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Option Schools and Alliances and Elephants – OH NO!

The Elephant in the Deaf Room by Nanc y Rourke
The Elephant in the Deaf Room by Nancy Rourke


so a few weeks ago CEASD Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf http://www.ceasd.org/ met in Indiana and they had a presentation / panel about ALLIANCES AND PARTNERSHIPS with Option Schools, Inc.  Option Schools are Oral /Aural Only programs – IE they EXCLUDE / BAN/ DENY ASL  http://optionschools.org/


The NAD National Association of the Deaf was there too.  the NAD already serves on an ALLIANCE with the AG Bell Association (AG Bell Association is the # 1 – Oral / Aural Only promotor – IE they EXCLUDE / BAN / DENY ASL and refuses to apologize for its offensive letter to Pepsi portraying signing Deaf folks as isolated and dependent).  See the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alliance membership http://www.dhhainfo.com/members/ to see that the NAD (and CEASD) has been k-i-s-s-i-n-g with AG Bell for a mighty long time now.


Option Schools, Inc is having a conference in Buffalo, NY  May 18-21, 2014 and CEASD and the NAD will be there.

This is very De Ja Vu folks.

we already been there, done that.

ie – we already tried to work with the Oralist Oppressors.

NOTE: there is nothing wrong with developing oral skills – there is EVERYTHING wrong with insisting it is the only / exclusive / mandatory way to “function” in society and listening and talking create independence.  Speaking and listening does not equate intelligence nor independence folks.  The notion that to speak and listen (ie Oralism) is superior to being Deaf  is bigotry and bias speaking .  Audism anyone?

from Option Schools, Inc website:

Our Vision

OPTION Schools, Inc. will be a recognized authority on listening and spoken language education for children with hearing loss. We will be known for our work in, and dedication to helping children with hearing loss to listen and talk and reach their full potential. We will continue to provide a wide variety of programs and services that will increase the effectiveness of schools and centers that teach children with hearing loss. We will be an unfailing source of information and training for our members, and in our field.


this is so same ole same ole

so why praise tell is the CEASD and the NAD teaming up with Optionless schools?

(we call them optionLESS because they truly are – they are denying Deaf children the right to a natural and fully accessible language and that goes against 4 International groups saying Deaf children have a RIGHT to a natural signed language – http://audismfreeamerica.blogspot.com/2011/10/international-documents-asserting.html)

Why is CEASD and the NAD making ALLIANCES with OptionLESS schools & AG Bell Association?

one Deaf leader in Facebook said with dismay “I put my trust in our Deaf leaders to do right by the Deaf children”

yep. Tis a pity.

why oh why?

NAD is saying its not happy happy about OptionLESS schools inc and CEASD k-i-s-s-i-n-g cuz NAD got stung by some Option School folks in the FLA legislative meetings

bbuuuuuuttttttt – it supports CEASD cuz it supports the Alice Cogswell and Anne Sullivan Macy bill – See HR 4040

(but there really isnt much to see)


This bill was never impressive cuz its like  ‘Oral only is ok’

(which we know it is NOT)

and now the bill has been expanded to include Blind and Deafblind folks and the Blind provisions are MUCH STRONGER than the provisions originated by the NAD and CEASD.  The blind folks are asserting their rights mighty nicely methink.  (ie we dont see any provision saying the denial of the use of a cane or braille is ok)

the CEASD’s reasons for having an ALLIANCE with OptionLESS schools has not be clearly articulated.

According to tweets from the Indiana CEASD conference – CEASD said the big elephant in the room was Option Schools going after Deaf school funding while OPTION Inc said the big elephant was that folks dont understand what Option Inc is about.





not likely


cuz when u put money over children

cuz when u pursue unjust and unwise ALLIANCES

cuz when u pretend that Option Schools, Inc really provide options

cuz when u draft bills that are devoted to saving your schools and positions and not saving the  children

cuz when u create illusions of equality (Deaf at EHDI, Deaf on ALLIANCES with AG Bell, Deaf at Option Conferences) without any demands for equality of condition for the CHILDREN

cuz when u dont address the TRUE elphant in the room

cuz when u dont release the Language Deprivation bill by Dec 1 as promised (hello, NAD we see you)

cuz when u wheel and deal – gala here, meeting there, super bowl rah rah rah

cuz when u never invest in ASL and the Deaf -world – always fighting for things to serve the elite and privileged over the most down trodden of us

cuz when u dont heed the words and actions of our ancestors who have already encountered the deadly tango with the Oral / Aural ONLYIST

cuz when u dont know history

you fail the children


There is NOTHING wrong with demanding that Deaf children have a right to a fully natural and accessible signed language.  They can also learn oral and aural skills

There is EVERYTHING wrong with being in alliance with organizations, groups, associations, and business (ie Inc and Ltds) that advocate for the denial of ASL and for oral / aural ONLY

sure you can go the route of “you get more flies with honey” or whatever that bloody idiom is

or the one about “building bridges instead of burning” them but

the truth is – we dont want flies we want justice

the truth is – the bridge was burned a long time ago and is STILL burning – anytime an organization, institution, inc, ltd commits itself to be Oral / Aural ONLY – it is burning the bridge

the CEASD and NAD crossing over the burning bridge thinking its gonna give them a wee measure to limp a long a bit more is reckless and UNJUST

LGBTQ have not gained the rights they are gaining today by having acquiesced to the oppressors

African-Americans have not gained the rights they have today by acquiescing to the oppressors

Women have not gained the rights they have today by acquiescing to the oppressors


CEASD and NAD – ya can continue down this path and we know where it will lead – we already done played this one out – u r ushering in the 2nd wave of Oralism because u feel there is no other choice but in fact we do have OPTIONS

awake and stand

if u must be in Buffalo – you MUST stand and testify to all the abuse that goes on under the cloak of “restoring the Deaf to society” IE ORALISM

cuz it still goes on

kids are still being rapped on the hand with rulers and YARD STICKS (this happened 2 years ago to a Deaf 16 year old man (yes 16 is considered legal age in some states) with a CI, who said to his speech pathologist – i dont want to do speech therapy any more – WHACK! Take that)

there is more folks – MUCH MORE


OH and check out how effective the visibility at EHDI is working out for Deaf folks – audiologist blogs that Deaf signing folks at EHDI made a parent cry – ahhh inclusion


We demand it cuz Deaf folks are worth it

or dont and SINK

Remember and heed the words of the first president of the National Association of the Deaf.  NAD was founded in 1880 and 2 scores later, six years before his death, The McGregor was still calling for the NAD to stand strong and do what it was formed to do – oppose oppression via oralism.

Excerpt from Robert McGregor's Address to the NADY December 1920
Excerpt from Robert McGregor’s Address to the NAD December 1920

See Robert P. McGregor’s Irishman’s Flea – that has great relevancy today:


In this 1913 classic film, The McGregor compares an elusive and pesky flea to the irksome myth of the “restored to society deaf” which can never be found because they do not exist.

Ella Mae Lentz’s classic vlog about the true Elephant in the room – ORALISM – which depends on falsehoods and deceit and ALLIANCES to continue its reign of error.

AGBell: the Elephant in the Deaf Room



stuff: vote, Deaf under Nazism, Sim-com, & Felix

heye all

thank u to the folks who checked in to see see if all was well.  all is.  just had a BUSY summer traveling.  the Viva Veditz celebration was GRAND – see Ruthie’s spontaneous and original 2-5 poem at the gravesite and click the AFA channel for other video from the ceremony.

And now after traveling here there and nearly everywhere this spring and summer – i is HOME and a busy bee again now that we all back to school – whoo hoo! hold tight!

so this is just a quick bunch of stuff:

1. VOTE – if ur not registered – GET THEE TO A BOARD OF ELECTIONS AND REGISTER!  this will probably be the most important election of our life time.  im serious.

if ya hate politics cuz u dont know who to trust – well like i told farmer abe when he asked me which candidate can i trust? – politicians generally are no longer trustworthy but some are worse than others so…do do?  VOTE!

this is a good website that compares Obama and Romney’s position on important issues – check it out as knowledge is power.  http://2012election.procon.org/

this site tracks LIES (liar liar pants on fire animated icon), Half True, and Truths – it also has links that explain in more detail – scroll down to bottom for over 120 pages of POLITIFACTS made clear http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/?page=2

2. BBC See Hear program about the persecution of Deaf folks under the Nazi Regime via the T4 (“euthanasia”) and Sterilization program (also covers Deaf Nazis) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjAn0YBe4ls&feature=plcp

3. folks discussing the pit falls of sim-com – scroll down for vlog from ella mae lentz and an older vlog by ruthie jordan.  ella’s vlog reminded me of Johnson, Liddell, and Erting’s Unlocking the Curriculum document – it was GREAT then and is GREAT now.  read and/or re-read and circulate it folks – its really important and still sadly VERY relevant


added – older blog from Dr. Don Grushkin re: Sim-com

and an older one from Ella on signed systems and “good enuf” mentality for ASL

4. Lots of folks make an outrage over a public school trying to change a Deaf child’s Hunter sign name but largely silent over a Deaf school changing another Deaf child’s name sign of ML on the heart given by his Deaf father to a sign name of “chubby” – hmmm

5. got a nice letter from Felix Garcia (Deaf guy in prison whose Hearing brother has since confessed to setting up) If you’d like to write to Felix see pix of address at bottom and include stamps if you would like him to write back.

Mother Jones article about Felix’ case http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/12/deaf-prisoners-felix-garcia

interviews with Felix at Deaf In Prison website (note some of the interviews discuss prison rape and is not intended for young audiences.  Link to transcripts under video box)

part I  http://deafinprison.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/felix-in-his-own-words-part-i/

part II http://deafinprison.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/felix-part-ii-is-now-captioned/

part III http://deafinprison.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/felix-garcia-interview-part-3/

part IV http://deafinprison.wordpress.com/2012/07/28/felix-in-his-own-words-part-4-end-of-disc-1/

#Lies AG Bell … Truths being told!

heye all

im over joyed

im just WOW so happy that ya all are STANDING and DEMANDING that our TRUTHS BE TOLD

Julie Rems-Smario has launched a Lies AG Bell Told My Parents campaign

you can see the pictures / text / truths and info in the twitter and facebook accounts – please add yours and when you do in twitter add the hashtag of #liesagbelltoldmyparents and #HB1367  this way none of the good stuff goes missing

INDeafEdCoaltion Facebook http://www.facebook.com/INDeafEdCoalition to upload pix and read / see other text, pix, and video – dont miss wee baby Erika

Thank you Julie for finding a positive and creative solution to the suppression and burying of the truth about the reign of error (oral / aural only) and the 2nd wave tsunami that is trying to hit us all via CI+AVT, LRE mainstreaming mandate and Oral ONLY schools resurgence

Thank you Bert Pickell for starting the Deaf Education Coalition Oppose  HB 1367 Petition http://www.change.org/petitions/oppose-hb-1367

KUDOS and THANK YOU to all the folks in Indiana who are saying NOPE – nothing ABOUT us withOUT us – no way.  and also they be saying YA BASTA to AG Bell and Co (see Hear Indiana and Karl White and Lisa Kovacs and…. we see u)

We aint gonna stand for this again – no way.  And big thanks to Karen Kingrey who is making the trip from Austin, Texas to Houston, Texas today to hand deliver over 2,000 signatures to the hospital that will be experimenting on Deaf newborns and infants.  You go girl!  Pls sign the petition folks and get your family to too.  Karen K aims to send the petition to the US Legislature and Senate and President Obama after February 5th so hurry and sign and circulate.  Say no to eugenics.

Karen we are with you in spirit and indebted to you big time.


im in a rush so im just gonna feed ya some important links below but there are MANY more good stuff out there.  many folks have been singing our songs of freedom – THE TRUTH – for a mighty long time folks and now we see a might stream flowing.  this is good and important.  – hopefully soon i can do a blog entry re: some of the important ART that has come out of the movement cuz a picture is worth a thousand words and the role of the artist is to disturb the peace ~ james baldwin (negative peace that is not positive peace – the telling of the truths gets us one step closer to a TRUE and POSITIVE PEACE of which MLK Jr Dreamed and STOOD and WORKED for)

we be jumping at the sun folks.  You are BEAUTIFUL.  keep shining and know you are LOVED!

and oh – AG Bell – yes i know you read me ; )  YA BASTA!

AGBell: The Elephant in the Room by Ella Mae Lentz

Shawn Elfink tells the truth about St Joseph outreach trying to upsurge ISD outreach as she is a survivor of the St Joseph system

Jay Kieger – Geese know something that we dont?

Jeffrey Robert’s AG Bell the Man and the Association


(cuz some folks like to pretend that AG Bell and co. have reformed their ways when they AIN’T.  Just see the Pepsi letter they wont retract and the membership cards insulting teachers of the Deaf by calling them Hearing specialists and their FALSE PROPHECY motto of “Independence through listening and talking” – the Association was born on the bedrock of AUDISM – the belief that to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf and they have maintained that stance up to this VERY day.  just see AG Bell’s components of quality auditory/oral program and their mandate to infiltrate public schools and how Hear Indiana an offspring of AG Bell Association and a devoted disciple of the oral / aural only  any mean means necessary doctrine’s components of a quality auditory/oral program CHECKLIST.  they aint been shy or quiet about it folks.  u can spin, deny, detract, distract, minimize, falsely testify and “debate” all ya want but YA BASTA.  Truths being told and the river is gonna flow.  See ya all in st. louis)

Maisha blog with pix of the truth and Maureen Klusza awesome and famous Greatest Irony cartoon and our ancestor – George W. Veditz famous Preservation of Sign Language film with Dr. Carol Padden’s translation.  I weeped!


Hallowed Halls of Gallaudet

Ella performs Amos Draper’s (class of 1872) poem  The Halls of Gallaudet (1907)

As Gloria Farr, one of the Unity for Gallaudet protestors who is also an alumnus of RIT, told me the day after the Black Friday mass arrests, “We have Gallaudet.  It is like what the State of Israel is to Jewish People”  – go to 5:44

While many of us may not be alumni of Gallaudet – Deaf folks across the land and across the globe equate Gallaudet with Deaf natural sign language people – as a “place of our own”

I may not be an alumnus but it was during my three weeks there in the summer to learn ASL (i grew up partially Deaf without any sign language) that i fell in love with my Deaf self and also my soulmate – a two for one.  Thank you gally!

so kudos to Ella for translating this beloved, historic, and timeless poem for us.