put forth as lots of others have or at the very list as a social group and thus protected from hate crimes within DVTV once u have been alerted to any such transgressions and can review etc?

    if so GREAT and good to know. this could be me happy day.
    from the R list:
    Hate crimes (also known as bias motivated crimes) occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her membership in a certain social group, usually defined by racial group, religion, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, gender identity, or political affiliation.

    RE: the NAD’s audience being Hearing folks who use English (i struck that bit out as i re-read ur note and u were talking about me not having to put me post into ASL But i still think i should try cuz bilingualism rocks and being all English is not really egalitarian though the day is slipping away so it might have to wait til tmw night)
    – well i would hope that their (NAD) audience would also be Deaf folks cuz the D in NAD stands for Deaf and thus they would commit to putting out their info in ASL as much as possible – especially when there has been a Deaf public outcry for a response from the NAD.

    would be awesome if the NAD and Gallaudet SBG marched on over to the volta bureau and knocked on those fortress doors and said “what up with the hate ms. sugar?”

    peace – patti

  14. ahhh u commented as i was looking more deeply at the hate crime thingy

    seems u r confirming that Deaf ASL folks are protected under the Hate Crime clause and u wont tolerate folks trashing Deaf and ASL folks as the agb be doing now and as some have done before in DVTV

    this is very good to know – many thanks

    doing a happy dance

    V – patti

  15. I said it many years ago but apparently some people weren’t listening. Listen to what you want.

    Anyway, you brought up SBG. Their letter isn’t in ASL. That’s another example. I cited CAD as my first example. There are many others that didn’t.

    Marching is fine though it hasn’t done much historically. Ruthie Jordan’s audism marches, and the more recent DGM march in Washington D.C. Something louder (pun intended) is needed. See this for inspiration (it made the news): http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/02/politics/dc-marijuana-protest/

  16. gosh – i dont know how i missed it years ago – i was really paying attention and even asked directly to make sure it was covered. i’m glad to know it is.

    hmmm i thought someone somewhere said that the SBG does have their letter up somewhere in ASL. just fyi. and yes the CAD should put theirs in ASL too. the more ASL out there the better me think. It makes AGB cringe and shrink ; )

    re: your link – ahhh a “smoke in” – so what would be the equivalent here? im thinking nyle and marlee should do a dances with the stars on the steps of volta bureau and the NAD should hold a press conference there with the “AG Bell take down this wall” banner strung from column to column with the demand that AG Bell stop its relentless and unjust language & cultural bigotry. then nyles could rip off his shirt and repel rope up to the top of the volta crypt – dance some more – have the wind blow through his hair

    ya want him to smoke a joint too – sure ; ) i know mary jane is supposed to be good for glaucoma maybe its good for the ears too

    and just so we all know – it took many marches on washington during the civil rights movement before the march of 1963, just as it took decades of sit ins, voter registration drives, many many freedom rides etc

    these things dont happen over night – they build and build and grow and grow until justice flows down like a stream

    much peace – p

  17. also when i suggested the nad and sbg march over to volta – i didnt literally mean they should organize a march – i did literally mean they should pay them a visit with a demand that the ag bell association STOP attacking ASL the language and the people. if they want to organize a march to go along with it – all the better me think

  18. What are the rules for organizing a “chat in”? Make it a spontaneous block party. I know many people are headed out there this weekend. Taking over the block for social / pro ASL sit in would be awesome. Especially since numerous professionals will just happen to be there…
    If only spontaneity was as popular outside my little world.
    Dreamers rock!
    Keep dreaming Patti!

  19. ohhh an “ASL Chat in” block party at AGB’s place and a flash mob – awesome.
    spontaneity rocks indeed – as do dreamers!

    peace – p

  20. ohhhh Tayler – thank you so much for bringing this treasure here. This is totally kick ass. My issue with the NAD’s response was not only because they did not name the AG Bell Association but because they have such a lukewarm statement about orgs being irresponsible. President Cordando goes way beyond that – REALLY she ROCKS! that is such a pow pow pow and comprehensive response. Im VERY VERY VERY impressed.

    She is not just biggy backing on the ruckus and riding on Nyle’s shirttail. NOPE she is calling the bullshit that lots of those orgs and officers espouse and the harms it causes. It is really grand what she has done.

    It is totally clear she is doing this in response to Ms. Sugar’s myth-a-making.

    Whereas the NAD was trying to look sly and whistle as if it was not in response to AG Bell when clearly it was.

    Re: it not being in ASL – i have faith it will be and pls note – i didnt say the NAD gave out a weak response because it was in English-only – i said it was IRONIC they they advocated for ASL in English only. i do really hope and expect the NAD will invest more in putting their stuff out to the public in ASL because many of our folks do suffer from language deprivation and the oldest Deaf org that new the value of giving ASL a literature via the moving picture should kinda return to those great roots. methink ; )

    i thank u again and again for bringing me this link – it really brings me great JOY, HOPE and FAITH.

    That there president has got COURAGE-a-plenty!

    peace – p

  21. You’re saying that now. Nowhere did you say that in your post. Through your lens, the NAD and Cardano letters are one and the same.

  22. sorry Tayler – i am not following you.
    in my post i did say:
    “Organizations and medical professionals are not just RECOMMENDING oralism – they are mandating it! they are not just IRRESPONSIBLE – they are REPREHENSIBLE, UNJUST, DESTRUCTIVE, and DANGEROUS.”

    this is what i object to in the NAD write up because they just said orgs and medical professionals that recommend oral only are irresponsible.

    Bobbi says ALOT ALOT ALOT more than that. She is not being tame, she is not being subtle, she is not being whishy washy – she is being direct, firm and STRONG.

    My other issue was the NAD framed its response as if it was just in response to the Washington post wee write up and ‘by the way when orgs or pro. recommend oralism its irresponsible’ and here are some good things about ASL

    that is VERY VERY VERY different than how Bobbi has framed her response it is even VERY VERY VERY different than how the Buff and Blue editor Sean framed his response and it is very different from how the Buff and Blue framed their invitation to AG Bell to come to campus and “lets talk”

    if you cant see that difference – i am not sure i can help you.

    I am OVER JOYED by bobbi and the students responses because they are STRONG, JUST, RIGHT and GOOD.

    i also mention that the NAD had PROMISED a firm statement against orgs and professions that espouse lies, falsehoods, bigotry, and more against ASL. Their wee statement 5 years later is very tardy and pretty timid.

    Im sorry ya dont like my calling them out on it. im sad we got to the place of “agree to disagree” so quickly again – it must be our astrological signs or your connections with the NAD. i aint worried – the folks there know i love them and that im just sharing the truth.

    some day – and i hope it is soon – they NAD is gonna resume their moving picture project and rock the planet with their wonderful ASL film a making and true advocacy and ill be the first to renew my membership.

    there are many might fine shoulders coming forward for us to stand on and see the road ahead is paved with success because we be jumpin’ at the sun.

    Seriously you are very right that President Bobbi has released a historic statement. A statement that i think would have never been released had Catherine Murphy (AG Bell’s former communications director) still been executive director of communication and pr at Gallaudet.

    Bobbi is the beacon!

    much peace to u tayler


  23. nothing new about nad’s boring website which i did fall sleep while I did struggling to read more than 50 times.

    gave up + walk out of nad website with no clue in my head

    no understanding like nad have no respect many of us who still suffer from language thick heavy deprive from only oral deaf education

    me deep think nad did not do their homeworks for us who suffer paid heavy federal tax to NIH

    maybe nad like blew zero no care about us who suffer pay pay pay pay pay taxes like we hard work work work every day every week every year

    look like nad wanna be #agbelllies pet?

    me hope wrong

    me never see nad do their homework to report how much NIH spent $$$$$ to agb, ehdi, starkey or sharkey and etc on nad website

    Budget | National Institutes of Health (NIH)

  24. NEWS Impacting the RID Community: Nyle DiMarco & AG Bell Association vlog by RID,INC

  25. shawn – thank you for the videos and the comment

    hope we wrong too but blow zero seems to be true at times

    the nad’s public face is often glitz and vips – it needs to show how much it cares for the folks who have suffered the most from language deprivation and this is why i had hoped the NAD would put stuff out in ASL

    veditz knew over 100 years ago the power of ASL on film and as your videos here from DHF and RID – shows how folks know ASL on video on the world wide web rocks

    so for anyone to say – well you didnt or such and such a group didnt put their statement out in ASL so why should the NAD is like DISAPPOINTING

    civil rights organizations for Latin@s advocating for language rights for Spanish-speakers provide info in Spanish for their members

    in terms of the NAD investigating where the NIH and other funds go – they might have to look into where a HUGE amount of their own govt money comes from and how they use it

    related to the NIH – this Deaf related funding was just announced at rit http://www.ntid.rit.edu/news/nih-study-seeks-improve-quality-life-measure-deaf-and-hard-hearing-people

    thanks again shawn – for your art and your heart. keep standing up for the victims and survivors of the unholy war against ASL and being Deaf

    peace patti

  26. NAD’s ASL translation of their statement has come though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_D804hV73c

    Have you vlogged your post? I understand we are busy. I am almost finished with an AGbell letter (yes, it’ll mention AGBell and whether it is worded strongly enough is up to you) but don’t know if we will have the time to vlog it. We will see.

  27. Thank you, P.

    Really, Tayler almost finished with AG Bell letter?

    Oh, P again

    Back to my concern thought :

    does Sweden Deaf ppl have Sweden Assoc of the Deaf?

    Why I ask?

    Becuz there was Deaf protesters at mainstream Public school

    Deaf Inst schools are closing there in Sweden

    I don’t see President of Sweden Association of the Deaf and WDF or WFD president announced about it ?

    Special Report: Audism in Sweden
    Check out this video on YouTube:

    Sorry I was off the point here in this blog

  28. Gallaudet SBG’s Open Letter to Alexander Graham Bell Association
    Check out this video on YouTube:

  29. Shawn thank infor both videos and kudos for the Swesish Seaf students engaging in civil disobedience. Wowbsobimpreasuve. And yes the Swedish associated and WFD should be showing solidarity w them

    Thanks again
    Peace p

  30. Tayler

    Thanks for posting the MdADs statement
    Really well done

    Eloquent and great use of metaphors

    Note – the blindness reference (if I am understanding it right) is ableist in nature and might want to be revised

    Thanks again for sharing this with me and gratitude a to MdAD for creating this response

    Peace p

  31. Hello p again

    First of all I feel that we are way behind the latest news inside US Capitol becuz we live too far and we are working Deaf people which we do still spent our federal taxes.

    (part 1 of 5):

    We the Deaf taxpayers deserve to know and see who are those real 6 unique pigs of organization(s) has/have lobbying on H.R. 1344: Early Hearung Detection and Intervention Act 2015?

    Poke this link:


  32. (part 3 of 5):
    So far I don’t see which and who are those US Congress voted yay or nay on H.R. 1344.

    From the Congressional Budget Office estimates the cost of H.R. 1344, Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Act of 2015 from 2016 to 2020 time period in public report?

    See how much there and for what? Press there if you dare curious:


  33. (part 5 of 5):

    Now what is the heck next plan is going on with the US Senate 2424 after US Congress passed H.R. 1344?

    Desperately more money from us the taxpayers?

    Is the S.2424 Bill still in active after the very expensive estimate cost of H.R. 1344, Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Act of 2015?

    Actions – S.2424 – 114th Congress (2015-2016): Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Act of 2015 | Congress.gov | Library of Congress


  34. Guess what Amy’s video has part of history about AGBell vs EMG at US Congry in 1860s or late 1800’s to 1960s on that youtube:

  35. Shawn – thank u for the links

    WOW u r good at checking Open Secrets for who is behind the EHDI reauthorization

    odd how so many Deaf leaders and orgs keep telling us to support EHDI

    Re: being confused on the status of the EHDI reauthorization – i too am confused. i believe the House passed it and now its before the Senate – its referred to committee. i get confused because at times i think there are two versions of the bill floating around – the link u give us i think and assume is the latest version that is before the senate – while it acknowledges Sign language – it really is not strong enough and still permits exclusionary / binary methods.

    i also have alot of issues with the newborn screening – i feel it is an intentional gateway to try to traumatize parents and stigmatize Deaf babies on their very BIRTH day. not cool. there are false positives and false negatives with the new born screening and there is NO reason to have to test at birth – fresh out of the womb and their are MANY reasons NOT to test at birth

    Karl White as u know is really big with EHDI and the JCIH Joint Committee on Infant Hearing and has been H U G E in pushing new born screening across the US and globally. it is his personal mission to get them EARLY – way way way EARLy
    and once they have conquered that domain they will ramp up their efforts (that are already underway) for the GENETIC PUSH – to get the Deaf babies-to-be prenatally. They already have isolated some Deaf genes and already so alot of genetic “counseling” to tell Deaf and Hearing carrier couples not to reproduce and/or abort and of course NIH, CDC, NCHAM, etc and all those various foundations – Let Them Hear foundation, House Ear Institute etc are working on CURES

    we are being erased

    auditory industrial complex mission: cultural and linguistic genocide and the attempt there off

    amy’s vlog inspired me to do a vlog

    thanks again shawn

    peace – p

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