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it’s a “brave new world” after all

it’s a “brave new world” after all

it’s a “brave new world” after all

everyBODY sing! cuz ya know not everyBODY can sign seeing how it is still seen as illegitimate and virtually illegal to be… Deaf and a person of the eyehand

dont believe me well maybe u will believe the young person who told me the doctor forbid his folks from letting him go to a Deaf school cuz he had a CI

dont believe me well maybe u will be interested in the gerbils that got some stem cells and the world is all a flutter about a “CURE” even though the scientists and doctors are saying – hold up – its a far leap from gerbil to human and why isnt anyone paying attention to the 10 HUMAN babies that got stem cells.  one study is super cautious about worrying about the effect (tumors anyone) while another is going full throttle on newborns

and there is always that pesky question of geez what do u think is so horrible about being Deaf that u r rushing to such ends to END IT – the scourge (see Dimitry Dornan’s little slip up)

i mean even marlee matlin (of starkey hearing devices fame) is offended by folks coming up to her in the grocery store saying in front of her youngin’ “i heard they have a cure for YOU now”

are we that undesirable?  odd, we dont seem to think so. in fact many Deaf folks like being Deaf – they just don’t like discrimination, oppression, injustice – ie AUDISM

so check out that newborn humans (not gerbils or guinea pigs) but real live bona fide human being Deaf babies who are being experimented on in Texas.  not very humane u say – nah not really but anything is better than Deaf they say.  it will be hard to check out cuz the only info is coming from those over sentimentalized news stories of “CURES” a plenty cures galore – while the doctors are always saying “its too early to tell”

placebo effects on the moms perhaps

why isnt anyone studying that HUH?

phase #1 of the stem cell experiments on newborns (and you know if they were on cats the PETA folks would be going nuts) is just to make sure that the testing and procedures dont leave any overt marks – it is not to see if it works or if it is SAFE in the long term – like ten years out.  its just to see if the CT Scans and injections and prodding and poking dont cause too much harm.  Phase two will be to measure if it even helps their hearing.

and this too might involve ct scan / mri etc which a different study said ct scans for kiddies is not cool (increased rate of leukemia and cancer in such kids with repeated exposure)

just things we will never know about or will only get leaked out after they have ironed out some of those issues.  Kinda like how we cant get the actual number of deaths associated with cochlear implants.

so i have begun the big book folks – no not that one.  no not that one either – done read those before several times.

i type of The War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race by Edwin Black.  http://www.waragainsttheweak.com/

im not that far into it simply because its already upsetting me but its a long over due “haftado” so do i must.  thankfully it is very well written and ive already marked up and dogeared almost all the pages i have read thus far.

last night i read a short article re: how “the System” socializes parents of children with CIs into a tightknit cluster of folks who monitor each others diligence in abiding by the doctrine of CI – ie oral / aural ONLY. oy

and last week Mishka Zena shared with me some of the dots she has been connecting re: genetics and the suppression of Deaf folks

now if u r anything like me and thee – we dont want to know this stuff.  we really dont want to see how much the powers that be want to make us ‘un’be but be awake to be aware to be active to be alive and ensure OTHERS have the right to live is what we must do do so – wake up little darlings wake up and if u were one of the many that got bamboozled by Gally and other folks dangling the FREE connexin 26 deal (wee nothing is free folks) in front of ur eyes and u went and got “sampled” so u could know know with out knowing completely what they r doing with ur gene pool – do not beat urself up about it.  they r very slicky and tricky.  just maybe give ’em a ring and ask for ur file, data, and sample back.

knowledge is POWer!

below are some links that mishka zena had shared and more

we r talking eugenics folks

wake up

and know i love ya.

and happy new year for those who celebrate it.  had lovely honey cakes from my honey and shul’s sermon was about ushering up courage and finding the waters that will forge us forward.  handy indeed.


from http://connection.ebscohost.com/c/articles/22725589/reality-check
Newsweek (Pacific Edition);10/16/2006, Vol. 148 Issue 16, p8

“This article looks at embryo screening practices. More than 3 million children worldwide have been born through in-vitro fertilization (IVF), but nearly 500,000 embryos have been rejected in the U.S. alone, having been screened out for having fatal diseases, low-risk illnesses like arthritis, and even illnesses with no clear genetic cause, like leukemia. 42% of U.S. IVF clinics allow parents to select for gender” (1)


from http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2003-07-20/news/0307190029_1_deafness-gene-embryos

Test Finds Deafness Gene In Embryos

July 20, 2003 By Washington Post

Australian fertility doctors say they have used a genetic test to screen out embryos that carried a gene for deafness — the first known instance of pre-selecting embryos to eliminate a non-life-threatening trait.

Their action has raised eyebrows in some ethics circles, especially because some of the embryos initially screened out would not turn out to be deaf, but would only have carried the gene that increased the odds of having deaf offspring. Others, however, say the work is in keeping with a longstanding ethic that favors anything that enhances the health of newborns.

Doctors at Monash IVF in Melbourne were using “pre-implantation genetic diagnosis,” in which doctors look for a gene of interest in one cell taken from a developing eight-cell embryo created by in-vitro fertilization.

The technique has allowed parents to identify embryos bearing fatal genetic defects and transfer only healthy ones to the womb. In this case, doctors screened for a gene mutation that causes deafness if inherited from both parents. Each parent had one normal and one mutated copy of the gene and so had normal hearing. But there was a 25 percent chance that any child they produced would be deaf.


from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18051563

[Prenatal diagnosis for hereditary deaf families assisted by genetic testing].

[Article in Chinese]


Department of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, General Hospital of Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Beijing 100853, China.



To provide prenatal diagnosis for deaf families, which the first child was confirmed to be hereditary deafness caused by gap junction beta-2 (GJB2) or SLC26A4 (PDS) mutation, to avoid another deaf birth in these families.


Eight deaf families joined in this study. Each family had one child with severe to profound hearing loss while parents had normal hearing except a deaf father from family 8; mothers had been pregnant for 6-28 weeks. Genetic testing of GJB2, SLC26A4 and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) A1555G mutation were firstly performed in probands and their parents whose DNA was extracted from peripheral blood, and then prenatal testing was carried out in the fetus whose DNA was extracted from different fetus materials depending on the time of gestation.


The probands from family 1-4 were found to carry homozygous or compound GJB2 mutations while their parents carried corresponding heterozygous GJB2 mutations. The probands from family 5-8 and the deaf father from family 8 were found to carry compound SLC26A4 mutations while their parents and the mother from family 8 carried a single SLC26A4 mutation. Prenatal testing showed that the fetuses from family 1, 5, 8 only carried the paternal mutation and the fetuses from family 2, 3, 6 didn’t carry any GJB2 or SLC26A4 mutations. The new born babies from these six families all had normal hearing revealed by new born hearing screening. However, the fetuses from family 4,7 carried the same mutations with probands in each family. The parents from family 4, 7 decide to terminate pregnancy.


Prenatal diagnosis assisted by genetic testing can provide efficient information about hearing condition of their offsprings.


from http://www.asperbio.com/genetic-tests/panel-of-genetic-tests/usher-syndrome

Asper has been developed genetic test for screening mutations underlying all major types of Usher syndrome. Currently the test can be used for the screening of 631 mutations in genes CDH23, MYO7A, PCDH15, USH1C, USH1G, USH2A, GPR98, CLRN1 and DFNB31. These genes carry mutations in patients with Usher Syndrome types USH1B, USH1C, USH1D, USH1F, USH1G, USH2A, USH2C, USH2D and USH3A as well as Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss and Deafness types DFNB2, DFNB12, DFNB18, DFNB23, DFNB31 and DFNA11 and also Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Identification of the causal mutations is important for the early diagnosis of Usher syndrome, which is relevant for the decision whether or not to elect for a cochlear implant, and for genetic counselling and for prenatal diagnosis. The test is available both with genotyping service (includes genotyping, electronical copy of the results report) and diagnostic package service (includes DNA extraction, genotyping, additional validation of the APEX-based analysis findings by dideoxy sequencing, interpretation, hard copy of the results report).

——————-LINKS relating to Connexin 26 testing——————



from specialty labs informed consent form:
The DNA will be retained for a minimum of 6 months. In some circumstances, a patient’s DNA may be used anonymously as a negative or positive control sample in future testing, but, in this circumstance, all identifiers will be removed prior to re-testing and the DNA sample and results obtained will remain anonymous.


from Public Health and Genetics Information Series
Universal Newborn and Infant Hearing Screening and Genetic Testing

click for pdf www.hgen.pitt.edu/counseling/public_health/hearing.pdf

Some programs incorporate a screening protocol that may lead to genetic testing. The question is should genetic testing be a required component of all universal newborn and infant hearing screening programs?

ADDED: link to Steve Emery PhD blogsite that has links to Eugenics in the UK http://tigerdeafie.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/eugenics-in-the-news-and-our-research-dissemination-conference/#comments

ADDED: Where do we draw the line on ‘designer’ babies write up http://ht.ly/dOpQq

stuff: vote, Deaf under Nazism, Sim-com, & Felix

heye all

thank u to the folks who checked in to see see if all was well.  all is.  just had a BUSY summer traveling.  the Viva Veditz celebration was GRAND – see Ruthie’s spontaneous and original 2-5 poem at the gravesite and click the AFA channel for other video from the ceremony.

And now after traveling here there and nearly everywhere this spring and summer – i is HOME and a busy bee again now that we all back to school – whoo hoo! hold tight!

so this is just a quick bunch of stuff:

1. VOTE – if ur not registered – GET THEE TO A BOARD OF ELECTIONS AND REGISTER!  this will probably be the most important election of our life time.  im serious.

if ya hate politics cuz u dont know who to trust – well like i told farmer abe when he asked me which candidate can i trust? – politicians generally are no longer trustworthy but some are worse than others so…do do?  VOTE!

this is a good website that compares Obama and Romney’s position on important issues – check it out as knowledge is power.  http://2012election.procon.org/

this site tracks LIES (liar liar pants on fire animated icon), Half True, and Truths – it also has links that explain in more detail – scroll down to bottom for over 120 pages of POLITIFACTS made clear http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/?page=2

2. BBC See Hear program about the persecution of Deaf folks under the Nazi Regime via the T4 (“euthanasia”) and Sterilization program (also covers Deaf Nazis) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjAn0YBe4ls&feature=plcp

3. folks discussing the pit falls of sim-com – scroll down for vlog from ella mae lentz and an older vlog by ruthie jordan.  ella’s vlog reminded me of Johnson, Liddell, and Erting’s Unlocking the Curriculum document – it was GREAT then and is GREAT now.  read and/or re-read and circulate it folks – its really important and still sadly VERY relevant


added – older blog from Dr. Don Grushkin re: Sim-com

and an older one from Ella on signed systems and “good enuf” mentality for ASL

4. Lots of folks make an outrage over a public school trying to change a Deaf child’s Hunter sign name but largely silent over a Deaf school changing another Deaf child’s name sign of ML on the heart given by his Deaf father to a sign name of “chubby” – hmmm

5. got a nice letter from Felix Garcia (Deaf guy in prison whose Hearing brother has since confessed to setting up) If you’d like to write to Felix see pix of address at bottom and include stamps if you would like him to write back.

Mother Jones article about Felix’ case http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/12/deaf-prisoners-felix-garcia

interviews with Felix at Deaf In Prison website (note some of the interviews discuss prison rape and is not intended for young audiences.  Link to transcripts under video box)

part I  http://deafinprison.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/felix-in-his-own-words-part-i/

part II http://deafinprison.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/felix-part-ii-is-now-captioned/

part III http://deafinprison.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/felix-garcia-interview-part-3/

part IV http://deafinprison.wordpress.com/2012/07/28/felix-in-his-own-words-part-4-end-of-disc-1/

Letter to Indiana Senate – Oppose HB 1367

Do your part – send or call Indiana Senators to oppose HB 1367

ISD is doing a fine job with outreach.  this is an outcry – what the false prophets of “independence” are playing at.  no govt should be financing exclusionary practices that harm familial bond, cognitive and linguistic growth, and self-worth

we all can order hamburgers just fine but most of us are smart enuf NOT to eat at Mc Ds

want proof?  at what oral / aural ONLY has done to Deaf folks?

see the #liesagbelltoldmyparents campaign and


making the invisible visible – we be.

STAND folks and be counted because you count.


s1@in.gov, s2@in.gov, s3@in.gov, s4@in.gov, s5@in.gov, s6@in.gov, s7@in.gov, s8@in.gov, s9@in.gov, s10@in.gov, s11@in.gov, s12@in.gov, s13@in.gov, s14@in.gov, s15@in.gov, s16@in.gov, s17@in.gov, s18@in.gov, s19@in.gov, s20@in.gov, s21@in.gov, s22@in.gov, s23@in.gov, s24@in.gov, s25@in.gov, s26@in.gov, s27@in.gov, s28@in.gov, s29@in.gov, s30@in.gov, s31@in.gov, s32@in.gov, s33@in.gov, s34@in.gov, s35@in.gov, s36@in.gov, s37@in.gov, s38@in.gov, s39@in.gov, s40@in.gov, s41@in.gov, s42@in.gov, s43@in.gov, s44@in.gov, s45@in.gov, s46@in.gov, s47@in.gov, s48@in.gov, s49@in.gov, s50@in.gov

Feb 2, 2012

Subject Oppose HB 1367

Dear Senator:

I write to you to express my grave concerns at the attempts by pro-oral / aural ONLY entities (ie anti-ASL+English groups) to have just, right, good and sound outreach services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children removed from the Indiana School for the Deaf and put into a NEW center. This proposed legislation (HB 1367) is wrong for several reasons:

1. Deaf stakeholders have not endorsed or been involved in the development of this legislation – nothing about us without us

2. the unjust and wrong assumption is that the Indiana School for the Deaf is biased and the new center will be unbiased. Hmmm well lets take a look at this. Hear Indiana and the pro-oral / aural ONLY proponents like St. Joseph outreach actively EXCLUDE American Sign Language and deny a Deaf child the right to a fully accessible and natural language. Their “expertise” and exclusionary doctrine is biased and extreme – yielding many adverse effects (socially, emotionally, academically, and cognitively).

These “experts” often have monetary ties to corporations and certification academies that stand to gain substantially from having a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center that promotes false hopes and falsehoods. Unbiased – really?

3. While there has been a huge push for mainstreaming Deaf and Hard of Hearing children into public schools and a huge increase in cochlear implantation and auditory verbal therapy / listening and spoken language therapy, there has NOT been a significant and consistent improvement in Deaf and Hard of Hearing children’s literacy rate and graduation rate.

It is interesting to note that the State of Indiana has a long and sad legacy of cultural and linguistic genocide as it relates to the people for which your state is named after. The state also unconstitutionally legislated forced sterilization on US citizens.

This is not cool and we certainly don’t want to see you going down that path any time soon again. Language bigotry and cultural suppression is not to be state supported. Hear Indiana and the AG Bell Association have a LONG history of oppression American Sign Language and Deaf culture. There is no proven bias in ISD outreach services. There is proven bias in the AG Bell Association and its chapters that adhere to its doctrine of oral / aural ONLY.

Do the right thing and nip this bad bill in the bud.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this letter.


Patti Durr

To Be or Not To Be … Happy New Year

Heye all – happy happy new year to you all.
and yes i am happy.  i am happy cuz we STAND.  no matter what comes our way and lawd or lawd why is that crap being thrown at us on NEW YEARS DAY! crud but no matter – we STAND.
We aint going down without a fight try as they may to diminish, dismiss, eradicate, disenfranchise, undermine, etc etc etc still we stand and…
we might as well start the new year off right.  Yep genetic engineering is the new frontier folks.  CI+AVT are a done deal – they r gonna be in almost every home and we will be regulated to the familiar duty of picking up the pieces.  We will still challenge, we will still bring forth the truth, we will still advocate for the birthright to a fully natural and accessible language but we must also expand our horizons to advocating for the right to birth.
YEP folks r gonna start going FULL force to try to stop Deaf babes from being created.  I kid u not.  its been in the works for a while now.  i have NO idea why so many Deaf folks ran off to get the Connenix 26 tested thinking that they were not getting coded and tagged and marked for eradication.  Cosigning deafness to history – YEP!  that be their aim.
so its on the table – everybody STAND
so below is my comment to a not so nice new year’s editorial questioning if parents should be allowed to select a Deaf child when everyday parents are allowed, expected, encouraged, etc  NOT to select a Deaf baby and no one ever questions that – odd, eh?
to see the eidtorial http://www.sacbee.com/2012/01/01/4151720/should-parents-be-able-to-select.html
lots of other comments there to read too
(Note in copying and pasting my original formatting got lost – so if paragraphs help u process my unique writing style better – just go to the link and scroll down)
you can also see a previous People of the Eye entry about the UK bill (now law) to prevent the implanting of Deaf gametes and 3 videos re: Eugenics
part I is about the UK bill and AG bell
part II is about the Nazi Sterilization law during WW II
part III is about the Nazi abortion and lethal injection and gassing of the “unfit”
so we see “to be or not to be” Deaf rest in our hands
and so we see “to be or not to be” a Happy New Year depends upon YOU

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.~ Gandhi

happy new year folks
——–Dr. Wilkes:
Is it in humanities best interest for govt or parents or doctors to be selecting anyBODY?meaning shouldnt somethings just be?  are we using genetic screening and engineering for a brave new world – either towards breeding MORE “healthy” babies or restricting the right for Deaf genes to be the UK has already passed a law forbidding the use of Deaf gametes for implanting  – those defective ones have to be tossed.  they can not be used.Now i understand ur question about folks actively using genetic engineering to create a designer Deaf baby but really that is a falsehood – no one has done that and no one would be allowed to do that.  The doctors, the systems etc are not gonna allow it.  They wont allow u to toss all the “healthy” gametes to favor the “Deaf” ones only.  But they will allow, encourage, and in some cases legislate that you use ONLY the “healthy” ie “Hearing” ones and toss all the “defective” ie “Deaf” ones.Your worry really should be towards science and medicine pushing to do UNnatural selection.  Deaf folks r on this planet for a reason just as other variations of the human race are here too – we are all mutations – some just show it a bit better than others.  The fact that you choose to frame being Deaf as a societal burden and tragedy is really unbecoming coming from a doctor who put forth the principle of doctoring.see us as human first and as folks who contribute to society – not as disposables or as folks who are making a mad rush to reject Hearing offsprings and only aim to create Deaf ones.  That is not happening at all.  Some Deaf folks might hope for Deaf children – might look for ways to increase the likelihood of having a Deaf offspring but NO Deaf person that i know of has tried to use genetic screening to reject non-Deaf embryos.  Whereas folks (the systems – govt and medical providers) have actively tossed Deaf embryos.so if u r gonna worry about the future applications of genetic engineering worry about how it is really being used and abused and that is to CREATE DESIGNER “FIT” BABIESand that is bloody eugenics and wrong why isnt their an outcry about that????it might be that doctors by the nature of your work have difficulty seeing Deaf as normal but that is truly how most Deaf people see themselves.  Women, African-Americans, Gays etc have all been saddled with outrageous accusations and falsehoods of being “lesser humans” of having medical / biological conditions that make them a liability to society but we know this is UTTERLY untrueso too we see how folks want to frame Deaf or other different folks as undesirable.  ’tis a pity we cant keep the “human” in HUMANity if we deem to medicate and re-create it in a false image of “perfection” and “normalcy” happy new year – may it be filled with no one deciding who is fit to be made and who is not because once we go down that route its not long before we see “First they came for….”peace & love patti durr

Veditz’s Obit for AG Bell: ‘Tis true, ’tis pity; Pity ’tis, ’tis true.

I love primary documents so deepest gratitude to Patricia Raswant for bringing this treasure of George W. Veditz’s obituary to AG Bell to my attention many moons ago. (see below the intro for the Obit).  Don’t know who Veditz is – waaaahhhhh where have u been? see link

diagram from Gray's patent caveat (Feb 14, 1876) sketch from Bell's lab notebook (March 8, 1786) see Seth Shulman's Telephone Gambit

Note: folks might want to skip down to the section under the blue text because the first part is a hats off to AG Bell for inventing the telephone but it has since been proven that Bell did a lot of unethical dealings re: the phone (See more smoking guns in Seth Shulman’s Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell’s Secret [note there are probably more secrets to be chased]  and see Dr. Harry Lang’s A Phone of Our Own: The Deaf Insurrection Against Ma Bell which shows that the telephone was not a friend to the Deaf – it led to the unjustified justification of  large scaled employment discrimination against Deaf folks for nearly a century – still does today “Can you talk on the phone?” ask the job interviewer).  Veditz knew the damage of the phone for Deaf folks and hence wrote to AG Bell in 1915 with an appeal.  (See last paragaph) Did i mention i love primary documents?  big thanks to KC for finding Veditz’s old letters to Bell:

to see the full letter click image or go to http://memory.loc.gov/mss/magbell/169/16910212/0001i.jpg

full letter re: a teleVISION for the eye go to:  http://memory.loc.gov/mss/magbell/169/16910212/0001i.jpg

We can’t change history if we dont know it.  Read below and understand why we STAND.

This is why, this is why we fight – PEACEFULLY!

Veditz’s Obituary for Alexander Graham Bell

The Jewish Deaf October 1922, pp. 13-15

De Moruis Nil Nisi Bonum

[About the Dead Men Say Nothing Unless Good]

By George W. Veditz

Alexander Graham Bell is dead.

He was one of the greatest benefactors of the human race. Through his invention he added to the span of live of every inhabitant of civilized countries where telephone is used, for whatever contrivance saves time adds to one’s hours of life and there is perhaps no greater time-saver than the telephone. The young man or woman of twenty-five years of today has lived more, has seen and experienced more than the ancient champion exemplar of longevity who, tradition says, saw the seasons change and re-change nine hundred and sixty-nine times. The telephone, by saving countless steps, countless mintues has been among the agencies that made this possible.

When one stops to analyze the thousand and one ways in which the telephone enters into our daily life one is amazed. It is one of the modern wonders of the world. The seven wonders of the old time world were the products of thousands of toilers, often driven by the lash, but our modern miracles were the achievement of single brains. Beginning with the invention of gunpowder by the monk Berthold Schwarz and of the art of printing by John gutenberg, of Mayence, through the successive advancements of the race marked by steamship, the automobile and aeroplane: the telegraph, and its children, the telephone, phonograph and radio; Daguerre’s invention and its latest development, the cinema; each had its birth in an idea, an ideal, sprung from some single mind.

The achievement of the telephone is Bell’s alone. It has been improved and perfected by the discoveries and suggestions of others, but the fundamental idea of conveying speech and sound over long distance was Bell’s, and for this conception the world will everlastingly remain his debtor. The world rewarded him with a large fortune, but many, many times short of the service rendered. It was fitting that when his body was lowered into the rock-hewn grave at Beinn Bhreagh, the thirteen million telephonic tongues in the United States should be silent for the space of sixty seconds. That they, like the tongue of their originator, should become everlastingly silent, would be a calamity.

By giving it the telephone Alexander Graham Bell became one of the world’s greatest uplifters. As such those who cannot hear join those who can hear in paying tribute to his name and memory.

It should be added that a more courteous, affable gentleman never existed, nor one possessed of a character more flawless.

 NOTE: this obituary was written in 1922.  Seth Shulman’s The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell’s Secret (2008) offers oodles of evidence that Bell plagiarized and stole the telephone.

It is still impressive to see Veditz’s skilled use of metaphors and language and beginning at the 5th paragraph we see Veditz sing many truths about Bell and his destructive relationship with the Deaf community, Deaf culture, and American Sign language.

Back to Veditz’s Obit to AG Bell:

The deaf as a class have had little cause to love him because of the nature of his interference in their affairs. Neither his great inventor nor his great wealth rendered him infallible, but the fame of the one and the glamour of the other made him the most powerful and influential figure in America deaf-mute education for thirty years past.

He chose to use this wealth and influence along lines that have been constantly condemned by the great mass of the educated deaf of our country.

He denied these educated deaf the privilege to decide which methods and means of education were best for the younger generation of their kind.

In this respect he was like the pigeon that defends its nest but not its eggs or young. He was concerned more with the manner of their education than with the deaf themselves.

He never attended their conventions or meetings for their own sake and to joy in the evidence they afforded for the advancement of the class.

He interfered with their personal liberties by trying to prevent their intermarriage. The deaf would have accepted the findings contained in his famous brouchure “A Deaf Variety of the Human Race” with equanimity and would have listened to its deductions had it been presented to them with any measure of kindly tact, but when, before submitting it to the deaf themselves, he submitted it as a Memorial to Congress with the undisguised suggestion that federal laws be enacted to prevent such marriage, he failed absolutely of the accomplishment of his purpose. Nevertheless the deaf are today more alive, perhaps, to the dangers of the intermarriage of certain case among them than any others. Their own common sense will lead to the coonsummation of the purpose Bell desired, and this without any of the undesirable publicity and stigma the manner Dr. Bell’s presentation to Congress of his Memorial brought about.

But the bitterest resentment of the deaf was brought about by Dr. Bell’s interference in their educational system.

He did not invent the oral method. It existed nearly one hundred years before Bell was born. Nevertheless the propaganda given this method at Bell’s instance has taught the great American public to believe that this method is a new, a very recent discovery.

He founded the Volta Bureau with the purpose of subsidizing this propaganda. In 1894 he hired the late Dr. Philip Goode Gillett, then ranking with Edward Miner Gallaudet as the greatest of American educators of the deaf to tour the country and use his persuasive arguments and eloquence to induce the heads of our schools to adopt the oral method. It was not so much the education of the deaf, per se that Dr. Bell was interested in as the oral method.

He literally sought to Prussianize our deaf school system.

He failed.

For the rest he manifested but small interest in the actual affairs of the deaf.

He was invited to attend a great national convention and with other leading advocates of his tenets to meet an equal number of leading deaf in a discussion of his method.

He declined.

He was invited to contribute to the Endowment Fund of the National Association of the Deaf.

He declined.

He was invited to contribute to the Moving Picture Fund of this Association.

He declined.

Finally as evidence of his utter ignorance of the processes obtaining in our American schools for the deaf I will quote the following excerpt from a letter written me in answer to one which I asked a delineation of his position on certain resolution adopted by the World Congress of the Deaf at St. Louis in 1904, and re-iterated at the Convention of the National Association at Norfolk in July 1907. I may later on publish this letter in full:

“You hold that the sign-language should also be employed in schools for the deaf; though why deaf children should be obliged to learn two distinct languages which one is sufficient, your resolution fails to state. In my opinion necessity alone could justify this and necessity has not been shown.”

Had Dr. Bell been at all familiar with our American schools for the deaf, he would have known that our pupils are OBLIGED to learn but one language, and that language is English. He would have known that the sign language is never taught in our school-rooms. He would have known that in Combined System schools the only persons really trying to LEARN the sign-language are or were hearing persons, desiring to acquire the best and readiest means of though-conveyance to the deaf.  He would not have been blind to the fact that even in “pure” oral schools is a sign-language always exists, used surreptitiously when the taskmasters are not looking.

Dr. Bell’s influence upon the American deaf has been negative. They would have welcomed him with open arms and gloried in his interest in them had this interest been expressed in a manner they could approve. He did not choose this last.

‘Tis true, ’tis pity; Pity ’tis, ’tis true.

The Right to Be… Deaf – Part III

NOTE: this is a bit of a series examining if we have the right to be… Deaf.

To see Part I go to:


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NOTE: This comment section has several Deaf adults sharing their experiences with the SYSTEM re: the testing of their newborns and infants (important stuff)

Part III – The Right to Be… Deaf

i.e. Not the Parting of the Red Sea

So suppose we, THE PARENTS, agree IN THE BEST INTEREST of our baby for follow up visits to the audiologist cuz they keep calling and insisting – then what are we greeted with?

– oh didnt u know the test requires SEDATION

pardon me?

excuse me?

didn’t quite get that

could u run that past me again?

You have to tranquilize my BABY for an audiology test

[We interrupt this broadcast before we even barely got started to… NOTE: this is brand new news to me folks – i NEVER knew this was a common practice until a few mo. ago when chatting with a group of Deaf mothers – all of whom said – yep they did that to my baby or they wanted to do that with my baby but i fought it)



and from what i understand the sedition is not a necessity for the test, it is just for the convenience of the tester

holy crud

where is batman when u need him

geez id even take batgirl at a time like this “HELP YELP” get me out of this twisted flick would ya.  We now return you to our regularly scheduled program.  Enjoy]

so suppose we survive this latest gauntlet in the chain of audism with me heart outside my body as i watch my baby come out from under the DRUGS (yes they drugged my baby unnecessarily) and out from under the lights and the wires and the labels for me to start to chant the gospel of “its for your own good my little one.  its just cuz mommy / daddy love u so much.  i sorry im splattering u with all my tear drops, little darling but again its for your own good.”

wow – that audism is rubbing off on even me – me who has survived it, me who already perpetrates it via my own system of privileges and now me as a MOM trying to do right by my wee thing while surrounded by folks in white coats

WHITE coats folks

now imagine what this trip to the steely cold vault is like for the Hearing parents?  wow, for the naive uninitiated folks.  it is too hard for me to imagine.  takes really special and strong folks who know that babes r blessing no matter what shape of form they come it to be able to withstand the PRESSURES of those first visits. The pressure to CONFORM the “deformed” into the “norm”

so suppose as we anxiously await the VERDICT [failure or future / death or deaf or h/earing], we hope “Deaf”cuz wouldnt that be cool but we simultaneously FEAR Deaf cuz wouldnt that be a #itch for the little darling who never did nothing to nobody except – be BORN by us (“the defective” the narrator adds while the spooky music plays in the background)

and we get the news – it is delivered to us with concerned looks, wringing of hands, and glossy pamphlets, DVDs, and display models of what CAN be DONE to overcome what IS

yes, instead of another basket of goodies and words of congratulations on your wee things Deafhood, we are whacked on the head with ….. the A word folks.  And no it is not spelled with a “v” (ask the NAD they know how to spell it correctly)

we see the news and we sigh – just what we wanted “A healthy baby and we knew s/he was healthy all along” – healthy for us means Deaf or Hearing –  y nada mas importa

but wait despite our joy and relief – they “the specialists” are still frowning – they is VERY worried now

they start selling their wares – they start tooting the scope of their practice

and we say “but…”

and they say “BUT…”

and their but beats our butts


and so we start to investigate the highest end digital hearing aids IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE BABE – we will call her/him Pat

We investigate this cuz to do otherwise would look like neglect and abuse and selfishness – they tell us and cuz we LOVE our Pat and we know it is a Hearing world out there afteral and we know AUDISM SUCKS

it SUCKS big time & #UCKS up folks big time too sooooo a wittle bit of privilege might help our wittle bitty pat “succeed in life” so hence we commence to strap her/him up

and an odd thing happens while we give wittle pat-patty-cakes & bakers-man-a-home – while we hug, hold, love, teach, play, sign sign sign, point, read, show and LOVE little Pat home – on the way through the audism maze to get the highest end digital hearing aid – even though the specialists kept saying Pat qualifies for bilaterial implants and the DIGITAL CLOCK is ticking away in Pat’s wee brain and loosing out and missing out on precious sounds and language (meaning spoken/heard variety not the signed/seen kind) – we dont opt for that option cuz well they are IMPLANTS – they aint so easy to take into the shop for repairs and cuz we really LOVE Pat as a Deaf baby and for who s/he is &…

you already doomed and gloomed her/him before s/he was even done baked and once s/he come out u “failed” her/him and then u drugged her/him so we r kinda sensing a pattern and s/he is only SIX MONTH old



and s/he is gobbling up the sign language – the language of the people of the eye & just as folks can learn to sign later in life we know folks can learn to speak or hear later in life so…. no hurries and worries on all that digital clock b.s. shreiking

its a fully natural and accessible language that counts and our Pat has it even though we didnt get it until we were 7 or 8 or 20

so just CHILL on the doom and gloom crap would ya “if you don’t mind we’d rather not discuss putting our baby under for surgery because it is not a medical necessity and because sometimes BAD THINGS HAPPEN and we could never live with ourselves if it did so ….”  STFU we silently scream behind our masks of smiling gracious faces at the white coats

but on the way to the high end digital hearing aids a very odd thing happens

in addition to our being torn about going this route – our being worried about having to tape something ONTO our pat’s body, our battling our OWN flashbacks of body aids, cold ear mold casting, sore ears, etc, the insurance company comes back with DENIED


WTF and phew at the same time – why is this constantly our feelings when we should be overjoyed to have a HEALTHY BABY


MADE IN GOD’s IMAGE just as we were

But “good new” say the specialist – “CIs are 100% covered”

and again we say… “but…” &

HUH? &


“of course, its up to you, THE PARENTS,” they say

high end digital hearing aids that u have to pay out of pocket for cuz they r “cosmetic” and a “luxury”????

where as the CI are….????? what? not sure

not sure at all except for the fact that they are:

sometimes FAILURES

yes folks, sometimes the CIs fail

the co.s and the parents and the audiologists and the doctors all hope they will fail safely (meaning simply just wont work) vs. fail hot (meaning spark, sputter, shock, OUCH)

BUT sometimes they do fail badly and loudly (from Advanced Bionics press release of their latest Sonova Advanced Bionics 90K Hi-Res cochlear implant “These recipients experienced severe pain, overly loud sounds and/or shocking sensations”)

But you will be given assurance that was only a FEW cases but u, being good parents, who TRULY do want what is best for little Pat will poke around a bit on your own instead of calling the number on the glossy brochure or joining the online chatrooms where everything is rose – you will investigate and

-see there have been MANY recalls of various CIs and there have even been some lawsuits due to kickbacks with audiologists and doctors for promoting a certain co. brand of CIs and fraud by over pricing and over charging for CIs and forcing medicad and medicare to cover,

– see that there are alot of lobby groups that are kinda fronted by doctors and hearing devices companies to push for mandatory insurance coverage of CIs

– see that there are alot more questions than answers re: CI safety

– see that the FDA and Dept of Justice and a court in Denver (to the tune of $5.9 million) aint so happy with some CI manufactors

– see that the profit margin for CIs is out the ROOF!!!!!

– see that there is money in them thar ears

– see that no one really seems to be talking about bilingualism and biculturalism

– see that Auditory Verbal Therapy is kinda confusing – can the the AVT therapist sign with the kids or cant they and the covering up of the mouth to force them to work for their words – well that is just too reminiscent of oral / aural-ONLY that mom and dad grew up with

– see that no one is celebrating your Pat being Deaf

– see that everyone is ACTIVELY PUSHING and PRESSURING you to make your Pat as undeaf as inhumanely as possible

– see that if they dont love and accept Pat for who s/he is what does that mean about what they must think of me

– see they have a slicky sickly sticky smile when they talk to me – yes they are signing and i can understand them quite well but why is it i feel like im in 3rd grade.

– see that when my hands are not hold my baby Pat, they are instead folded in my lap waiting quietly for their turn to sing but the turn never comes

so much to see and hear and say and UNDERSTAND

i am tired, my partner and I steal glances at each other – as we alternate between wanting to do the world for our little Pat while also not wanting to betray what she truly is … Deaf

what to do do?

what to do do?

“Oh, and don’t forget to see the receptionist on your way out to pay the bill,” says the specialist as s/he smiles through their teeth and pats you on the back while wiping off a bit of goop from baby, Pat’s ear. “Ya all come back now, you hear,” finger waged & eye winked.

stay tune for Part IV

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