Dr. Roz Rosen’s NAD 2012 Keynote address

this summer is a traveling whirlwind for me folks with many more miles to go before i rest so happy to be home for a wee bit and see the latest greatest from

Dr. Roz Rosen, head of CSUN’s National Center on Deafness.  She has made her NAD 2012 Deaf Keynote Presentation, OGG presentation “Veditz Still Lives” public – ya hoo – public domain and collective communities.

Thank you for sharing this and for allowing us to reprint it here for folks who can’t access the pdf while on the move as in moblie

Note: Most of the sources i have seen, put George W. Veditz age of onset for becoming Deaf to be 8 or 9 years old – just FYI.  pls do click her link to the pdf, share, save & print it.  This is very important.  Thank you, Dr. Rosen, for being a huge part of Viva Veditz and standing for a just, right, and good future for Deaf children, youth, and adults – and for humanity.   And thanks George – see ya soon (Aug 12 in colorado springs) – im told some of ur flowers r still in bloom – ah heritage.

link to the pdf http://www.csun.edu/ncod/pdfs/rosen2012nad.pdf

Veditz Still Lives!

By Dr. Roz Rosen, NAD President 1990 – 1993

National Association of the Deaf Keynote Presentation, OGG

NAD Conference, July 3, 2012

Today I’d like to talk about a famous George – George W. Veditz. He was President of the NAD 1904 – 1910, a bit over 100 years ago. To prepare for this speech, I read Dr. Larry Newman’s book “Sands of Time: NAD Presidents 1880-2003” a treasure of a book which you all should have in your home and public libraries.

Veditz is mostly known for his idea of using “moving pictures” to “protect, preserve and promote” American Sign Language, featuring some of the most prominent leaders and orators of that time. He raised $5,000 for this project. Veditz in “Preservation of Sign Language” postulated that “As long as we have people on Earth, we will have Sign Language. Our beautiful Sign Language is the noblest gift God has given to Deaf People.” Those priceless films can be seen online via the Gallaudet archives and are available at the United States Library of Congress. These films, which were thought lost, were found at California State University, Northridge by Dr. Larry Fleischer and Lou Fant.

Next year, 2013, will mark the 100th anniversary of Veditz’s films, vision and legacy.

Who was Veditz the man, the leader, the visionary?

Veditz, born in 1861, would have been 151 years old today. He was born in Maryland to German immigrants, and when he became deaf at 14, he enrolled at the Maryland Institute for the Deaf and Dumb (MIDD, now MSD). He was fluent in English and German, and handily acquired skills in sign language. No longer was he frustrated by communication barriers.    He was a star pupil and was assigned the responsibility for handling the school fiscal bookkeeping and performing secretarial work for the school principal. In 1880, he entered Gallaudet – the same year of the infamous ICED Milan Doctrine and the establishment of the National Association of the Deaf.

Upon graduation from Gallaudet, he taught at MIDD for 4 years before moving to Colorado where he taught for 17 years. Whatever Veditz set to do, he mastered. Writing, poultry, horticulture, and chess. Veditz and his wife Bessie won many blue ribbons for their entries in state fairs. He was recognized as a respected authority and genius in many fields and he was a prolific writer for the journals related to his various interests. Dr. Merv Garretson was a young lad at the Colorado School for the Deaf when he first met the Veditzes; when he mowed their grass, he took great care not to chop off the beloved prize- winning dahlias and gladioli.

Veditz’s pen was mightier than a sword, and much more sharper at times when he wrote articles and rebuttals when combating pure oralism in education.

In 1933, when Veditz was 72, he wrote “The Genesis of the National Association” in the Deaf Mutes Journal regarding NAD history and his perceptions. Following are some excerpts.

At the first NAD convention in Cincinnati in 1880, a resolution was passed “to accept your deafness as God’s will and to not deride your fellow deaf for laboring – professional work is out of reach for us.” Veditz wrote, 53 years later, such a motion would have been unthinkable in 1933.

In the 2nd NAD convention, in New York in 1883, a paper “The Truth about the Pure Oral Method” was to be presented to show the benefits of oralism. Mr. Patterson of Ohio objected to the reading of this paper and declared it out of order. The chair ruled that the reading would proceed and again Mr. Patterson objected, so the chair put it to a floor vote, which upheld the chair’s decision.    Many NAD members at that time were teachers and used the combined system or speech in schools to keep their jobs. The menacing head of the oralism serpent was beginning to become prevalent in school systems. Veditz wrote that this was “the first sign of revolt of adult American Deaf against oral propaganda.” He also noted that the more active or radical members were in their twenties (Side note: Just like the 1988 DPN Ducks.)

NAD at that time was called the National Deaf-Mute Association. Although Veditz could speak well, he was proud to be identified as a Deaf-Mute and to belong to the same community of people who experienced frustrations and discrimination. Veditz wrote, “If oral magicians who yank educational rabbits out of silk hats and pearls of speech out of those who never heard, choke over it (the Deaf-Mute term), why, bless them!” Veditz was not anti-speech, but objected to speech as the sole method in education.

Veditz condemned the ban on signs as “wicked and evil.” “That Bell appeared in the guise of a friend made him the most feared enemy of Deaf people, past and present.” Veditz pointed to Germany – a bastion of oralism since 1754 – as an educational failure since only 2 oral Germans were admitted to college, as contrasted with many Americans.

“The Deaf are what their education makes them to be – more than any other class of humans. They are not a theory but a condition – they are first, last and forever ‘the people of the eye’.” “Deaf people learn everything through sign language. Speech is sign language of the lips. Papers, books, writings, finger spelling are all forms of sign language. We are people of the eye.” Natural education (use of sign language and English) will lessen disadvantages in an increasingly hearing world, he wrote. Telephones and talking movies had become quite ubiquitous in the United States when he wrote this.

It was the dark ages. The life-sucking tentacles of oralism had spread and became entrenched within the education system. Deaf teachers were laid off, fired or reassigned. Fewer students in oral schools were academically prepared for college. The Silent Worker was shut down by the superintendent of the New Jersey school for the Deaf. Schools were in danger of being closed. Alexander Graham Bell and his committee on eugenics were against schools for deaf students and deaf marriages. The government Civil Service Commission would not hire deaf workers. States did not want to license deaf drivers. Oppression of Deaf people and ASL was rampant. Veditz wanted to set up a NAD endowment to combat all this. He stated, “We need a war chest bigger than Bell/Volta’s.”

Most of the NAD members were teachers and cautious about combating oppression, discrimination and oralism. Signing in public brought on stigma and derision. Some deaf people even believed that deaf people should not marry each other, especially those from deaf families – why bring on more suffering for the children? Some believed that speech was a way to be saved. Conditioned from the cradle upwards to believe in those, dysfunctional consciousness repressed human rights. The NAD at that time, while fighting for civil rights, also practiced caution. Veditz had zero patience with those who “wouldn’t speak or act against oralism and advocate for the combined system of instruction.”

In his 1933 article, Veditz listed priorities for the NAD – 1) Education, bilingual education; 2) End discrimination in government employment and driving; 3) Publish and get information to people
everywhere; 4) Governance system should be changed from random representation to a federation of state representation, and 5) Endowment. (Side note: These remain issues, nearly 80 years later.)

Wrapping up this article, a dejected Veditz penned, “The Association has been drifting like a ship without a compass or rudder. Elect a man who will truly be a captain with his hand on the tiller. I don’t expect to figure on the program of any future NAD convention, and this is goodbye.”

Veditz sought the light and the truth; these were reflected in his writings. These writings did not sit well with the NAD leadership.    Veditz was considered a maverick, a militant, a sometimes unwelcome gadfly, not well liked by some because of his “radical” views. However, when Veditz died in 1937 at 76, there was a flood of positive accolades written in many newspapers and professional journals, from many fields as well as from the Deaf community. Today he has legions of admirers.

Now let’s fast-forward 100 years to today. What are our gains? What are our issues? 90% of deaf students up the mainstream with only one ill-functioning oar. The ASL ban by doctors and specialists who promote speaking and listening only. The rise of Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) and Oral Only Option Schools, fueled by economic gain and fears. The LSL law which passed in Florida this year and now threatens several other states: California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Delaware.    EHDI and IDEA with misplaced focus on communications rather than language acquisition and accountability. Funding for biased information on early identification and intervention through the Center on Disease Control rather than the Department of Education. The United States Convention on Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) which explicitly states that sign language is a human right, still awaiting Congressional ratification. The neutral position assumed by some leaders and institutions.

What would Veditz have said about all this?

Veditz may be still alive and well in Paddy Ladd, whose dissertation, treatises and presentations on “Deafhood” are awakening us, initiating dialogues, and empowering us to act. Paddy states that it is clear that the 2nd wave of oralism is upon us. Waves will wash away our work, beliefs, accomplishments, unless we build a mountain to withstand this tsunami. Such a mountain is made of ourselves, our sign languages, arts, history, literature, successes, and human rights.

The NAD must work with various organizations which some of us may initially view as extreme or off- center. I am reminded of someone who took a strong stand for ASL early in the 70’s when Total Communication and simultaneous communication were beginning to be accepted in schools everywhere. I asked him why he had to be so extreme, with his “voice-off” position, and he said, “To enlighten other people and hopefully to move them nearer to accepting ASL as a separate language from English, and equally beneficial, for all of us.” We do need the Audism Free America, Deaf Bilingual Coalition, Deafhood Foundation, along with the different organizations representing women, people of color, and various sexual orientations and ethnicities. We share the same cause. The NAD needs them and should support them.

We have our work cut out for us with EHDI, IDEA, CRPD – keep our eye on Child First. And Jobs. Together, we can and we will.

What would Veditz say to us today at this NAD Conference? “Vote on the leadership and conference mandates needed to secure ASL and human rights for all. Hold NAD accountable. Be strong, be clear. Our children need you. Godspeed!” Veditz still lives – in each of us.


DBC’s letter to AG Bell Association Board

Heye all –

as u know or SHOULD know – the AG Bell Association has been sending out unwanted and insulting temporary “free” membership cards/letters to staff at Deaf schools (see past entries for pix and info by clicking the links below)

¡Ya basta! AGBell and Blue Tape

WTF AGB – wow the nerves of u!

To see other letters to AG Bell Association’s CEO Alexander Graham and Communications director Susan Boswell – click the side bar or key in the names in the search box in this blog site (thank you Jenny Witteborg, Karen Christie, Ruthie Jordan, Michele Westfall, Barb DiGi, Dianrez, Paul Kiel, Dr. Kannapell, Nancy  Rourke, Karen Kingrey, Antonia Rathbun, Gene DiVincenzo, and Dr. Grushkin)

Hoping the CAID (Convention of American Instructors of the Deaf) and NAD (National Association of the Deaf) will send something too.

The Deaf Bilingual  Coalition has just released its letter to AG Bell and can be seen at their website or below

Just FYI – The Deaf Bilingual  Coalition has a great petition up re: the bilingual-bicultural birthrights of Deaf children

Big thanks to the DBC for its unending STAND for justice and equality.

——————-DBC letter to the AG Bell Association Board ————-

August 13, 2011

The Board of AGBell Association,

Recently your organization sent out solicitation letters to teachers of the Deaf at Deaf Schools across the country. The letters contained a “temporary” free membership card to staff at these schools. These letters were not only unwanted they were offensive and mis-labeled teachers as “hearing specialists”. They are, in fact, highly trained professionals. Their job has nothing to do with hearing but has everything to do with educating the mind and the whole child.

Many of these very same teachers who you sent letters to were actually victims of your listening and speaking/oral ONLY propaganda tactics used on their parents. Many may not have found ASL or their identity as a Deaf person until much later in their lives after much personal damage had been done.

The havoc that your organization continues to maintain in the lives of Deaf children by limiting their exposure to the visual language of ASL through misleading propaganda is unacceptable. Deaf children have the right to fluency in language and to be bilingual in both ASL and English.

Stop promoting exclusive oral-only approaches to language acquisition for Deaf children and include ASL equally in the education of all Deaf children, including those who have cochlear implants or residual hearing. This might be your better bet to recruiting Teachers of the Deaf.

The Deaf Bilingual Coalition

“The Professionals” FIXation and WAKING UP

“The Professionals” FIXation and WAKING UP

heye all

have u ever noticed how many folks have a FIXation on FIXING Deaf folks?

and have u noticed how just when they r upping the ante on the quest for the holy grail to make Deaf folks undeaf – Deaf folks r WAKING UP?  the mask of benevolence coming down by the professionals to reveal paternalism, audism, phonocentrism, Oralism, linguicism and Deaf & Ally folks r starting to see see what we mean mean.

It IS mean and wrong and unjust and inhumane to actively, systematically, relentlessly deny a Deaf child the right to a fully natural and accessible language.  They should not be doomed to forever and ever more have to “WORK FOR THEIR WORDS” – they should be afforded a measure of equality of condition at a very young age cuz that is when they NEED and DESERVE it most.  Its a truth folks – dont matter how u try to spin it.  This is what the ICED Vancouver 2010 New Era Accord of the Future agreement is all about folks!  Don’t deny them a natural Signed Language – NOPE.  DON’T cuz that there is a s crime against humanity.

Oral / Aural ONLY – bye bye. 

see the full ICED Vancouver 2010 New Era Agreement and Accord of the Future.  Read ALL of it carefully.

sure respect the folks who were reared that way.  Respect the folks who use other systems (cuing, sim-coming, SEEing, etc) but NEVER accept a program that is oral / aural ONLY.  Just as we should never accept a program that prohibits the learning of English.

sure let them learn to talk etc but DONT EXCLUDE ASL.  that is just EXTREMEly wrong and unjust.

Indiana – i salute ya.  wow u make me so happy.  That there rally for QUALIFED board members and equal representation – my goodness u shine.

Yep i see Governor Daniels is being mighty stubborn.  Some folks dont like to admit when they done wrong.  It’s saddens me truly.  I always admire when a person can admit when they have erred and works to correct the wrong done.

No worries – he will come around and see the light.  Or he wont  and we just keep pushing that elephant out of the room.  the Truth always wins if u keep standing tall and firm.

aint no way he is gonna be able to run for president of the US of A if he is determined to support folks who support programs that deny Deaf children the right to ASL =YIKES dude so cruel and unusual of ya.

so take a bow all Orange T-shirt folks – do a subaltern rebel howl – and jump at da sun.  u be shining folks!

oh and dont worry about candy’s blog – its all yawn and twisting and cherry picking a here and there.  no matters and no worries.  she actually aided the oppose 2072 movement a great deal because of all her BSing prompted many folks to take a good and hard look at things and piece together some important stuff and in the end the Oppose 2072 folks WON!  so now that she has turned her myth-making attention your way – ya hoo – it means u r likely to win too.  NOTE: im gonna copy and paste a comment from her place by Joseph the III cuz it is public domain and really it has some mighty fine stuff there.  And some folks dont care to have to weed past her BS to get to the good stuff so ill spare ya – OH Joseph geez u keep winning my heart with ur truth trumpeting)

Back to the folks on the ground – Folks coming alive and waking up!  mighty fine, mighty fine.

Awake and Alive and Abuzz and… BUSY

this is why we fight folks – for the wee ones who dont have no say in the matter

who’s yelp in whosville is MIGHTY important but often overlooked and unheard cuz it aint in the tune THE PROFESSIONALS want to hear

no matters – the good folks on the ground r waking up and connecting the dots.  All roads lead to ……THE PROFESSIONALS

(see Deaf Pundit’s awesome two blog entries re: Hear Indiana, which is a state chapter of AG Bell Assoc.)



PROFESSIONALS – individuals and organizations

now why have i zoned in on the PROFESSIONALS well we would have to thank the folks at Cochlear Americas for that tip.  When we visited the headquarters in Colorado and i asked about the Oral / Aural ONLY push – they said “we at Cochlear Americas don’t take a position on that” – you knows pleas of neutrality.  So i asked well who then is pushing for the oral / aural ONLYism – where is that coming from – they answered THE PROFESSIONALS.

meaning – Doctors, audiologists, speech & language pathologists – oh no!

(yes i know these are the same folks who got busted for kickbacks with the professionals by the Dept of Justice and a CA whistle blower but im hoping they r done with that trick now that Advanced Bionics is off the market in the U.S. until it can get the FDA to approve its cochlear implants again after the FAILING HOT fiasco – ODD how AB can manufacture their revised cochlear implants in the US but can only market them oversees now until the FDA says ok for US sales.  so while CA has been enjoying a market monopoly in AB’s absence and Med-El being a lower end CI and more popular in Europe than in the US where everybody wants the latest and greatest gadget – im hoping CA is no longer doing corporate deviance tricks with THE PROFESSIONALS.  Especially since they (CA) tell us that its THE PROFESSIONALS who are promoting oral / aural ONLYism.)

 and dont worry we did ask CA how they could sponsor Oral / Aural only organizations – we can chat about that later.  right now we only have eyes for….


they are circling folks – closing in.  been doing it for a mighty long time.  don’t believe me?  Well, just check out how there ever present FIXation on a death of deafness and excluding ASL is resulting in peaceful, direct confrontation by the byproducts of their dis-affection:

1. Unity for Gallaudet – I King Jordan and Jane Fernandes were married to the idea that JKF was the only one who could lead Gallaudet toward the 2010 vision – the Death of deafness vision but other folks had other visions (remember the brave new order that JKF preached about) and…

result: JKF is no longer the leader at Gallaudet and Gallaudet is still alive and well !  wow!

2. Deaf folks engaging in direct peaceful confrontation at AG Bell Conferences (VA, CA, Wisc, Indiana, etc) Thank you Deaf Bilingual Coalition

Result: Parents talked directly to Deaf folks

3. Meeting and rallying at AG Bell Assoc Headquarters Thank you Audism Free America and all the good folks who came out

Result: First time in history that Deaf folks demonstrated at AG Bell Headquarters

4. Orange & Brown Coalition and the Deaf community lobbies for the removal of plaque and dorm name honoring AG Bell, the man, at NTID/RIT

Result: the plaque comes down and is destroyed.  The dorm is no longer called Bell Hall.

5. AB 2072 – remember the list of PROFESSIONAL organizations that pushed for the bill that was to route all the babes to audiologists for follow up to promote the “scope of their practice“(scroll down for 1-23).  Forgot which groups were behind this bill – no problem – i know the elephant in the room is counting on us having a short memory but we dont – we be AWAKE and AWARE and ALIVE.


* California Coalition (private schools and programs)
* CCHAT Center
* Echo Horizon School
* Jean Weingarten Peninusla Oral School
* John Tracy Clinic
* Auditory Oral School of San Francisco
* Oralingua
* American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
* California Academy of Audiology
* California Association of Private Special Education Schools
* California Hospital Association
* California Speech-Language Hearing Association

result: AB 2072 FAILED and the Opposed AB 2072 folks were victorious in their kill the bill aim

(see how ya all shine when u stand long and hard?  long live the Yellow Shirts – ILY.)

6. Cuomo’s budget tries to take IEPs and $ away from 4201 Schools and give it to home district “professionals

result: 4201 budget is safe for now and IEPs remain in the hands of the true experts – trained teachers of the Deaf – not professionals that serve the mainstream

(see what Larry Fleischer’s experiences with his daughter’s IEP – transcript below the video box)

7. The FIADDA (Italian Families Assoc. for the Defense of the Rights of Deafness)- an Italian A G Bell Assoc. equivalent –  lobbies to block the recognition and validation of LIS – Italian Sign Language and tries to get it demoted and degraded to LMG (LMG – a communication of mimes and gestures) and ….

results: folks all over the globe protest and it looks like LMG is getting tossed and LIS is gonna PASS – ya hoo

8. the PROFESSIONALS are trained by AG Bell Academy in Auditory-Verbal Therapy and Listening and Spoken Language –

they are:

  • establishing oral / aural ONLY training programs all over the country,
  • establishing oral / aural ONLY “option schools” (what a euphemism!)  that prohibit signing all over the contry,
  • propagating their practices via the Volta Review – a publication by AG Bell Association (check out the table of content of any issue and prepare to cringe – NOTE: the N # in most of the studies is usually VERY small and VERY selective)
  • establishing alliances with: Cochlear implant businesses, Hearing Aid businesses, EHDI, NIH, CDC, governmental representatives, etc

Not to mention how AG Bell Association has long tried to keep Parents away from Deaf adults – Thank you Deaf Bilingual Coalition for having Deaf adults come to face to face with parents to share and connect and do positive Direct Confrontation

Ahhh the New World Order and the Cochlear Implant+AVT revolution

results: not overwhelmingly in their favor.  Yes there has been a HUGE increase in implanting babes, youth and adults – no question about that but the “success” of the implants have been very mixed, inconsistent, and unreliable.  We wont even get into the numerous recalls (lemons, duds, zaps, failing hot, explanting, re-implanting) HOURS of AVT, lawsuits, etc – nah)

curiouser and curiouser

soooooo keep STANDING FOLKS.  Stand long and hard and firm.  Soul Force / Truth Force rock.  a mighty stream is gonna roll

“No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.” ~ ML King, Jr

The Civil Rights Movement was a couple of centuries in the making and a good 30 years of activism.

detail of a painting by De'VIA artist - Nancy Rourke

ya all are BEAUTIFUL.  now i know that some of the victories above are not fully manifested – meaning that some of the threats to 4201 schools, LIS, etc still lurk in the corners.  This is why we need a federal and international effort folks.  A Deaf Cultural protection act and more.

No worries – we can do it.  I have seen u – and u shine.  All we got to do is  keep jumping at da sun and know that we have only just begun.

Rub the sand out of yer EYES folks – we be waking up and shaking up!

Viva Veditz and the emancipation of the Deaf

NOTE: Mishka Zena had some strong things to say about The Professionals http://www.mishkazena.com/2011/05/26/abuse-of-deaf-people-by-hearing-professionals/


Lifted from Candy (aka Gina Sutton’s blog about paranoia – yes i know i know kettle so black her – nuttin’ new there but Joseph came bearing some facts and truths. since Joseph is a “public domain” guy and he has some links (wow the murder of Mr. Wheeler – my heart goes out to his family) – and cuz Joseph has been misunderstood by some in the past i thought it be worthwhile to shine a light on his taking a mighty fine STAND.  you da man Joe!  hoods off to ya.

Joseph Pietro Riolo
June 12, 2011 02:18

I read your blog post with interest.

I just want to point out that the statements that you stated that Mr. Howard Rosenblum said were not actual quotes. These statements were formed and written by whomever that wrote the news. At least, that is what I found through Google. If you can find a source that Mr. Howard Rosenblum actually stated these words in his own way, I would appreciate knowing it.

It may look that I am nitpicking but when I read your blog post, I originally thought that Mr. Rosenblum actually stated these words. When I looked for the source, all I got is the statements that the writer of news wrote.

It may not matter for some people but it does matter for me because there is always a small chance that what Mr. Rosenblum said might have been misunderstood by the writer of the news. I don’t see any correction or clarification from himself or NAD and it is probably safe to assume that the statements in the news that were attributed to him are accurate.

Overall, I agree with your basic point that there are no evidences that these new board members are against ASL. It is not a good idea to use the dichotomy to assume that just because they favor listening and speaking approach automatically means that they are against ASL. However, the very huge impact that the technology of cochlear implant on pedagogical methods for the deaf children cannot be underestimated. The technology of cochlear implant is very powerful that it makes listening and speaking approach more reliable and more accurate and makes the approach more widely available to larger population of deaf children.

There is fear deep inside me that the number of deaf children that go through the approaches sans cochlear implant may be too small that it becomes unsustainable. I will use 2,400 deaf children in Indiana as an example. (The number can be arbitrary.) Say, in 2015, 2,300 deaf children are doing well in listening and speaking environment with the aid of cochlear implant. 100 deaf children are doing well in ASL environment and they don’t have cochlear implant. Will these new board members still support these 100 ASL users? Say, in 2016, 2350 deaf children are doing well in listening and speaking environment and 50 deaf children are doing well in ASL environment. Will these new board members still support 50 ASL users? What about 20 ASL users? What about 10 ASL users? What about 5 ASL users? Finally, what about 1 ASL user? If these new board members can give ironclad assurances that they will always support ASL deaf children even if there is only one ASL deaf child in the whole state of Indiana, I will relax a bit.

While I was googling on Mr. John Wheeler who wrote that article about conquering deafness, I learned that he was murdered few months ago: http://www.slate.com/id/2285531/ May he rest in peace. I continued googling on him and found this biography: http://www.sldinfo.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/John-Wheeler-Bio.pdf It was entirely his right to express his goals but I am not quite comfortable with his enthusiasm to end deafness by putting cochlear implants in deaf children. His enthusiasm might have been well-intentioned but I believe that he should have sit back a bit and allow the parents to decide what is best for their deaf children including the decision to use ASL sans cochlear implant.

Joseph Pietro Riolo

Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

Barry’s Attacks on the DBC

The Truth Campaign continues

Again, i undertake this task with no joy in my heart.  It is a “have to do” in the spirit of truth force and soul force a la Gandhi.

Barry Sewell’s Attacks on the Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC)

We have seen Barry’s pattern of joining a healthy Deaf organization and then attacking the organization and individuals involved under false and unjust pretenses – See Barry’s failed attack on the Intertribal Deaf Council (IDC)

He continued this pattern of “joining, failing to control, and seeking to destroy” with the DBC.


Fact 1:

Barry was involved with the DBC for a few months.  After leaving he created and released over 20 vlogs full of falsehoods.  These vlogs were unjustly and deceitfully entitled facts – DBC Facts #1, DBC Facts #2, DBC Facts #3….. and so on and on.

See Barry Sewell’s DRHocokan youtube channel for all the FALSEHOOD vlogs where he tried to discredit the DBC.

Fact 2:

Barry put up a private I.M. chat w/ screennames of several DBC members discussing plans for the upcoming DBC Wisconsin rally and conference.

He posted it up in his now defunct and deceitfully entitled blog “DBC FACTS”

He put it up, then down, then up again, then down.  Weee!

Hit, run, erase – is another pattern

Fact 3:

Barry drafted a letter riddled with falsehoods attacking via their workplace / affiliations three DBC members.  All of the organizations / workplaces are Deaf related as are all of the individuals he was targeting.

Barry sought out other people to carry out the dirty deed of signing these letters and delivering them to the affiliations and workplaces.

CCing state Boards of Education in 2 of the letters.

Fact 4:

Barry posted the letters attacking these DBC reps in his “DBC Facts” blogsite and then quickly pulled them when folks expressed outrage that these people were being targeted via their work places / affiliations.

Fact 5:

(note: names of the folks and schools / organization Barry targeted in his letters have been removed here to keep the focus on Barry’s wrong doing and deceit)

One of the letters Barry drafted he stated:

“XXX recent alarming depredatory comments during Deaf Bilingual Coalition meeting was brought to our attention. See attached copy and read his comments regarding deaf children who wore cochlear implants and people who choose to use it. We, concerned citizens wondered if #### School for the Deaf tolerates such radical languages and views.”

(NOTE: I have no idea what is meant by “depredatory” here – yes, i see it IS in the dictionary but huh?)

Barry actually was a participant in this online text IM meeting.

The comment he is referring to was an off-the-cuff remark to reduce stress as the DBC core folks finalized plans for an upcoming conference.  The person Barry is attacking has never demonstrated any disrespect towards children with cochlear implants or their parents.

XXX has not been shy about expressing his concerns about the cochlear implant industry and the pathological perspective of Deaf children that dominants Deaf education.  However, he is not what Barry was trying to portray him and some others to be.

Fact 6:

In the other letter drafted and circulated by Barry targeting a different Deaf educator and activist, he wrote:

“Last month YYY was seen in a video while she was attending a conference in Milwaukee. In that video she bashed oralism in public.

Based on her comments we felt alarmed and concerned for deaf children who attend **** School for the Deaf, especially those who use cochlear implants and exercise oral skills. We are concerned about hearing parents who made decisions or are about to make decisions on cochlear implants and oralism for their deaf children.”

Oralism is the belief and practice that promotes the exclusive use of speech and excludes the use of American Sign Language.  It was and is appropriate for this educator to speak out against Oralism.  She has NOT demonstrated any disrespect towards children and/or adults who use speech and/or have cochlear implants.  YYY is justly and rightly challenging the system of Oralism.

Fact 7:

In another letter Barry drafted and circulated attacking another DBC member, he wrote:

“Based on the contents of the discussion ZZZ, Operations director of DBC did not make any effort to discipline or correct those who made radical comments. We felt alarmed and concerned for deaf children and hearing parents residing in the State of ^^^^. Such comments have no business in the public.”

Odd he is using this point to attack since Barry himself participated in this meeting and made no objections or attempts to correct.  Kettle is a blowing – Tea anybody?  In fact in that IM meeting Barry is seen encouraging XXX’s off-the-cuff humor with a “good one, XXX”  HMMMM, deplorable for YYY to standby but its fine for him to until of course he wants to twist and use it to get “them” disciplined and the DBC to break up.  Wow!

Fact 10:

Each letter calls for the school or affiliation to take action against these individuals.  One letter threatens to contact the IRS.  He will pursue this again later to no avail cuz FALSEHOODS suck and they don’t win and the IRS and the Dept of Justice and schools and Boards of Education are not stupid.


Failure 1:

Barry fails to break up and destroy the DBC

Failure 2:

Barry fails to get any of the targeted individuals disciplined and/or banned from advocating for bilingual-bicultural rights

Failure 3:

Barry fails to have credibility


Success 1:

The Deaf Bilingual Coalition is alive and well regardless of all of Barry’s failed attempts to defame and harm them (more truths coming)

Success 2:

The Deaf individuals Barry targeted with his drafted letters have not been intimated or bullied into silence and continue to do good work

Success 3:

Truth and love have always won… think of it –always.  (Gandhi)

“A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.” ~ Gandhi

Falsehoods Fail.

All of Barry’s endeavors that have been falsehood-based have utterly failed and backfired.

NOTE: There have been many good folks who have helped to bring forth the truth of this matter  so kudos to each and all them

a link to one blog entry by Deaf Jeff on Questionable Behavior – to give u some of the context of how Barry actually demanded for these truths and true FACTS to be brought forward when Barry  said he had never done such a thing and the folks that were targeted (who he claimed never were targeted) should be defending him.  huh? and WT….) Twist and spin … come on a little closer now… yep that is a tune he plays quite often – persecutor and victim and rescuer all at once – wow weeeee that drama triangle


Re: comments – pls stick to the subject of Barry’s attack on the DBC.  Don’t bring other old wounds or issues here.  Feel free to use your own spaces for that and link me if you like.

As always come from love.  I love Barry and this is why I take the courage to tell the truth.

Just an FYI –while not many folks are commenting – hundreds are watching.

DBC Thank you for standing tall and long and I Love You.

Link to testimonies 

DBC Petition for bilingual-bicultural rights of Deaf children

To all the truth seekers thank you for making the invisible visible and I love you.

“it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness”

~ many folks have been credited with saying this but few truly endeavor to DO IT.

Hope u will be one of the doers – light the candle and

Ignite the light

Ya Basta by Tina Hernandez from the Girly Revolution series

Ya Basta! To the bull#hit



some truths to sweeten ur tea with

some truths to sweeten ur tea with as we aim for HONESTea

im copying and pasting my LONG comment at Dianrez’s excellent blog entry

The Naysayers: Defenders of the Status Quo Contemplating Our Extinction, Part 3

my comment is in response to some of Candy’s ca ca comments in that thread

im just attempting to put as much stuff in the public sphere so folks can see how they spin and play it

it aint pretty and it aint fun (oh thank gosh for the FB folks – that there is grand fun and joy and i thank u for that)

but re: the BS busting it is something we sadly must do – as much for them as for us and our future generations so bust away we shall.  as ya can see we r making some REAL good and tangible progress as opposed to all the blah blah blah bs rhetoric they espouse.  they have nothing to show for all their wicked words except their own deceit.  it aint sweet.  it surely aint sweet.

oh and happy belated Purim folks – i LOVE that holiday it totally rocks.  shake a grogger for me – would ya?

hood up




my comment at dianrez’s thread

Candy – trying to generate more traffic to ur bog???

Folks just go over the candy’s ain’t sweetspot to see how she said ASL was not a language and ASL is bad English and Dr. Stokoe’s fabricated ASL and check out her comments here and there and just about everywhere where she says that there is a Deaf cult taking over the land.

there is more rubbish out there but i too would not bother citing it cuz it is so purely ridiculous – there was Barry’s listing of AFA and CAD as extremist groups in wikipedia, there was Barry’s drafting letters targeting folks work place with the intent to get disciplinary actions taken against them and to destroy DBC all within the context of painting peaceful social activism as if it was radical terrorist intolerant extremism. Yes, beyond extremely annoying – it was in fact – FALSEHOODS and UNJUST and UNJUSTIFIABLE.

there is Mike trashing Gallaudet any and every chance he can get.

there is many of u oversensationalizing every little wee thing that it is pitiful cuz it is so petty but the good news and shall be duly noted:
– DBC is alive and doing good work
– AFA is alive and doing good work
– NAD is alive and doing good work
– Deafhood foundation is alive and doing good work
– Deafhood discussion facebook ROCKS and Rolls
– ICED 2010 Vancouver New Era Agreement declared that Oral-Aural-ONLY is uncool and caused oodles and noodles of bad crap to happen. it also said that Deaf folks must be involved in decision making matters that pertain to them – wow! what a novel concept and a lot more
– UN CRDP declared that natural signed languages should be a part of the Deaf child’s educational experience
– 4201 schools are alive and doing GOOD work
– folks are having the spiritual audacity to assert their somebodyness

Following 5 lines added after the comment was posted:

– AG Bell Dorm name and plaque at NTID got the boot

– Advanced Bionics got hit with a fine by FDA for faulty cochlear implants

– Advanced Bionics shut down production of their Hi-Res 90K cochlear implants due to a few failing hot

– Cochlear Americas got fined by the Dept of Justice for kickbacks to audiologists and doctors and insurance fraud to promote THEIR cochlear implant

– Otologics got fined by a court in Denver, Co. for stealing trade secrets and talents in their quest for a fully implantable cochlear implant

– Signing Circle is dead
– deafless entry in wikipedia got the boot
– AFA and CAD… as extremist groups in wikipedia got the boot
– AB 2072 is dead
– AG Bell Circle Alliance Founders Partnership (Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Americas) at the AG Bell website got the boot
– Advance Bionics banner at AG Bell website got the boot
– AG Bell has finally chopped off the “without signing and lipreading” of their guideline #3 Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) ruling

the bad news and shall be duly noted:
– DR / DVTV still refuses to acknowledge Deaf Natural Signed Language folks in their guidelines
– AG Bell has not retracted and apologized for its letter to Pepsi Co.
– Gallaudet is proposing to cut its Deaf Studies: Deaf History track and its Educational Theatre major (bad and unwise and unjust and untimely proposition given the fact that Deaf Cultural Studies is selling like hot cakes at Hearing Unviersities across the nation and ASL is moving up to be the third most popular language to study in the US of A – ahhh the things Gally could do with Deaf History, Theatre, ASL and Media hmmmm – i mean if they listened / looked at the CERP studies and their own Visual Language studies they would know and SEE this is a honey pot that they should be TAPPING INTO not TOSSING OUT)

re: the hiring of Catherine Murphy as their PR chief – the verdict is still out on if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Im hoping for good – its what i do – i hope. not passively not blindly not ignorantly not foolishly – i do it with courage and fortitude and faith and love and i seek proof if which way it will actually BE – im watching as we have been instructed to do so

– 2nd wave of ORALISM (oral-aural-ONLY) is still crashing (added after comment was posted)

– Lots of unanswered questions about the safety and ethics of cochlear implant production, implantation, explanation, industry, usage, abuses, PROFIT, etc (added after comment was posted)

re the naysayers falsehoods and lies but no worries – ya all (u all are down to about a ONLY a handful now i think) have displayed such an abysmal credibility rating (- 300 dB and dropping with every blog entry) that any sane person is no longer bothering with ya except those who enjoy watching car wrecks the rest of us are just passing ya by and loving ya from afar

i truly still do love ya

just waiting for sanity to return

when it does – look me up. u got some real good qualities – i just abhor falsehoods so until u can stop that pattern come see me. and if ya wanna drag out the email groups – bring it on cuz i now have some more truths under my belt to illuminate ya and things with

not pretty girl not pretty how u tried to spun things

and have a good day – its a bit chilly so ill have my hood up as i go about my good work

forgive all my typos but in a rush and really why i even bother can be questionable (i do it for u the reader as much as i do for candy gamaswander gina anonymous etc – yep i see ya girl and yep i know the truth is toxic for u. im real sorry about that)



————–end of my comment at dianrez——

and congrats to all of u have taken the time to read this far – take a bow.  i know im hard to follow sometimes

main point what: we r on the rise and its getting a rise out of folks who want to preserve the status quo (ie the “have-a-little-want-more folks) – no worries they will catch up and just cuz they r fearful of change dont mean we should coward to it

Signmark – rocks

Smells like a victory and below that is Against the Wall – totally relevant to this topic of rocking the house of Status Quo so the walls come down and we move forward

Deaf Ed timeline – Love vs Fear / Bravery vs Cowardness

Ya Basta = "enuf is enuf" image from http://poelocso.blogspot.com/2008/08/ya-basta.html

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

“Wherever the deaf have received an education the method by which it is imparted is the burning question of the day with them, for the deaf are what their schooling make them more than any other class of humans. They are facing not a theory but a condition, for they are first, last, and all the time the people of the eye.”

~ George Veditz,  1910

Peaceful Civil Disobedience works

Soul Force / Truth Force ROCKS and ROLLS and RUMBLES and… soars

it truly does – dont believe me?  just check out the ouster in Egypt! (see video below of Deaf Egyptians peacefully protesting) – who knows what will come of it now with the military in power but how the Prez got the boot was by the folks finding their roots

so which way is the pendulum gonna swing this time around for Deaf education.

– towards justice or injustice – quality or inquality – humanity or inhumaneness?

Lets just review where we been so far so we know how we got to where we is now and we can STAND and work to be change agents for the greater good.

Deaf Ed TIME (keeps on slippin’ or they are a changing?) line:

(let me know of any errors or things u feel should be added.  Its not comprehensive – but rather singles out the pattern of oppression and resistance)

In the Beginning – pockets of Deaf w / Natural Sign Language communities here and there

educating Deaf kids (usually from wealthy families) –  largely tied to clergy or religious institutions – some with sign and/or fingerspelling some without

1760 Institut National de Jeunes Sourds de Paris founded – uses signed systems to teach French as well as content areas – later used French Sign Language (LSF) and a bilingual-bicultural approach

1817 American School for the Deaf founded by Thomas Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc (and other benefactors) – American Sign Language is born out of LSF, Martha Vineyard’s Sign Language, Native American Sign Language, and home signs

Many Schools for the Deaf established in the US – many of them have Deaf superintendents and Deaf teachers and utilize sign language and English.

1880 ICED Milan Congress – beginning of 130 years of the belief and practice of Oral / Aural as being the superior method of teaching Deaf children.

The Dark Ages of Deaf Education – The Campaign against Natural Signed Languages Reigned Supreme

Pockets of resistance to the inhumanity of oralism – see Veditz, McGregor, and Hotchkiss 1913 films from the NAD Motion Picture project (1910-1920)

Almost all the education in the U.S. is under the pure oralism method (fingerspelling allowed in a few schools)

Deaf children are physically punished for signing and/or physically coerced to be oral / aural-only.  Parents are instructed not to sign with their children at home.

almost a century under Oral / Aural-only rule…

1964 Babbidge Congressional Report calls Oralism (oral-aural-only) a dismal failure.

1960s-1970s American Sign Language is documented and validated as a real language.

1970 Auditory Verbal Therapy established oral / aural-only therapy that excluded the use of signing and lipreading in a effort to augment Deaf children’s listening and speaking skills only.

1970s Total communication (a philosophy of whatever it takes / anything goes) is introduced to Deaf education as a way for allowing some form of signing back into the classroom.

1975 PL 94-142 (now known as IDEA) Mainstreaming Mandate is passed.  Get ye with wee ears to the public schools – like it or not we dont care.  We want to be fair by making u sink or swim so there, there.  Off ya go.

1970s – 1980s Numerous sign systems are invented – SEE I, SEE II, LOVE, Signed English, Simultaneous-Communication (sim-com, basically signs supporting spoken English)

Mid 1980s Commission on the Education of the Deaf (COED) states that mainstreaming and Total Communication are not consistently effective and many kids are drowning in the mainstream

All the kings horse and all the kings men (signed systems, interpreters, notetakers, paraprofessionals, FM systems etc etc) aint putting the kids back together so good

Deaf schools down size due to the mass migration to the mainstream and thus the Deaf schools are perceived to be Last Resorts and “dumping grounds” for students that districts dont want to deal with.

1980s Cochlear Implant companies and surgeons getting busy with with single channel implanting.

“Although there a many reasons why cochlear implants have become as successful as they are in helping deaf people with profound hearing loss to hear sound, it is the courage and commitment of a small group of clinicians and parents of deaf children who were instrumental in the eventual success of this technology for children,” continued Eisenberg, who was an audiologist on the first pediatric cochlear implant team in 1980.


[NOTE: the omission of any mention of the courage of the Deaf children themselves]

1988 Deaf President Now – peaceful protest at Gallaudet University for a Deaf president after 124 yrs of Hearing presidents.  Hailed as a Civil rights movement by Dr. I King Jordan, who became the first Deaf president of Gallaudet as a result of the protest.

1998 Early Hearing Detection Intervention (EHDI) begins

1990 Americans with Disabilities Act passed and signed into law by George Bush Sr

1990s-now Cochlear Implant revolution contrary to concerns raised re: ethics, consent, safety, language and cultural development

1990 the FDA lowered the approved age for implantation to two years

1998 the FDA lowered the approved age to 18 months

2000 the FDA lowered the approved age to 12 months

(note: some Drs are doing bilateral implant surgeries as young as 6 mo in the US)

1990s-2000s – early implantation, AVT, mainstreaming boom, option schools pop up, Deaf schools downsized, threatened, and closed

2000s – numerous recalls of various Cochlear Implants due to safety issues (recalls mostly of Advanced Bionics CI products).

2003-2006 Death from meningitis that developed post-Cochlear Implant surgery in patients with the Advanced Bionics CIs with a positioner.  Product recalled and meningitis vaccinations strongly urged.

200os Deafhood and Deaf Gain concepts introduced, video phone, blog/vlogsphere and Deaf cinema booms, media in the hands of Deaf folks, etc

Spring + Fall 2006 Unity for Gallaudet Protest

2007 Gallaudet Unversity officially goes bilingual-bicultural

April 2008 A G Bell’s  Pepsi letter stating “…we would be remiss if we did not call your attention to the fact that your advertisement offers a limited view of the deaf community.”

And went on to say:

Your advertisement perpetuates a common myth that all people who are deaf can only communicate using sign language and are, therefore, isolated from the rest of society. In fact, today’s hearing technology, coupled with early screening identification and intervention, has led to incredible advances in listening and spoken language skill development.

In addition to AG Bell’s own members, NAD and DBC wrote letters expressing their discontent with the AG Bell letter to Pepsi.  AG Bell refused to retract the letter.

Spring 2008 The Deaf Bilingual Coalition announces rally and free conference in Milwaukee, Wisc at the same time as the AG Bell Conference

June 11, 2008 AG Bell Association releases a position paper on American Sign Language, where they validate some old news – “AG Bell acknowledges ASL as a language in and of itself.”

Yep there is only about 1 paragraph out of 7 that really talks about American Sign Language – the rest is spin and pumping up their oral-aural onlyness.  it is basically a Position Statement that says – “We here at AG Bell tolerate ASL by those who subscribe to that thar “culture” and “different” grammar etc but look over here at what WE do with English and mouths and ears dear parents.  this position statement was the handy work of the handy Catherine Murphy who is now the PR person at Gallaudet.

June 27-30, 2008 DBC conference and peaceful rally and march across from AG Bell conference.

July 2008 FDA wins settlement against Advanced Bionics for $1.1 million and fines their CEO $75,000 for faulty CI (moisture leak causing intermittent shocks)

Feb 2009 NAD announces budget threats to Deaf Schools

April 2-3, 2009 Audism Free America historic rally and meeting with the CEO of AG Bell Association, Alexander Graham, AG Bell communication director, Catherine Murphy, and three other representatives of AG Bell to discuss the three AFA demands.

Nov 2009 AG Bell Academy votes to change the Auditory-Verbal Therapy principle #3:

3. Guide and coach parents to help their child use hearing as the primary sensory modality in developing listening and (added) spoken language without the use of sign language or emphasis on lipreading.

May 2010 NAD position on Deaf Schools

June 2009 Dept of Justice fines Cochlear Americas $880,000 for kick backs & fraud.

2010 AG Bell pulls the Advanced Bionics Banner from its website but keeps up their Circle Alliance Founding Partners (Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Americas logos)

Spring – Fall 2010 CA proposes AB 2072 – bill proposed to mandate that parents go to an audiologist to receive a brochure listing various options including pure oral / aural only.  Bill sponsored by pro-oralism organizations and medical professions, bill opposed by grassroots Deaf bilingual-bicultural organizations and individuals.

July 2010 ICED Vancouver New Era agreement – oral / aural-only mandate (ICED 1880 Milan) declared to be wrong and apologized for.  New principles of accord for our future established.  “Nothing about us, without us” and no denying a natural and fully accessible signed language to Deaf children (WFD, UN – CRPD, ICED 2010)

Sept 29, 2010 Governor Schwarzenegger vetoes AB 2072 – ie the Yellow Shirts win.

Nov 2010 Sovona Advanced Bionics recalls its HiRes 90K Cochlear Implant and closes down production and implanting due to some internal CIs failing hot.

2011 AG Bell pulls its Circle Alliance Founding Partnerships (Cochlear Americas and Advanced Bionics) from its website

Sept 2011 Cochlear implants in the news
COCHLEAR co. recalls its CI500 range cochlear implants – shares plummet overnight


MED-EL announces its new super small cochlear implants approved for U.S. markets

Advanced Bionics announces it had FDA re-approval to market its Hi-Res 90K cochlear implants in the U.S.

link to entry that has links to both MED-EL and AB press releases which went out on the same days as COCHLEAR released the news of its recall – interesting, eh?


2011 and beyond –

  • more Deaf schools closing vs more Deaf programs going bilingual-bicultural (or multi)?
  • more technology to make Deaf folks undeaf vs lessdeaf or semideaf or more acceptance, tolerance, appreciation and LOVE?
  • more signed systems and codes and tower of babel vs more recognition, appreciation, celebration, and expansion of ASL?

Fear and Cowardness vs. Love and Braveness

Fear is not a disease of the body; fear kills the soul. ~ Gandhi

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. ~ Gandhi

I hope you will cherish and defend our beautiful sign language as the noblest gift God gave to the Deaf. ~ George Veditz

What’s it gonna be, folks????

– our future is in our hands

1 2 3 push and jump

or sit spin and stand by

NOTE: updated 2/14/2011 to include AB 2072 and Cochlear implant suits and recalls

NOTE: updated 2/16/2011 – title change to include “Deaf Ed timeline…” and AVT guideline #3 moved from 2010 to Nov 2009


Civil Disobedience rocks

Video from Mostafa Emil

Happy Valentines Day ya all.

I love ya.

me first vlog (NOV 2007) re: love vs. fear and standing up instead of standing by

Commitments to Conspiracies and Hysteria

heye all

lively and long winded discussion over at Ann_Cs


some of the comments make me look brief – ya hoo.  no more jabs at me re: my length!  (yeah i know they will try but no worries cuz kettle so black)

since some comments are being excluded now over there – i have copied and pasted my latest and last.

a couple of things first:

1. im sorry so much of this discourse has been in English only

2. i do not want to see any attack comments over here – i dont care who is being targeted or who is doing the targeting

the truth and nothing but the truth folks

3. there is a major weird and sickening spin going round by the texting folks – they are saying that there is a Deafhood conspiracy to overun schools and Deaf organizations for profit.  Honey this is smoke and mirrors and PURE hysterics.  It would be hysterical if it were not so cruel and dangerous.  It would be hysterical if bad things didnt normally follow when folks spread hysteria and dress it up as hystory (see our Japanese-American concentration camps, see the McCarthy Era, see segregation, see the Shoah, see antisemitism spread by the fabricated protocols of zion)

Bad $hit happens when folks spread falseHOODS for ill purposes

bad $hit happens when folks point way over there when we got some MIGHTY powerful systems to take a look at:

– oral / aural only systems

– CI/AVT systems (including the lawsuits and the partnerships with AG Bell association)

There does seem to be PROOF of a conspiracy finally but it is not the folks who are pro-DBC, AFA, Deafhood who are engaging in a conspiracy

it is the anti-DBC, anti-AFA, anti-Deafhood, anti-oppose ab 2072, anti-bilingualism-biculturalism, PRO-ORAL / AURAL ONLY, PRO-CI/AVT that have been engaging in unethical practices (selling of faulty CIs that shock children, kickbacks to doctors and audiologists, fleecing medicad/medicare, harassing, unjustly defaming, attacking folks via their workplace/affiliations/licensing boards).  it has been proven to be premeditated and organized


an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.

so the next time u see folks use the words:
deafhoodized, deafhoodite, cultist, cult, ASL Only, extremists, radical, militant, antichrist, terrorists etc know that u r dealing with folks who are part of a conspiracy to defame, attack and harass
hysteria aint cool folks
harassment aint cool folks
lying, cheating, attacking, defaming, falsely accusing aint cool folks
pointing the finger at anything else before u have taken ur own inventory and done ur own amends aint cool folks

Now for my comment at Ann_c’s

(note: I have corrected a few of me typos below in red – if the comment gets published at Ann_Cs it wont have these corrections)

patti Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
October 15, 2010 at 12:11 pm (note i submitted me comment this morning not at 12:11 pm just fyi)

candy –

Ella above explains her OPINION – she has not falsely labeled something as a fact that is not a fact. She also states:”I didn’t contact and I believe i didn’t encourage. I’m sure i did say it’s not wrong to express concerns to that person.”

so Candy what am i (patti) supposed to be shouting out against?

It is sad how u dragged this in here while preaching forgiveness. Put the letters up at your place as i have asked you before so we have all the FACTS and if folks attacked u under false pretenses i will do a major shout out. If folks were just expressing their concerns based on facts – ill look at if the intent and aim or possible outcome was termination and determine if a shout out is in order but girl u have to give me the FACTS first.

see i may be slow but im learning

re: Barry’s drafted letters – yep back to the bloody point of this thread – they (whether they got sent or modified and sent i do not care) what they contained were FALSEHOODS with the intent to have DISCIPLINARY actions taken against folks and to destroy the DBC

he would still do it today if it wouldnt cause them to loose their jobs – SAD SAD SAD

but it is a TRUTH – PAH!

thank u barry for speaking a truth for all to see.

the letters Barry drafted against Ella, DE, and Barb contain false accusations with the intent to defame and hurt the targets and DBC (the fact that he didnt want folks to loose their jobs or positions is not any consolation for his conduct.)

I do want to thank everyone here who put forth facts and truths.

Peace (positive peace is not the absence of tension but rather the presence of justice as MLK explained it)
– it is unjust what Barry has been doing and it is unjustifiable.

his commitment to continue doing so is WRONG

DE, Ella and Barb may have taken strong positions re: Oralism – meaning the extreme system that EXCLUDES the inclusion natural signed language in the life of Deaf children – and CI especially in conjunction with AVT (which prohibits lipreading and signing)

They may have challenged those systems and practices but they have NEVER said a person with a CI is bad and should be unloved

The off-color jokes that DE made in the aim chat were NOT objected to by ANYONE including BARRY himself. in fact barry is seen to make a comment of “Good One, DE” or something to that effect after one of DEs other off the cuff remarks.

If Barb, DE and Ella EVER EVER EVER preached a gospel of hate against children with CIs and their parents or children who are oral – I would be the first person to do a shout out.

Now they may have said some unchaste things or things I may disagree with at some points in their lives but they have NEVER made a public statement representing themselves, their schools or affiliations in a light that preach intolerance, profiling, or hate. NEVER

my ability to disagree with what folks might say from time to time and still see their overall pattern of conduct, intention and aim – applies to meself also. I do not always agree with i have said or done and need good folks to give me a shout out and to help guide me way.

It is not true what Barry has been saying about DE, Ella and Barb and he has laid a path of FALSEHOODS from the moment he left the DBC

He has made it abundantly clear that he is on a vendetta to discredit and disban the DBC, AFA, Deafhood Foundation, CAD, oppose AB 2072, and Ella

The results of all his efforts are:
– DBC is alive and well and doing good work
– AFA is alive and well and doing good work
– CAD is alive and well and doing good work
– oppose AB 2072 was alive and well and did good work – and succeed in their aim
– Ella is alive and well and doing good work
– I am alive and well and doing good work
– Barb is alive and well and doing good work
– DE is alive and well and doing good work
– The Deafhood movement is alive and well and doing good work
– The audism free movement is alive and well and doing good work
– The bilingual – bicultural movement is alive and well and doing good work

despite the relentless smear campaign, harassment, attacks, and falseHOODS

Signing Circle never even got their by laws together and it has been discredited and banned disbanned

deafless is dead

false extremist group listings is booted from wikipedia

Oral / Aural only is opposed by ICED Vancouver 2010 New Era agreement

Deafread has become a wasteland of attack blogs, mapping 1, 2, 3 and announcements

Oppose AB 2072 is vetoed by Governor Arnold

MANY MANY MANY good folks have made vlogs and video comments saying how much they regret having been duped by Barry. some have even cried. This is why i do this truth campaign. I have no desire to hurt Barry. I do desire that he stop lying, harassing, defaming, attacking, and bullying. (Tar, Cheryl, Nikki, Richard, CajunPeach, ASLKimber etc etc etc have spoken their truths and many more – it is for them that i stand)

so the fact that Barry is committed to doing the same stuff all over again – well goodness – doesnt seem like those strategies have been paying off too well but heye – far be it for me to be a critic

it is clear that he has chosen to remain on his path of falsehoods and attacks

it is clear that some of you have chosen to dismiss his past conduct and his present commitment to more of the same

i will not be back here but again i am very thankful for the opportunity to see these truths and others unfold. it is important.

I forgive, I love, and i continue to move forward in our quest for POSITIVE PEACE, JUSTICE, and EQUALITY for all

if anybody wants me – ill just be hanging out at “People of the Eye” and Karen’s “tranquilty” i aint going to no more bad neighborhoods no more.

focusing me time in the real world and NOT THE cyber UNreality

peace in


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