Dr. Roz Rosen’s NAD 2012 Keynote address

this summer is a traveling whirlwind for me folks with many more miles to go before i rest so happy to be home for a wee bit and see the latest greatest from

Dr. Roz Rosen, head of CSUN’s National Center on Deafness.  She has made her NAD 2012 Deaf Keynote Presentation, OGG presentation “Veditz Still Lives” public – ya hoo – public domain and collective communities.

Thank you for sharing this and for allowing us to reprint it here for folks who can’t access the pdf while on the move as in moblie

Note: Most of the sources i have seen, put George W. Veditz age of onset for becoming Deaf to be 8 or 9 years old – just FYI.  pls do click her link to the pdf, share, save & print it.  This is very important.  Thank you, Dr. Rosen, for being a huge part of Viva Veditz and standing for a just, right, and good future for Deaf children, youth, and adults – and for humanity.   And thanks George – see ya soon (Aug 12 in colorado springs) – im told some of ur flowers r still in bloom – ah heritage.

link to the pdf http://www.csun.edu/ncod/pdfs/rosen2012nad.pdf

Veditz Still Lives!

By Dr. Roz Rosen, NAD President 1990 – 1993

National Association of the Deaf Keynote Presentation, OGG

NAD Conference, July 3, 2012

Today I’d like to talk about a famous George – George W. Veditz. He was President of the NAD 1904 – 1910, a bit over 100 years ago. To prepare for this speech, I read Dr. Larry Newman’s book “Sands of Time: NAD Presidents 1880-2003” a treasure of a book which you all should have in your home and public libraries.

Veditz is mostly known for his idea of using “moving pictures” to “protect, preserve and promote” American Sign Language, featuring some of the most prominent leaders and orators of that time. He raised $5,000 for this project. Veditz in “Preservation of Sign Language” postulated that “As long as we have people on Earth, we will have Sign Language. Our beautiful Sign Language is the noblest gift God has given to Deaf People.” Those priceless films can be seen online via the Gallaudet archives and are available at the United States Library of Congress. These films, which were thought lost, were found at California State University, Northridge by Dr. Larry Fleischer and Lou Fant.

Next year, 2013, will mark the 100th anniversary of Veditz’s films, vision and legacy.

Who was Veditz the man, the leader, the visionary?

Veditz, born in 1861, would have been 151 years old today. He was born in Maryland to German immigrants, and when he became deaf at 14, he enrolled at the Maryland Institute for the Deaf and Dumb (MIDD, now MSD). He was fluent in English and German, and handily acquired skills in sign language. No longer was he frustrated by communication barriers.    He was a star pupil and was assigned the responsibility for handling the school fiscal bookkeeping and performing secretarial work for the school principal. In 1880, he entered Gallaudet – the same year of the infamous ICED Milan Doctrine and the establishment of the National Association of the Deaf.

Upon graduation from Gallaudet, he taught at MIDD for 4 years before moving to Colorado where he taught for 17 years. Whatever Veditz set to do, he mastered. Writing, poultry, horticulture, and chess. Veditz and his wife Bessie won many blue ribbons for their entries in state fairs. He was recognized as a respected authority and genius in many fields and he was a prolific writer for the journals related to his various interests. Dr. Merv Garretson was a young lad at the Colorado School for the Deaf when he first met the Veditzes; when he mowed their grass, he took great care not to chop off the beloved prize- winning dahlias and gladioli.

Veditz’s pen was mightier than a sword, and much more sharper at times when he wrote articles and rebuttals when combating pure oralism in education.

In 1933, when Veditz was 72, he wrote “The Genesis of the National Association” in the Deaf Mutes Journal regarding NAD history and his perceptions. Following are some excerpts.

At the first NAD convention in Cincinnati in 1880, a resolution was passed “to accept your deafness as God’s will and to not deride your fellow deaf for laboring – professional work is out of reach for us.” Veditz wrote, 53 years later, such a motion would have been unthinkable in 1933.

In the 2nd NAD convention, in New York in 1883, a paper “The Truth about the Pure Oral Method” was to be presented to show the benefits of oralism. Mr. Patterson of Ohio objected to the reading of this paper and declared it out of order. The chair ruled that the reading would proceed and again Mr. Patterson objected, so the chair put it to a floor vote, which upheld the chair’s decision.    Many NAD members at that time were teachers and used the combined system or speech in schools to keep their jobs. The menacing head of the oralism serpent was beginning to become prevalent in school systems. Veditz wrote that this was “the first sign of revolt of adult American Deaf against oral propaganda.” He also noted that the more active or radical members were in their twenties (Side note: Just like the 1988 DPN Ducks.)

NAD at that time was called the National Deaf-Mute Association. Although Veditz could speak well, he was proud to be identified as a Deaf-Mute and to belong to the same community of people who experienced frustrations and discrimination. Veditz wrote, “If oral magicians who yank educational rabbits out of silk hats and pearls of speech out of those who never heard, choke over it (the Deaf-Mute term), why, bless them!” Veditz was not anti-speech, but objected to speech as the sole method in education.

Veditz condemned the ban on signs as “wicked and evil.” “That Bell appeared in the guise of a friend made him the most feared enemy of Deaf people, past and present.” Veditz pointed to Germany – a bastion of oralism since 1754 – as an educational failure since only 2 oral Germans were admitted to college, as contrasted with many Americans.

“The Deaf are what their education makes them to be – more than any other class of humans. They are not a theory but a condition – they are first, last and forever ‘the people of the eye’.” “Deaf people learn everything through sign language. Speech is sign language of the lips. Papers, books, writings, finger spelling are all forms of sign language. We are people of the eye.” Natural education (use of sign language and English) will lessen disadvantages in an increasingly hearing world, he wrote. Telephones and talking movies had become quite ubiquitous in the United States when he wrote this.

It was the dark ages. The life-sucking tentacles of oralism had spread and became entrenched within the education system. Deaf teachers were laid off, fired or reassigned. Fewer students in oral schools were academically prepared for college. The Silent Worker was shut down by the superintendent of the New Jersey school for the Deaf. Schools were in danger of being closed. Alexander Graham Bell and his committee on eugenics were against schools for deaf students and deaf marriages. The government Civil Service Commission would not hire deaf workers. States did not want to license deaf drivers. Oppression of Deaf people and ASL was rampant. Veditz wanted to set up a NAD endowment to combat all this. He stated, “We need a war chest bigger than Bell/Volta’s.”

Most of the NAD members were teachers and cautious about combating oppression, discrimination and oralism. Signing in public brought on stigma and derision. Some deaf people even believed that deaf people should not marry each other, especially those from deaf families – why bring on more suffering for the children? Some believed that speech was a way to be saved. Conditioned from the cradle upwards to believe in those, dysfunctional consciousness repressed human rights. The NAD at that time, while fighting for civil rights, also practiced caution. Veditz had zero patience with those who “wouldn’t speak or act against oralism and advocate for the combined system of instruction.”

In his 1933 article, Veditz listed priorities for the NAD – 1) Education, bilingual education; 2) End discrimination in government employment and driving; 3) Publish and get information to people
everywhere; 4) Governance system should be changed from random representation to a federation of state representation, and 5) Endowment. (Side note: These remain issues, nearly 80 years later.)

Wrapping up this article, a dejected Veditz penned, “The Association has been drifting like a ship without a compass or rudder. Elect a man who will truly be a captain with his hand on the tiller. I don’t expect to figure on the program of any future NAD convention, and this is goodbye.”

Veditz sought the light and the truth; these were reflected in his writings. These writings did not sit well with the NAD leadership.    Veditz was considered a maverick, a militant, a sometimes unwelcome gadfly, not well liked by some because of his “radical” views. However, when Veditz died in 1937 at 76, there was a flood of positive accolades written in many newspapers and professional journals, from many fields as well as from the Deaf community. Today he has legions of admirers.

Now let’s fast-forward 100 years to today. What are our gains? What are our issues? 90% of deaf students up the mainstream with only one ill-functioning oar. The ASL ban by doctors and specialists who promote speaking and listening only. The rise of Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) and Oral Only Option Schools, fueled by economic gain and fears. The LSL law which passed in Florida this year and now threatens several other states: California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Delaware.    EHDI and IDEA with misplaced focus on communications rather than language acquisition and accountability. Funding for biased information on early identification and intervention through the Center on Disease Control rather than the Department of Education. The United States Convention on Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) which explicitly states that sign language is a human right, still awaiting Congressional ratification. The neutral position assumed by some leaders and institutions.

What would Veditz have said about all this?

Veditz may be still alive and well in Paddy Ladd, whose dissertation, treatises and presentations on “Deafhood” are awakening us, initiating dialogues, and empowering us to act. Paddy states that it is clear that the 2nd wave of oralism is upon us. Waves will wash away our work, beliefs, accomplishments, unless we build a mountain to withstand this tsunami. Such a mountain is made of ourselves, our sign languages, arts, history, literature, successes, and human rights.

The NAD must work with various organizations which some of us may initially view as extreme or off- center. I am reminded of someone who took a strong stand for ASL early in the 70’s when Total Communication and simultaneous communication were beginning to be accepted in schools everywhere. I asked him why he had to be so extreme, with his “voice-off” position, and he said, “To enlighten other people and hopefully to move them nearer to accepting ASL as a separate language from English, and equally beneficial, for all of us.” We do need the Audism Free America, Deaf Bilingual Coalition, Deafhood Foundation, along with the different organizations representing women, people of color, and various sexual orientations and ethnicities. We share the same cause. The NAD needs them and should support them.

We have our work cut out for us with EHDI, IDEA, CRPD – keep our eye on Child First. And Jobs. Together, we can and we will.

What would Veditz say to us today at this NAD Conference? “Vote on the leadership and conference mandates needed to secure ASL and human rights for all. Hold NAD accountable. Be strong, be clear. Our children need you. Godspeed!” Veditz still lives – in each of us.


A unfunny thing happened to and from Kentucky

NOTE: as im just about to publish this i see a public “apology” from the ZVRS person who sent out the offensive email – see https://twitter.com/JuMoiwai/status/222441696527532033/photo/1/large

u can judge for urself what u wanna do do with it.  NAd Board President should still make a public statement methink.


heye folks

as some of ya know i been in boycott of our beloved National Association of the deaf (NAd) for a while.  i delayed and delayed – i tried working with everyone i could.  i was given a promissory note that never materialized so i had to say – “im boycotting.  boo”

NOTE: yes i know i typed NAd with a lower case “d” but that is the way they want it so im honoring their wishes and YES it excludes me and thee but they dont care about that now do they?

boycotting is a form of civil disobedience – it is part of truth force / soul force. I was still hopeful that the NAd would get its sail up, compass set, and rudder rocking to finally leave its painted port but alas i discovered it has become rotten to the core after having sank “back into its old condition of comatose and servile inactivity.”

so what is the unfunny thing that happened on the way to Kentucky?

while i was making me way to the DeaFestival at a stop over in Detroit i see a tweet about a motion to make nicey with Governor Daugaard.  WTH.  Really?!  WOW

then i see… It passes.

and then i can feel the cold hard hands of colonization smack against the young hopeful faces of our future – slap slap.  You shall NOT challenge authority it says!

now the odd thing about this whole SLIDE in motion (dont even ask me about this messed up process of how a motion can be introduced so last minute cuz it all looks like one ole hot mess to me – the whole delegates being last minute with a bunch of conflict of interests and chaos – “better to rule u with dearie” so i guess i shouldnt have been shocked to see this coup come up but i was cuz well im a hopeful child.  I always believe in the greater good) Now the odd thing about this motion that passed is – it was Daugaard who TURNED DOWN THE NAD convention so why were folks chasing after him to have contact again.  NO MOTION was needed for the NAD to say in a month or two – oh Daugaard are you available now?

the NAD never uninvited him

the NAD never STOOD by us on this issue – he just became “unable to attend” – he didnt say he never would have contact with the NAD or was hurt or that he even gave a rats butt about any of this stuff.  Yet folks slip in a motion to go chasy chasy?

and it PASSES!  ha wow! wee

we, the wee people, were pissed so some good folks thought MUTINY – lets jump this sinking ship as its so rotten but someone slides up and says no no lets add an amendment and after alot of word smithing a bandaid is constructed.

Problem with all this is… sometimes wounds heal better in open air for all to see and feel.

ie – the amendment does nothing but give the APPEARANCE of something for nothing.

It hurt cuz its supposed to hurt – OVERT OPPRESSION is not COOL.

i do commend the folks who tried – who were there making the NOBLEST of efforts to re-mediate that injustice but the FACTS are:

1. no motion was even ever necessary – there was NOTHING in Daugaard’s “unavailability” that said he couldnt come hang with his homies at the NAD at another time

2. amending this unnecessary and unjust resolution ends up sanctioning it – better to leave it on the record for all to see how we grovel to be stepped on cuz that is what that motion was a grovelling to someone who wouldnt give u the time of day in KY and a slap on the face to the folks who stood for JUSTICE – who did NOT want someone who has a bad track recorded re: LGBT, anti-Women, Deaf school, and Native Americans to be associated with NAd.

Message is loud and clear – HE is more important than WE

ahh nothing about us!

So i sat in the airport in shock.  My heart was going out to the good folks and i was like well wow – im so glad ive been in boycott.

After landing we arrive and wow election results that are so obviously impossible that all u can think is WTH?  What is this butterfly ballot bonkiness???

And after walking around u see ohhhh just about everyone has some affiliation with one Video Relay service or another.  YEP we have been colonized and ENTRAPPED by the Relay system.  There is $$ in them their costumers.  Ma Bell still dividing and a conquering.

The air is thick with the competition and im like how did the NAd operate prior to this industry?

And im envisioning the day when teaching was a main profession of Deaf folks and thus teaching was of utmost importance and i realize how CAID has quietly been dying and how CEASD is not what it should be and how this industry competes for bodies the way another industry competes for bodies and NO BODY seems to be noticing.

But thankfully a few rows over is De’VIA central.  De’VIA = Deaf View / Image Art.  It is an art movement founded in 1989 by a group of Deaf artists committed to exploring works about the Deaf experience.  And here nearly 25 years after its conception De’VIA is in full glory.  She is beautiful and she makes me so so so happy i have come to the Kentucky DeaFestival.  I have read about it for several years now and several friends have told me “you must go” and so i went and i’m grateful i did.

Kentucky DeaFestival – i thank u for all ur work with that festival.  I thank u for bringing Deaf artists together.

Deaf artists – wow u rock.  Seriously u make me so joyful.  U make me so happy and yes a few of ya even made me cry a bit.  Gosh how u r shining.  This is the PERFECT time to be a De’VIA artist.  Folks r hungry.  Get busy creating folks.  U r a huge part of the mountain.

for the few days i was there it was – hugs, hellos, interviews, discussions, ponderings, and LOVE.  My take of the NAd Convention from the outside – mind you i never even went up to the 2nd floor where i assume most of the workshops and stuff took place prior to the DeaFestival but from my moments just walking through the lobby or the DeaFestival – it is very much like a humungous  class reunion.

And what is the class you ask – Deaf & Ally ASL folks – that is who.  Many of whom were raised oral / aural only but all of whom used ASL.  That is mighty fine to meet and greet so many folks i knew or feel like i have known via the net etc.  It was GRAND.  Love was in the air for me even with folks that well im not so sure about.  Still i love ’em and some folks look at me like “what r u doing?” and my answer is LOVE.  Im always gonna love folks.  The day i stop doing that – just roll me out to a pasture and leave me there.

And by loving it dont mean im all flowers and fakeness.  That is NOT my way.  Love to me means – i put forth my out stretched arms and will hug ya and love ya enuf to tell u the truth and to listen.

Its the best i have to offer.

and then another unfunny thing happened on the way home from Kentucky.  I see an email in which ZVRS is maligning Sheri Farinha’s supporters or “so called militants” and threatening their employees.

GOSH – 4th of July weekend and NAd puts a gag order on its Board members from using social media and then ZVRS tries to control its employees from having free speech.  I thought this was America.  Dang how corporate wrongs trump constitutional rights when corruption comes a courting.

Now ZVRS could have sent out memo saying – “hey folks r upset about the elections and we r a VERY small and dear community.  We, ZVRS of CSD, do not support any reacting and disrespectful comments or conducts on our behalf.  If you see anything out there in the wide world web that you feel we should know about so we can help to clarify things – just send it our way but otherwise pls know we do not want you to respond and if you it can not be as a ZVRS representative”

something like that but nah – lets just trash the Deaf folks on the ground.

So fresh out of the Kentucky gate – the NAd president, who is also a Vice President at ZVRS/CSD, and is replacing another former ZVRS/CSD employee, is in a pickle.  His company has trashed his people.  Do Do?

So far – NOTHING.  NADA.  Zilts.

Maybe if we were Daugaard – we would get more respect ;  )

but as the relay industry knows – customers count so the power u all have at ur fingertips is to boycott ZVRS.  Pull the plug if you are offended by their intentional misrepresentation of us “Deaf Militants”

No worries cuz even though ZVRS intentions were oppressive – we know better.  We know we are extremists for love, militants for love, and radicals for love.

We also know (cuz we READ, and THINK, and FEEL) that George W. Veditz said in his 1910:

“we constitute ourselves a militant vigilance committee to guard the interests and welfare of our class.” 

NOTE: George is not name calling – he is using militant as a description in terms of energy, passion, and commitment to our cause and our people – he is not using the term as NOUN.  The fact that the NAd has allowed for the ZVRS insulting memo to go unchallenged shows how far she continues to steer away from her root and her mission.

George’s right, just and good quote was in 1910 folks when the 1st wave of Oralism was starting to crash on US soil.  How do we know this quote – well cuz the NAD kept WONDERFUL conference proceedings (see google books for some that are up online) – lengthy and detailed and good.

Meanwhile today in the digital age, you can’t find the results of the NAD elections on their website nor the latest resolutions – one of which has marked Board Accountability as URGENT, which seems to be failing fresh out of the gate given the new president’s dual role and silence on the ZVRS unjust and silencing memo.

And so we come 100 and 2 years later to say – OK George you were right “And this is goodbye” and we gonna rock the house with just right and good activism.

We aim to be extremists of LOVE – Thank you martin and george


I love the NAD – i hope she will wake from her coma and do do the good work.  The hour is VERY late.  It is long overdue for the Association to raise from its long lethargy of do-nothingness into the activity of doing something worth while.

The biggest item on the agenda should be the Prevention of Language Deprivation legislation folks.  Watch and see folks.  This is the make it or break it item for the NAd.  If some REAL ACTion comes out of that ad hoc committee within 6 month – hope may be revisited.

In the mean time i sadly remain in boycott of the NAd and ZVRS.

Again i do thank the Kentucky DeaFestival folks for hosting their festival and the De’VIA artists – u fill me with hope, faith, and love.  And the good folks on the ground who are aware, awake and aliVe.

Viva Veditz

Long Live, Long Live the emancipation of the Deaf

Added – NOTE: i havent sung the praise of the NAd convention organizers cuz i did not attend it but from the folks i did see they spoke favorably of the workshops and presentations and i know this is a HUGE undertaking so kudos should be given to them.



Direct Message Ur Delegates – Prevent Language Deprivation

Summary and links below the video box


Vlog discussing the importance of direct messaging your delegates (see link for delegate manual and scroll down to p. 96-98 to find yours then hunt the internet for ways to contact them via your state association or affiliations).  Positions that have candidates are: President, Vice President, Secretary and some of the Region Representatives.  Other positions are filled with current reps continuing their term.

Another important thing to contact your delegate about is a new motion put forth by Kelby Brick, a Deaf lawyer, along with several other Deaf leaders.  See motion NAD language deprivation motion

The title is Informed Decision Making and Language Deprivation.  This motion explains that they want NAD headquarters to establish an ad-hoc committee to investigate creating state and federal legislation to prevent language deprivation.  This is very important because after a Deaf baby is born and screened there is an immediate push for Oral / Aural only via Hearing Aids/Cochlear Implants and speech/ AVT.  Forbidding of signing is becoming very common today – even some doctors prohibit parents from signing with their Deaf infant / child.  They actually make the parents sign a form committing to raising oral / aural ONLY in order to have the CI surgery.

We know from our history that “one way ONLY” is oppressive.  Oral / Aural only is inhumane and unjust.  We don’t support the excluding and banning of sign language.  The mandate to exclude a natural sign language actual violates the spirit of several new declarations by different groups such as the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, The World Health Organization with the World Bank, ICED 2010 which nullified the ICED Milan 1880 Oral Only declaration and apologized for the reign of error, and the World Federation of the Deaf (see Audism Free America’s listing of these documents commitment to Natural Sign language and Deaf culture for Deaf children http://audismfreeamerica.blogspot.com/2012/05/afas-letter-to-director-of.html and the Deaf Bilingual Coalition Bilingual Bicultural petition

This is the first time in a long time that the NAD has put forth such a direct approach to address audism and Oralism (oral / aural onslaught) – probably since the early 1900s when Veditz and NAD had the various resolutions on education (see https://handeyes.wordpress.com/2010/09/05/veditz-nad-resolutions/)

Now again we see a 2nd wave of Oral / Aural ONLY where natural sign language is denied, coercion is used, fingers r wrapped, arms grabbed, ASL hidden, scolding, parents force to sign forms to not sign in order to get a CI and so forth .  To this we must say – time out and stop.  Language denial and deprivation is really a violation of human rights.  I really support that motion and thank Kelby and other leaders for making that motion.  The motion gives their rationale and they also quote from a recent article about the harms of cochlear implants by Tom Humphries et al.  Where they call for a time out and an examination of how cochlear implants can hurt children and their families by having doctors and others sell false information.  (see http://www.harmreductionjournal.com/content/9/1/16 for article).  I want to thank them for writing that article.

I am hoping NAD will do the right thing and remember that reference to the ship that needs a firm hand on the tiller to steer it in these hard times least it capsize and sink.  Continue to do nothing on this issue, status quo and false peace or pursue direct engagement and do the right thing.  I’m hopeful.  So delegates i hope you will study all the information so you know who and how to vote.



Veditz’s 1933 paper on the NAD – Part 3

PART 3 – Continuation – bold & blue added by me –

1880: The National Association of the Deaf Founded

The Genesis of the National Association
By George William Veditz

From: Deaf-Mutes Journal
Genesis of the National Assoication. Deaf Mutes Journal 1933, 62 (22) June 1.

to see Part 1 Veditz 1933 NAD paper part 1 (click text to link you to Part 1)

to see Part 2

Part 3

Cincinnati, Ohio and Syracuse, N.Y., offered to serve as host of the convention, and the rivalry was great. It was decided to call a mail vote with Hodgson as election commissioner and January 1st 1880, fixed upon as the time limit. With the arrival of January 1st, no more votes were accepted. My own ballot went to Cincinnati as more likely to induce a really national attendance. The vote was as close as it possibly could have been short of a tie, Cincinnati winning by 216 to 215 ballots, with 27 scattering. This meant that there were 458 deaf persons in all parts of the country interested enough to record their preference and to invest in the necessary two-cent stamp. The result was announced in an editorial in the Journal of January 15, 1880.

It was an auspicious beginning. Hodgson sat back, waiting for things to happen. Nothing happened. The newly launched ship of state was without breath or motion, as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean. Then the hair on Hodgson’s nape began to bristle. He unlimbered his heavy artillery and with one hand on the tiller of the national ship with the other he fired thundering editorials in his issues of January 22nd and 29th, February 26th, March 18th, and April 26th. He was thoroughly in earnest and in his issue of May 13th, he wrote: * * * “We think it is time for Mr. McGregor to say something, as he is looked to as the representative of the city in which the convention is designed to be held.”

This Parthian shot caught Rob Roy amid-ships, and in a communication in the issue of May 20th, he consented to head a local committee, the others being J.K.T. Hoagland, of Kentucky, and Alfred Flynn Wood, of Ohio. Some Cincinnati deaf-mutes also announced themselves as a local committee, but were promptly silenced by an editorial in the JOURNAL in which Hodgson announced that he would recognize only McGregor and his two associates. The velvet gauntlet hid a fist of steel.

I trust that Mr. Hodgson will be present when this address is read, and I would respectfully suggest that the entire convention then assembled in New York will rise to its feet and render to the father and founder of the National Association of the American Deaf the tribute of salute and cheer he so well deserves:

Hail to the chief who in triumph advances!

Honored and blessed be the ever green pine

Long may the Journal in his banner that glances,

Flourish the shelter and shield our line!

There were mighty men of valor to follow the leader. Henry C. Rider, of Mexico, N.Y., and Philip A. Emery, of Chicago, were stalwarts of the stalwart who never swerved. Rob Roy McGregor, who feared nothing that could wield a pen, was in the thick of the battle once his claymore was unsheathed. The gigantic Edmund Booth, Dudley Webster George, and others aided actively, and at length the convention was scheduled for three days the last week in August. It opened on Wednesday, August 25th, in the Bellevue House, Cincinnati, and the long fight was won.

This convention has a significance possessed by no other conclave of the American deaf. It was the FIRST great meeting of the class to be absolutely independent of leading strings held in other hands than their own. No superintendent or principal, no hearing teacher, had anything to do either with its program or arrangements. It was even regarded as unnecessary to provide interpreters. The members came, some from long distances, and instead of camping at some school, paid their hotel and transportation bills and possessed a new sense of independence, well-being and importance and of sufficiency unto themselves. There were eighty-one deaf men and women enrolled, representing twenty-two states and the Federal District. Several who figured actively in the proceedings were not named in the roster, as for instance A.B. Greener and Robert Patterson of Ohio, and J.K.T. Hoagland of Kentucky. The home state of the convention, as always the case had the largest membership, twenty-three. Illinois had fourteen, New York, seven; Indiana, three; Pennsylvania, two. Kansas and Nebraska were furthest west, Louisiana and Mississippi furthest south. Massachusetts was the only New England State represented with three members led by the jumping jack of the convention, the irrepressible Harry White.

They were an earnest band there gathered, as earnest in their way as were the men and women who 260 years before landed on Plymouth Rock. Like those Pilgrims they wanted freedom—freedom from repression, from popular prejudice and misrepresentation, freedom to strive for and hold their own in the struggle for happiness as it is held out to every American. They wanted something as yet indefinite and obscure, and, without precedent to guide them, they were bound to find it.

It was Napoleon who said that the destinies of any nation are decided by the opinions of its young men around five-and-twenty. One of the amazing things about the first national convention of the deaf is the youthfulness of its leaders. Thomas Francis Fox was the youngest of the band, not quite twenty. Hodgson, our sage Ulysses, was twenty-five, as were Dudley Webster George, Samuel Mills Freeman and Lars M. Larson. George T. Dougherty and Charles Warren Carraway were twenty-one. Harry White was twenty-three, having just taken his degree at Gallaudet. Rob Roy and his compatriots, Patterson and Greener, were around thirty. Most of the rest were of the same youthful age. The patriarch of the meeting was Mr. William Hoagland, seventy-five. Edmund Booth, born the same year as Lincoln, was seventy-one. It is worthy of note that these young men who dominated the first convention dominated every later convention of the Association that they attended. At this writing, seven only, that I know of, are still with us—Hodgson, Fox, Dougherty, Greener, Patterson, Freeman, and Mrs. D. W. George. Sic transit gloria mundi! (added here now = “Thus passes the glory of the world”. )

The papers and deliberations of that convention give it rank as one of the best the American deaf have held anywhere at anytime. I am singling out one only for mention because of its title—“Importance of Association among MUTES for Mutual Improvement,” by my good friend, Theodore A. Froehlich, of New York, deceased. The deaf of that day were not prigs or prudes in referring to their class and did not try to camouflage our handicap. For a fact, the official title of the Cincinnati convention, as well as that of New York three years later in 1883, was “National Convention of Deaf-Mutes.” And that’s that. If oral magicians who yank educational rabbits out of silk hats and pearls of speech out of the mouths of those who have never heard, choke over it, why bless ’em! In Cincinnati the designations mutes and deaf-mutes were freely used by superb speakers and lip-readers like Booth, Hodgson, and McGregor, though even then speech and lip-reading were taught in all our schools. The oral purist had not then come into his own.

Veditz’s 1933 paper about NAD – Part 2

Grandpa’s Treasure by Guy Wonder. Click image to route you to De’VIA artist, Guy Wonder’s website.

PART 2 – Continuation – bold added by me –
Main point of Part 2 – KNOWLEDGE and MEDIA can = POWER of, by and for the GREATER GOOD

1880: The National Association of the Deaf Founded

The Genesis of the National Association
By George William Veditz

From: Deaf-Mutes Journal
Genesis of the National Assoication. Deaf Mutes Journal 1933, 62 (22) June 1.

to see Part 1 Veditz 1933 NAD paper part 1 (click text to link you to Part 1)

Part 2

American deaf-mute education, measured in terms of the Hartford School, was then only thirty-three years old. The twelve schools then existing had only a fraction of their present enrollment and were hardly above the rank of small primary public schools. The number of well-educated deaf was small, and men like Edmund Booth, Henry Flournoy and John Carlin rose above the rest like isolated mountain peaks above a plain. And then occurred a great event in our educational history. The first “high class” ever graduated from any of our schools was sent out of Fanwood in 1851. That class included David R. Tillinghast, John R. Burnett, James Sullivan Wells, Charles Milan Grow, and Lucinda Hills, later to become Mrs. Grow. All became teachers of the deaf—Tillinghast in Raleigh; Burnett in Indiana; Mr. and Mrs. Grow first in Raleigh and later in Maryland: and Wells in Texas, under Jacob Van Nostrand, and later in Baltimore, where it became my privilege to know him intimately and honor and esteem him as one of the truest gentlemen I ever knew. I knew them all except Burnett, whom I never met, and value the association as one of my inalienable treasures.

These five formed the vanguard of those intelligent, well-educated deaf men and women from all ranks and conditions of life, from town and farm, who later sprang from Gallaudet College and exercised and are still exercising a profound influence upon the thousands of students in our schools. The advent of this Fanwood high class of 1851 was a necessary factor in rendering possible the successful launching thirty years later of our present National Association. It lifted our educational standards out of and above the old-time primary school conceptions and was the forerunner of the college to be born thirteen years afterward in 1864. It also opened the gates to the admission of deaf men and women to the faculties of our schools.

Though the matter of a national association had been agitated at Hartford in 1851 by Thomas Brown, of West Henniker, N.H., George Homer and Jonathan Marsh, of Boston, nothing came of it. Henry Flournoy, the impractical dreamer, had dropped below the horizon, Edmund Booth, his antagonist, was out of the picture in far away Anamosa, Iowa, and Thomas Brown was isolated in New Hampshire. What was most needed was non-existent—a widely-circulated newspaper by, of and for, the independent adult deaf.

But that paper eventually came into being. Around 1872, Henry C. Rider, then of Malone, later of Mexico, N. Y., founded the DEAF-MUTES’ JOURNAL. His was the zeal of the pioneer, and the paper promised to live. I recall that I wrote my first newsletter to the JOURNAL from Baltimore in 1876, and I have a notion that the distinction of being the oldest pencil-pusher for its columns in point of service belongs either to Papa Greener, of Ohio, or to myself.

Having the paper, there was need of a wise guiding mind and of more solid financial backing. The stronger backing was provided by the New York School. The guiding spirit was provided by inscrutable Fate in the spirit of Edwin Allan Hodgson, beyond cavil, all things considered, the ablest among all the men, deaf or hearing, who have conducted the destinies of papers by, of and for the deaf, whether independent or part of the industrial equipment of our schools. Hodgson obtained control of the publication in 1879, moving it to the New York School, and in the fifty-four years since elapsed, he has been the JOURNAL, and the JOURNAL has been Hodgson. With the passing of Hodgson we shall see the passing of the JOURNAL to be succeeded by some dinky little Fanwood magazine, unless Mr. Skyberg can bring himself to visualize its immense valuable to the deaf at large, and decide to continue it along its present Hodgsonian lines.

In 1879 and shortly before Hodgson became its arbiter, some one brought up in the columns of the JOURNAL the subject of a national association. Who has that distinction, I do not know. Page Hodgson, please. If he does not know no one ever will. But he saw that the subject was NEWS. He pushed it into prominence in his editorials, and for the first time the American deaf had something of national importance to themselves to engage their minds. Hodgson’s propaganda brought things to a focus, and it was decided that the time was ripe for a national convention. Had the effort been made at any earlier date it would have ended in failure. Had any other than Hodgson been master-mind of the JOURNAL, there would have been no effort at all.

Veditz’ 1933 article on NAD – Part 1

Portrait of George W. Veditz by Nancy Rourke

This is a treasure trove of important information examining the origin, scope, purpose, focus, evolution, resolution, dissolution of the National Association of the Deaf by George W. Veditz – two term president of the NAD, staunch supporter of Deaf rights via education and employment and American Sign Language and English.

George wrote this article in 1933 a few years before he died.  This is part 1 – bold emphasis added by me.  I’ll add Part 2 and 3 etc soon

In order to determine our future we must know our past and understand our present.

Thanks George for always lighting the way.  Im so pumped we are gonna be at your grave on August 12, 2012 to ring out the end of your 151st and hearld in you 152nd as well as the 100th birthday of your famous “Preservation of Sign Language” filmed presentation.

1880: The National Association of the Deaf Founded

The Genesis of the National Association
By George William Veditz

From: Deaf-Mutes Journal
Genesis of the National Assoication. Deaf Mutes Journal 1933, 62 (22) June 1.
[This paper was prepared by Mr. George W. Veditz, of Colorado Springs, for the N. A. D. Convention in New York, which has been postponed to the summer of 1934, is now printed as preferable to holding it for over a year).

Notwithstanding the title it is my object in this paper not merely to attempt an insight into certain early phases in the struggles of the American deaf to become nationally organized, but to fix the honor and credit of taking the first measures that led to the founding of our National Association, and at the same time by visualizing the American deaf as a whole, as they were sixty years ago, to acquire a better understanding of what we are today and of the real problems that face us and that intimately affect our intellectual and material well-being.

Though there is another organization, the National Fraternal Society of the Deaf it differs decidedly from the National Association. The former is in effect a mutual life and benefit assurance association, levying monthly dues varying with the individual and that constitute, as if were, a savings fund to cover life insurance and sick and accident benefits. The several Divisions meet monthly for business and as often for social purposes. These divisions are local in their composition and have local annual elections of officers, and once after a four-year interval there is a national convention with one official delegate from each Division who has expenses paid, and a varying number of visitors and spectators whose main object is to join in the good time arranged for the delegates. It is more or less concerned with the individual, each member bound by the tie of his pecuniary investment, and, in normal time, failure to pay dues within a specified time means lapsing and a severance of active, full-powered connection with the organization. It does not concern itself directly with matters outside insurance—with educational conditions and methods, with industrial problems or with influences inimical to the welfare and independence of the class nor with discrimination of one kind or another. These last are altogether beyond the pale and limits prescribed by its constitution. Many of us are members.

The one and only organization that we have that can actively concern itself with all these matters last specified is the National Association of the American deaf.

There are only meager records of the circumstances and movements that led to the founding of our National Association. Aside from the rudimentary stage of our educational system and the small number of well-educated deaf, the main obstacle during pre-Civil War times in the path of such a national organization was the lack of a newspaper that, reaching all the larger cities, could place the subject before the deaf and their leaders and keep them in touch with one another. Moreover, those early years were seething times. The Hartford School antedated the Missouri Compromise by only three years. For forty years the country was passing through storm and stress to reach a decision whether it was to continue as a nation, whole and undivided, or to split. Though schools for the deaf followed Hartford in a reasonably quick order, there were only a dozen of such schools in existence in 1850, when the New England deaf first broached the subject of a national association, leading three years later to the founding of the New England Gallaudet Association.

Barry Sewell’s Attack on the NAD

this is a series examining Barry Sewell’s serial attacks on various Deaf organizations.  His attacks are unjust and unjustifiable and loaded with falsehoods and nuttiness.  Why do we bother putting out the truth here – well, somebody has gotta – otherwise folks see his stuff and think its true.

And since we are truth seekers its what we gotta do.

For past truths re: Barry’s attacks (which have all failed cuz they were all false-based) see:

Barry’s attacks on CAD

Barry’s attacks on the IDC

Barry’s attack on DBC

Barry’s attack on AFA

His latest target of his disaffection is the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), which Barry tried to re-christian as the NADQ – as in Queer.  Yep folks need i say more.  Homophobic as the day is long and i guess it is mighty long where he comes from.  Tall tales the chap has plenty of.

NOTE: this entry has been updated on 6/12/2012 because Barry has yet another blog entry out attacking NAD with a new outrageous claim (scroll down for the update)

Psst – dont nobody tell Mr. Sewell that LGBT folks are actually reclaiming and reaffirming the term Queer – so even though he uses it to abuse it – they be like “whatever – just water rolling off our backs – we be ducks and ducking his BS slinging”

Queer Eyes for the Straight Guy

Queer Eyes for the Straight Guy would not even be able to help that buckaroo.  No way.  they’d be like “Barry buddy – put down the rifle.  It clashes with the new look and it just screams paranoia” And he would be like “ROAR – I’m gonna run to my mighty hard drive and file a complaint with the Dept of something or other…”


so im sorry folks – this examination of Barry’s latest attack on a Deaf organization is gonna have a bit of sass to it because – well, where to begin!  its just outrageous like when he writes:

“I thought it was rather interesting because I didn’t know that NAD had a vested interest in people’s sex lives or people’s sexual lifestyles.”

Now this is from a fellow who still doesnt see Deaf folks as an ethnicity but rather as EARS that dont HEAR so its not a huge shocker that he sees LGBT folks based on SEX, SEX, SEX.  Hmmm

This bit puzzles me but i guess i should keep in mind that he opposes education and knowledge:

“I’m not sexist. I do not discriminate against those who prefers a different sexual lifestyle.”

Psst – Barry Sexist (adj or noun) is a term comes from Sexism which means =

1 prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially :discrimination against women

: behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex
(Merriam-webster dictionary)
Note here they mean sex as in female or male (gender) they dont mean making whoopie
wow your mind
So i have to correct you but yes in fact you are sexist in your attitude (i have seen it pal) and yes in fact you are heterosexist in your attitude, dude.
While you may not discriminate against LGBT folks you do exhibit a prejudice against them and that is not cool.  He goes on to say:
“It’s just that I do not agree with practices of sodomity.  So, kindly do yourself a favor and don’t take my comments out of context.”
Sodomity?  ohhh goodness – Barry’s badness.  I have no idea why he wanted the word audism in the dictionary so badly because its looking like perhaps he does not own a dictionary.  I know he dont like knowledge or schooling but he can google just as well as the next guy or gal or MTF or FTM and still see that SODOMITY dont exist.  Maybe he can advocate for sodomity and deafless to be added to the dictionary.
NAD’s advocacy did aid in Audism making its way into dictionaries so Barry start using your “political savvy nohow” to actually accomplish something – or don’t
Ya fail Barry.  Left and right – your attacks painfully fail.  Ignorance and arrogance are just a woeful combo.
and what does all this queer talk from Barry have to do with the NAD???  – well here it comes:
” I almost have to be culturally and linguistically Deaf.  NAD hosts this mentality that it’s better to be culturally and linguistically Deaf. Otherwise you are not deaf enough. This brings me to the underlying point… the term ‘deaf’ is now seen as a lesser being than ‘Deaf’.  In this power-hungry society one has to be something more than the rest of the crowd. So what comes next after being culturally and linguistically Deaf?  Deaf Queers!  The birth of Deaf Queers made possible by NAD.”
Barry get your facts straight the NAD does not capitalize the word Deaf unless it is in the title of something – read their website and their magazine and deaf is deaf to them cuz they are basically deaf to the idea that Deaf folks are an ethnicity at present but im hopeful they will wake up to the fact that we are IN FACT an ethnicity (see the book People of the Eye by Lane, Pillard, and Hedberg – oh i forgot u do not read except for this – Howdy Barry.  I see YOU)
(Note to the NAD – see ya might want to consider going with the “D” when writing about Deaf cuz its Dandy to be Deaf and ASL is Handy and Deaf may become the new LGBT and since Barry opposes the use of D it means it must be a good thing.)
Then Barry has some tripping stuff about “special” ness and its clear that he is in an uproar cuz he is not  special enuf cuz he aint Deaf nor is he Queer.  He is just a lonely basin buckaroo doing the bison jump.  Woe is the web weaver.  Then he has some type of pseudo mayan prediction that the Queers wont stop there and this will lead to their own destruction and the downfall of the NAD.  Hmmmmm WOW really!
He closes with:
“We lost NAD when they meddled with Deaf people’s sex lives.  I just don’t see what our ears, our deafness, our deaf culture and language might have to do with our sex lives.  This is beyond stupidity.  No pun intended. “
Really hmmmmm.  George W. Veditz – what was ur “and this is goodbye” back in 1933 all about – were u Queer and just afraid to come out?  re: what Barry does and don’t see – well NO surprise.  In fact all the NAD said was folks should not be discriminated against based on who they love.  That is all.
so “beyond stupidity” yep sir im afraid u is.  re: the pun –  what pun?
In Barry Sewell’s 2nd blog entry re: the NAD and the Queer take over  where he tries to do a wicked twist and spin – he has this statement at the very bottom:
(Disclaimer: This blog is not humor-based. There is no humor in this.)
Well again you are wrong and false here Barry – that entry is incredibly humorous.
And this part – wow:
“I look forward to the day when GLBT controlled NAD are going to dismiss us (straight deaf and Deaf people as well as d/Deaf Christians) because we’re not queers or because we’re not queer enough.  That’d be the day… the day of our liberty… the day when we would no longer be oppressed by NAD’s false representation.  Not kidding you here. I can see this happening, really.”
Barry you lost all credibility and believability LONG before the NAD made a simple statement saying it supports marriage equality.  Don’t even try to fool or comfort yourself with the false illusion that you might be rejected because you are not gay enuf.  Then he goes on to thank the NAD (twist and spin) so that he won’t join them so i guess i should thank NY state for passing the right for Gays and Lesbians to marry.  I already did but will do it again cuz that means now Barry won’t join NY state.
And folks r saying you plan to file a complaint with somebody somewhere against the NAD because it has endorsed marriage equality when you yourself have not been a member of the organization for decades.  Well, keep us posted on the progress – you might have to start your complaint with the disclaimer above because it may very well make some folks howl.  Don’t send it on April fools day or all chance of them even finishing it will be shot.
re: it being reckless strategy on the NAD’s part to support marriage equality and that means they feel GLBT are superior to heterosexual folks – note the word EQUALITY and look it up and also NOTE that the NAACP has endorsed marriage equality.  If they loose some members cause of it – so be it.  Most likely they will gain many more because of it.  Equality and justice for all
and now for my disclaimer: there is some humor in this blog entry cuz if we dont laugh we will cry.  that there blogging of ur’s barry is hitting an all all all time LOW!
The results of all Barry myth-a-making efforts are all the organizations he has attacked are alive and well whereas his reputation and credibility are not.  Hmmm who needs a Trojan Horse when the bloke is his own worst enemy.  There’s a hole in your bucket dear Holism, dear Holism, there’s a hole in your bucket…
Added 6/12/2012 –
It seems the recent 2 blogs and 1 vlog attacking the NAD was not enough so Barry added a new one asserting that the NAD was only for “oppressed” folks and not for “folks like him” (straight, White, Buckaroos, who dont care if they cant access video on the internet due to lack of captions, who dont care about employment discrimination because they dont have a job, nor care about the FACT that some Deaf folks are denied the right to learn ASL and/or marry each other).  Instead of appreciating vlog inquiring about Barry’s ability to see beyond himself, Barry goes defensive, denial, dysfunction triangle.  And he does this without answering the real questions put to him by Randy (who Barry repeatedly refers to as “the gay guy” for no reason at all – even when a commenter (MJ K) asks why are you singling out that the vlogger is gay when it has no bearings on your premise that the NAD is only for oppressed Deaf people?  zoom right over the Holism’s head – he thinks she is critiquing his use of the word “gay” versus the term “queer” – oh dear – there’s a hole in your bucket dear theHolism, Dear theHolism, there’s a hole in your bucket….).

When Randy asks the Holism to remember the times when he viewed a video online to find no captions – the Holism shows that the swiss cheese effect in his logic is SOARING and ROARING because he says – He cant remember this because he grew up with weekly captioned films in his home?

hmmm – what is your point.  You cant SEE that online videos often dont have captions because when you were little once a week you would see a captioned film?  Huh?

He goes on to explain that he has never applied for a job?  Hmmm.

He says Deaf people have always been allowed to marry and really this is not fully true – we still know of folks whose own folks discourage them from marrying a Deaf person.  Still happens every day.  There hasnt been any legislation prohibiting Deaf marriage but there have been attempts to restrict marriage rights for Deaf folks in this country (see AG Bell – a ring a ling ling)

Then he goes on to misrepresent Randal and also does a bunch of twist and spins to shift from saying the NAD is no longer a queer association but rather a bunch of ungrateful whiners unlike him mister “success” who is filled with  great contentment that he spends all his time dissing Deaf organizations because NO HEARING AGGREGATOR would ever carry his crap and thus he can not live without the very people he feels are beneath him  (hmmmm maybe this is why he tries to put folks and organizations down so he can feel a bit taller)

One thing is clear is that he is getting desperater and desperater – its like “NAD is like Rome falling or Sodom and Gomorrah” – “no the NAD is like a bunch of tea partiers” – “no the NAD is like big D Deaf cultists” – “no the NAD is like …. leaving me out and rejecting my buckarooness”

hmmmm- wonder why?

And regarding Deafread aggregator’s gudieline #8 – it states:

We will not post anything that is an attack on a specific race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orienation, age or religion. This offense is serious and the offending blog will be promptly considered for removal from DeafRead’s subscription.

and also says:

Criticizing an idea or organization is fine. Any exceedingly negative posts, regardless of whether a name is used, will be omitted.

From DVTV guidelines:

Cyberstalking is the use of information and communications technology, particularly the Internet, by an individual or group of individuals, to harass another individual, group of individuals, or organization. The behavior includes false accusations, monitoring, the transmission of threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sexual purposes, and gathering information for harassment purposes.

hmmmm – three blog entries and a vlog all attacking the NAD based on falsehoods &/or bigotry in the span of one week – WOW!
Deafread – really?
As always no attacks on Barry and no falsehoods if you should choose to leave a comment
And now all sass aside – this LGBT bashing by Barry is NOT cool because many LGBT youth live in fear and hurt.  And i ain’t having this.  Accepting LGBT does not mean you have to become one.  it just means a government should give to “bigotry, no sanction and to persecution, no assistance” (George Washington and Moses Seixas)
this is a very serious matter – just see the Human Rights Campaign survey results on how LGBT youth feel and live – www.hrc.org/youth
And dont try to twist it to mean “see therefore they shouldnt be queer.  then everything would be fine”
the problem is stigma, bias, prejudice, bigotry and discrimination and these r rooted in hate and injustice.  Root out the bad and Root for the good
We STAND.  Biodiversity rocks!
peace and love,
knowledge is power and the truth will set u free
Ya Basta with the B.S. barry

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