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Dr. McCaskill returns to Chief Diversity post

Dr. Angela McCaskill has been returned to her Chief Diversity officer post at Gallaudet – see Washington Post article 

Im glad the matter is finally resolved.

I’d feel better if there was some kinda statement coming forth from Dr. McCaskill acknowledging and SUPPORTING marriage equality and denouncing Tony Perkins of the Family Resource Council, which has been identified as a hate group and Perkins having White Supremacist group affiliations.  Previously McCaskill had thanked Tony Perkins of the FRC and Rev. McCoy of the MD Marriage Alliance (another anti-marriage equality group).  (ie unpacking)

Dr. McCaskill was put on paid administrative leave to determine if her personal actions of signing a petition jeopardizing marriage equality in MD indicated that she held beliefs and values that would compromise her ability to perform the duties of her office http://www.gallaudet.edu/Diversity/About_ODI.html.

It is assumed that by virtue of reinstating her, Dr. Hurwitz has determined or been given assurance that she can adhere to the duties of her office.

I am hopeful the campus will engage in some type of dialogue re: diversity and intersectionality and marriage equality because out of a hard and painful time, there is much to learn.

I am also hopeful they will do a screening of Brother Outsider: the Life of Bayard Rustin (check the DVD as the captions dropped out a bit from time to time at the RIT Screening) http://rustin.org/

I know folks have lots of criticism for Gallaudet and i know no community or campus is perfect.  I also know that Gallaudet has tackled a lot of VERY difficult conflicts largely by employing civil disobedience, peaceful activism, Gandhian and MLK Jr principles and percepts.  So I am hopeful they can come from love on this issue.

I recently read a long article in the NYTimes about Restorative Justice and while it relates to a horrible and hard criminal case – i have experienced the powers of the restorative justice circle after a Swastika-shape was burned on a street in our neighborhood and the young men apprehended.  The restorative justice process was painful yet very healing so I am hopeful that more places will explore it as I think it gets to core issues more deeply than other systematic approaches and allows for true reconciliation.

The article while long is very powerful and reminds me greatly of the words Felix Garcia, a Latino Deaf man in prison for 3 decades for a crime his brother has since confessed to with no release date in sight.  Felix had recently written in a letter to me:

“Unforgiveness clogs the faith channel and keeps you powerless against the mountain’s in our lives.”

The recent situation at Gallaudet is not on par in scale or intent to the article’s example nor Felix’ situation.  Yet they give me a great deal of hope of what can be achieved if and when folks confront with love and compassion injustice, prejudice, hurt, and inequality.

And I’ll close with a GREAT chart that Dr. John Bosco Conama of Ireland sent me.  Dr. Conama is a scholar in Equality of Condition and this chart, while not comprehensive & pretty U.S. centric, gives a great visual representation of parallel struggles and the evolution of equality as well as interesectionalities.


And while i know its very easy for me to preach forgiveness to the folks at Gallaudet – pls do know that i have lived my life trying to practice it.  That while i do not know if i could ever be as good and as amazing as the parents in the article or Felix in prison – that the times i have forgiven fully and freely, good things have returned to me.

I look forward to the day when all the states of this union say – no govt (local state or federal) shall deny Americans the right to marry the person they love.

May the healing begin.



Gally’s Chief Diversity Officer Saga con’t.

…Government of the United States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance… ~ George Washington borrowing a phrase from Moses Seixas

Governments should not restrict folks’ civil rights.

Just thinking about some commentaries on the controversy surrounding Gallaudet’s Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Angela McCaskill, signing a petition to put LGBTQ marriage rights up for question on the Maryland ballot.  MD had already passed a just, right and good marriage equality law that ensured that LGBTQ had the same rights to legal marriage as other American Citizens.  It also ensured that religious entities would be exempt from having to recognize or perform such marriages.

Upon learning of its Chief Diversity Officer (CDO),Dr. McCaskill, taking this action that could result in the overturning of LGBTQ legal and civil rights, Gallaudet University put the CDO on administrative leave so they could examine if she could uphold the duties of her office.  See the Mission, Vision, Value and Goal Statements of Gallaudet’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion at this link http://www.gallaudet.edu/Diversity/About_ODI.html

Dr. McCaskill held a press conference in which she named two lesbian professors at Gallaudet as having made the Institute aware of her signing the petition to get question 6 put on the ballot on Nov. 6 putting LGBTQ Marriage equality into question and into jeopardy.   She also thanked Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council – a known hate group – you can see the horrible things Tony and his organization have done and said about gays at http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-files/groups/family-research-council.  Dr. McCaskill also thanked Rev. Derrick McCoy from the Maryland Marriage Alliance, who spearheaded the anti-gay petition drive claiming religious grounds to justify advocating for state legalized discrimination.

Since her press conference, the Rev. McCoy’s group Maryland Marriage Alliance has made an ad using Gallaudet footage of Dr. McCaskill to spread fear mongering that if GLBTQ folks have marriage rights than those who speak out against it will be fired.

One – she has NOT been fired and

two – she is a chief DIVERSITY officer and this is the only reason why she has been put on a paid leave – because they have to determine if she can uphold the duties and spirit of her office if she is taking actions to obstruct LGBTQ civil rights.  Both Gallaudet and Dr. McCaskill have called upon the Maryland Marriage Alliance to pull the ad.  Rev. McCoy is also exploiting McCaskill’s situation further by hosting protest demonstrations in front of Gallaudet, while students are told NOT to protest by Gallaudet admin..  So much for free speech and press.

“Right now we’re seeing if you believe in something as simple as marriage and the fundamental fabric of the family unit in our society and in our culture, you will be attacked,” McCoy said.

To which i say to Rev. McCoy – wow – that is looking like a mighty big prejudice you are dragging around.  It is you who are attacking LGBTQ folks rights and everyone has the right and duty to stand up to such oppression.  The fact that you trying to use God as an excuse for such inexcusable discrimination and prejudice on your part is NOT COOL.  The Maryland law ‘as is’ PROTECTS you and your church and allows you to still be discriminatory in your practices – it simply says that the state should not practice such bigotry and injustice.  See quote at top from George Washington and remember MLK Jr’s words of “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”
And now for the good stuff that has crossed my path – cuz we all need the good stuff and – calling all MD voters – get out there and vote YES for question 6.   Don’t let the haters win.

the Good Stuff:

There is a great ASL video letter to Dr. McCaskill by Adam Bartley, a married Gay Deaf man, sharing his heartfelt feelings about the situation.  It is powerful and i thank him for his courage, sincerity, and love.  If i can get permission to repost it here at PoTE i will – its making its rounds in FB and is very important me think.

Josh Swiller’s blog entry at the Huff Post College blog site is important.  I dont fully see everything the same as he does but i truly appreciate some of the things he is highlighting and stating here.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/josh-swiller/the-real-mistake-at-gallaudet_b_2020046.html

Article from Inside Higher Ed http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2012/10/17/dispute-gallaudet-over-chief-diversity-officers-gay-marriage-stance#.UIhsVZAx2GI.facebook

A Few quotes:

“Anyone who works at a university has the right to espouse any viewpoint, assuming that’s done in a respectful way,” said Benjamin Reese, president of the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education and the vice president for institutional equity at Duke University. “But I think all of us in senior roles at colleges and universities recognize that there is not a clear demarcation between our college and university service and our private life.”

For diversity officers, Reese said, the line can be even fuzzier. Though he did not want to comment on McCaskill’s case without knowing the details, Reese did say that university administrators should recognize that often it is impossible to ever completely dissociate from their university role.

“At the end of the day, it begs the question of what was she thinking,” Windmeyer said. “It’s also important to recognize that she has done many things in her job that were LGBT-supportive. I think we need to look at this situation from the lens of a student – the student should be able to sit down with the chief diversity officer and say, ‘What were you thinking?’  and then they should be able to share what they felt.”

Reese believes most chief diversity officers are working to build a safe environment for all students, but adds, “It’s critical that chief diversity officers behave in a way that contributes to an inclusive environment, including the LGBT community.”

So even the leaders in diversity and inclusion are saying – YIKES re: what McCaskill did.

They are also saying that Gallaudet administration, McCaskill, and the campus should be allowed the time and space to work this out.  Lawyers and the anti-gay groups are not helping the matter.
I believe Dr. McCaskill is a good person who has gotten caught up in a bad situation.  She can right these wrongs.
Still hoping on those better angels of our nature.

infuriating infiltration & pathetic propaganda ?

infuriating inflitration & pathetic propaganda ?

AG Bell “did not invent the oral method. It existed nearly one hundred years before Bell was born. Nevertheless the propaganda given this method at Bell’s instance has taught the great American public to believe that this method is a new, a very recent discovery. He founded the Volta Bureau with the purpose of subsidizing this propaganda.” ~ George W. Veditz, 1922 Obit to AG Bell

heye all

yikes!  yep there is just some very bonky crap going down.

warning – long but worth it so READ it ALL ok!

but first a voc. review:

Infiltrate = (verb with object) to move into (an organization, country, territory, or the like) surreptitiously and gradually, especially with hostile intent

note: the word pathology is also associated with inflitrate
Propaganda =the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.
Since propaganda and infiltration ain’t cool – we aim to give AG Bell & Co. a bit of a wake up call by hanging up on their crank calls and by busting the b.s.  Teachers of the Deaf ain’t “hearing speciailists” and many of us do NOT want ur “free” membership.
Can you h-EAR us now AGBAD? the sound of a receiver being slammed down and SILENCE!  Ya BASTA and Ya BUSTED
pix of Convo relay co. Advertisement at D.C. subway stop - ya hoo for making the invisible visible.

AG Bell Associations for the Deaf (AGBAD) has been sending “temporary membership” cards and letters to staff at Deaf schools (Rochester School for the Deaf, Indiana School for the Deaf, and Kansas School for the Deaf folks have reported getting letters / cards in the mail or emails to their personal email accounts)

Desperate times call for desperate measure i guess

We have been a busy making the invisible visible and they have been a shaking and a skating and an infiltrating and a fabricating as they go.

The mailing of unwanted and inappropriate and unjust temporary membership AGBAD cards is just their latest and greatest faux pas.

Mislabellng these professionals at Deaf schools as “hearing specialists” – that is one mighty deceitful way to give the appeArance of
– having more members than u do
– working w Deaf schools
– that the majority of their members r not ears and mouth professionals, businesses, doctors, surgeons, audiologist speech pathologists, communication disorder specialists, ci companies, hearing aid companies, sales reps, insurance reps, manufacturers etc

There’s mighty money in this INDUSTRY of making the deaf “independent” i.e. less Deaf. Hence the ears/ mouth fetish and obsession

I guess they missed the memo saying “Oralism (oral / aural only) is not cool, fools”

I guess they dont remember (as in they have forgot) because they chopped out the remember part from the ICED 2010 New Era Agreement – that AG Bell the man and the Association slaughtered Deaf teachers.  this is a fact folks.  proof?

1. he banned Deaf people from being trained at the Normal school at Gallaudet (Normal school is a term for teacher training program)

2. proclaimed Deaf teachers to be unqualified to teach under the reign of Oralsim as they would not be able to correct their students articulation

i guess AGBAD is either ignorant or arrogant re: this history and how offensive it is to mail teachers and staff (many of whom are Deaf themselves) materials designating them to be “Hearing Specialists”

geez why are they afraid of the word Deaf and forever preferring to frame us as children of a lesser gods with EARs that dont work so well:

hEARing impaired

hEARing loss

hard of hEARing

and those who work with us or things used for us?

hearing specialists

hearing devices

hearing industry

hearing aid

heaRING RING RING – AG Bell Calling – coming for a set of ears and a school or two near you (and Newfoundland, Utah, Indiana, Nevada)

why this constant framing around what folks cant do fully hmmm and why this bent toward the hEARing paradigm over the Deaf way of being hmmmm

Did u know that Clark School now goes by Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech – yep the word Deaf got chopped off.  “Better to hear you with my dear” I guess?

Maybe if we asked them why the FIXation on “hEARing” they might reply something to the effect of “no particular reason” like Catherine Murphy, previous AG Bell PR vip and now Gallaudet’s PR expert did when asked why she listed “Hearing” before Deaf in a press release re: a Diversity Day at Gallaudet (never mind the day was really about cultural diversity and not about ears.  hmmmm – no particular reason?  I think not but who knows maybe im just loca)

Push as they may to dress up what they do (no longer use the word Oral due to the dirty images u will get when u google it but rather talking or speaking or spoken language – yes yes put language there for a bit of validity) and sweep under the carpet what the child is – DEAF (no longer use that word – instead substitute out with anything that frames it around a deficit model) at the end of the day, the kids are still Deaf and sooner or later they make their way back home to being people of the Eyes and Hands – so why not give it to them from the get go – hmmmmmm – odd  they never seem to be able to satisfactorily answer that one (beyond saying that speaking and listening is a jealous mistress).  But the truth is that their ideology, practices, academy, affiliations, push, drive, value system etc is rooted in their binary set up – their either/ OR – their exclusionary frame of mind – EXTREME, eh?

even their latest in the word game LSL – Listening and Spoken Language seeks to divert away from a real, natural, just, and good language ASL (hmmm) to a system, method and modality

Also the motto on this membership card “Advocating for Independence Through Listening and Talking” – EXCUSE ME!  Huh, why would you have the nerve to send this to teachers and staff who do NOT NOT NOT subscribe to this notion that to Hear and Speak make ya all that?  Especially to folks who specialty is to teach real languages like American Sign Language and English.  Man that is soooooo incredibly RUDE!

Can you spell AUDISM?  i know some folks can’t but many folks can cuz we are Awake, Aware, Active, and Advocatin’

ohh and also you SELL your bloody mailing list so geez and dang – i hope u did not put all those “new members” (who never asked to be a member and many r angered to be enlisted in your war against ASL and Deaf culture without their CONSENT) cuz if they start getting propaganda from all ur pals – DANG they will see just how far and wide the octopus’s tentacles reach and grab and SUCK

scroll down to see AG Bell’s rental of membership list rates http://nc.agbell.org/netcommunity/page.aspx?pid=483

so is it ignorance or arrogance and geez BAD BAD BAD move AGBAD

Geez Alexander Graham, CEO of AGBAD,  has a background in competitive intelligence – i mean come on that was not a very intelligent move to be mailing out those unsolicited and unjust “memberships” and hey – why those THREE schools?  Each has been in the news lately.  One (ISD) because of Hear Indiana (A chapter of AGBAD -hmmmm) trying to weasel its way into the school via UNJUSTLY accepting seats on the board.  Your H-EAR Indiana reps are NOT qualified to sit on the board of a bilingual-bicultural school when everything you, AGBAD, have been about and are, is in opposition to ASL and Deaf culture.

Ya all can try to usher in this grand scheme of a Death of Deafness but ill tell ya straight up – u tried it before and it failed and ya gonna fail again.  We just trying to steer u straight for the youngin’ sakes.  Many of us have already been there, done that and say “not on our watch” no WAYYYY and not without a fight (peacefully , firmly, lovaingly)

I wouldnt mind if ur aim was to really put “deafness” the whole pathologizing of Deaf folks to rest as in rip= that would be grand but nope ur stated goal has been to make Deaf folks forget they are Deaf, make us forget our history, and make us as hearing-like as possible

yawn and dang – dont u know diversity is a good thing.  and dont u know folks r a bit ga ga over ASL – see baby signs, see UCLA summer course in ASL linguistics, (Deaf and Hearing CODAs rock) see Lady Ga Ga is gonna learn ASL.

ohh maybe u do know that – hmmmm maybe that is why u r just kinda spinning a wee bit out of control

you know how bloody offensive, rude, and unjust the AGBAD letter to Pepsi is Pepsi3ltr-1 –  dont pretend that the NAD, DBC, AFA, and your own members who objected to that letter do not  know how to read carefully.  Geez some of these folks are lawyers, have PhD and some can even hEAR – gasp.  AGAIN you insult us even when u try to defend your wrongness.

we aint children of a lesser gods darling – we have feet and we STAND.  can u see us now?  how about now?  hmmmm maybe next week u will

also, i doubt many folks want to be associated with your specialists cuz not only do they appear to have an obsessive fetish for ears&mouths, they also aint looking to knowledgeable or too slicky with that independence bit –

“Unfortunately, people who have hearing aides only, really can only get to a fourth grade reading level,” said speech language pathologist Sarah Wilson. “You can’t get very far in school with that reading level. Research has shown people with implants can go in regular classes, graduate from high school, go to college. So, the impact on education is humongous.”

see http://www.abcactionnews.com/dpp/news/health/Born-deaf,-a-Pinellas-County-girl-starts-school-and-hears-the-school-bell

“For example, the district’s speech and language pathologist kept sloppy records of Garcia’s education. Logs tracking his education often lacked information, such as dates of service, names of both the provider and student and notes on any progress he may have made, according to the findings.” see  http://www.yakima-herald.com/stories/2011/05/07/grandview-district-fighting-ruling-that-it-failed-boy-with-severe-hearing-problem

Ahhh life in the mainstream!!!

And for the twisters – no I am NOT saying it is bad to be able to speak and a hear some.  I am saying the EXCLUSIONARY practice / demand / regime and the $$$$$$ and the deceit are wrong

“Dr. Bell’s influence upon the American deaf has been negative. They would have welcomed him with open arms and gloried in his interest in them had this interest been expressed in a manner they could approve. He did not choose this last.” ~ George W. Veditz, 1922

The same can be said of AG Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing – Its influence upon the American Deaf has been negative.  We would have welcomed AGBAD with open arms and gloried in its interest in Deaf people had this interest been expressed in a manner that we could approve of.  AGBAD has not chosen this last.”  Like father, like association.

‘Tis true, ’tis pity; Pity ’tis, ’tis true.” (Shakespeare, George V and u and me)

^ 4 V (we STAND for Peace),

PS: somebody the other day said to me ‘why is the ‘independence through listening and talking’ starting to sound more and more like the slogan “the spoken word will set you free.”

not cool – propaganda is not cool.  AG Bell fly straight.  While your attempts at infiltration may be infuriating at times (i havent even discussed EHDI yet ; ), your propaganda is so pathetic, ya is busted.  as in ¡Ya basta! busted

Major thanks to Barb DiGi and others for sharing the info and proof about these mailings and Robert Mason for info on the membership mailing list money maker

re: Deaf schools – Amy Cohen Efron has been working on a map of Deaf school enrollments – important visual info there


NOTE: yes i totally know i am using the AGBAD acronym but this is their own bloody acronym and i am infuriated by their having mailed out those cards, emails and letters calling folks “hearing speciailists” many of whom are Deaf people who do not HEAR at all and so im calling AG Bell  & Assoc. for what it is – that was really BAD of ya!

some truths to sweeten ur tea with

some truths to sweeten ur tea with as we aim for HONESTea

im copying and pasting my LONG comment at Dianrez’s excellent blog entry

The Naysayers: Defenders of the Status Quo Contemplating Our Extinction, Part 3

my comment is in response to some of Candy’s ca ca comments in that thread

im just attempting to put as much stuff in the public sphere so folks can see how they spin and play it

it aint pretty and it aint fun (oh thank gosh for the FB folks – that there is grand fun and joy and i thank u for that)

but re: the BS busting it is something we sadly must do – as much for them as for us and our future generations so bust away we shall.  as ya can see we r making some REAL good and tangible progress as opposed to all the blah blah blah bs rhetoric they espouse.  they have nothing to show for all their wicked words except their own deceit.  it aint sweet.  it surely aint sweet.

oh and happy belated Purim folks – i LOVE that holiday it totally rocks.  shake a grogger for me – would ya?

hood up




my comment at dianrez’s thread

Candy – trying to generate more traffic to ur bog???

Folks just go over the candy’s ain’t sweetspot to see how she said ASL was not a language and ASL is bad English and Dr. Stokoe’s fabricated ASL and check out her comments here and there and just about everywhere where she says that there is a Deaf cult taking over the land.

there is more rubbish out there but i too would not bother citing it cuz it is so purely ridiculous – there was Barry’s listing of AFA and CAD as extremist groups in wikipedia, there was Barry’s drafting letters targeting folks work place with the intent to get disciplinary actions taken against them and to destroy DBC all within the context of painting peaceful social activism as if it was radical terrorist intolerant extremism. Yes, beyond extremely annoying – it was in fact – FALSEHOODS and UNJUST and UNJUSTIFIABLE.

there is Mike trashing Gallaudet any and every chance he can get.

there is many of u oversensationalizing every little wee thing that it is pitiful cuz it is so petty but the good news and shall be duly noted:
– DBC is alive and doing good work
– AFA is alive and doing good work
– NAD is alive and doing good work
– Deafhood foundation is alive and doing good work
– Deafhood discussion facebook ROCKS and Rolls
– ICED 2010 Vancouver New Era Agreement declared that Oral-Aural-ONLY is uncool and caused oodles and noodles of bad crap to happen. it also said that Deaf folks must be involved in decision making matters that pertain to them – wow! what a novel concept and a lot more
– UN CRDP declared that natural signed languages should be a part of the Deaf child’s educational experience
– 4201 schools are alive and doing GOOD work
– folks are having the spiritual audacity to assert their somebodyness

Following 5 lines added after the comment was posted:

– AG Bell Dorm name and plaque at NTID got the boot

– Advanced Bionics got hit with a fine by FDA for faulty cochlear implants

– Advanced Bionics shut down production of their Hi-Res 90K cochlear implants due to a few failing hot

– Cochlear Americas got fined by the Dept of Justice for kickbacks to audiologists and doctors and insurance fraud to promote THEIR cochlear implant

– Otologics got fined by a court in Denver, Co. for stealing trade secrets and talents in their quest for a fully implantable cochlear implant

– Signing Circle is dead
– deafless entry in wikipedia got the boot
– AFA and CAD… as extremist groups in wikipedia got the boot
– AB 2072 is dead
– AG Bell Circle Alliance Founders Partnership (Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Americas) at the AG Bell website got the boot
– Advance Bionics banner at AG Bell website got the boot
– AG Bell has finally chopped off the “without signing and lipreading” of their guideline #3 Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) ruling

the bad news and shall be duly noted:
– DR / DVTV still refuses to acknowledge Deaf Natural Signed Language folks in their guidelines
– AG Bell has not retracted and apologized for its letter to Pepsi Co.
– Gallaudet is proposing to cut its Deaf Studies: Deaf History track and its Educational Theatre major (bad and unwise and unjust and untimely proposition given the fact that Deaf Cultural Studies is selling like hot cakes at Hearing Unviersities across the nation and ASL is moving up to be the third most popular language to study in the US of A – ahhh the things Gally could do with Deaf History, Theatre, ASL and Media hmmmm – i mean if they listened / looked at the CERP studies and their own Visual Language studies they would know and SEE this is a honey pot that they should be TAPPING INTO not TOSSING OUT)

re: the hiring of Catherine Murphy as their PR chief – the verdict is still out on if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Im hoping for good – its what i do – i hope. not passively not blindly not ignorantly not foolishly – i do it with courage and fortitude and faith and love and i seek proof if which way it will actually BE – im watching as we have been instructed to do so

– 2nd wave of ORALISM (oral-aural-ONLY) is still crashing (added after comment was posted)

– Lots of unanswered questions about the safety and ethics of cochlear implant production, implantation, explanation, industry, usage, abuses, PROFIT, etc (added after comment was posted)

re the naysayers falsehoods and lies but no worries – ya all (u all are down to about a ONLY a handful now i think) have displayed such an abysmal credibility rating (- 300 dB and dropping with every blog entry) that any sane person is no longer bothering with ya except those who enjoy watching car wrecks the rest of us are just passing ya by and loving ya from afar

i truly still do love ya

just waiting for sanity to return

when it does – look me up. u got some real good qualities – i just abhor falsehoods so until u can stop that pattern come see me. and if ya wanna drag out the email groups – bring it on cuz i now have some more truths under my belt to illuminate ya and things with

not pretty girl not pretty how u tried to spun things

and have a good day – its a bit chilly so ill have my hood up as i go about my good work

forgive all my typos but in a rush and really why i even bother can be questionable (i do it for u the reader as much as i do for candy gamaswander gina anonymous etc – yep i see ya girl and yep i know the truth is toxic for u. im real sorry about that)



————–end of my comment at dianrez——

and congrats to all of u have taken the time to read this far – take a bow.  i know im hard to follow sometimes

main point what: we r on the rise and its getting a rise out of folks who want to preserve the status quo (ie the “have-a-little-want-more folks) – no worries they will catch up and just cuz they r fearful of change dont mean we should coward to it

Signmark – rocks

Smells like a victory and below that is Against the Wall – totally relevant to this topic of rocking the house of Status Quo so the walls come down and we move forward

Reply from Gally’s PR Executive – Murphy

Heye all – Catherine Murphy, Gallaudet’s Executive Director of Public and Media Relations responded to my inquiry. As per her specifications and permission I am republishing her reply in full here – the only change i have made is to remove the [at symbol] with (at) to reduce risk of spam etc.

My first inquiry to her is embedded in her reply and my response to her reply is at bottom.

Again and as usual folks – this space is not a place for bashing folks. I do see her reply favorably and that she formally knows that we are watching and caring.


Catherine Murphy
to patti durr cc president (at) gallaudet.edu
date Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 2:42 PM
subject Re: Concerns re: ‘no particular reason’

Hello Ms. Durr,

Thank you for your inquiry. In response to your concern regarding whether I support American Sign Language, I am including links to press releases and stories primarily related to American Sign Language that have been vetted or promoted through my office since the time I took over as Gallaudet University’s Executive Director of Public and Media Relations on December 20, 2010.

http://www.gallaudet.edu/News/MR_LOC_NationalFilmRegistry_Veditz.html http://www.gallaudet.edu/News/ASL_standards_team_chosen.html

In regard to your concern about Gallaudet’s story on campus dialogue, the topic of the feature was about embracing the diversity that exists on campus and the opening sentence was meant to highlight a few examples of that diversity. Gallaudet is known worldwide as the only liberal arts university entirely dedicated to deaf and hard of hearing students through a bilingual learning environment. As one of your readers suggests, there was no intent behind using a particular word order, i.e., “native signers” being listed before “new signers,” or any reason for not listing “hard of hearing” people at all. Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention.

Please feel free to make this response public provided it is republished in its original format and in its entirety.

Catherine Murphy

On Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 2:40 PM, patti durr wrote:

Greetings Ms. Murphy:

I hope you are well and enjoying your new post at Gallaudet University. There are many concerns about your having been selected for this post over Deaf candidates as many folks desire to have a Deaf spokeperson and also because of your past work at the AG Bell Association and on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alliance Task Force, where you actively advocated for the exclusion of American Sign Language & portrayed Deaf ASL people as being dependent.

In light of your professional history, it seems to me that it would be beneficial to have some type of commitment or evidence coming from your office that shows you support American Sign Language and that you have an understanding of what audism is and why it is to be challenged.


Until such a time as you make evident your complete understanding and commitment to Gallaudet’s bilingual-bicultural mission – our concerns will remain.


Patti Durr

Catherine Murphy
Executive Director of Public and Media Relations
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002
202-651-5019 voice
202-250-2738 video phone
808-938-7080 mobile/text
202-651-5704 fax
catherine.murphy (at) gallaudet.edu


from     patti durr <pattidurr (at) gmail.com>
to Catherine Murphy <catherine.murphy (at) gallaudet.edu>
cc president (at) gallaudet.edu
date Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 7:46 PM
subject Re: Concerns re: ‘no particular reason’

Greetings Ms. Murphy:

Thank you for your prompt reply. I truly appreciate all the links you sent me. I enjoyed reading the press releases and seeing your office promoting Gallaudet’s work in regards to American Sign Language. I also appreciate your confirmation that there was no ill-intent in listing Hearing before Deaf in the press release about the campus dialogue event.

My inquiry to you also asked about your understanding of audism and why it is to be challenged.  I do not see any comment in your reply in regards to that topic so perhaps a review of the film “Audism Unveiled” by Gallaudet professors Bahan, Bauman, & Montenegro would be of interest to you as well as the the National Association of the Deaf’s Community Values statement – “Diversity. We value deaf and hard of hearing Americans with diverse perspectives, experiences, and abilities. We are committed to the elimination of audism, linguicism, racism, and other forms of discrimination.”

Again, I appreciate your reply, the links and the advanced permission to republish your reply, which can be seen at: https://handeyes.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/reply-from-gallys-pr-executive-murphy/


Patti Durr

Priorities? What are Gallaudet’s Priorities?

The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences.” ~ Ruth Benedict (famous Deaf anthropologist)

The leading sentence in a news item from Gallaudet’s PR office is:

The Gallaudet campus brings together people who are hearing, deaf, native signers, new signers, and many others in between.

The article is about a campus wide dialogue – Communication at Gallaudet: Building an Inclusive and Respectful Communication Climate initiative


So lets look at what gets communicated in the very first sentence of this press release which if not actually written by Catherine Murphy (formerly of AG Bell Associations) (remember the AG Bell letter to Pepsi folks?) must have passed her desk as PR chief at Gally before it was unleashed.

What is being COMMUNICATED in that first sentence in terms of priorities?

just asking

and i aint the only one asking

and a couple of other questions cuz we be thinking chaps –

Would Howard University release a statement that said:

  • The Howard campus brings together people who are white, black, ebonic users, new to ebonics, and many others in between.

Would Brandeis University (a predominantly Jewish College and Jewish Centered) release a statement that said:

  • The Brandeis campus brings together people who are gentile, Jewish, Hebrew speakers, new speakers, and many others in between.

would Haskell Indian Nations University release a statement that said:

  • The Haskell campus brings together people who are white, native, native speakers, new native speakers, and many others in between.

Would Spelman University (a historically Black college and a global leader in the education of women of African descent) release a statement that said:

  • The Spelman campus brings together people who are white males, white females, black males, and black females and many others in between.

And its kinda odd how the Gallaudet news item mostly seems to be talking about racial and ethnic diversity and not about communication “options” despite how the opening statement wants to spin and frame the event.

There are some quotes from folks that actually say very little at all.  Odd eh?  but the gist of the WHOLE write up is of human diversity more than “communication diversity” soooooo???

why the prioritizing of HEARING in the first sentence?

I ain’t got no problem with Hearing folks – i come from them, i sleep with one of them, i created some of them.  They are GOOD folks.  I do have a wee problem with:

– why a Hearing person was hired as PR specialist for Gally when she was formerly paid to propagate AG Bell’s oral-aural-ONLY stance and when there are many Deaf folks who would do mighty fine for the job of PR.  Certainly they would do better than Catherine has done thus far.  Also, there is that wittle notion of “Nothing about us, without us” so who better to be the SPOKESPERSON for Gally than a DEAF PERSON hmmmmm – is it because some Deaf folks dont speak that one was not chosen?  Is the administration and board still so loyal to the notion that to be Hearing (see the first type of folk listed in the news release) and/or to behave as a Hearing person is superior to being Deaf?  oh gosh i hope not.  please oh gosh i totally hope not – cuz that would be Audism – yep the A word folks and that there is a #itch.  In some quarters u r not even allowed to utter that word and if u do – u can only do so if u misspell it.  I kid u not.

hmmmm lets see if Ms. Catherine Murphy ever covers anything re: audism for Gally – like maybe the film that Gallaudet produced called AUDISM UNVEILED – it would be mighty cool to see if she can spell it right.  That would COMMUNICATE a great deal about diversity would it not (geez they could have spared the whole work that day and just shown the movie and had a rap session cuz that film is DIVERSITY personified and COMMUNICATION personified – that documentary features Deaf folks from ALL walks of life signing their TRUTHS – but nah lets pass out a bunch of bracelets and spin it to be progress!  I am NOT dissing u the students who did so much organizing and leading and wanting and dreaming – i love u and im glad u did it.  I am talking about the PRESS RELEASE and what it is communicating and how it is diminishing and undermining ur efforts and intents – that!  u is fine Students – keep shining and keep pushing.  Love the Hearing folks on ur campus and LOVE yourselves and Gally will get some where.  Oh and Love Catherine and tell her to do the right thing and not misrepresent what u all are about.)

– why the news about Gally’s diversity efforts list HEARING first!

i dont want Hearing folks ignored, squashed upon, trod upon, spit upon but i do know that in Cultural studies and egalitarian systems folks work to prioritize the folks who have been the most oppressed so its just a very ODD choice by gally to be prioritizing Hearing as diversity

ya all do know u r the majority still dont ya?

and having one wee campus where u r not – is actually gonna help u cuz when we liberate ourselves we liberate u from being oppressors and then TRUE diversity can emerge instead of immersion

its a good thing

ohh and the other ODD item – the chopping of the Deaf Studies: Deaf History masters – that is mighty dangerous Gallaudet

mighty dangerous

we cant change our history if we dont know it!

(see Jeff Roberts’ excellent writing re: EMGallaudet and Clerc’s take on this decision)

ohh and the chopping of the Deaf Theatre major – that is mighty dangerous Gallaudet

mighty dangerous

cuz that there could be a honey pot – it could be the place (if coupled with media production) in which what is UNIQUE about Deaf ASL folks shines and spreads and wows the masses

heye – gally did u know that ASL is on its way to being the 3rd most popular language studied in colleges?

did u know that Deaf cultural studies is being gobbled up by the masses?

did u know that Deaf cinema is gonna break through soon (no thanks to u if u keep this up)

and where will u be gally – passing out braclets that mean NOTHING????

im sorry for my tone Gally

but i love ya and i really dont like how u r spinning things

I know dr. hurwitz and that there release is not what he is hoping to foster at Gallaudet

i know cuz i seen how hard he worked at NTID and i know he V A L U E S signing in public spaces – so Gally PR folks – why didnt u write that up, huh, huh, huh?  Why didnt u explain that Gally campus is a DEAF ASL campus and all are welcome and “We Sign Here!”

plain and simple

dont take a bloody brain surgeon to state the truth

ahhhh hmmmm maybe that is the problem – they dont want to state that truth!

odd, eh?