The Challenge Status Quo It’s OK entry over at Random Thoughts n Musings and AFA’s NAD wake up call vlog got me thinking

and that can be a good thing or a dangerous thing but i think its a fine thing this fine morning cuz “I come in LOVE”
not in hate
not in fear
and not in bucket of crabs

NAD is a VERY VERY VERY important organization. im still a member and i cherish my membership. I have every intention of being a card carrying member of NAD until i am in the grave. Please never make me have to boycott ya – that would break me heart.

I do acknowledge that NAD has lots of demands foisted upon its shoulders.

I do acknowledge that it does appear as the blogger stated that NAD went through a period of trying to be “all things to everyone” which made it more of “nothing to anyone.”

I understand that they did and do want to serve Deaf folks of all walks of life and their families. That is a good thing.

My concern has been with their willingness to sit down at the table of organizations that promote audism and thus sanction those organizations or vehicles that are committed to our linguistic genocide.

If NAD were calling those folks to meetings to challenge them – direct peaceful confrontation – id be like YA HOO and PAH and U Go Girls and Guys and Veditz Vigilancy is Heard and Your Roots be Rocking – but instead we (meaning AFA folks who have been trying to work with NAD) got stuff like “well, we know they are audist but we have to work with them”


did the NAACP ever say it had to work with racist organizations

work WITH


nuh huh – firm with love


Yes – meet to discuss demands SURE

but sit down and serve on various committees and “task forces” so audist organizations can toot “we work very closely with the NAD”???

nah – that ain’t cool, just or right

and as u have seen its a strategy that weakens NAD and brings her to her financial knees and shames her

now NAD can claim well we gotta cuz $$$$$

hmmmm wasnt NAD in the red big time while the AG Bell and CI co. coffers were growing bigger and bigger

and even if AG Bell or any other organization was throwing $ NADs way – u don’t want that money folks

unless it is REPARATIONS – u really dont want blood money

trees die quickly with that $hit

the other issue with NAD being at those tables is that they act as a buffer – they become complicit. If they instead were firm and said – we ain’t gonna be at this table until u retract ur letter to Pepsi and apologize to our community for it

Well then we can see the mask of benevolence come down a little more from those folks in the big ole building at volta place cuz if they say come sit with us and u say apologize first and they say NO

well then we would all see – they ain’t so sweet
they ain’t so respectful
they ain’t so true
they ain’t so just

ur sitting at the table with them allows them to look pretty, look benign and benevolent, and look inclusive.

Their true colors can not shine forth if u r acting in alliance with them or working to buffer their b.s.

Let it out and let us see it and name it for what it is

and what it isnt

and it ain’t right so we say NAD pls do the right thing – divest urself from audist institutions and practices

pretty please

which leads us to ur running ur b/vlogs on aggregators that exclude the prohibition of audism in their guidelines and which harbor cyberbullies.

there is a boycott going on in case u havent noticed. yeah we know u didnt write no letter yet but we got faith u will come to our table soon enough

the table of justice and equality for all

THAT one

to NAD i say:
1. i love u
2. u r good and important and needed
3. u were formed in 1880 before the ICED Milan Congress because u knew what was coming
(NAD 1st convention of Deaf-Mutes, Cincinnati, Ohio August 25, 1880)
(ICED 2nd congress of educators of the Deaf Milan, Italy September 11, 1880)
4. Veditz said “I hope you will cherish and DEFEND our beautiful sign language…”

TODAY – TODAY – TODAY you must HONESTLY ask yourselves if you have been doing that


U hosted NOTHING for international day of sign language last year – boo

u have been real busy on captioning captioning captioning and 1 bloody football day out of the year (Tommy NAD can you SEE me? NAD can you FEEL me?

u have NOT demanded an apology for ICED Milan 1880 resolutions

u have NOT done a shout out about a judge requiring a girl to wear her Cochlear Implants all her waking hours – we know that family law is a thorny beast and this case is complicated but there is a self-evident truth here which NAD has an OBLIGATION to shout out about – NO JUDGE in the U.S. of A should be telling anyone when they can or can not be Deaf – no way!

u have NOT signed the DBC bilingual-bicultural bill of rights for a Deaf child petition

u have NOT signed the AFA petition calling for an independent and impartial investigation into the safety of CI

there is NOTHING radical in either of these petition – just fundamental truths (ya know of the Declaration of Independence variety – right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness kind)

advocacy groups / civil rights agencies dont wait for the band wagon to get moving to jump on – they be leading the team and pushing from behind and MOVING

advocacy group LEAD – are proactive.

Advocacy groups do not serve on committees with oppressive organizations

Ya also need to show a commitment to getting folks of color into key NAD leadership positions – this is a MUST and JUST thing to do

NAD needs to heed the wish of Al Couthen who said at a DPN press meeting “and I hope that some day the National Association for the Deaf will have a Black president.” (See Angel Ramos’s Truimp of the Spirit p. 159)

That was back in 1988 folks and NAD still dont have folks of color in key leadership positions.

130 years of NAD and we have only broken the gender barrier – No African-American, Latino, Native-American, Asian, Deaf-Blind, out G/L/B/T Deaf person as President or CEO of NAD in 130 years????
– come on folks
justice for all…

Hope to see some serious push for GREAT Deaf folks of color [beyond White] nominated to be prez. Disappointed with the lack of color [beyond White] in the CEO finalists.

We gotta make things right folks.

NAD has a sad and shameful history of excluding Deaf folks of color as members – time to rectify that and show a commitment to diversity by making sure there are folks of color and other underrepresented groups in KEY decision making positions. Audism sucks. Racism, Sexism, and Able-ism on top of Audism is killing our community. One for all here folks. Enuf of just focusing on the plight of being Deaf in a Hearing world – try being multiple things. One for all – the time is NOW.

i will say KUDOS to NAD for its recent stands – they do show progress

they do show a rekindling of her roots

they do show a firmness with love

sometimes the actions r not as forward as i would like – but im a greedy and impatient beast when it comes to equality

u got constraints to work with and i always believe some steps in the right direction are better than none or just tossing b.s. bombs at others so id like to give u a big HAND WAVE for:

– being alive and active for 130 years
that is HUGE for such a small population of folks who have been so disenfranchised

– celebrating ur history and taking this juncture in our world history to SEE some truths and get busy about them (i.e. neo-eugenics and neo-oralism)

– sending a letter of your concerns re: Oppose 2072

– sending a letter to ICED calling for the end of the omission of natural sign language in Deaf children’s education

sending a letter to dictionaries including Webster, Oxford, American Heritage,, Encarta, Harper Collins and Random House requesting audism be added to their dictionaries

– ur virtual legislative day at the capitol

– ur support of HR 3101

– ur acknowledging linguicism and audism ain’t cool and ur stated commitment to combating them [scroll down to Community Values in link]

– ur waking up and getting busy

one big request i got –

so it serves as a reminder to us ALL

what our roots really are and what our duty really is

to DEFEND ASL cuz with out it – we just be folks who can not hear normally and we are so much more than that.

oh – and I love ya!

We wouldnt be expecting so much if times were not so dire. To focus on our future means to be directly in touch with our origins – to “cherish and defend” and to not do business with false prophets.

Pay a visit to the NAD conference proceedings of old and u will see we could be standing on the shoulders of gaints – they were facing far worse without hardly any resources but they were forward thinking, innovative, and righteous folks and without their wee efforts against the storm we would not understand the full value of asking folks to “do for they eyes what they have done for the ears.”

equality of condition folks
we be jumping at da sun