May Day & Other Items

Just a quick note

-11. May Day, May Day
May 4, 2016 the Deaf Grassroots Movement is calling upon Deaf & Deafblind & All to come to go to their state capitols to campaign for EEC




this is the first nationwide mobilization of Deaf folks that I know of – hope you will be there – check out the Deaf Grassroots Movement on Facebook

and see

dgm map


2. AG Bell highway

We all know that AG bell took the low way – stealing the phone, cheating the real inventor, stalking Mabel, and waging an unholy war against ASL that is still fought all over the nation – and now some folks in Canada wanna name a stretch of a highway in AG Bell’s honor – NO WAY!

Please take some time to do a peaceful shout out against this error

3. Statue of George
Amy Cohen Efron is calling for a statue of good ole Geo. signing DEFEND to grace the Deafspace of the Soreson building at Gallaudet.  I second this motion of such a marvelous notion.  And PLEASE when this becomes a reality – hire a D E A F sculptor.  George W. Veditz would want that.

See Amy’s vlog at

(thank u Shawn for the info on Banjo’s blog and Amy’s vlog)

4. investing in New Zealand Sign Language
Wow weee – aint it sweet when a nation invests in Natural Sign Language for Deaf children – New Zealand is investing $11 MILLION dollars in New Zealand Sign Language for the kiddies – ohhh gosh one of the best elixir for language deprivation

5. AG Bell Assoc. monologue vs dialogue
no news of AG Bell Association President Sugar being true to her words of wanting a dialogue by accepting the Gallaudet students’ invitation to campus.  Come on AG Bell and Co. schools gonna be out soon and you will have missed the opportunity and your bs will be busted and folks are gonna remember come Fall.  so do the right thing and pay them a visit for a nice heart to heart or keep spinning your web of deceit only to be out shined by a bunch of rocking bilingual college students.  The option & choice is yours.

6. Language Deprivation is part of ACE – Adverse Childhood Experiences
When is language deprivation and the denial of ASL and Deaf culture in the lives of Deaf children going to be recognized as a form of ACE = Adverse Childhood Experiences?????

Screen shot 2016-05-01 at 8.33.07 PM

From CDC

and see what it could / should be like – Petersen and Rems-Smario

P. 21-22 click THRIVES below


Screen shot 2016-05-01 at 8.37.20 PM







Required Reading – this is a hafta do folks!

heye all

i know i aint done a long commentary v/blog in a long time but crazy busy here living and loving.  However some mighty fine truths have been coming our way.

Folks STANDing and SEEing and BEing – its mighty fine.

Dr. Harlan Lane at NTID RIT on monday was CHAMP brilliant.  That man aint a Genius award winner for nothing.

wish i had 1/2 his intellect and his heart … well, his heart appears to be golden.  He knows truths when he see ’em and he knows suppression of truth when he encounters them so the fact that he has devoted his life work to uncovering many of the secrets of Deaf history (which he noted had been stolen from us and penned by Hearing folks about Hearing folks) and the truth about Language, the brain, the ethnicity (yep Deaf folks are an ethnicity) – well he is GRAND.  that is all i got to say! smile and READ THE BOOK (no not u, i know u never read.  i mean the good folks who want to understand and grow and KNOW…  It’s good to be Deaf and ASL is handy and dandy)

Now another required reading (*gasp* why is Durr always trying to get us to read – who does she think she is anyways?  some kinda socialist intellectual elitest militant radical fanatic commie pinko gingerhead?  nah she (as in me) just loves u and knows knowledge is power, folks)

so the other required reading to land in my lap is – “Language acquisition for deaf children: Reducing the harms of zero tolerance to the use of alternative approaches” by T Humphries, P Kushalnagar, G Mathur, D Napoli, C Padden (another MacArthur Genius Award winner), C Rathmann, S Smith

Harm Reduction Journal 2012, 9:16

to get the PDF for the full article go to

I could CRY

Seriously  i could CRY

this is totally OVERDUE and cha important

CHA as in ASL mouth non-verbal mannerism for HUGE – BIG – Cha

“Cochlear implant protocols that prohibit the use of alternative accessible language are causing linguistic deprivation in deaf children who do not acquire a first language by early childhood.”

The Harm Reduction Journal has a peer review process and is dedicated to open access – knowledge is power folks

if u read Dr. Lane’s other book “Mask of Benevolence: Disabiling the Deaf Community” you will be aware of the biases within the system to always over accentuate a deficit model of Deaf folks in order to justify the aggressive mean means utilized to TREAT Deaf folks – thus creating the need to be needed by DENYING the very thing that empowers Deaf folks and gives them Equality of Condition (see John Bosco Conama)

so i am OVER THE TOP happy about this article because:

1. Deaf and Hearing scholars have been VERY shy and slow to spell out the truth of how the system is playing the parents for profit and false prophecies

2. the 2nd wave of Oralism has been crashing on our shores and the hour is late

3. i know so so so so many young folks who have been raised and reared under this 2nd wave only to say – sure i may or may not be able to whistle and/or hear a whistle but still forever and forever more – i wish someone loved me as i was created and treated me with dignity and respect as is and i wish i knew the hand talk as a pup

4. the TRUTHS are POWERFUL and long overdue.  truths force / soul force rock

5. the Deaf community and scholars have had a gag order on themselves – it has been taboo to discuss the proliferation of CIs for fear we would hurt or offend Deaf folks who have CIs and/or parents who have chosen CIs for their Deaf children.  In sliding into this “only discuss it behind closed doors” we have been complicit and we have aided and abated the powers that be to continue creating false science to prop up their “by any mean means” necessary approach to the “Deaf problem.”

Do you all notice that most Deaf children were identified by the age of 2 and still they did pretty good CONSIDERING all the obstacles in place via the TREATMENT route and since the advent of CI and the universal newborn screening push and EHDI and mainstreaming (IDEA) babies have been DETECTED at birth or within 3 mo to 6 mo and we have NOT NOT NOT been seeing a consistent gain in the results – they are still floundering in the mainstream.  they might be able to PUSH THE RED BUTTON faster but the increase in working auditory neurons is not translating into “independence” in terms of not benefiting from visual information.  they still need and want visual information so for the SYSTEM to be actively PUSHING oral / aural ONLY at the expense and exclusion of ASL – well that is just OLD and LAME and UNJUST and IMMORAL and WRONG and INEFFECTIVE (i could go on and on here folks – ya know i could and can cuz ya done seen all my past v/blogging on this subject – just read their article – they say it far better and clearer than i can and i have and this is why i say THANK YOU and YA HOO! – send them an email folks – and say THANK YOU.  people who take this good STAND need our love and support and u know they r gonna get crap from the bad folks so lets balance it out with us good folks saying PAH and THANK YOU and we OWE U big time!  and you are our heroes and Viva Veditz ; ) )

6. Doctors (which include doctors of audiology) are obligated to “do no harm” – take a good long hard look at it folks.  any Doctor, specialist, or professional making folks SIGN AGREEMENTS never to sign with their child – well that is just WRONG and they are directly responsible for creating estrangements within families and they do it all under the falsehood of TREATING the Deaf child from their ailment and affliction

u dont treat folks by CREATING language deprivation

to all those authors – i thank YOU and i love u

to all the bad practitioners of bad science –

¡Ya basta!

ya busted

now stop that crap in its track.  Oral / Aural ONLY is a no no.  capice?



Karen Mayes info. & connecting of some dots re: Indiana HB1367

People of the Eye (POTE) has a series of entries about opposing Indiana’s HB1367 & examining the EHDI system.  Karen Mayes, a Deaf mother of Deaf children and an advocate of quality education, shared her thoughts, observations and connecting of the dots re: Indiana and HB1367.  She has graciously allowed for us to run her write up here at POTE.  Comments about what she has to share and HB1367 are welcome.  This is not a space for bashing anyone.

Let there be light.  If you have anything you want posted here – send me an email or put it in a comment section for me to see and repost.  Keep shining folks.  Biggest thanks Karen Mayes for this brave and just STAND.


By Karen Westphal Mayes

Thanks for support from Julie Rems Smario


Some of you know me as Karen Mayes, from online.  I have something things to tell you.  A few, on a personal level. Others, none at all. With some encouragement, I have decided to come out with my side of the story of what happened in Indiana, to show some connection between the dots leading up to the creation of HB 1367. My family lived in Indiana for 4 years (2006 to 2010).  When HB 1367 came out a few weeks ago, it was a depressing day for me to realize that my suspicions about Hear Indiana were proved correct. I shot off the message to a few people… a day after HB 1367 was made public. That was BEFORE people discovered that Lisa Kovacs and Dr. Karl White were involved. It’s copied and pasted from my message archive: “I KNEW it’d happen, after AB 2702, ESPECIALLY when I saw one person (Lisa Kovacs) from Indiana involved in the creation of AB 2702.”


I am a deaf mother of two deaf children. My children are former students of Indiana School for the Deaf.   I am also a former member of Hear Indiana.  My husband also got involved with Hands and Voice.  I was a member of Hear Indiana cuz of my child who was a strong aural kid, by his choice (nowadays he prefers signing over speaking.) So I knew a little bit about the happenings in Hear Indiana.


Google Lisa Kovacs. And Dr. Karl White… together. Lisa Kovacs is from Hands and Voice which just partnered with Dr. Karl White’s baby called National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM) Lisa Kovacs was for a short time part of Karl White’s group who helped designed California’s AB 2072, a California bill which had no Deaf stakeholders  Hands and Voice started as a seemingly Deaf-friendly organization.  But it really is a new face of Alexander Graham Bell Association with their favorite words thrown everywhere: OPTIONS, NEUTRAL and UNBIASED.  Those words cripple and silence the Deaf community’s voice of truth about Alexander Graham Bell’s long history of lying to the parents of Deaf children, which created more than a century of painful experience the deaf children endured.

On NCHAM’s website, I found this:Hands & Voices is a partner with NCHAM to provide parent-to-parent support, systemic representation of families, and resources/product development in the Early Hearing Detection and Invention system. Additionally, Hands & Voices has over 35 chapters and startup chapters, many of which are directly involved in the implementation of EHDI grants at the state level, including the Hands & Voice Guide By Your Side Program (you can download at Guide By Your Side at


Lisa Kovacs is heavily involved in Hear Indiana, Hands and Voices chapter, and works for Indiana goverment full time. Also, Early Detection Hearing and  Indiana School for the Deaf’s Outreach know her very well.

I met Lisa Kovacs  when I lived in Indiana and she offered the paid training to my husband, Brian,  who took it… for her new guide program, Guide by Your Side, which stressed on the unbiased, options and neutrality… that was BEFORE AB 2702. Anytime when a deaf baby or a deaf child is diagnosed, the information is automatically sent to the Indiana Department of Health, which is passed to Lisa Kovacs, who then would send the Guide By Your Side to the parents of newly diagnosed deaf children.

By then, Brian was the only deaf guide and he was never called upon, since the majority of parents were hearing, preferring hearing parent guides, of course. Interesting thing… the parent guides are PAID for their visits to the parents’ homes. Their job is to provide the sympathetic ear to the devastated parents and to explain the options NEUTRALLY or UNBIASED. Now, the key words… OPTIONS, NEUTRALLY of UNBIASED. Sounds like AB 2702, right?

WHAT LIST KOVACS TOLD ME ABOUT INDIANA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAFI attended a workshop given by Lisa Kovacs… she stated that Indiana government viewed Indiana School for the Deaf and Indiana School for the Blind as the MOST RESTRICTIVE environments… and making no secret of being an advocate for mainstreaming. OK,  I did notice that hearing parents kissfisted Lisa Kovacs.  She is charming.

Lisa Kovacs…I have to admit that she was a nice, attractive lady with 3 attractive children (her son is deaf.) My son enjoyed socializing with her children at the Hands and Voice’s annual picnic and at the Hear Indiana’s camp. I was dismayed to hear that the state government viewed Indiana School for the Deaf and Indiana School for the Blind as MRE (most restrictive environments), as stated by her at the workshop which explained her BIASED (opposite of her claims to be UNBIASED)  advocacy skills at IEP meetings. She uses her charm  to convince the parents that ISD is not an appropriate placement for the deaf children.  Now can you tell me that Lisa neutral and unbiased? NOT!!

AB2972 IN CALIFORNIAThen AB 2702 in California came along and I thought it was a good bill… honestly. But then I got to understand the viewpoints by the deaf community in California and their main concern over it. What stunned me was seeing Lisa Kovac’s name. That got me mulling over the happenings. By the way, AB 2072 was vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger.

GOVERNOR DANIEL’S “DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU” ATTITUDE TO INDIANA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAFThen AB 2072 was over. My family moved out of Indiana. I never forgot how oppressive the Indiana government was towards  Indiana School for the Deaf.  It was “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” oppression… one perfect example is how Governor Daniels treated Dave Geeslin, ISD’s superintendent, with his ISD Board appointments of nonvoting members, Rep. Cindy Noe  Adam Horst, Director of the State Budget,  along with three new voting Board who placed their children in schools supported by Hear Indiana and Hands and Voice.    I like David Geeslin, but I don’t envy his job dealing with Governor Daniels being in bed with Dr. Karl White, Lisa Kovacs, Hear Indiana, and  Hands and Voice.

HB1367 CAME FEW MONTHS AFTER GOVERNOR DANIEL’S INDIANA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF BOARD FIASCOThen Governor Daniel’s HB 1367 (written by Cindy Noe) came along… what perked my  interest is “Center for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Education”… with “OPTIONS”. This House Bill means no more Indiana School for the Deaf Outreach.    Uh oh!  Smells like Lisa Kovacs, even though she’s not one of the Indiana School for the Deaf board members. Lisa Kovacs has her fingers in everywhere, NCHAM, EHDI, Hear Indiana, Alexander Graham Bell, etc., and used her connections, WITHOUT DEAF STAKEHOLDERS, to work AGAINST THE DEAF COMMUNITY.  If this bill passes,  the funds for the Outreach will be given to Lisa Kovacs’s connections.


Now, I read about Lisa Kovacs… she’d be going to EDHI in St.Louis… Scroll down to find her name, Lisa Kovacs. Of course, there she is… oh, she’s doing the Guide by Your side on the national level now, which, I want to remind you,  can find at Dr. Karl White’s NCHAM website…. HMMM….. “System change”?  Of course, that involves taking away the funds from Indiana School for the Deafs Outreach program… ah

There you go. OPTIONS. Hmmmm… NEUTRAL…. UNBIASED…hmmm…. Lisa Kovacs and her cronies are always using those three words to make us Deaf people look like we are not neutral nor unbiased and not understanding options.   If anyone understands the best, it is the Deaf people.  Deaf people know first hand what it is like to grow up Deaf.  Deaf people also know first hand about the atrocities  committed by Alexander Graham Bell and the schools affiliated to this organization with their rigid speaking and listening curriculum causing severe emotional, and physical abuse to many Deaf children.   Deaf people are being silenced and ignored because of oppressive hearing people like Lisa Kovacs hiding under the guise of wonderful sounding words for hearing parents- OPTIONS, NEUTRAL and UNBIASED.


At the beginning it was just my gut telling me that Lisa Kovacs is involved in HB 1367, behind the curtains. The fact that she’s heavily involved in EDHI, a strong advocate for OPTIONS, NEUTRAL, and UNBIASED… linked the dots in my mind. I just need the hard evidence; I just noticed that her name never came up…but I suspect she’s one of the masterminds of HB 1367.  My suspicions about Lisa Kovacs was before Jay Krieger, who kept people nationwide posted of the going-ons in the statehouse by using Twitter.  Kreiger tweeted that Karl White and Lisa Kovacs showed up at the statehouse for the hearing, giving the testimonies, confirming my suspicions. She is the mastermind behind HB 1367. YOUR STATE IS BEING KARLIZED AND KOVACSIZEDOut of curiosity, I looked up both Karl White and Lisa  Kovac’s backgrounds… both were involved in Arizona’s passing the hearing screening bill without Deaf stakeholders. (before AB 2702).  It happened under the radar.   AZ has a strong Hands and Voices chapter. The information about Arizona  I got from Google is insufficient, but here it is: “Somebody said that Arizona has about eighty-five percent newborn hearing … KARL WHITE: They have over eighty-five percent of babies being screened now. …. it and which of those include, as a part of the law, a central tracking system. … for professionals; we provide in-service training to deaf education professionals. …” Karl White flies to each state to help pass bills without including the Deaf community.  If Karl White has not yet visited a state, he has a plan to do so. Just visit his NCHAM website and you will find a list of the states and their legislative history:


Oh, an interesting tidbit: Karl White lived here in Rochester, NY for a few years… he worked at NTID as a Director of Research and Development. To this day, I have no idea of how he contributed to NTID as the director, and I have not gotten around to finding out yet.


Two years ago, I told one National Technology Institute for the Deaf (NTID) instructor about Lisa Kovacs and I insisted she was involved some way in AB 2702. The instructor contacted Lisa Kovacs.  Lisa flat out denied… I was like WTF. I knew I saw her name linked to it online, but for the life of me I could not find it in the Google… it vanished. I still don’t know her role exactly in California’s AB 2702, for the record. BUT Lisa Kovacs moves the same circles as Dr. Karl White, involved in EHDI, especially with her project, Guide By Your Side.  She worked for Dept. of Health, so she was in a position to gather information and to contact the hearing parents to ask if they’d like to see her parent guide. The parent guides were to define the OPTIONS to the parents of newly diagnosed deaf babies and toddlers. The guide’s emphasis was NEUTRALITY, no showing favoritism. The guides were to tell what ASL, AVT, cued speech, etc… and they were to offer the OPTIONS’ links and resources for the parents to do research and contact, as well as to offer a sympathetic ear. This guide was and is STILL under the umbrella of Hands and Voices.  Lisa Kovacs always claim that Hear Indiana and Hands and Voice are UNBIASED and NEUTRAL.  In reality, UNBIASED and NUETRAL is a way of say “NO DEAF PEOPLE CAN BE INVOLVED WITH THIS”.  I know first hand this is the truth. In 2009 my husband attended 2 days of paid training to learn how to use the guide, but he was never called to “guide”… and he was the only deaf guide, out of several hearing guides


I was and am still an advocate for Deaf schools and a strong believer that ASL is the best language for Deaf children, at any levels of hearing, due to a lot of research that it helps develop cognition and language. American Sign language for deaf babies is a human right issue.  As I have said before, and will say again…follow your child’s lead, not Dr. Karl White and Lisa Kovac’s devious systematic plan to destroy the outreach of Indiana School for the Deaf, the only place left where the parents of deaf children can get the TRUTH  from deaf people themselves.  Do not let Lisa Kovacs and Dr. Karl White divide and conquer by pitting the parents against the deaf people for their own profit.

Instead, in the absence of respect for human rights, science and its offspring technology have been used in this century as brutal instruments for oppression. (John Charles Polyanyi)

Minorities have a right to appeal to the Constitution as a shield against such oppression. (James K.Polk)

Misc – Gally’s Brainy Lab, EHDI, & Birthdays

heye all

an assortment of good stuff for ya

1.Gallaudet has a super new cool lab – ya hoo cuz a Deaf mind is a HORRIBLE thing to waste!

Petitto and her team will study the acquisition and neural processing of ASL, the optimal conditions for bilingual language development, the effects of early bilingual language exposure on the developing brain, and its functions. The team will also investigate the ways that the age of first bilingual language exposure can both impact and benefit the brain’s neural circuitry for language and higher cognition, and how young monolingual and bilingual children develop the capacity of reading. ~ From Gallaudet University News

2. EHDI and parental choice and the Truth

lots of good v/blogging, video making, and visual art out and about examining the unexamined of how the SYSTEM (ie EHDI) routes the parents straight to the fix it up chappies and how the denial of a fully natural and accessible language is NOT cool.  (Psst this is why ASL is still alive and rocking folks cuz it IS survival of the fittest – ASL fits Deaf folks hands like a glove so no matter how much u try to suppress and repress it – it keeps on a coming on back so ya might as well do the RIGHT JUST AND GOOD THING and give it to the kiddies while their minds are fresh and nimble.  and if u refuse to – well darlings that SPEAKS VOLUMES now dont it?)

so for the good stuff:

CSD Newsletter is FULL to the BRIM with good information for parents and also resources – Knowledge is Power – download it folks deaf-baby

Note it has a chart from an Australian Baby Hands website but the chart info is originally from a Baby Sign Shines website and if u scroll down in this link u will see a list of great publications examining the values of baby signs

VIDEO – Rachel Benedict for ASLized – Early Intervention: The Missing Link

this link has audio added -the original video which has over 23,000 hits and was FULLY accessible via ASL and text English (on the screen and as a transcript in the more information box) now also has audio so really no one can say they didnt know or they didnt have access.  All da bases be covered now.

The Newborn Hearing Screening (2011) by Nancy Rourke (c) click image to enlarge and see Nancy's text description of the work

VISUAL ART – Nancy Rourke is creating a series entitled “The Right to Be Deaf” and has just released her first installment “The Newborn Hearing Screening” – its awesome so i had to sing a bit about it meself

VLOG – my vlog Discussion of N. Rourke’s The Newborn Hearing Screening

VLOG – WHAT? by Jeffrey Roberts (Signed and Spoken) – Examining denial of the right to a fully natural and accessible language and Deaf folks and allies commitment to combating injustice

BLOG – People of the Eye – has several entries up here re: EHDI

BLOG – My Child is Deaf by Jeffrey Roberts at The Terlinguan

3. Happy birthday to u … happy birthday to u…. happy birthday dear Veditz, TH Gallaudet, and M Cogswell… happy birthday to ….

Yesterday was Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet birthday (Dec 10, 1787).

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet 1816 (2011) by Nancy Rourke (c)

Tommy is the guy who sailed the ocean blue only to be turned off and away by the oral-aural ONLY methods of the British Braidwood family so hopped over to Paris France and ended up importing to the U.S. of A – French Sign Language and a master Deaf teacher with a healthy dose of D – Laurent Clerc.

It is also the 250th birth anniversary of Dr. Mason Cogswell (Alice Cogswell’s dad who helped to finance Thomas’ trip to Europe and the founding of the American School for the Deaf for the love of his Deaf daughter, Alice).

And the 150th birth anniversary of Deaf activist, leader, and all around great guy – George W. Veditz (see ya in colorado springs come Aug 13 folks when we welcome his 151 year in)

Next year will be Abbe Charles-Michel de L’Epee 300 year birth anniversary.  Who says we are one generation thick ;  ).  L’Epee is the ally who founded the first public school that used sign language for Deaf children.

Also Alice Hagemeyer – one of the most active and loyal Deaf librarians we (Library for Deaf Action and FOLDA) got organized a very special event on Dec 3 at the MLK Jr memorial Library in DC to kick off the Clerc-Gallaudet week

go to to see the details (hope video will go up some day) featured speakers were: Diana Moore Re: Alice Cogswell’s first teacher (Sigourney), Dr. Barbara Kannapell re: Deaf Experience at School, Jack and Rosalyn Gannon re: A World of Deaf Leaders, and NAD CEO Howard Rosenblum and Gallaudet’s Provost Dr. Stephen Weiner discussed Deaf Education and American Sign Language Today.

Lots of Great Local sponsors for the event.

so biggest thanks to all the folks who are combating the bad stuff by bringing forth the good stuff

thank u big picture people

Connecting some dots re: the 2nd Wave of Oralism

NOTE 1: Oralism means – oral / aural ONLY

NOTE 2: speaking and listening is fine –  excluding ASL from a Deaf child’s education and family is not.  billing listening and talking as the path to independence is not fine and saying it can only be achieved by an exclusionary means necessary is not right, just, good or true.

In reading a WIRED article about static from sliding down slides on playgrounds wiping  out cochlear implant mapping programs, i learned that John Tracy Clinic had a Teacher Education program.  In looking at that the John Tracy Clinic  2 year teacher education program i see a mention of:

Requires current employment as a teacher in an auditory-oral “Center of Excellence” as outlined in the Alexander Graham Bell Association’s “Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral Program”

so i google AG Bell Association Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral program and am a bit freaked out.  I mean it is hard core and the fact that the John Tracy Clinic STILL requires that its applicants be involved with schools that adhere to this manifesto – well yikes!

This obsessive mandate that everyBODY must be committed to the auditory/oral philosophy – family and extended family, administrators, general education staff, board of education and the community – Wow!  so much for respecting various languages and ways of communicating.

Oralism is King it seems.

Haven’t we done been there, done that before – AG Bell Assoc?   Or didnt you get the Babbidge report or the COED report or the ICED 2010 New Era Agreement and Accord of the Future or the more recent reports that show that while cochlear implanting is on the raise – most Deaf kids make their way to sign language by adolescence.

Audism is King in this document also.

according to AG Bell Association Public School Caucus Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral program – (page 7) (bold added by me)

Audition is:

  • the natural foundation for all learning,
  • the best avenue for receiving and developing spoken language
  • the best avenue for developing speech production,
  • the most expedient avenue for receiving information, and
  • the system that warns us of impending danger.

wow wee!!!!!

Lots of creepy stuff about Early Identification / Intervention and LRE in this document too.

AG Bell Association Position Paper on Cochlear Implants (no idea why AG Bell Association’s server is down.  Let’s not assume its to erase their paper trail re: offensive Pepsi letter, bylaws prohibiting propaganda and lobbying, this position paper, and much much more.  lets just assume the best – that its simply a technical malfunction.  technology does break sometimes – just check out all the CI recalls and all the ones that have stopped working that are still in folks’ heads)  Now back to CI in children and AG Bell’s position statement –

1st line in this doc. is the forever tooted AG Bell mission of promoting the falsehood of independence comes from listening and talking and the 2nd sentence reads

“Cochlear implants for children with hearing loss, combined with appropriate habilitation, can provide a key to making that independence achievable.

Ah hmmmmm well how come so many Deaf kids with CIs grow up later to use sign language?  and what of the Deaf kids who do not have CI or habilitation – are they never going to achieve independence?

whoa – chill on the propaganda would ya AG BELL Assoc – geez ya keep violating ur own bylaws there ya know

the position paper mentions the “efficacy” (the things turn on and off) and not the “EFFECTIVENESS”

it also states:

“Auditory learning integrated with social, emotional and cognitive development is crucial to proficiency in the use of spoken language.

Wow, how did Deaf folks ever learn to talk before there were cochlear implants?  from this position paper, it looks like it would be impossible to do without all this stuff but we do know that many Deaf folks do speak and many of them have never had cochlear implants so…. hmmmm

“It is now appropriate for children to receive implants at a very young age. This trend has been reinforced by the accurate and early diagnosis of hearing loss.

Is it appropriate for doctors to be performing bilateral implant surgery on 5 month old babies when the FDA recommends 12 mo old and up?

And again the push for early detection appears to be for the purpose of early implantation. hmmmm

“Current research further substantiates that children who receive implant(s) at an early age can demonstrate impressive growth in spoken language and literacy achievement comparable to the levels of their peers with typical hearing.

Shouldn’t they be citing the source of this research?  I hope they are not referring to that one single study in Australia with a small N that was funded by biased systems and COCHLEAR the co.

If cochlear implants and AVT/LSL are to be credited for independence  and speech and literacy abilities then shall they also be faulted when a cochlear implant dies or has to be explanted or when speech and literacy skills are not up to par?

Odd that they don’t mention the language skills and literacy abilities of Deaf children who got a fully natural and accessible sign language at birth up or the study that shows ASL actually helps Deaf children’s speech or the study of how by elementary school Deaf kids shift from oral / aural only programs and into signing programs.

“Cochlear implant technology brings with it a responsibility to support this new access to sound. An appropriate educational intervention program optimizes the integration of auditory learning with spoken language and literacy skills.”

This is just a fancy way of saying oral / aural ONLY programs.  They don’t say oral so much no more on their website cuz ya get some mighty dirty pictures when you key in the word “oral” for a google search

hmmm and I wonder what educational intervention program they have in mind?

perhaps the AG Bell academy AVT/LSL program that has not yielded consistent or reliable results or the much sought after independence as the recipients of cochlear implants and AVT and oral / aural only education often still prefer visual access to information ie captioning for TV, subtitles for films, text messaging, CART, etc (even Rush Limbaugh who was hearing his whole LONG life until very recently “depends” on captioning and one on one conversations without background noise.

– folks might also want to check out the House Ear Research Institute founded by the famous Dr. House – one of the earliest cochlear implant surgeons in the U.S.  The House Ear Research Institute is the top banner on the AG Bell Association website – scroll down on the Pros and Cons of Effective Teaching page at the House Ear Research Institute and see how visual acuity is discouraged and oral / auditory is overly encouraged

We also need to start questioning:

-teacher education programs that push the auditory / oral philosophy

– cochlear implant industry profits, recalls, fines, ethics, language deprivation, etc.

– early hearing detection and intervention (Universal Newborn Hearings Screening and EHDI) – tracking and resources

– the Center for Disease Control (genetics and tracking) and NIH – NDICD and NCHAM

– Food & Drug Administration and how its page on Cochlear Implant safety and recalls doesn’t list recent recalls

wow wee!

“Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral Program”

de ja vu? and whatcha gonna do?

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NOTE: MLK Jr defined positive peace not as the absence of tension but rather the presence of justice

it is UNJUST to deny a Deaf child the right to a fully natural and accessible sign language as well as the language of the majority


Dr. L Fleischer re: IEPs & Fixing Focus

Dr. L Fleischer re: IEPs & Fixing Focus (translation in text English below the video box)

biggest thanks to Dr. Fleischer’s family for allowing this clip to go up and also to Patrick Boudreault for sending the clip.

ADDED: After Larry’s death, Mel Orr (a Hearing mother of a Deaf son) wrote a “We Never Landed in Holland” blog entry sharing how generous and pivotal Larry was to her own son’s IEP meeting many years after Larry’s experience with his daughter’s IEP.  It is beautiful how Larry always remembered that we were once strangers in a strange land and how he worked not just for his own family’s equality but for family’s he did not even know.


Dr. Lawrence Fleischer:

Around the time PL 94-142 had already been passed and become official I had an IEP meeting for my daughter.

[long pause]

Look, you should already know this and not find it surprising.  At this IEP meeting, my daughter, who is Deaf, and I were surrounded by others.  My daughter at this time was about 4 or 5.  So who was seated before us?  Of course there was the audiologist, the  SLP – speech and language professional, adaptive PE,  the principal and the teacher.   This made up the IEP meeting.

First up for bat was the audiologist –

“your daughter needs audiology services?”  And my answer, can you guess, was what?


“Oh, that would be a bad role model for the other deaf children.”

THAT was their big concern.

“I’m sorry.  Deaf will be Deaf.  Deaf will be Deaf. Whether or not they are d (deaf) or D (Deaf) the child will still continue to be deaf, finish!”  Quibbling worthless, the person left.

Next up is the SLP – Speech and Language Professional who asks, “Do you need any services?”  To which I ask? “Can you sign?  Do you know ASL?”   The SLP replies orally with a bit of gesture “I’m sorry I can’t sign.”

“One way communication.  Nope.  Be gone with that.”  And so s/he left.  Next in line is the adaptive PE.  I took a good look at this person and then my daughter, who by the way is very athletic – run fast and jump high, and then I returned my gaze to the specialist and indicated “you work with her??”  And s/he quickly realized their services were not applicable and made for a hasty exit.

So we come to the principal, who by this time in the IEP is very M-A-D.  I am telling you s/he was MAD!  I’ll be honest here.  He was like, “this is an embarrassment.”  I just let him have it out.

“You have said NO, NO, NO, NO, which leaves us with NOTHING except for this teacher.  So this teacher will teach you.”  The teacher nervously replies, “OK, so I will be teaching using the ‘Apple Tree.’”  This was an antiquated, artificial system.  So I replied, “No you won’t.  An artificial system – No, I am sorry.  I can not accept that.”

So guess what the teacher said next?

“All you say is ‘no, no, no’ to everything which leaves us with NOTHING to offer.  Nothing is left.”  “Really, truly, there is nothing else left?”  I asked.  “Really?  Well, you haven’t yet discussed math, haven’t yet discussed science, and haven’t yet discussed history.   All you have been focusing on is the EARS and the MOUTH.  That’s all!”


Translated to English from the original ASL – pls alert p.durr to any needed corrections.

Dianrez – thanks for ur assistance with that the wording –  “Deaf will be Deaf. Whether or not they are d (deaf) or D (Deaf) the child will still continue to be deaf, finish!” Quibbling worthless, the person left.

LRE vs. MRE = what’s it gonna be for ye?

Least Restrictive Environment vs. Most Restrictive Environment

Often LRE = Least Restrictive Environment in PL 94-142 – the IDEA LAW is interpreted to mean “public school in child’s home district” but many folks have said:

– what about the socio-emotional component

– what about a sense of belonging

– what about direct instruction

– what about a natural and fully accessible language

– what about cultural literacy

– what about Deaf ways of doing and being that Deaf teachers and teachers of the Deaf know and understand and utilize????

Recent research findings show:

  • The deaf students who perform best academically usually are the ones whose parents have effectively communicated with them from an early age.
  • Children who sign early on generally outperform those who do not sign during their early school years.
  • Early language skills-both American Sign Language and spoken language- correlate with reading ability, with no evidence that one is necessarily better than the other.
  • Most deaf students’ difficulties in reading are mirrored by difficulties in understanding sign language.
  • Deaf and hard-of-hearing children entering school often are lagging behind hearing children in their knowledge of the world, number concepts, and problem-solving skills, not just in language.
  • Deaf students do not always learn, think, or know in the same ways as hearing children.

above from

According to Dr. Marc Marschark “86 percent of deaf students in the U.S. are in mainstreamed programs all or part of the day. In many cases, they are the only deaf or hard-of-hearing student in their school.”

Deaf schools have continually been at the mercy of state budgets and politicians who have no knowledge of Deaf culture, ASL, bilingualism and Deaf rights.  Links below re: threats to Deaf schools.

A Deaf mind is a horrible thing to waste – get busy making sure Deaf folks are not automatically mandated into MRE situations

LRE vs. MRE = what’s it gonna be for ye and the wee things?

“So long as there are two deaf people upon the face of the earth and they get together, so long will signs be in use.” J. Schuyler Long (1910)




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