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Supt Tucker et al – More Truths about Cochlear Implants

Supt Tucker –

You are wrong.  I’m sorry to contradict ya and I’m sorry if its a dang misquote by the media but the statement:

“Cochlear implants are not controversial in the Deaf community,” Tucker said. “Maybe 20 years ago — yes. But not today.”

as seen in the article Cochlear Implants Restore Quality of Life for Columbia Worker  is not TRUE, dude.


Not true at all.  Cochlear Implants are MEGA controversial within the Deaf community and at large.

The article goes on to say:

At MSD, many students, faculty members and parents have the implants, he said. They are an accepted part of the community.

Now if the “They” in that sentence refers to the PEOPLE – then that statement is TRUE.  But if
“they” refers to the cochlear implant as it does in the above sentence then it is NOT TRUE

While the folks who have and/or choose CI for their children are not the controversy – the device, the systems, the profit, the reliability, the liabilities etc are CONTROVERSIAL – STILL and more so now than 20 years ago,  Mr. Tucker.  they (the devices and the systems that promote and propagate them) are MORE controversial than ever.

See the multitudes of articles and books that have been published about the question of ethics and cochlear implants.

Note the questions about bodily integrity, language rights, cultural and linguistic genocide, notice the profit margins, notice the PRESSURE – the parents are under an INORDINATE amount of pressure  to implant their children.  They are told its safe and will work wonders.  And sometimes it is and some times IT IS NOT.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth, Mr. Tucker.

The biggest problem that may be facing our commUNITY is our collective willingness to remain IGNORant and to INGORE things we feel are too big or too bad for us to deal with.

This has been the approach of MANY disenfranchised folks – its called survival and it yields little to no gain.  And certainly no true progress or positive peace (see MLK Letter from Jail for what “positive peace” means).  All it does is put a balm on the ouchie and put folks to sleep with the lullablies of falsehoods and sugarplums of deceit dreams.

Cochlear implants have been around for 40 + years and while by and large they do turn on and off, they dont always (see the numerous recalls – some times they stop cold and some times the fail to stop) and when they do turn on and off as designed, they have ALOT of SHORTCOMINGS and they have FALLEN SHORT of all their GRANDIOSE promises.

Way short – the parents and the products of cochlear implants are owed some HEFTY refund checks.

some have sued and gotten their shhhhh money but many have not – they the co. got MIGHTY small print to go along with all the paper work for the implants.




Yes cochlear implants have increased in production, profit, and prophecies but still the results are POOR.

And, aint we been there, done that before during the Reign of Oralism (oral  /aural ONLY)?

So now we have the 2nd Wave of Oral (AVT) / Aural (CIs) ism and look what it is getting us?

some folks can speak – whipeee – folks could do that before with or without assistance.  there was usually no rhyme or reason behind who could ride the unicycle and who could not.  more audition helped but not always.  And so we see the same pattern with CIs and AVT.

The TEST SCORES ARE NOT BETTER FOLKS.  Yes more kids can speak maybe and more kids can hear a bit more maybe but…at best they are said to be “hard of hearing” which has a million pitfalls to it because these are usually the ones who can fake it but never really truly make it – they just pretend better and have more to “pass” with to be “passed by” later with. Folks with implants still prefer visual information even the wee things are hungry for the visual to the point that the SYSTEM and professionals are virtually trying to BLINDFOLD them and HANDCUFF them under the mask of benevolence – its for ur own good – its what we need to do to get those auditory nerves into full gear and doing the things they are supposed to do before they get “crowded out by the visual acuity” – REALLY – if you can SEE from all ur brain testing that the kids r naturally DRAWN to the visual – dont u get a wee bit conflicted to deny them such under the guise of “helping” them?  Dont ur conscience even rattle just a wee bit about this cruel and unusual punishment of actively and SYSTEMATICALLY depraving Deaf children of a fully natural and accessible language?  And programming and mapping and conditioning them to be dependent on artificial devices that are PRONE to breaking.  These things are NOT built for a life time as falsely advertised.

Yes, Supt. Tucker cochlear implants ARE controversial within the Deaf community.

dont believe that Deaf children in addition to being subjected to anesthesia and surgery and mapping and testing and prodding and prompting are also being denied visual acuity? – well, see the white fan they hold up during AVT lessons and see that kids are PUNISHED in oral schools when they so much at POINT at a poster in the hallway or tap a classmate for their attention or gesture during lunch.  It is STILL happening today folks all over the US of A.

It is still happening in the US of A folks – dont deny it cuz i myself tried to tell myself it was a thing of the past but folks keep dropping by to tell me – nope not the past – happened to me 2 years ago at my oral school.  OH CRUD!   dont ya all know how much i desire not to know these things cuz i dont want them to be true?!  but since im a truth seeker here they come – without me even looking for ’em.  Wham Bam – u can not go back to sleep miss mam patti.  nope u got to WAKE UP and STAND UP.  even if u is all by urself (which i aint – thank u thank u thank u people who are awake, aware, and active – i SEE you and we NEED you)

So all this NEW push for get them early early pre-dawn early before their brain gets hardwired for vision is CRUEL and UNUSUAL punishment.  Its like saying that blind folks who get an eye implant should have their hands taped up so they would NOT be tactilely oriented.  Denying folks what comes natural under the guise of HELPING them is WRONG and UNJUST.

their is NOTHING wrong with the Deaf child’s brain except for the fact that folks all over the globe systematically deny these brains of a fully natural and accessible language.  Language deprivation has actually PROVEN to stymie the brain – cause parts of it to rot and break down and go dead from having been fallow for so long.  HENCE THE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY CHARGE by many folks in the field of linguistic and human rights (Dr. Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, Dr. Lane, Dr. Cummins, Dr. Ladd, etc)

They have been saying this for a mighty long time.  Now in the case of Mr. Tucker’s students, parents and employees with CI – they are all signers so the issue is pretty moot for that population but for the MAJORITY – nope that will not be the case during the critical period of language acquisition – THEY, the babes, will not be getting ASL so it is totally a position of privilege and ELITE thinking to state CI are not controversial in the Deaf community.  I’m sorry to be so direct with you Mr. Tucker but seriously your saying that Cochlear Implants are not controversial today is REALLY misinformed and now dont you see how the media used your quote to frame the CI as the MIRACLE and LIFE SAVER.  See See.  As in read the FULL article and how they played ya.

It is not controversial to me that some folks have it and some folks dont but it it it the DEVICE, the SYSTEM, the PRESSURE, the PLAN, the AGENDA of CIs is EXTREMELY controversial.

Denial aint helpful Mr. Tucker. And yes im mad.  im working very hard to EXPOSE the truth about CIs and it is frustrating to see that the only time we learn about the FAILINGS of Cochlear Implants is when it affects STOCKS and not when it AFFECT L-I-V-E-S.  And it shouldnt take a PhD or a Dr. to know that when the CI fail there is a life or two attached to IT – so we should be asking why oh why can u only learn about the recalls via the BUSINESS pages and not the FRONT pages.  and why are the FRONT pages just articles about the MIRACLES of cochlear implants hmmmmmmm??????

Why are the “human interest” sections and the “health” sections filled with such unhealthy bull#hit about the great salvation called the cochlear implant and why are good folks like Mr. Tucker being quoted as if nothing is rotten in Denmark?

Havent you seen the FDA fine to Advanced Bionics and the Dept of Justice fine to Cochlear Americas – hmmm why are those not mentioned by YOU or ANYONE in that article above?  And the recalls – the recalls are bringing these companies to their monetary knees for some temporary set backs while they fiddle with their wares and figure out how to do a big ole tax write off and NONE of you know about it????

geez im appalled!

Cochlear Implants are UTTERLY controversial WHEN they come with AVT (Auditory Verbal Therapy) or whatever they wanna spin and call it this week

There is also the important matter that we all LOVE to ignore and pretend does not exist.  The #hit.

here it is – REJECTION

W/ CI (but they never show this in the glossy brochures or the splashy dvds promotional kits that they send home to folks) – with CI comes REJECTION

– folks or families who have chosen CI at times feel rejected by folks who oppose CIs

– folks or families who do not choose CI at times feel rejected by folks who choose CIs

Its divide and conquer time folks – EVEN within families this #hit is breaking down.

Yep – that there is a truth folks.  CIs split up and divide us.

IE they are CONTROVERSIAL and they are not just simply a “tool” – if they were just a “tool” they wouldnt be billed as a miracle and the select chosen Deaf folk or 2 who have CIs would not raise to the top of the propaganda chain and get tooted on lecture routes and billed as hybrid cyborgs (by their very own selves) only to be dropped once the latest and greatest new gadget comes tooting along.

Dont even get me started at how badly the parents are played and propped up and then dropped like hot potatoes when sometime fails or goes awry.

Now soon i hope to put up a bunch of links for u to come see see some truths about CIs, there are plenty more already here at the People of the Eye (POTE) blogsite – just put in cochlear implants in the search box and u will get more. (hopefully ill make a separate entry and list the massive links folks keep sending me or that keep crossing my path – the dots r there folks – ya just gotta open ur eyes and connect them but most of it is already out there – u just gotta click google instead of only using ur only frame of reference – that which is in front of u.  Gotta look at the BIG picture folks as in – AVT+CI is a global campaign against natural sign language and human rights which is wrong!)

But to summarize:  The Truths about Cochlear Implants

1. they are controversial

2. they have divided up many a families and even friendships

3. they are complicated and cause complications

– fact – they have contributed to Deaths

– fact – they have contributed to facial paralysis and disfigurements

– fact – there are complications that may be associated with CI and the surgery and anesthesia

headaches, nausea,tinnitus, dizziness, language delay, learning disability

– fact – they have failed hot and they have failed cold and they have caused NUMEROUS recalls

– fact – their companies have been fined by the FDA and by the Dept of Justice and a court in Denver, co.

– UNKNOWN – long term impact of aggressively EARLY implanting of infants ?

FDA approves implanting at 2 years 12 month old and up.  THOUSANDS of children have been implanted at 2 years 12 month and up but by middle school we are not seeing a HUGE jump in the literacy abilities of Deaf children with CIs

Infants as young as 5 month old have had bilateral implants in the US despite of the FDA 2 year old recommendation.  (note; Infant as young as 3 month old implanted in Australia in 2006 – i can not find any follow up info on this infant today 5 years later – hmmm)

– UNKNOWN impact of CIs on children who have autism.  Since the push now is for implanting EARLY and since diagnosis for autism is often later than implanting it is unclear and unknown what impact CI stimulation might have on a child with autism of which auditory stimulation is often stressful and overwhelming.

– UNKNOWN impact of remote controlled cochlear implants by parents, teachers, and specialists on child’s autonomy and bodily integrity not to mention – what if its hurting them???? (sometimes CIs do cause discomfort and shock folks)

– UNKNOWN impact of 100% implantable cochlear implants.  presently there are 2 parts – external processor and internal chip so if something goes wrong with the programming or external part it aint a huge biggie and no risk to hurting the child but for the internal part going bad – well just look at the Advanced Bionics recall for the failing hot that could lead to neural damage or the Cochlear Limited and past Advanced Bionics recall for failing cold due to moisture getting in the chip.  if its a 100% implantable – kids can not choose when to have it turned on or off and if any part of it breaks down then the kid has to go into the shop WITH IT.

– UNKNOWN – there are TONS more and we will only have the full story when more whistle blowers come forward and in the mean time the companies and NEW companies are sprouting up for the stem cell, genetics (0y people who ran to get tested at Gallaudet and various places – do u know u r now tagged and ur genes r part of a repository and up for sale to the highest bidder and the MAIN purpose in having collected ur DNA is not to propagate the race – OY u folks WAKE UP!), and the pill.  Yep they working on a pill folks.

FACT – the same day that Cochlear Limited announced its WORLD WIDE recall of its CI 500 range implants for stopping dead in their tracks, Advanced Bionics announced that the FDA had re-approved its Hi-Res 9K cochlear implant after it was recalled for failing HOT and Med-El announced the release of the SMALLEST CI to-date.  Hmmmm https://handeyes.wordpress.com/2011/09/18/med-el-and-advanced-bionics-cis-in-us-market/?preview=true&preview_id=2675&preview_nonce=9b29da8171

And pls  know this – i am not a paranoid chappy.  I really dont want to see this – i dont like seeing all the BAD connections im seeing connecting the dots with the EHDI system and the hearing detection devices COMPANIES that actually profit and act as feeders to the system of fixing ie “step right in here to the fixer upper machine – AVT+CIs K I S S I N G – first comes listening then comes talking then comes? lousy literacy skills STILL STILL – it is not a cure folks just a racket to line their jackets with – ask any of the kids who grew up with CIs who may or may not be able to hear and/or speak.  It works… KINDA, SOMETIMES, a WEE BIT but it is NOT a cure.  They are still Deaf – we should not forget that and the government having been PUNKED is gonna say – excuse me are you saying u convinced us to cover $60,000 CI then convinced us u needed a 2nd $60,000 implant and would need the hottest and the greatest to come down the pike 4 years later X2 and again 4 years later X 2 and ud still need CART, interpreters, and notetakers etc and now you are graduated and the CI companies do not want to hire you full time as their spokesperson cuz they have a much prettier talker they are grooming so now you need SSI hmmmmm and crud.

Cake and eat it too is just gonna make ya fat folks – not happy and meanwhile…

the fix it up chappies are VERY happy cuz they in cohoots with the “specialists” and “professionals” and the CDC and the EHDI and they will push all these kids into the mainstream and then the lawyers will prowl around for lawsuits re: schools that passed Deaf kids who are functionally illiterate when they HAD normal intelligence to begin with

ahhhh this is why the GOOD drs say language deprivation is a crime against humanity and THIS, Supt. tucker, is why cochlear implants are IN FACT controversial

if u got misquoted – my apologies and let me know so we can note the correction.  If u got quoted correctly but u can see the truths in what i am singing – thank you.  We need folks to STAND for the truth because that is the best strategy for social change.  anything short of it is just band aids and delaying the inevitable – oppression.  and that ain’t cool.  Child First does not have a hope and a prayer because the SYSTEMS are pushing FULL throttle EARLY EARLY EARLY bilateral implanting + AVT.

there is more Mr. Tucker et al – there is way more

Wake up would ya?  and know i love ya.  i aint really met u but i did see u at the NAD conference a million moons ago where u gave a presentation on “COMMUNICATION ABUSE” in which you clearly and directly and boldly and truthfully named Oralism (oral / aural only) as communication abuse and it lit a fire in the room – folks were lined up around the full room to ask questions and share and one man came forward and was shaking and crying and talked of the estrangement from his family at the hands of Oralism.  It was POWerful because it is the TRUTH.

I know folks who can hear and talk a plenty with CIs who do NOT go home for the holidays Mr. Tucker

pls return to the truth

we need you!



NOTE:  My apologies for addressing Supt Tucker as a Dr.  Thank you to Sandra in the comments for correcting me and alerting me to my error.