opposes HB1367 – Katter’s bilingual letter and ASL Arts

We are collecting letters (ASL and/or English) re: opposing HB 1367 and other expressions on the topic.  Some recent gems to cross our path at the People of the Eye are below.
Margaret Katter, a student at Indiana School for the Deaf, explains why she opposes Indiana HB 1367 in ASL + English.  Ain’t bilingualism grand and aren’t Deaf people smart!

Go to Maisha’s blog to see Margaret’s video and links for InDeafEdCoalition FB and petition to stop HB 1367

See John Maucere’s ASL poem about the beauty of acceptance, unconditional love, and bilingualism.

See Jon Lenois ASL poem

Maisha continues to update her blog entry re: #liesAGBelltoldmyparents campaign


INDeafEdCoalition Facebook continues to have info, updates, pictures, and videos re: HB 1367 also http://www.facebook.com/INDeafEdCoalition

the Oppose HB 1367 petition is over ~ 6,000 now


And one of the cosponsors of HB 1368 – did an about face and withdrew her sponsorship – SWEET.

Ya making a difference folks.  Stand tall and Stand Strong.

We SHINE and we STAND.  Its Grand to be Deaf and Handy to have ASL.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problem. 

~ Gandhi (of course ;  )