AGBAD & JTC k i s s i n g… first comes Oralism then comes Audism…

I Will Never Forget mansfield

I Will Never Forget by Ellen Mansfield

So as hopefully you already know – the AG Bell Association will be having their Listening & Spoken Language (LSL) conference in Los Angeles this summer.  July 18-20, 2013.  and hopefully you already know that Audism Free America (AFA) and Ca. Deaf community members will be having some rallies (see vlog at bottom of this entry)

Also in LA is the infamous John Tracy Clinic, which was established by the wife of famous actor (Spencer Tracy) because they had a Deaf son (John Tracy) and she wanted him to speak.  He was raised orally and even after he became blind from Usher’s Syndrome later in life still no one signed with him.  Family members would just listen to him talk and then they would do tactile outlining of letters into the palm of his hand or if more lengthy info. on his back.

The John Tracy Clinic is famous because it brought English word kits directly into the homes of families with Deaf children.  Parents desperate to know what to do with their Deaf child would get these packets to label various items in their home CHAIR DOOR STAIRS …. a visual system to get words into the minds of the wee people of the HandEyes.

The reason why it is also famous is because it adheres to the exclusionary dogma of Oral / Aural ONLY – ie the wee things are NOT allowed to sign if they are reared on the John Tracy Clinic method which in turn is affiliated with the AG Bell method.  The John Tracy Clinic is not only in the business of making Deaf children behave as much like Hearing children as possible, they also have a master’s program.  the online program
• Requires current employment as a teacher in a “Center of Excellence” as outlined in the Alexander Graham Bell Association’s “Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral Program”1

this AG Bell Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral Program that the John Tracy Clinic adheres to promotes the belief that to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf (ie AUDISM) and follows Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT), which denies the visual acuity of Deaf children via lipreading or gesturing and/or signing.

Don’t believe me well here are a few quotes from that AG Bell Program:

AG BELL Components: As we prepare students who have a hearing disability for the real world, it isimperative that they develop the oral communication skills that will enable them to compete.

Resistance by David Call

Resistance by David Call


FACT: this is false folks – i know plenty of Deaf folks who do not communicate orally that are able to compete in the real world.  Its not an imperative for life – its just an imperative for their industry and their ideology.
AG BELL Components: This is particularly important since 90-95% of alI students with a hearing disability are born to hearing parents and families who communicate orally.
FACT: Aren’t they cute in how they make it seem like 90-95% of the families do not sign when in FACT many Hearing families with Deaf children DO SIGN.
AG BELL Components: Public School Caucus is dedicated to providing auditory/oral programs and options for students with hearing disabilities. The development of auditory/skills increases students’ ability to learn and to meet their maximum academic potential.
FACT: The majority of Deaf children are implanted and being raised orally in oral Deaf schools and/or the mainstream and we have NOT seen a marked improvement in Deaf children’s literacy rate.  Auditory/oral programs continue to show mixed results while Deaf children who were given a fully accessible natural sign language and English at a young age generally show strong literacy and cognitive skills.
AG BELL Components: All program components must support that oral philosophy. This is based on the following beliefs:
The role of education is to prepare students to live in the hearing world by developing oral
communication skills.
All persons involved in the student’s program must be committed to the auditory/oral
philosophy. This includes:
-the parents, immediate family, and extended family,
-the teachers of the hearing impaired, support staff, and administrators,
-the general education staff and general education administrators, and
-the board of education and the community.
‘ All programs and methods used must be designed, implemented, and maximized to develop
the student’s ability to communicate orally.
All methods/modalities must support and not supplant oral communication/programming.
Examples of supportive systems Would include audition, speechreading, and the printed
symbol. Methods that supplant would include Signed English, ASL, etc
FACT: See how EVERYONE must be oral / aural only – even the extended family members.  Imagine the effort that goes into trying to deny the child any exposure to ASL.  I know of one young person that told me their parents wouldn’t even let them have up Deaf centered posters in their room for fear that ASL would soon follow.
Note the last line of how ASL is maligned as a supplanter. 
 AG BEll Component under the Physical Facilities section:

A quality auditory/oral program is sensitive to the physical facilities in which the program is housed. It
is imperative that students who utilize auditory/oral communication be in a separate facility from those
students using sign language.
FACT: Never the twain shall meet, eh?  Keep them far far as in physically far apart.  Oy the jealous mistress.
There is more (you can see an older entry examining other parts of AG Bell Doctrine) but its UGH and you get the idea that 1. AG Bell your fanaticism NOT COOL and 2. JTC your training new teachers in this dogmatic doctrine NOT COOL.

AGB & JTC k i s s i n g… first comes Oralism then comes Audism…

MaishaAnd if you are already thinking but the ability to speak is such a Godsend or its only for their own good or grrr that Durr with all her facts – check out a survivor of John Tracy Clinic and her beautiful truths.  She even included George Veditz and i was like WOW!

LA is starting to look like the Bermuda Triangle of Oralism now aint it?

No wonder AG Bell set its sights there.

This is why we STAND folks.

“Let us join together as one to protest these educators who would fix our destiny without consulting us, without hearing us. Here in the greatest republic of the Old World, the delegates from that in the New ask all present to join together to affirm a new declaration of human rights, the right of the deaf to life, liberty the pursuit of happiness, and the education of their children on a plan they accept. Let us declare to the entire world that the deaf will not be crucified on the cross of a single method.” James L. Smith 

1 (from

AFA vlog about the rallies in LA during the AG Bell LSL Symposium


opposes HB1367 – Katter’s bilingual letter and ASL Arts

We are collecting letters (ASL and/or English) re: opposing HB 1367 and other expressions on the topic.  Some recent gems to cross our path at the People of the Eye are below.
Margaret Katter, a student at Indiana School for the Deaf, explains why she opposes Indiana HB 1367 in ASL + English.  Ain’t bilingualism grand and aren’t Deaf people smart!

Go to Maisha’s blog to see Margaret’s video and links for InDeafEdCoalition FB and petition to stop HB 1367

See John Maucere’s ASL poem about the beauty of acceptance, unconditional love, and bilingualism.

See Jon Lenois ASL poem

Maisha continues to update her blog entry re: #liesAGBelltoldmyparents campaign

INDeafEdCoalition Facebook continues to have info, updates, pictures, and videos re: HB 1367 also

the Oppose HB 1367 petition is over ~ 6,000 now

And one of the cosponsors of HB 1368 – did an about face and withdrew her sponsorship – SWEET.

Ya making a difference folks.  Stand tall and Stand Strong.

We SHINE and we STAND.  Its Grand to be Deaf and Handy to have ASL.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problem. 

~ Gandhi (of course ;  )

#Lies AG Bell … Truths being told!

heye all

im over joyed

im just WOW so happy that ya all are STANDING and DEMANDING that our TRUTHS BE TOLD

Julie Rems-Smario has launched a Lies AG Bell Told My Parents campaign

you can see the pictures / text / truths and info in the twitter and facebook accounts – please add yours and when you do in twitter add the hashtag of #liesagbelltoldmyparents and #HB1367  this way none of the good stuff goes missing

INDeafEdCoaltion Facebook to upload pix and read / see other text, pix, and video – dont miss wee baby Erika

Thank you Julie for finding a positive and creative solution to the suppression and burying of the truth about the reign of error (oral / aural only) and the 2nd wave tsunami that is trying to hit us all via CI+AVT, LRE mainstreaming mandate and Oral ONLY schools resurgence

Thank you Bert Pickell for starting the Deaf Education Coalition Oppose  HB 1367 Petition

KUDOS and THANK YOU to all the folks in Indiana who are saying NOPE – nothing ABOUT us withOUT us – no way.  and also they be saying YA BASTA to AG Bell and Co (see Hear Indiana and Karl White and Lisa Kovacs and…. we see u)

We aint gonna stand for this again – no way.  And big thanks to Karen Kingrey who is making the trip from Austin, Texas to Houston, Texas today to hand deliver over 2,000 signatures to the hospital that will be experimenting on Deaf newborns and infants.  You go girl!  Pls sign the petition folks and get your family to too.  Karen K aims to send the petition to the US Legislature and Senate and President Obama after February 5th so hurry and sign and circulate.  Say no to eugenics.

Karen we are with you in spirit and indebted to you big time.

im in a rush so im just gonna feed ya some important links below but there are MANY more good stuff out there.  many folks have been singing our songs of freedom – THE TRUTH – for a mighty long time folks and now we see a might stream flowing.  this is good and important.  – hopefully soon i can do a blog entry re: some of the important ART that has come out of the movement cuz a picture is worth a thousand words and the role of the artist is to disturb the peace ~ james baldwin (negative peace that is not positive peace – the telling of the truths gets us one step closer to a TRUE and POSITIVE PEACE of which MLK Jr Dreamed and STOOD and WORKED for)

we be jumping at the sun folks.  You are BEAUTIFUL.  keep shining and know you are LOVED!

and oh – AG Bell – yes i know you read me ; )  YA BASTA!

AGBell: The Elephant in the Room by Ella Mae Lentz

Shawn Elfink tells the truth about St Joseph outreach trying to upsurge ISD outreach as she is a survivor of the St Joseph system

Jay Kieger – Geese know something that we dont?

Jeffrey Robert’s AG Bell the Man and the Association

(cuz some folks like to pretend that AG Bell and co. have reformed their ways when they AIN’T.  Just see the Pepsi letter they wont retract and the membership cards insulting teachers of the Deaf by calling them Hearing specialists and their FALSE PROPHECY motto of “Independence through listening and talking” – the Association was born on the bedrock of AUDISM – the belief that to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf and they have maintained that stance up to this VERY day.  just see AG Bell’s components of quality auditory/oral program and their mandate to infiltrate public schools and how Hear Indiana an offspring of AG Bell Association and a devoted disciple of the oral / aural only  any mean means necessary doctrine’s components of a quality auditory/oral program CHECKLIST.  they aint been shy or quiet about it folks.  u can spin, deny, detract, distract, minimize, falsely testify and “debate” all ya want but YA BASTA.  Truths being told and the river is gonna flow.  See ya all in st. louis)

Maisha blog with pix of the truth and Maureen Klusza awesome and famous Greatest Irony cartoon and our ancestor – George W. Veditz famous Preservation of Sign Language film with Dr. Carol Padden’s translation.  I weeped!