yep we need a revolution – plain and simple

backlash is more than just a b#tch.  its deadly

RepubliCANT party couldn’t stand a Black man as boss so they blocked any good thing he ever tried to do and the one big bill he got through (Health Care Reform) – they tried to get overturned and have vowed to repeal or reform the reform

seriously so so so so wrong

and of course the RepubliCANTs vowed that if a Vagina-bearing person became boss they would again block anything she ever tried to do

so mature

so healthy

so egalitarian

so humanitarian

nope – nah

what it is – is again so so so WRONG

and so the RepubliCANTs because they gained power by allowing for misogyny and hate to be preached via folks like Rush Limbaugh and Fox news and the Tea Party – realize they have created a monster.  By being such obstructionists – the Republicans made the US of A distrust the government and Congress and thus a candidate with NO EXPERIENCE in any governmental capacity and someone who is totally a wild card and unpredictable and anti-establishment WON. Trump won against everything single Republican (and Democrat) they put forward.  why because hate begets more hate

yep – the Republican National Convention – you did this

but you aint too upset cuz your chairman is gonna be tight with Trump and cuz you also won the Congress and you will get conservative justices on the US Supreme Court and you will have 4 years to plan and plot to get someone more controllable at the helm while maintaining and GROWING your power and undermining any and all progress that has been made towards social justice – White boy power – yeah! you say

and you got Bannon to help lead the way – so so so wrong!


You will never see a Trump crowd responding to a little birdie like this – true progressive reform calls for a Love rEVOLution.  May we all aim to be extremists of love as Martin Luther King, Jr and others taught us

and Dear DemoCRAPic National Convention – you did this too.  seriously – you were so deceitful in your quest to undermine bernie sanders and pave the way for hillary clinton. Hillary is as established as “establishment” gets and this is what you ran – one of the most hated and vilified who if she had managed to win the electoral college, the Republicants would have blocked EVERYTHING she ever proposed. AND YOU KNOW THIS

so yes i wanted OBAMA in the White House – i didnt want him there as a figure head and to see Black folks (men and WOMEN) being killed in the streets by the police under Obama’s watch

so yes i wanted a woman in the White House – i didnt necessarily want Hillary and i would have much preferred Bernie

we do need a rEVOLution

Michael Moore is right – the Democrats need to run a celebrity that everyone loves and who would want the job – he suggests Tom Hanks or Oprah Winfrey

As long as they have a truly progressive plan – id vote for ’em

first up – do away with the electoral college and then overturn Citizen United and establish a department of peace and restorative justice

this country was founded on brutal racism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism, capitalism … and bloodshed – its time to right that wrong



Hello – its me!

heye all
thank u to the various folks who have inquired about the silence over here at People of the Hand Eye.
nothing personal – its just that Facebook has taken over the lives of many folks my age who live on their handheld devices and the past few years i’ve been busy with something important
sunrise sunset
enough said – i dont feel like sharing my grief with the world but i will venture out to make a post and see if it feels right to dust off the cobwebs and get this little space rolling again or ill roll back up the carpet and close the door
will see see which way the wind blows me
for now this:
1. thank you to each and all who have reached out to comfort me – much appreciated. greatest thing we can all do – is L O V E
so mucho gracias (see trump i can use a wee bit of spanish in a nice way instead of the only time u use it is to malign my brethren – u scoundrel u – which leads us to my next point…

2. Nasty Woman = V O T E R
yes i am a “nasty woman” and i hope you will be one too
Vote vote vote all ye all
all ye weary and poor and huddled masses (yes i’m quoting from the statue of liberty and yes she is a 10)
vote cuz our country depends on it as do our liberties and our civility and our humanity
and yes while i aint really “with her” as in – i got some concerns about Hilary – i do definitely qualify to be categorized by Donald Trump as a “Nasty Woman” so what am i gonna do do ?
Vote for the first future woman president of the United States of America
(sorry bernie)
Ill be happy we have a woman – ill be happier we dont have trump and ill continue hoping and watching and worrying about the police state that wants to emerge and our imperialism and capitalism run amok.  but at least i wont have to be packing
UNLESS of course – enough of us Nasty Women and Allies do not get out and VOTE

so ya all just go ahead and do it – VOTE

then we can watch trump pitch a fit “rigged rigged rigged” your boat gently down the stream…

3Durr_BLM_mm.jpg. i made a bunch of art – i made it quickly because my wrist were majorly messed up after getting arrested at the Black Lives Matter (and they really should folks – Black Lives Should TOTALLY MATTER IN THE US of A so pls keep standing and making sure that they do)
you can see the art i made at:
from the To Deafhood with Love exhibit at the Art Museum of Rochester (AMoR) and please hit the ARTISTS button so you can see the works by my comrade Surdists – Karen Christie, Laurie Monahan, and Nancy Rourke that were exhibited there also.

Thanks to each and all who attended and asked questions and discussed and dared to care.  It really moved me when someone would be looking at one of the pieces and they would put their hand up to their heart and shake their head from side to side.  Yep that shit sure do hurt and that other stuff sure do shine.

4. if ya got anything u wanna chat about or see me blog or vlog about, pls do leave a comment or send me a note – it will help more to move forward in opening up the windows and well u know – just move forward.  sometimes that is mighty hard to do cuz it means we will be moving further away from when a certain someone could hold your hand or give you a hug or sing your name or look deep into your eyes and say everything or just say “shit head” and make you laugh.  yeah i made myself cry.  and now we know why i aint been around here of late.  grief’s a beast.

It is our duty, our business…

my gem of a friend sent me this today and it made me cry.

look, im doing it again.  crying.  my nose stings, my eyes water.

i weep.  why u ask? well cuz we slow folks.  we mighty slow.  The McGregor – the first president of the NAD, which was formed in 1880, is two-score later reminding the NAD of its duty in 1920 and…. the NAD listened not.

This was near the end of McGregor’s life (he was hit and killed by a car while walking to mail his Christmas cards in 1926) and around the time that the NAD’s rudder had completely fallen off – Oralism having infiltrated the minds of its organizers – survival by conceding and ignoring instead of by peacefully and persistently confronting.

I weep cuz we are not all heeding our duty.  We are not opposing the oralists with all our power.  (Note: oralist does NOT mean people who speak and hear some – it means folks who push Oralism at the expense of ASL).

I weep cuz we have not been doing our duty of enlightening the public concerning the Deaf.

i know some of us have tried and i know that when we have done the good work we have always been met with surprise and interest and shock that Deaf children are being denied the right to learn ASL (they are – it is still happening today folks – get ur heads out of the sand and your oars out of that denial river.  don’t be saying oh but with implanting of babies they are nearly hearing – it aint truly so and u know it and studies show ASL is an assets to those babies and language deprivation harms and sometimes CI fail hot and cold and. .. ).

i know we need to keep signing those songs of truths.

But i weep because we are looking mighty late folks.

so so late.  and cuz its true – when u dont study history you are doomed to repeat it

It is happening all over again – from 1920 when nearly EVERY school for the Deaf in the US had become oral / aural ONLY to 2013 when more and more oral / aural only schools and programs are being set up and taking away funding & pupils from signing schools for the Deaf.  (see indiana and see florida folks)

i weep because you sleep.

i whisper to you as firmly and as loudly and as sweetly and as sincerely and as purely as i possibly can – wake up

wake up – the hour is late

wake up – before it is too late

do your duty or prepare to say you did nothing

i love you

it is OUR business

thank you McGregor – our Rob Roy then and now.  Thank u kc.  its a gem u brought to my inbox and yes – im crying all over again.

wake up people of the hand eye.

wake up

– oppose oralism and oralists who promote it

– enlighten the public about this travesty of justice inflicted by doctors, oralists, and professionals

its not hard – come take our hands.  we have hope,faith and love and we have lots of fun too.  resistance to oppression is the secret for possessing joy.  you only need to first – w a k e    u p

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” – Mahatma Gandhi

MCGREGOR 1920 nad

Viva Veditz B Day and 1913 commentary Part III – New Race of Pharaohs

Viva Veditz B Day and 1913 commentary Part III – New Race of Pharaohs

series to get us happy about Veditz’ upcoming birthday.  some of us will at his gravesite on Colorado Springs  on Aug 12 Sunday to ring in his new year (his birthday is Aug 13)

posting up a few videos where i discussed parts of his famous 1913 Preservation of Sign Language film.

NOTE: the film will be having its 100th birthday next year !  ya hoo

Viva Veditz part I

scroll down in that page for video

Viva Veditz part II

scroll down in that page for video

Veditz – Joseph & Enemies & HOPE (info in English below the video box)

discusses the conclusion of Veditz’s Preservation of Sign Language 1913 film within contemporary times and how we need to heed his rally cry.

Translation from Dr. Carol Padden:

“A new race of pharaohs that knew not Joseph” are taking over the land and many of our American schools. They do not understand signs for they cannot sign. They proclaim that signs are worthless and of no help to the deaf. Enemies of the sign language, they are enemies of the true welfare of the deaf.  As long as we have deaf people on earth, we will have signs and as long as we have our films we will be able to preserve our beautiful signs in their original purity. I hope that we all will love and guard our beautiful sign language as the noblest gift God has given to deaf people.”
~ G. Veditz 1913

“The Professionals” FIXation and WAKING UP

“The Professionals” FIXation and WAKING UP

heye all

have u ever noticed how many folks have a FIXation on FIXING Deaf folks?

and have u noticed how just when they r upping the ante on the quest for the holy grail to make Deaf folks undeaf – Deaf folks r WAKING UP?  the mask of benevolence coming down by the professionals to reveal paternalism, audism, phonocentrism, Oralism, linguicism and Deaf & Ally folks r starting to see see what we mean mean.

It IS mean and wrong and unjust and inhumane to actively, systematically, relentlessly deny a Deaf child the right to a fully natural and accessible language.  They should not be doomed to forever and ever more have to “WORK FOR THEIR WORDS” – they should be afforded a measure of equality of condition at a very young age cuz that is when they NEED and DESERVE it most.  Its a truth folks – dont matter how u try to spin it.  This is what the ICED Vancouver 2010 New Era Accord of the Future agreement is all about folks!  Don’t deny them a natural Signed Language – NOPE.  DON’T cuz that there is a s crime against humanity.

Oral / Aural ONLY – bye bye. 

see the full ICED Vancouver 2010 New Era Agreement and Accord of the Future.  Read ALL of it carefully.

sure respect the folks who were reared that way.  Respect the folks who use other systems (cuing, sim-coming, SEEing, etc) but NEVER accept a program that is oral / aural ONLY.  Just as we should never accept a program that prohibits the learning of English.

sure let them learn to talk etc but DONT EXCLUDE ASL.  that is just EXTREMEly wrong and unjust.

Indiana – i salute ya.  wow u make me so happy.  That there rally for QUALIFED board members and equal representation – my goodness u shine.

Yep i see Governor Daniels is being mighty stubborn.  Some folks dont like to admit when they done wrong.  It’s saddens me truly.  I always admire when a person can admit when they have erred and works to correct the wrong done.

No worries – he will come around and see the light.  Or he wont  and we just keep pushing that elephant out of the room.  the Truth always wins if u keep standing tall and firm.

aint no way he is gonna be able to run for president of the US of A if he is determined to support folks who support programs that deny Deaf children the right to ASL =YIKES dude so cruel and unusual of ya.

so take a bow all Orange T-shirt folks – do a subaltern rebel howl – and jump at da sun.  u be shining folks!

oh and dont worry about candy’s blog – its all yawn and twisting and cherry picking a here and there.  no matters and no worries.  she actually aided the oppose 2072 movement a great deal because of all her BSing prompted many folks to take a good and hard look at things and piece together some important stuff and in the end the Oppose 2072 folks WON!  so now that she has turned her myth-making attention your way – ya hoo – it means u r likely to win too.  NOTE: im gonna copy and paste a comment from her place by Joseph the III cuz it is public domain and really it has some mighty fine stuff there.  And some folks dont care to have to weed past her BS to get to the good stuff so ill spare ya – OH Joseph geez u keep winning my heart with ur truth trumpeting)

Back to the folks on the ground – Folks coming alive and waking up!  mighty fine, mighty fine.

Awake and Alive and Abuzz and… BUSY

this is why we fight folks – for the wee ones who dont have no say in the matter

who’s yelp in whosville is MIGHTY important but often overlooked and unheard cuz it aint in the tune THE PROFESSIONALS want to hear

no matters – the good folks on the ground r waking up and connecting the dots.  All roads lead to ……THE PROFESSIONALS

(see Deaf Pundit’s awesome two blog entries re: Hear Indiana, which is a state chapter of AG Bell Assoc.)

PROFESSIONALS – individuals and organizations

now why have i zoned in on the PROFESSIONALS well we would have to thank the folks at Cochlear Americas for that tip.  When we visited the headquarters in Colorado and i asked about the Oral / Aural ONLY push – they said “we at Cochlear Americas don’t take a position on that” – you knows pleas of neutrality.  So i asked well who then is pushing for the oral / aural ONLYism – where is that coming from – they answered THE PROFESSIONALS.

meaning – Doctors, audiologists, speech & language pathologists – oh no!

(yes i know these are the same folks who got busted for kickbacks with the professionals by the Dept of Justice and a CA whistle blower but im hoping they r done with that trick now that Advanced Bionics is off the market in the U.S. until it can get the FDA to approve its cochlear implants again after the FAILING HOT fiasco – ODD how AB can manufacture their revised cochlear implants in the US but can only market them oversees now until the FDA says ok for US sales.  so while CA has been enjoying a market monopoly in AB’s absence and Med-El being a lower end CI and more popular in Europe than in the US where everybody wants the latest and greatest gadget – im hoping CA is no longer doing corporate deviance tricks with THE PROFESSIONALS.  Especially since they (CA) tell us that its THE PROFESSIONALS who are promoting oral / aural ONLYism.)

 and dont worry we did ask CA how they could sponsor Oral / Aural only organizations – we can chat about that later.  right now we only have eyes for….


they are circling folks – closing in.  been doing it for a mighty long time.  don’t believe me?  Well, just check out how there ever present FIXation on a death of deafness and excluding ASL is resulting in peaceful, direct confrontation by the byproducts of their dis-affection:

1. Unity for Gallaudet – I King Jordan and Jane Fernandes were married to the idea that JKF was the only one who could lead Gallaudet toward the 2010 vision – the Death of deafness vision but other folks had other visions (remember the brave new order that JKF preached about) and…

result: JKF is no longer the leader at Gallaudet and Gallaudet is still alive and well !  wow!

2. Deaf folks engaging in direct peaceful confrontation at AG Bell Conferences (VA, CA, Wisc, Indiana, etc) Thank you Deaf Bilingual Coalition

Result: Parents talked directly to Deaf folks

3. Meeting and rallying at AG Bell Assoc Headquarters Thank you Audism Free America and all the good folks who came out

Result: First time in history that Deaf folks demonstrated at AG Bell Headquarters

4. Orange & Brown Coalition and the Deaf community lobbies for the removal of plaque and dorm name honoring AG Bell, the man, at NTID/RIT

Result: the plaque comes down and is destroyed.  The dorm is no longer called Bell Hall.

5. AB 2072 – remember the list of PROFESSIONAL organizations that pushed for the bill that was to route all the babes to audiologists for follow up to promote the “scope of their practice“(scroll down for 1-23).  Forgot which groups were behind this bill – no problem – i know the elephant in the room is counting on us having a short memory but we dont – we be AWAKE and AWARE and ALIVE.


* California Coalition (private schools and programs)
* CCHAT Center
* Echo Horizon School
* Jean Weingarten Peninusla Oral School
* John Tracy Clinic
* Auditory Oral School of San Francisco
* Oralingua
* American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
* California Academy of Audiology
* California Association of Private Special Education Schools
* California Hospital Association
* California Speech-Language Hearing Association

result: AB 2072 FAILED and the Opposed AB 2072 folks were victorious in their kill the bill aim

(see how ya all shine when u stand long and hard?  long live the Yellow Shirts – ILY.)

6. Cuomo’s budget tries to take IEPs and $ away from 4201 Schools and give it to home district “professionals

result: 4201 budget is safe for now and IEPs remain in the hands of the true experts – trained teachers of the Deaf – not professionals that serve the mainstream

(see what Larry Fleischer’s experiences with his daughter’s IEP – transcript below the video box)

7. The FIADDA (Italian Families Assoc. for the Defense of the Rights of Deafness)- an Italian A G Bell Assoc. equivalent –  lobbies to block the recognition and validation of LIS – Italian Sign Language and tries to get it demoted and degraded to LMG (LMG – a communication of mimes and gestures) and ….

results: folks all over the globe protest and it looks like LMG is getting tossed and LIS is gonna PASS – ya hoo

8. the PROFESSIONALS are trained by AG Bell Academy in Auditory-Verbal Therapy and Listening and Spoken Language –

they are:

  • establishing oral / aural ONLY training programs all over the country,
  • establishing oral / aural ONLY “option schools” (what a euphemism!)  that prohibit signing all over the contry,
  • propagating their practices via the Volta Review – a publication by AG Bell Association (check out the table of content of any issue and prepare to cringe – NOTE: the N # in most of the studies is usually VERY small and VERY selective)
  • establishing alliances with: Cochlear implant businesses, Hearing Aid businesses, EHDI, NIH, CDC, governmental representatives, etc

Not to mention how AG Bell Association has long tried to keep Parents away from Deaf adults – Thank you Deaf Bilingual Coalition for having Deaf adults come to face to face with parents to share and connect and do positive Direct Confrontation

Ahhh the New World Order and the Cochlear Implant+AVT revolution

results: not overwhelmingly in their favor.  Yes there has been a HUGE increase in implanting babes, youth and adults – no question about that but the “success” of the implants have been very mixed, inconsistent, and unreliable.  We wont even get into the numerous recalls (lemons, duds, zaps, failing hot, explanting, re-implanting) HOURS of AVT, lawsuits, etc – nah)

curiouser and curiouser

soooooo keep STANDING FOLKS.  Stand long and hard and firm.  Soul Force / Truth Force rock.  a mighty stream is gonna roll

“No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.” ~ ML King, Jr

The Civil Rights Movement was a couple of centuries in the making and a good 30 years of activism.

detail of a painting by De'VIA artist - Nancy Rourke

ya all are BEAUTIFUL.  now i know that some of the victories above are not fully manifested – meaning that some of the threats to 4201 schools, LIS, etc still lurk in the corners.  This is why we need a federal and international effort folks.  A Deaf Cultural protection act and more.

No worries – we can do it.  I have seen u – and u shine.  All we got to do is  keep jumping at da sun and know that we have only just begun.

Rub the sand out of yer EYES folks – we be waking up and shaking up!

Viva Veditz and the emancipation of the Deaf

NOTE: Mishka Zena had some strong things to say about The Professionals


Lifted from Candy (aka Gina Sutton’s blog about paranoia – yes i know i know kettle so black her – nuttin’ new there but Joseph came bearing some facts and truths. since Joseph is a “public domain” guy and he has some links (wow the murder of Mr. Wheeler – my heart goes out to his family) – and cuz Joseph has been misunderstood by some in the past i thought it be worthwhile to shine a light on his taking a mighty fine STAND.  you da man Joe!  hoods off to ya.

Joseph Pietro Riolo
June 12, 2011 02:18

I read your blog post with interest.

I just want to point out that the statements that you stated that Mr. Howard Rosenblum said were not actual quotes. These statements were formed and written by whomever that wrote the news. At least, that is what I found through Google. If you can find a source that Mr. Howard Rosenblum actually stated these words in his own way, I would appreciate knowing it.

It may look that I am nitpicking but when I read your blog post, I originally thought that Mr. Rosenblum actually stated these words. When I looked for the source, all I got is the statements that the writer of news wrote.

It may not matter for some people but it does matter for me because there is always a small chance that what Mr. Rosenblum said might have been misunderstood by the writer of the news. I don’t see any correction or clarification from himself or NAD and it is probably safe to assume that the statements in the news that were attributed to him are accurate.

Overall, I agree with your basic point that there are no evidences that these new board members are against ASL. It is not a good idea to use the dichotomy to assume that just because they favor listening and speaking approach automatically means that they are against ASL. However, the very huge impact that the technology of cochlear implant on pedagogical methods for the deaf children cannot be underestimated. The technology of cochlear implant is very powerful that it makes listening and speaking approach more reliable and more accurate and makes the approach more widely available to larger population of deaf children.

There is fear deep inside me that the number of deaf children that go through the approaches sans cochlear implant may be too small that it becomes unsustainable. I will use 2,400 deaf children in Indiana as an example. (The number can be arbitrary.) Say, in 2015, 2,300 deaf children are doing well in listening and speaking environment with the aid of cochlear implant. 100 deaf children are doing well in ASL environment and they don’t have cochlear implant. Will these new board members still support these 100 ASL users? Say, in 2016, 2350 deaf children are doing well in listening and speaking environment and 50 deaf children are doing well in ASL environment. Will these new board members still support 50 ASL users? What about 20 ASL users? What about 10 ASL users? What about 5 ASL users? Finally, what about 1 ASL user? If these new board members can give ironclad assurances that they will always support ASL deaf children even if there is only one ASL deaf child in the whole state of Indiana, I will relax a bit.

While I was googling on Mr. John Wheeler who wrote that article about conquering deafness, I learned that he was murdered few months ago: May he rest in peace. I continued googling on him and found this biography: It was entirely his right to express his goals but I am not quite comfortable with his enthusiasm to end deafness by putting cochlear implants in deaf children. His enthusiasm might have been well-intentioned but I believe that he should have sit back a bit and allow the parents to decide what is best for their deaf children including the decision to use ASL sans cochlear implant.

Joseph Pietro Riolo

Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

A Question for Ya All

Dianrez makes a wise recommendation and poses a valid question in the previous “People of the Eye” blog entry – scroll down to her comment

“The best thing about flat-earth supporters is that they force us to define better why the earth is round. That task over, let’s not waste time continuing the debate too long and move on to unexplored topics. Such as why it is difficult for some people to respect ASL as they do with other languages.”

Ain’t Dianrez grand?  (this is a rhetorical question cuz obviously i think she is grand and so do several other folks here and there.  disclaimer – it goes without saying we dont always agree on everything cuz i dont even agree with meself on a regular basis so this is not “group think” *spooky music insert* folks but rather just me singing the praise of a thinker and a doer and a mover and a shaker and also putting forth that valid question cuz i really do like questions and i love learning.  And cuz it aint easy being as brave as she is.)

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave. Mahatma Gandhi

and cuz it is kinda interesting to see how the more they try to scream the sky is falling on our flat earth while discrediting truths and framing & blaming it all on the big ole huge Deafhood conspiracy – all they end up doing is sinking deeper into the quicksand of their own making.  DANG that is hard to watch so i wont no more.  i so totally wanted to help pull them out and brush them off give ’em a hug and talk about love or nature or civil subjects but alas it is not meant to be when they be pumping out crap for clicks and that im starting to believe this is their main incentive  –

the clicks folks is what drives them to blog cuz without the drama, the antagonism, the dissing the Deaf, they wouldn’t muster much on the blog-o-meter.

while their stuff has all been beyond pre-K-puerile (and some good folks have hopped into the quicksand along with them in their effort to try to right wrongs) the good news is that the Deaf community, ASL and most especially the TRUTH be shining forward.  As in forward march

so no feeding the trolls when they be taking their stroll through DR/DVTV land folks

(scroll down for troll strolling warning signs / dos and donts poster)

no feeding our trolls – just love ’em from a far and whisper some prayers for ’em.   (and remember the opposite game).  If u gotta challenge – challenge with love and truth and dont get all defensive responding to their b.s cuz it is pure b.s piled higher and deeper than the folks with real PhDs that they love to diss.  And love them.

and now to the valid question: “why it is difficult for some people to respect ASL as they do with other languages.”

Dianrez highlighted some examples of folks not respecting ASL

link loads slowly so if u want – u can go to the main page and scroll down to the Aug 11, 2010 entry (blue about 5th one down)

there are more – like folks saying ASL is bad English and not a real or a true language

but REALLY these folks be and are a BY PRODUCT of our dominant culture’s attitude of:

English is best – better than the rest (ie Linguicism)

and they – those folks who like to nuk nuk nuk in the muck muck muck and give a dog a bone …. they aint got any real power except to keep us chasing after their tails.  so lets not.

the real SYSTEMS that are perpetuating the attitude that ASL or any natural sign language is inferior to speech are the oral / aural only industries, programs, publications, productions etc etc – why aint we challenging them???

so again – Why is it so difficult for some people to respect ASL as they do with other languages???

And another question – is independence really achieved via listening and talking or is that false advertising?

care to wager a wonder?

think big picture folks – not the small beans of bears of wee brains (and i love pooh so dont get me wrong folks)

and for your viewing pleasure:

What would you do in Quicksand?

explaining a true experience with quicksand and how when i got stuck folks had different reactions and responses:
brother – jump in to save me but pushed me deeper and got stuck hisself
mom – come a runnin’ to the rescue
sis 1 – no reaction at all
sis 2 – laughing loudly
dad – no quicksand in these here parts
so what do u do when someone jumps into quick sand in the blogsphere – push ’em down deeper, rescue, stand by and watch, laugh hysterically or deny?
or do u push them in? not cool ; )

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