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I’ve gotten a lot of emails about AG Bell Association insulting Nyle, insulting Deaf people, insulting sign language, insulting research, insulting facts, and insulting truths. (see

Yep, that is what AG Bell does. It’s really nothing new. That is their way since the beginning.

Many of you are upset and that is good. We should be upset. What they are doing is unacceptable! I’m here not to show the errors of their ways – the falsehoods behind their offending statements. Am i here to be on the defense against their lies – NO – I don’t feel a need to do that. It is obvious that they are 100% wrong in what they are saying. I hope that other linguists and psychologist will post up facts. I don’t feel we need to be on the defense. Who should have to defend their words? They – AG Bell – should. Why? Because AG Bell has been practicing AUDISM against Deaf people since its conception. It has been practicing PHONOCENTRISM (the belief to speak is superior to signing or writing) since its conception. AG Bell has the STRONG belief that Speech is superior. It practices the belief of lingiucism – it believes that English is superior to ASL.

The recent statement from AG Bell Association ( is BIGOTRY – Cultural and linguistic BIGOTRY against Deaf people, against Deaf culture, against Sign Language. They have been doing this since their beginning and its nothing new – in fact it’s their MISSION in life.

AG Bell, the man, himself was against sign language with Deaf children in schools, against Deaf teachers, against Deaf marrying Deaf. He wanted a perfect race (eugenics) – he did not want to see more hereditary Deaf children created. So he founded the AG Bell Association and it adheres to his principles. AGBAD is against sign language. At times they have tried to word smith and cloak their bigotry but every once and a while they overtly show their true colors by making public statements in the media. But regardless of their public actions – throughout time they have enforced a strict practice of Oralism. Fiercely supporting it. Occasionally they get in hot water for making a public statement and its good that their masks comes down and people see them for what they are but we should know that they have been doing this since their origins and it really is NOTHING new for them.

I’m here to sign out what? Number one – that the NAD (National Association of the Deaf) must stop being on the same committee as the AG Bell –(Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alliance) (added here since the DHHA website is down – AG Bell and NAD also sit on the Council on Education of the Deaf NAD should not serve on the same taskforce / councils /committees with AG Bell. They should step down from such affiliations in protest showing that they will not do business with such a bigoted association. NAD needs to make a strong statement. Previously the CEO of the NAD promised they would make a strong statement against any organization or individual that campaigned saying oralism was superior to ASL but then later the NAD got evasive and backed down. NAD needs to confront AG Bell’s conduct. They need to.


If people want to demand an apology from AG Bell that is fine but for me – I am not interested in an apology. I want them to stop – to cease and desist from their persistent campaign against ASL. Enough is Enough.


EHDI on the state level across the country and NCHAM, which gets a lot of funds from NIH and CDC and is responsible for gathering information and disseminating it related to Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (note I do not sign the recommend “grab/seize opportunity or Involve sign” for intervention because EHDI is still about INTERRUPTING parent and Deaf bodies via “deafness” frame) – NCHAM is run by Dr. Karl White and the NCHAM lists different resources and services for parents etc. – lists AG Bell Association. Many State level EHDI services lists AG Bell Association. If you look around to various agencies, programs, etc who do they list for referrals, resources, services? AG Bell Association will often be at the top of the list. It’s often at the top because it starts with an A and A is the first letter in the alphabet – when in fact it shouldn’t be listed at all. AG Bell Association should be REMOVED from any such listing because they practice bigotry – they promote hatred of ASL and Deaf culture. This has been proven throughout time.

Us being upset about AG Bell’s response to Nyle and the Pepsi commercial is fine and right. At the same time before AG Bell had sent out a letter to Deaf schools with membership cards. When the teachers all over the country went to their school mail box and saw they got a letter from AG Bell Association they were disturbed and upon opening up the letter they found a unwanted, unsolicited, offensive membership card with their OWN names on it with their title as “Hearing Specialists.” NAD said and did nothing to protect Deaf teachers from this tactic by AGBAD.

Many people were upset as was AFA Audism Free America so they held a vigil at AG Bell Headquarters in Washington, DC and made copies of these offensive “Hearing Specialist” AG Bell membership cards and distributed to folks to burn in protest. A symbolic measure to communicate to AGBAD to stop sending out such “membership cards” and since then they have not done that again.

Thus it is important for us to confront such oppressive practices – not just when famous people are attacked or because of the Pepsi letter. It’s important to challenge the everyday oppressive practices of the AG Bell Association and its promotion of the falsehood that speech is superior.

Last year or the year before that, the president of AG Bell Association wrote a horrible letter in response to an article – she wrote about how superior cochlear implants were since her Deaf son has cochlear implants and when he is on his bike riding she can call him home to eat and he will hear her and come back thus making life easier for her and all hail to the powers of CI and speech and all curses for the inferiority of ASL.

Was there a great outcry by the community – no because there was no famous person involved so we really need to look at how on-going the AG Bell Association’s campaign against ASL and Deaf culture has been. This recent flare up about Nyle’s and the Washington Post article ( – in a few weeks the noise will die down and AG Bell will keep up their sheath-like campaign against ASL and Deaf culture. We need to keep an eye on that and challenge it again and again.

People should host vigils and rallies at AG Bell Headquarters periodically so that the public is aware of what AG Bell Association is playing at. Now with the Nyle’s incident – it would be a good time for folks to have a peaceful rally at AG Bell Headquarters – to practice their first amendment rights of freedom of speech/sign and assembly.

Last summer some of us went to AG Bell Headquarters – called Volta Bureau – which is near Georgetown University. We put 12 black flags in memory of 12 Deaf children who died from Cochlear Implant complications way back in the beginning of experimenting with implanting children. Since that time many others have died from CI complications in the US and other countries – although it is hard to get those facts and details out to the public. (see 12 flags were planted in their memory. AG Bell Association has gotten a lot of money from CI corporations. They have had their circle alliance with different cochlear implant companies that have been sued for fraud and faulty cochlear implants that leak and cause shocks and have had recalls.

AG Bell should be challenged not to be pushing cochlear implants onto innocent parents when they first learn their newborn or infant is Deaf and are looking for answers.

It’s important to watch the various systems that we often allow to go unchecked without our challenging them and holding them accountable. We also need to watch our organizations and leaders that some time refuse to see the truth or even work with various oppressive systems and then later those systems like AG Bell and EHDI say “we work very closely with the NAD” or “we work very closely with Deaf leaders.” They take advantage of those associations and claim that they are not at fault while scapegoating the Deaf orgs and individuals because those Deaf folks are allowing it. We need to challenge and not just passively accept the status quo.

Yes I predict the NAD will write a letter to AG Bell wagging their finger at them “tsk, tsk, tsk AGB. Don’t do that” and then be done with it allowing AG Bell to continue doing OTHER THINGS that are much worse. ADDED 4/4/201One write up by AG Bell with misinformation which is wrong and bad and should not be tolerated – at the same time have a fit over that one action when there is a long history of much great bad deeds that directly adversely impact Deaf children due to Oralism – we need to stand oppose all forms of oppression. Not just today’s situation but 3 weeks from now, 3 month from now, 3 years from now. Confront, Confront, Confront.  bye

ADDED: important blog by Amy Cohen Efron examining AG Bell’s history of having a fit any time ASL and the Deaf-world is shown in a popular light to the greater public
AG Bell Belittles Nyle DiMarco



CI CO.rruption and Uncool Cops

some items in the news for your review:

Cochlear implants

Cochlear LTD of Australia founded by Graeme Clark loses $131.2 MILLION to Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research.  See

There’s $$$$$ in them thar ears, eh?

A lab at MIT has been playing with a 100% implantable CI implant.  There has been a mad dash to try to make a fully implantable CI (no external processor) for a while now. Recall the Denver, Colorado Co. that got sued by a French company for stealing over its talents and trade secrets.  The Co. company – Otologics was fined $5.9 million dollars

Why would they want a fully implantable CI??  well then the kiddies cant mess around with the external processor and break, loose, toss, hide, etc the external part of the device.  It is not enough that they can now remote control CI (parents, teachers, aides, audiologists, doctors, etc can turn off and on a child’s cochlear implants at whim – without the child’s consent).  the child can still tamper with the external device, they can still resist wearing the external device, they can still make it difficult to keep the external device on them so…. lets remove that “option” completely.

Making the device 100% implantable is not going to make it work better – in fact it will make it harder to repair and access in order to check or change.  It also will mean that folks can NOT simply get an upgrade on their external processor that would be compatible with their internal part.  Instead it would mean that they would have to have to be explanted (existing internal part taken out) in order for the 100% implantables to be put in.  We also don’t know if that will require new drilling spots through the skull due to explanting the old models and making room for the new internal part and w/ battery parts that would now be internal.

Interesting, eh?

of course there is still buzz here and there about stem cells but nothing definitive and you really cant get honest answers as to if the various existing cochlear implants will even be eligible for stem cell what with all the drilling and electrodes etc to the hair cells there.  Cant regrow what aint there no more

the 100% implantable implant has been done with moderate to severe via the envoy esteem – ya know like with the sarah c. viral video “Deaf since birth woman hears for the first time” bs (bs cuz she could hear a great deal before that implant.  all the implant did for her was bump up her ability to hear a bit more.  Hear perfectly and clearly and everything – no) see FDA – scroll down for

We wont even talk about genetics folks

it is a brave new world and yep – u aint wanted.  dont believe us?  just check out what Belgium just approved re: children and if ya think – well they dont see Deaf = terminally ill and unbearably suffering recall the Deaf Belgian twins that were euthanized recently

yep and i aint even finished reading War Against the Weak by E. Black.  just cant get too far through it as i have studied up on eugenics and well wow humanity is so inhumane sometimes methink

New article out:

Precarious Plasticity

Neuropolitics, Cochlear Implants, and the Redefinition of Deafness by Laura Mauldin published in Science, Technology and Modern Values

(very important folks!!! this is why EHDI has been so deceitful and harmful and pro-anything auditory/oral – see karl white’s finishing the EHDI revolution manifesto in the volta review)

Precarious Plasticity: Neuropolitics, Cochlear Implants, and the Redefinition of Deafness by Laura Mauldin
Abstract: This article provides an ethnographic account of pediatric cochlear implantation, revealing an important shift in the definition of deafness from a sensory loss to a neurological processing problem. In clinical and long-term therapeutic practices involved in pediatric implantation, the cochlear implant (CI) is recast as a device that merely provides access to the brain. The “real” treatment emerges as long-term therapeutic endeavors focused on neurological training. This redefinition then ushers in an ensuing responsibility to “train the brain,” subsequently displacing failure from the device onto the individual’s ability to train his or her brain (in pediatric implantation, this most often falls onto the mother). New caregiving techniques that accompany implantation are understood through neuropolitics, showing how parents are encouraged to engage in neuro-self-governance, and how the concept of neuroplasticity is used to cultural ends.from

And some Hearing parents have been blogging about loving their Deaf children as they be… Deaf



and one mom shared in FB about how audiologist said have to do ABR with sedation but when she inquired about the side effects associated with sediating a 15 month old the receptionist referred her to the anesthesiology who said “studies have shown that there is a possibility for children under the age of 3 to develop severe health problems in the future, including neurological issues.” and if its not a medical necessity, no need to risk it.  (that is just the sedation for the ABR – the sedation for implantation surgery is stronger)

so what is a medical necessity?

other things in the news:

Uncool cops

Seriously they is supposed to be peace officers – what is all this crap about denying Deaf folks civil liberties and worse yet killing them sometimes simply for being Deaf

latest – Deaf guy tasered in Ca. simply for using ASL and signaling he is Deaf

Others (note how many of these folks are People of Color – not cool cops, not cool)

African American Deaf man being held in Georgia Corrections facility without proper access

Police beat African American Deaf man for not obeying orders he couldn’t hear

White Deaf and Mentally Challenged woman beaten by police for not obeying orders

African American Deaf woman tasered by police when she sought help from dom. volience situation

African American Deaf mentally ill man on a bike dies after being tasered by police in SC

White Deaf man maced and beaten by copy and denied phone access in St. Paul – sues and wins $93,000

Latino Deaf man incarcerated for 30 years in isolating conditions for a crime his brother has since confessed to

African American Mentally Challenged Deaf man tasered and pepper sprayed by police in Alabama

Native American Deaf man killed by police – family awarded $1.5 million in civil settlement

Many others Deaf folks – especially POC have been killed or put in jail unjustly – racism and audism being the reasons.  Walking, running, driving, riding a bike while a POC and Deaf can be dangerous

Not cool, definitely not cool.

Also – MANY folks have told me that when they were arrested their hearing aids and cochlear implants have been taken away from them and denied use during the time of their being in jail.

hmmmmm.  at one end of the spectrum they are forcing cochear implants and digital devices onto infants and toddlers and at the other end they are forcing them off of them.

why do folks see Deaf as Death and why do they try to make Deaf dead

it aint no coincidence that the word for deaf and death are very similar in SEVERAL languages

odd eh?

A tool that shocks – NOT Cool Advanced Bionics & AG Bell

A tool that shocks – more troubles for CI corporations

– Touting cochlear implants as if they are just another tool is not cool.

For they are not.

truth-seekersIf they are just another tool, we must ask what they are a tool of?

Tools of false prophecies from the false prophets,

Tools of forced assimilation by the Pharaohs that knew not Joseph,

Tools of corporate greed,

Tools of fraud and deception,

Tools of bodily abuse (see remote control and “complications”)

Tools of cultural and linguistic genocide?

NOTE: this truth seeking entry is in no way an admonishment of folks who have Cochlear Implants or parents who have chosen them for their children.  This is about the system and the auditory industrial complex which couples CIs w/ Oralism and deceit and profit. 

Cochlear implants certainly are not a tool for leveling the playing field because we know many Deaf folks who have been implanted still experience job discrimination, for many children who have been implanted still experience complications and failing of the cochlear implant & LSL practices, for the children who have had 2 or 3 or 4 or 7 surgeries on the same ear with replacement CIs, for many parents believe what the doctors and specialists tell them and they then forbid their children from signing and send them to Oral / Aural only programs where they are banned from gesturing and using their visual acuity, for many survivors of oralism who are dependent on their cochlear implants still sue colleges to get CART and AG Bell helps them.  So while they may create a bit of a have and have not paradigm – Deaf folks with CIs are still Deaf even when they are awake and the CIs are on and in use – they are not profoundly Hearing and at “best” they may be “elevated” to “hard of hearing” but they are in fact still people of the eye.

For if the cochlear implant is just a tool …

– it is a bloody expensive one.  It is way over priced and far more difficult to take into the shop for all the repairs that are commonly needed.

For if it is just a tool – it is an utterly unreliable one.  The external part often has to be sent in for repair and sometimes explants and new implants are required for the internal part – built for life – they are NOT. They also glean very inconsistent results and require a huge amount of auxiliary items and work (LSL, audiology, etc etc)

There is no rhyme or reason why some have an easy time with their CI why others suffer language deprivation and physical complications.

For if it is just a tool – it is a faulty one as some corporations say they are designed for life but some fail shortly after being implanted in the 1 year old and then the child has to be put under again (and this is not good because too much anesthesia exposure for a wee developing brain can CAUSE permanent learning disabilities).  Not to mention all the CT and MRIs the kids need before implantation and all that radiation exposure is really not a great thing for the wee things.

For if it is just a tool – why are more and more survivors being willing to take the risk of having it explanted rather then just leaving it inoperable in their heads?

There are more questions and there is more proof that cochlear implants are NOT JUST ANOTHER TOOL.

But the lastest is the lawsuit against Advanced Bionics (Ca. based co.).

See the case of Breanna Sadler of Kentucky.  A Deaf child who was implanted with the Advanced Bionic HiRes 90K at age four.  “Four years later, an electrical short from the device shocked her so violently that she was thrown to the ground, vomiting and convulsing.” See article Louisville jury punishes company with $7.25 million verdict for selling Meade County girl defective ear implants that shocked her  at  The article says it is the first of 40 lawsuits coming.

And what does Advanced Bionics – the company with numerous recalls, meningitis deaths post surgery, and failing hot shocks due to moisture leaking into the internal implant part do after getting back in the market again? it invents a waterpoof CI that folks can wear in the swimming pool.  Yep all the waking hours a Deaf person should “have their ears turned on” even if its at risk of sparking and sputtering and a one year old can’t tell you its doing so.

NOTE: the AG Bell LSL Symposium is taking place in Los Angeles in July and ADVANCED BIONICS is the main sponsor. 

Totally UNCOOL AG BELL.  You know you should divest from a corporation that has killed some Deaf kids and more recently has been shocking them to the point of vomiting and convulsions.

There have been fines by the Dept of Justice against Cochlear America (Colorado based co) for fraud and kickbacks and previous fines by the Food and Drug Administration against Advanced Bionics.  There have been numerous recalls for cochlear implants failing cold (just stopping and not working any more so they  need to be explanted or left in the brain as duds just sitting there) or failing hot (causing shocks because the seal for the internal part has opened over time and moisture seeps in causing shocks).

There were numerous deaths after people came down with meningitis post cochlear implant surgery (mostly children and very old people succumbing from it).

There have been facial paralysis, nausea, dizziness, headaches and other complications from the surgery and cochlear implantation.  There is more – corporate deviance deep sixs alot of truths.

See the FDA’s list of risks at the bottom of this entry.

Cochlear implants have been the main conduit for the 2nd wave of Oralism –  (almost no Deaf child will be able to get through childhood without being implanted now)

prior to their wild fire spread, Oralism had been proven to be abusive and ineffective but with the advent of the unjust “tool,” Oralism reared its ugly head again and now Oralism is billed as a NECESSITY – a REQUIREMENT with false-proof being fabricated on a daily basis of how signing is BAD for children with Cochlear implants which is not true at all – just how they like to spin it.

AH the jealous mistress syndrome.  binary – oral / aural ONLY is all the rage despite the ICED 2010 New Era Agreement and Accord of the Future saying absolute Oralism is NOT cool!

So to any Deaf person who gets interviewed or asked to present, we call upon you to expose the truth about all the cochlear implants failings and about corporate deviance.

The profit margins on cochlear implants is HUGE and immoral.  They cost more than a car and run far less long or reliably.

Truly truly wrong. Tell the newspapers, TV reporters, etc – “i can not discuss this with you unless you also commit to interviewing a cochlear implant survivor and unless you inquire about the moratorium on implanting Deaf children back in 1985 and what prompted it.”

We call upon Dr. Karl White, of NCHAM and EHDI fame, to share the Language acquisition for deaf children: Reducing the harms of zero tolerance to the use of alternative approaches paper by Dr. Humphries et al (see and to share Dr. Petitto’s proof about the wonders of visual Language and the brain. .  This Power Point is packed with FACTS and real research studies showing how critical a fully natural and accessible language is to babies.  We call upon you to list the recalls and lawsuits on the NCHAM website.  We call upon you to explain how the Stem Cell study on newborns and toddlers in Houston, Texas stopped after just one subject.  We call upon you to heed, respect and follow the ICED New Era Agreement and Accord for the Future.

Come on karl – your bias is busted.

We call upon the NAD to actually do something with the Language Deprivation priority – it has almost been a YEAR NOW.  WOW!  You slow!

We call upon the US government (local, state, and federal) not to finance language discrimination.  See how Bulger (of OPTION Schools & AG Bell affiliation and anti-ASL and anti-UN CRPD fame) is lobbying FLA gov’t to have $500,000 go to two oral / aural only schools that serve a maximum of 65 Deaf children for the whole state when they already get oodles of money from the Oberkotter Foundation

We call upon the Deaf community to exercise the greatest form of community accountability and STAND and speak out against language bigotry and audism.  The 2nd wave of Oralism is HERE.  Where you be?

STAND and be counted folks cuz you count and community acCOUNTability can not happen unless you have the courage of your convictions – that some day Deaf children should not be judge by the dip of their audiogram but rather by the content of their characters. 

ADVANCED BIONICS – have you no shame?

FDA benefits and risks list of CI (copied and pasted 23 May 2013)

FDA (Food & Drug Administration)Benefits and Risks of Cochlear Implants

What are the Benefits of Cochlear Implants?

For people with implants:

  • Hearing ranges from near normal ability to understand speech to no hearing benefit at all.
  • Adults often benefit immediately and continue to improve for about 3 months after the initial tuning sessions. Then, although performance continues to improve, improvements are slower. Cochlear implant users’ performances may continue to improve for several years.
  • Children may improve at a slower pace. A lot of training is needed after implantation to help the child use the new ‘hearing’ he or she now experiences.
  • Most perceive loud, medium and soft sounds. People report that they can perceive different types of sounds, such as footsteps, slamming of doors, sounds of engines, ringing of the telephone, barking of dogs, whistling of the tea kettle, rustling of leaves, the sound of a light switch being switched on and off, and so on.
  • Many understand speech without lip-reading. However, even if this is not possible, using the implant helps lip-reading.
  • Many can make telephone calls and understand familiar voices over the telephone. Some good performers can make normal telephone calls and even understand an unfamiliar speaker. However, not all people who have implants are able to use the phone.
  • Many can watch TV more easily, especially when they can also see the speaker’s face. However, listening to the radio is often more difficult as there are no visual cues available.
  • Some can enjoy music. Some enjoy the sound of certain instruments (piano or guitar, for example) and certain voices. Others do not hear well enough to enjoy music.

What are the Risks of Cochlear Implants?

General Anesthesia Risks

  • General anesthesia is drug-induced sleep. The drugs, such as anesthetic gases and injected drugs, may affect people differently. For most people, the risk of general anesthesia is very low. However, for some people with certain medical conditions, it is more risky.
Risks from the Surgical Implant Procedure
  • Injury to the facial nerve –this nerve goes through the middle ear to give movement to the muscles of the face. It lies close to where the surgeon needs to place the implant, and thus it can be injured during the surgery. An injury can cause a temporary or permanent weakening or full paralysis on the same side of the face as the implant.
  • Meningitis –this is an infection of the lining of the surface of the brain. People who have abnormally formed inner ear structures appear to be at greater risk of this rare, but serious complication. For more information on the risk of meningitis in cochlear recipients, see the nearby Useful Links.
  • Cerebrospinal fluid leakage –the brain is surrounded by fluid that may leak from a hole created in the inner ear or elsewhere from a hole in the covering of the brain as a result of the surgical procedure.
  • Perilymph fluid leak –the inner ear or cochlea contains fluid. This fluid can leak through the hole that was created to place the implant.
  • Infection of the skin wound.
  • Blood or fluid collection at the site of surgery.
  • Attacks of dizziness or vertigo.
  • Tinnitus, which is a ringing or buzzing sound in the ear.
  • Taste disturbances –the nerve that gives taste sensation to the tongue also goes through the middle ear and might be injured during the surgery.
  • Numbness around the ear.
  • Reparative granuloma –this is the result of localized inflammation that can occur if the body rejects the implant.
  • There may be other unforeseen complications that could occur with long term implantation that we cannot now predict.
Other Risks Associated with the Use of Cochlear Implants
People with a cochlear implant:
  • May hear sounds differently. Sound impressions from an implant differ from normal hearing, according to people who could hear before they became deaf. At first, users describe the sound as “mechanical”, “technical”, or “synthetic”. This perception changes over time, and most users do not notice this artificial sound quality after a few weeks of cochlear implant use.
  • May lose residual hearing. The implant may destroy any remaining hearing in the implanted ear.
  • May have unknown and uncertain effects. The cochlear implant stimulates the nerves directly with electrical currents. Although this stimulation appears to be safe, the long term effect of these electrical currents on the nerves is unknown.
  • May not hear as well as others who have had successful outcomes with their implants.
  • May not be able to understand language well. There is no test a person can take before surgery that will predict how well he or she will understand language after surgery.
  • May have to have it removed temporarily or permanently if an infection develops after the implant surgery. However, this is a rare complication.
  • May have their implant fail. In this situation, a person with an implant would need to have additional surgery to resolve this problem and would be exposed to the risks of surgery again.
  • May not be able to upgrade their implant when new external components become available. Implanted parts are usually compatible with improved external parts. That way, as advances in technology develop, one can upgrade his or her implant by changing only its external parts. In some cases, though, this won’t work and the implant will need changing.
  • May not be able to have some medical examinations and treatments. These treatments include:
    • MRI imaging. MRI is becoming a more routine diagnostic method for early detection of medical problems. Even being close to an MRI imaging unit will be dangerous because it may dislodge the implant or demagnetize its internal magnet. FDA has approved some implants, however, for some types of MRI studies done under controlled conditions.
    • neurostimulation.
    • electrical surgery.
    • electroconvulsive therapy.
    • ionic radiation therapy.
  • Will depend on batteries for hearing. For some devices new or recharged batteries are needed every day.
  • May damage their implant. Contact sports, automobile accidents, slips and falls, or other impacts near the ear can damage the implant. This may mean needing a new implant and more surgery. It is unknown whether a new implant would work as well as the old one.
  • May find them expensive. Replacing damaged or lost parts may be expensive.
  • Will have to use it for the rest of life. During a person’s lifetime, the manufacturer of the cochlear implant could go out of business. Whether a person will be able to get replacement parts or other customer service in the future is uncertain.
  • May have lifestyle changes because their implant will interact with the electronic environment. An implant may
    • set off theft detection systems
    • set off metal detectors or other security systems
    • be affected by cellular phone users or other radio transmitters
    • have to be turned off during take offs and landings in aircraft
    • interact in unpredictable ways with other computer systems
  • Will have to be careful of static electricity. Static electricity may temporarily or permanently damage a cochlear implant. It may be good practice to remove the processor and headset before contact with static generating materials such as children’s plastic play equipment, TV screens, computer monitors, or synthetic fabric. For more details regarding how to deal with static electricity, contact the manufacturer or implant center.
  • Have less ability to hear both soft sounds and loud sounds without changing the sensitivity of the implant. The sensitivity of normal hearing is adjusted continuously by the brain, but the design of cochlear implants requires that a person manually change sensitivity setting of the device as the sound environment changes.
  • May develop irritation where the external part rubs on the skin and have to remove it for a while.
  • Can’t let the external parts get wet. Damage from water may be expensive to repair and the person may be without hearing until the implant is repaired. Thus, the person will need to remove the external parts of the device when bathing, showering, swimming, or participating in water sports.
  • May hear strange sounds caused by its interaction with magnetic fields, like those near airport passenger screening machines.

CI Online FRC and McCaskill – Wow Weeeee

heye all

just a truth seeking before the New Year rolls in since the doomsday 12 21 2012 b.s. has been busted and the fiscal cliff is still looming and cuz folks r still going rampant and killing innocent folks left and right (even on Christmas eve – see the tragic shooting of firemen in Webster, NY ) while the NRA still justifies the producing marketing and disseminating of weapons of mass destruction

Item 1: CI Online goes Over the Line

CI Online – the blog run by two pro pro pro CI folks ran an entry attacking Toys R Us and the American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC).  Never mind the fact that Toys R Us has been CI friendly via having kids with CI appear as models in their catalogs etc – the folks at Cochlear Implant Online reaffirm that Oralism is a jealous mistress and they are furious over Toys R Us giving ASDC a wee grant.  Odd how they never complained about AG Bell having Cochlear Americas and Advanced Bionics as their Circle Alliance Partners accepting THOUSANDS of dollar$$$ from both companies while those companies were getting hit with fines from the FDA and the Dept of Justice for unethical dealings, fraud and faulty (spark) product.  Nope not a wee word of complaint was heard from CI Online but Toys R Us giving ASDC some support for all the good work ASDC does causes CI Online to insinuate and accuse.

I left a comment over there back when the entry crossed my path and ive given them a long time to finally approve it but since its been month and since other comments got approved after mine im gonna wager that they are not interested in publishing the truths so we will just do that here.

They start with this misrepresentation: “the existence of the technology that allows deaf children to hear almost like a normal hearing person.”  The data and the testimony from cochlear implant users (included Rush Limbaugh) state that CI do NOT allow Deaf folks to hear almost like a normal hearing person – nope they don’t so just lay off on the B.S. Rachel and Elizabeth, eh – otherwise ya look like u r selling snake oil.  Truth and nothing but it is what the parents deserve and need

Falsehoods #1 from CI Online’s letter to Toys R Us:

“incredible technology that enables children with hearing loss full access to sound.”


CI does not provide FULL access to sound – just go see those pix of cats with CI on their foreheads trying to train them to identify when a violin is played or see Rush Limbaugh and every other CI user I know talk truthfully about what it does enable and what it DOES NOT.

Falsehood #2:

Rachel and Elizabeth state that the ASDC misleads people via this statement from ASDC’s website: “Research consistently demonstrates that fluency in sign language and English offers deaf children (including those with cochlear implants) and hard-of-hearing children optimal opportunities for social and academic success, and thus both should be part of their language-rich environment.”


There is NOTHING misleading about that statement – it states a fact that research has shown that fluency in a fully natural and accessible Signed Language and English does offer Deaf (wee bit to big bit and with or without devices) kids optimal opportunities for social and academic success.

Falsehood #3:

“This statement is not based in fact, and promotes only one of the many ways that parents of children with hearing loss can choose for their children to communicate.”


The statement is fact based and does NOT promote only ONE of the many ways ie they recognize ASL, English and technology so YO YOU, AG Bell, and CI co  ARE THE ONES PROMOTING ORAL/AURAL O-N-L-Y – ie AVT / LSL and Oral Only Optionless programs

Falsehood #4:

The Fourth paragraph which starts with the word: “Today, …” lists speaking and hearing, telephone, TV without CC, music, and mainstreaming.


They do not mention that many Deaf people could speak and hear some before the advent of CI, that many folks with CI want and need CC and are even suing schools and colleges to provide them with CART and CC, that many can hear music but still not decipher the words, nor can they hold telephone conversations beyond family members or beyond them speaking primarily and the other person listening predominately.  As for mainstreaming – the literacy rate for Deaf children is still low despite the HUGE increase in mainstreaming and implantation.

Falsehood #5:

“The vast majority of children with hearing loss do not know or use sign language, contrary to what the American Society for Deaf Children argues.”


ASDC does not argue that the vast majority of children KNOW sign language – they argue that they should have the RIGHT to know sign language – just as Hearing babies are gobbling up sign language.

Falsehood #6:

“Thus, the American Society for Deaf Children, with its promotion of only one mode of communication for children with hearing loss (sign language) is both out of line with the latest research as well as out of sync with the vast majority of children with hearing loss today.”


Already established but since we are dealing with folks who have hearing loss and selective listening skills we will repeat with caps (ie louder) ASDC DOES NOT PROMOTE ONLY ONE MODE OF COMMUMICATION.

In fact it is CI Online – Rachel and Elizabeth who are OUT OF LINE and out of sync with the facts and the truth and that which is right, just, and good.  ‘Tis a pity, eh?

Why do the pro-CI anti-ASL fanatics always have to resort to lies, falsehoods, deceptions, extremism, and exclusivity.  OY!  so old, so old this jealous mistress of theirs.

Falsehood #7:

They go on to misrepresent by saying “There are many research studies that truly show success in children with hearing loss who learn the language through speaking and hearing with cochlear implants.”


The studies they mention are comparing oral /aural only with total communication (sim-com speaking and signing incompletely at the same time NOT bilingual programs) and those studies are measuring speech and hearing NOT LANGUAGE.

Falsehood #8:

“While ASDC primarily supports children with hearing loss who communicate through sign language, the organization clearly shows animosity toward cochlear implants and listening and spoken language.”


Im a little teapot hears my spot – can you hear that black kettle a roaring?  ASDC favors providing Deaf children with LANGUAGE RIGHTS – ASL and ENGLISH.  That is actually a good thing.  Bilingualism and multilingualism is generally desirable and beneficial.

In no way has ASDC demonstrated animosity towards CI and listening and spoken language.  They do acknowledge the benefits, usefulness, justness of ASL and in CI Online’s prejudicial eyes – that constitutes animosity.

Well well well – lets take a look at who is exhibited animosity – Rachel and Elizabeth are via their letter riddled with falsehoods and attacks to Toys R Us.  Oy – doing more than shaking me head over here.  Im also grinning a bit.  Why you ask?  Well, see the next FACT


When ya all resort to false attacks and misrepresentation it shows how scared you are and shows how unjust you are.  AG Bell couldnt tolerate ASL being shown on TV one day in a wee seconds of a commercial so they wrote a letter to Pepsi crying (just ignore the fact that one of the actor has a CI and does do all that listening and speaking stuff but *gasp* he showed ASL and Deaf culture in a witty way – call out the Oral Aural ONLY police) to which Pepsi said – WHATEVER!

And Toys R Us gives ASDC a wee grant award and Cochlear Implant Online goes on the warpath.

Really – lets talk about animosity shall we?  and lets remember our history which AG Bell and others so much want us to forget and lets remember and REALIZE that the history is still being enacted EVERYDAY all over the US of A.  they making Tony Perkins look tame eh?  There has been a vicious campaign against ASL in America and AG Bell and co.  have been the primary proponents of it – ask yourself WHY?  Why would they go to such length to forbid ASL on the fingers of the wee things folks?  its an important question

Back to the b.s.

Falsehood #9:

Rachel and Elizabeth go on to try to malign ASDC some more by insinuating guilt by association via Audism Free America (AFA) “an organization that fights against cochlear implants and demands that all deaf children must learn sign language by holding protests at Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s headquarters, the Volta Bureau in Washington DC.”


The Blue Scare (blue as in blue ribbon, blue tape and AFA is the anti-christ wow wee ya all need to get out more) Ya Hoo – yes CI Online is engaging in a wee bit of fear mongering aint they?

AFA ADVOCATES for ANSWERS.  Ever wonder why its so hard to get the FACTS re: CI safety, effectiveness, and reliability?  AFA has called for an impartial and independent investigation into CI safety and it has demanded that AG Bell STOP excluding ASL from the lives of Deaf children and their families.  AG Bell’s AVT / LSL programming promotes an exclusionary, extremist, and unjust doctrine of Oral / Aural Only and that is what AFA protests.

Free speech! ya hoo – AFAers have the right to assembly, press, petition, and speech and we use it well and AFA is made up of folks au naturale, folks who have CI, folks who had CI, folks who are native ASLers, native speakers, folks who are newbies, folks who are survivors of Oralism, and more.  Exercising our independence we be!  AmeriCANs

Falsehood #10:

” ASDC affiliate AFA also wrote a letter to Dr. John Niparko, one of the world’s leading cochlear implant surgeons, expressing hatred towards cochlear implants.”


Fact is if you read the AFA letter to Dr. Niparko you will see an act of community accountability you can be proud of and impressed by (and no, while i am involved with AFA & am one of the signatories i did not write that letter ; ) – there is no expression of hatred towards cochlear implants.  In fact if we are to assess any hate, we can see it coming full throttle from the Cochlear Implant Online authors – Rachel and Elizabeth and the anti-ASL, anti-Deaf folks.  Truths hurts it seems.  And pls do read the letter – it is just, right, and good

Falsehood #11:

“The organization promotes sign language and Deaf Culture by providing a wealth of resources supporting sign language and Deaf Culture while resources for listening and spoken language and cochlear implant are clearly lacking. ASDC fails to represent all children with hearing loss and their families.”


ASDC does have info re: listening and spoken language in their website, their magazine Endeavor, and via their support of parents etc.  It is NOT lacking.

AG Bell Association, Cochlear Implant Online, Option schools, Oral Education, all those “foundations” that are associated with CI surgeons and companies are not just lacking in providing resources re: ASL & English they are hostile, prejudicial, and harmful in their zeal for their ONE WAY fits all.

Re: ASDC failing to represent all children – wow – they close their biased and unjust letter with a note to readers to copy and paste their letter and add a suggestion: we encourage you to suggest an alternative nonprofit to which Toys “R” Us could make a donation, a nonprofit that supports listening and spoken language, or more fully supports children with hearing loss without bias.

And if you all do not find that ending comical beyond belief – well i got some water to sell ya.  Seriously they are just wow wee OBVIOUS!

Thankfully despite Rachel and Elizabeth sending their bogus and unjust letter to Toys R Us and encouraging others to do so, Toys R Us responded to my positive note on their FB page thanking them for donating to the very worthwhile and worthy ASDC with “Hi Patti. We are very proud to support the special needs community and ASDC.” 

Hey ya never know – maybe they will want to donate to AFA too ; ) – we got some special needs to combat b.s., hatred, prejudice, audism, Oralism, ableism, etc. 

Item 2: McCaskill Matter

Remember the Gallaudet Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Angela McCaskill, and her signing of the anti-gay marriage petition that put up LGBTQ civil rights on a ballot.  Well the petition backfired since the people of maryland voted in FAVOR of LGBTQ marriage equality as well as other states – ya hoo.  Four states reaffirmed marriage equality.

If McCaskill is thinking of suing Gallaudet as seemed to be hinted at in her unwarranted and unjust press conference – she might want to reconsider cuz appeal courts in Cinn. have sided with the University of Toledo stating it was “within its right to fire its head Human Resources administrator, Crystal Dixon, for submitting an anti-gay op-ed column to a local newspaper.” see the write up about this important case at Planet DeafQueer

See Adam Bartley long, personal, and touching Dr McCaskill letter re: her action.  I saw it a while back in Facebook in ASL and was very moved by it and here it is in English

Tony Perkins of the hate group, Family Research Council (FRC), used and abused video of Dr. McCaskill’s press conference to promote his anti-gay rights, homophobia and H8. Perkin’s anti-gay right’s propaganda video “Dr. Angela McCaskill Speaks Out on Bullying by Gallaudet University President” Its not captioned cuz Perkins is just using McCaskill and doesnt care if she can access his hate speech and manipulation just like he used Black churches to promote the anti-gay petition.  U can turn on the auto captions but its pretty garbled “bullying” appears as “bowling” – which reminds me of how the film Bowling for Columbine reveals how fear mongering is used and abused to control the populous and we see how Tony Perkins of the anti-gay FRC tries to sell fear to no avail – all those four states he lists REAFFIRMED marriage equality (see how the SLPC has affiliated him with white Supremicist group)

Happy New Year folks – keep signing and singing those songs of freedom and 2013 is gonna be a good one.  its the 100th anniversary year that Veditz gave us his priceless Preservation of Sign Language speech and many other treasures.

Faith hope and love – we be jumping at the sun

The Right to be…. Deaf part VI

NOTE: – i wrote up this entry a couple of month ago but didnt have the heart to publish it. In light of the 2nd wave encompassing genetics – i figure i gotta go ahead and click publish.  wish i didnt have to.  would much prefer my paddle in the denial river and me rosy glasses.

We have had a sporadic series going here examining if folks have a right to be Deaf.  See part III,III, IV, V if u want to check those earlier ones out.


The Right to be… Deaf part VI

yes yes i know i aint touched this series in a long long long time.

there is a reason for it – i do not like the conclusion that is self-evidence so hence i have been avoiding.

ya see – i began this series with a question…

Do we have the right to be Deaf?

and the answer has come back with a resounding NO

The answer is NO folks

– when they have cochlear implants implanted in babies and controlled by REMOTE – by others

others being specialists, professionals, assistance and parents – not by the person with the implant themselves then no the RIGHT to be DEAF no longer exists.

Yes yes i know folks r still Deaf who have cochlear implants but the right to be as is, as created, or as u might want to be of ur own free accord – nope there is no bodily integrity and there is no autonomy and EVERYBODY i know of who learns of remote controlling kids with cochlear implants goes…


they all do – even the folks who got their cochlear implants as little kids – they all go EW.  and some even say – well that is like treating them like a robot.  (folks with CI say this  – some of them even refer to themselves as cyborgs but we should not use the robot word cuz it has been used to hurt but when folks who have CI use the R word we gotta take notice folks.  its important and it means something)

so the verdict is in and NO we do not have the right to be Deaf.  We do but we don’t cuz the systems DENY this right.  They are sneetching up the babes and chopping down those trulump trees – quicker than u can sigh&sign UNLESS…

Yes – we know that its alright to be Deaf and yes we know we do have the inalienable right to be Deaf  but we also know that folks r denied their inalienable right by the power that be

and we know that a baby really has NO rights when a system is set up nation wide to test their ears fresh out of the oven and condemn them to a life of “Passed” or “Referred” (ie Failed)

and pls dont tell me the whole early detection racket is actually serving the kids – i can totally SEE who it is serving – cha ching cha ching cha ching

hello Center for DISEASE CONTROL (CDC) – geez why dont u just call us a scourge

hello National Institute of Health (NIH) – National Institute on DeafNESS and other Communication DISORDERS (NIDCD)

hello National Center for ASSESSment and MANagement (NCAM)


i know i know – u say “its for ur own good”

hmmmmm – what good is it really getting Deaf folks except for the 2nd wave of ORALISM/AUDISM getting institutionalized

geez have u noticed how much money the CDC and NIH give out for research re: CI and ear cures and genetics???  and have u noticed how much money the CDC and NIH does NOT give out for ASL+English testing, assessment, intervention, materials, mentoring, services, training etc?

ODD, eh?

in pursuing this question of Do we have the right to be … Deaf – i have made some heartbreaking discoveries that we don’t

that in fact this right is being suppressed, trampled upon, and obliterated by any MEAN means necessary and that there is a depressing discovery

so my friends and my foes (as some of u might wanna see me but i just SEE ya and love ya from afar)

so my friends and neighbors on this planet earth (which we, humanUNkind, are killing mighty fast – see how fracking and earth quacks go hand and hand) i must be honest and tell u – i dont have the heart to imagine any more babes and walk us all through the process of how they are tagged, labeled, drugged, tested, molested, invaded, inoculated, marketed, tooted, etc etc etc cuz we ALL already know these things and if we dont by now its cuz we like eating sand and we “think” if we ignore something we can then pretend that INGORance is bliss and absolves us of any responsibility or complicity

but it dont folks

it certainly does NOT in times of moral crisis and this is what we got so as ive said before – i will say it again Wake the #uck up – and if u continue to do nothing, say nothing, contribute nothing – then u are officially part of the problem and that is not cool

and i am not speaking of poliTICKING – we do not need any more folks telling us how to make ASL pretty so its more attractive.  the language is bloody beautiful and hearing folks all over the planet are gobbling it up.  Meanwhile…. it is forbidden fruit to the very folks who will benefit the most

so you may say – i have survived childhood and my children are hearing so i care not so much for the others.

or you may say – i believe the dog and pony shows –  “look i can hear and speak for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE” (kinda, not really, sorta, well… what i mean is… says Sarah in her near perfect pronunciations)

or you may say – i believe rachel’s rants about how if u all just played nice ud have a job and be off of SSI but because u “DEMAND” so much – u r just a worthless and hopeless people

or you may say – i believe one of those studies with an N of 7 that was financed by MAJOR cochlear implant CORPORATION (ahhh the 1%) espousing the falsehoods that CI babies x 2 will make them on par with their hearing peers.

u may say any and all of the above and to which i will say – NOT COOL

it is not cool to only care about yourself and your won

it is not cool to swallow b.s. and deny the truth when wee lives are attached to those truths

it is not cool to tell folks that they have caused their own misery because they have not worked hard enough to be what they are not

it is not cool to sell the notion that if you play along you will not get played and you will be able to get into positions of power to help those down trodden because its untrue – when u play that game u end up being a token and or banging ur head against a wall trying to make a change

its not cool to protect the corporations over the right to be Deaf

Deaf infants, toddlers, children, youth and adults deserve the right to be Deaf and have access to a fully natural and accessible language in addition to English and u can throw in all those other accessories later if u like but the first and foremost fundalmental right is and shall be – the right to FREE speech – to understand and be understood in a FREE language – not one that comes at an astronomical and unjust price with iffy results except for the CEOs and stock holders (until a recall rolls around then they be singing the blues with you too)

so NOPE the babies do not have right to be Deaf because…

they are DENIED this right and that is not cool!

it is alRIGHT to be Deaf – in fact it is dandy – and that is what the manufacturers, specialists, and educators are bloody petrified of – that u all will realize that its cool and good to be Deaf cuz when we and the greater public discovers that (which they are on the threshold of doing so) the companies, and professionals are not looking so slicky and out of commission as in cha ching – ring a ling ling

(maybe this is why when i asked the director of the cochlear implant program at Gallaudet’s Clerc Center why there was no info on their website about any of the CI recalls the reply i got was – well it would be sticky to share that.  really the truth is sticky?  for whom?  hmmmm – to me the truth would be MIGHTY handy for the parents to hand and most especially for the children but hey what do i know – im just a child of a lesser god (no i aint really – i am woman hear me roar  – i dont care what ur bloody dB is ; )

so if anyone else wants to take us through some walks of life of what happens when a baby is DETECTED to be Deaf and the various INTERVENTIONS – please ohhh please do

me – i aint got the heart to keep doing this cuz the answer is way to clear

2nd wave is hEAR folks

so grateful most of u r waking up and shaking up and creating stuff and ROARING!

say it Loud im Big D and Proud

and audism #uck and mucks things up real bad

and meet me in St. Louis … (or don’t the “option” is all yours)



Supt Tucker et al – More Truths about Cochlear Implants

Supt Tucker –

You are wrong.  I’m sorry to contradict ya and I’m sorry if its a dang misquote by the media but the statement:

“Cochlear implants are not controversial in the Deaf community,” Tucker said. “Maybe 20 years ago — yes. But not today.”

as seen in the article Cochlear Implants Restore Quality of Life for Columbia Worker  is not TRUE, dude.

Not true at all.  Cochlear Implants are MEGA controversial within the Deaf community and at large.

The article goes on to say:

At MSD, many students, faculty members and parents have the implants, he said. They are an accepted part of the community.

Now if the “They” in that sentence refers to the PEOPLE – then that statement is TRUE.  But if
“they” refers to the cochlear implant as it does in the above sentence then it is NOT TRUE

While the folks who have and/or choose CI for their children are not the controversy – the device, the systems, the profit, the reliability, the liabilities etc are CONTROVERSIAL – STILL and more so now than 20 years ago,  Mr. Tucker.  they (the devices and the systems that promote and propagate them) are MORE controversial than ever.

See the multitudes of articles and books that have been published about the question of ethics and cochlear implants.

Note the questions about bodily integrity, language rights, cultural and linguistic genocide, notice the profit margins, notice the PRESSURE – the parents are under an INORDINATE amount of pressure  to implant their children.  They are told its safe and will work wonders.  And sometimes it is and some times IT IS NOT.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth, Mr. Tucker.

The biggest problem that may be facing our commUNITY is our collective willingness to remain IGNORant and to INGORE things we feel are too big or too bad for us to deal with.

This has been the approach of MANY disenfranchised folks – its called survival and it yields little to no gain.  And certainly no true progress or positive peace (see MLK Letter from Jail for what “positive peace” means).  All it does is put a balm on the ouchie and put folks to sleep with the lullablies of falsehoods and sugarplums of deceit dreams.

Cochlear implants have been around for 40 + years and while by and large they do turn on and off, they dont always (see the numerous recalls – some times they stop cold and some times the fail to stop) and when they do turn on and off as designed, they have ALOT of SHORTCOMINGS and they have FALLEN SHORT of all their GRANDIOSE promises.

Way short – the parents and the products of cochlear implants are owed some HEFTY refund checks.

some have sued and gotten their shhhhh money but many have not – they the co. got MIGHTY small print to go along with all the paper work for the implants.




Yes cochlear implants have increased in production, profit, and prophecies but still the results are POOR.

And, aint we been there, done that before during the Reign of Oralism (oral  /aural ONLY)?

So now we have the 2nd Wave of Oral (AVT) / Aural (CIs) ism and look what it is getting us?

some folks can speak – whipeee – folks could do that before with or without assistance.  there was usually no rhyme or reason behind who could ride the unicycle and who could not.  more audition helped but not always.  And so we see the same pattern with CIs and AVT.

The TEST SCORES ARE NOT BETTER FOLKS.  Yes more kids can speak maybe and more kids can hear a bit more maybe but…at best they are said to be “hard of hearing” which has a million pitfalls to it because these are usually the ones who can fake it but never really truly make it – they just pretend better and have more to “pass” with to be “passed by” later with. Folks with implants still prefer visual information even the wee things are hungry for the visual to the point that the SYSTEM and professionals are virtually trying to BLINDFOLD them and HANDCUFF them under the mask of benevolence – its for ur own good – its what we need to do to get those auditory nerves into full gear and doing the things they are supposed to do before they get “crowded out by the visual acuity” – REALLY – if you can SEE from all ur brain testing that the kids r naturally DRAWN to the visual – dont u get a wee bit conflicted to deny them such under the guise of “helping” them?  Dont ur conscience even rattle just a wee bit about this cruel and unusual punishment of actively and SYSTEMATICALLY depraving Deaf children of a fully natural and accessible language?  And programming and mapping and conditioning them to be dependent on artificial devices that are PRONE to breaking.  These things are NOT built for a life time as falsely advertised.

Yes, Supt. Tucker cochlear implants ARE controversial within the Deaf community.

dont believe that Deaf children in addition to being subjected to anesthesia and surgery and mapping and testing and prodding and prompting are also being denied visual acuity? – well, see the white fan they hold up during AVT lessons and see that kids are PUNISHED in oral schools when they so much at POINT at a poster in the hallway or tap a classmate for their attention or gesture during lunch.  It is STILL happening today folks all over the US of A.

It is still happening in the US of A folks – dont deny it cuz i myself tried to tell myself it was a thing of the past but folks keep dropping by to tell me – nope not the past – happened to me 2 years ago at my oral school.  OH CRUD!   dont ya all know how much i desire not to know these things cuz i dont want them to be true?!  but since im a truth seeker here they come – without me even looking for ’em.  Wham Bam – u can not go back to sleep miss mam patti.  nope u got to WAKE UP and STAND UP.  even if u is all by urself (which i aint – thank u thank u thank u people who are awake, aware, and active – i SEE you and we NEED you)

So all this NEW push for get them early early pre-dawn early before their brain gets hardwired for vision is CRUEL and UNUSUAL punishment.  Its like saying that blind folks who get an eye implant should have their hands taped up so they would NOT be tactilely oriented.  Denying folks what comes natural under the guise of HELPING them is WRONG and UNJUST.

their is NOTHING wrong with the Deaf child’s brain except for the fact that folks all over the globe systematically deny these brains of a fully natural and accessible language.  Language deprivation has actually PROVEN to stymie the brain – cause parts of it to rot and break down and go dead from having been fallow for so long.  HENCE THE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY CHARGE by many folks in the field of linguistic and human rights (Dr. Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, Dr. Lane, Dr. Cummins, Dr. Ladd, etc)

They have been saying this for a mighty long time.  Now in the case of Mr. Tucker’s students, parents and employees with CI – they are all signers so the issue is pretty moot for that population but for the MAJORITY – nope that will not be the case during the critical period of language acquisition – THEY, the babes, will not be getting ASL so it is totally a position of privilege and ELITE thinking to state CI are not controversial in the Deaf community.  I’m sorry to be so direct with you Mr. Tucker but seriously your saying that Cochlear Implants are not controversial today is REALLY misinformed and now dont you see how the media used your quote to frame the CI as the MIRACLE and LIFE SAVER.  See See.  As in read the FULL article and how they played ya.

It is not controversial to me that some folks have it and some folks dont but it it it the DEVICE, the SYSTEM, the PRESSURE, the PLAN, the AGENDA of CIs is EXTREMELY controversial.

Denial aint helpful Mr. Tucker. And yes im mad.  im working very hard to EXPOSE the truth about CIs and it is frustrating to see that the only time we learn about the FAILINGS of Cochlear Implants is when it affects STOCKS and not when it AFFECT L-I-V-E-S.  And it shouldnt take a PhD or a Dr. to know that when the CI fail there is a life or two attached to IT – so we should be asking why oh why can u only learn about the recalls via the BUSINESS pages and not the FRONT pages.  and why are the FRONT pages just articles about the MIRACLES of cochlear implants hmmmmmmm??????

Why are the “human interest” sections and the “health” sections filled with such unhealthy bull#hit about the great salvation called the cochlear implant and why are good folks like Mr. Tucker being quoted as if nothing is rotten in Denmark?

Havent you seen the FDA fine to Advanced Bionics and the Dept of Justice fine to Cochlear Americas – hmmm why are those not mentioned by YOU or ANYONE in that article above?  And the recalls – the recalls are bringing these companies to their monetary knees for some temporary set backs while they fiddle with their wares and figure out how to do a big ole tax write off and NONE of you know about it????

geez im appalled!

Cochlear Implants are UTTERLY controversial WHEN they come with AVT (Auditory Verbal Therapy) or whatever they wanna spin and call it this week

There is also the important matter that we all LOVE to ignore and pretend does not exist.  The #hit.

here it is – REJECTION

W/ CI (but they never show this in the glossy brochures or the splashy dvds promotional kits that they send home to folks) – with CI comes REJECTION

– folks or families who have chosen CI at times feel rejected by folks who oppose CIs

– folks or families who do not choose CI at times feel rejected by folks who choose CIs

Its divide and conquer time folks – EVEN within families this #hit is breaking down.

Yep – that there is a truth folks.  CIs split up and divide us.

IE they are CONTROVERSIAL and they are not just simply a “tool” – if they were just a “tool” they wouldnt be billed as a miracle and the select chosen Deaf folk or 2 who have CIs would not raise to the top of the propaganda chain and get tooted on lecture routes and billed as hybrid cyborgs (by their very own selves) only to be dropped once the latest and greatest new gadget comes tooting along.

Dont even get me started at how badly the parents are played and propped up and then dropped like hot potatoes when sometime fails or goes awry.

Now soon i hope to put up a bunch of links for u to come see see some truths about CIs, there are plenty more already here at the People of the Eye (POTE) blogsite – just put in cochlear implants in the search box and u will get more. (hopefully ill make a separate entry and list the massive links folks keep sending me or that keep crossing my path – the dots r there folks – ya just gotta open ur eyes and connect them but most of it is already out there – u just gotta click google instead of only using ur only frame of reference – that which is in front of u.  Gotta look at the BIG picture folks as in – AVT+CI is a global campaign against natural sign language and human rights which is wrong!)

But to summarize:  The Truths about Cochlear Implants

1. they are controversial

2. they have divided up many a families and even friendships

3. they are complicated and cause complications

– fact – they have contributed to Deaths

– fact – they have contributed to facial paralysis and disfigurements

– fact – there are complications that may be associated with CI and the surgery and anesthesia

headaches, nausea,tinnitus, dizziness, language delay, learning disability

– fact – they have failed hot and they have failed cold and they have caused NUMEROUS recalls

– fact – their companies have been fined by the FDA and by the Dept of Justice and a court in Denver, co.

– UNKNOWN – long term impact of aggressively EARLY implanting of infants ?

FDA approves implanting at 2 years 12 month old and up.  THOUSANDS of children have been implanted at 2 years 12 month and up but by middle school we are not seeing a HUGE jump in the literacy abilities of Deaf children with CIs

Infants as young as 5 month old have had bilateral implants in the US despite of the FDA 2 year old recommendation.  (note; Infant as young as 3 month old implanted in Australia in 2006 – i can not find any follow up info on this infant today 5 years later – hmmm)

– UNKNOWN impact of CIs on children who have autism.  Since the push now is for implanting EARLY and since diagnosis for autism is often later than implanting it is unclear and unknown what impact CI stimulation might have on a child with autism of which auditory stimulation is often stressful and overwhelming.

– UNKNOWN impact of remote controlled cochlear implants by parents, teachers, and specialists on child’s autonomy and bodily integrity not to mention – what if its hurting them???? (sometimes CIs do cause discomfort and shock folks)

– UNKNOWN impact of 100% implantable cochlear implants.  presently there are 2 parts – external processor and internal chip so if something goes wrong with the programming or external part it aint a huge biggie and no risk to hurting the child but for the internal part going bad – well just look at the Advanced Bionics recall for the failing hot that could lead to neural damage or the Cochlear Limited and past Advanced Bionics recall for failing cold due to moisture getting in the chip.  if its a 100% implantable – kids can not choose when to have it turned on or off and if any part of it breaks down then the kid has to go into the shop WITH IT.

– UNKNOWN – there are TONS more and we will only have the full story when more whistle blowers come forward and in the mean time the companies and NEW companies are sprouting up for the stem cell, genetics (0y people who ran to get tested at Gallaudet and various places – do u know u r now tagged and ur genes r part of a repository and up for sale to the highest bidder and the MAIN purpose in having collected ur DNA is not to propagate the race – OY u folks WAKE UP!), and the pill.  Yep they working on a pill folks.

FACT – the same day that Cochlear Limited announced its WORLD WIDE recall of its CI 500 range implants for stopping dead in their tracks, Advanced Bionics announced that the FDA had re-approved its Hi-Res 9K cochlear implant after it was recalled for failing HOT and Med-El announced the release of the SMALLEST CI to-date.  Hmmmm

And pls  know this – i am not a paranoid chappy.  I really dont want to see this – i dont like seeing all the BAD connections im seeing connecting the dots with the EHDI system and the hearing detection devices COMPANIES that actually profit and act as feeders to the system of fixing ie “step right in here to the fixer upper machine – AVT+CIs K I S S I N G – first comes listening then comes talking then comes? lousy literacy skills STILL STILL – it is not a cure folks just a racket to line their jackets with – ask any of the kids who grew up with CIs who may or may not be able to hear and/or speak.  It works… KINDA, SOMETIMES, a WEE BIT but it is NOT a cure.  They are still Deaf – we should not forget that and the government having been PUNKED is gonna say – excuse me are you saying u convinced us to cover $60,000 CI then convinced us u needed a 2nd $60,000 implant and would need the hottest and the greatest to come down the pike 4 years later X2 and again 4 years later X 2 and ud still need CART, interpreters, and notetakers etc and now you are graduated and the CI companies do not want to hire you full time as their spokesperson cuz they have a much prettier talker they are grooming so now you need SSI hmmmmm and crud.

Cake and eat it too is just gonna make ya fat folks – not happy and meanwhile…

the fix it up chappies are VERY happy cuz they in cohoots with the “specialists” and “professionals” and the CDC and the EHDI and they will push all these kids into the mainstream and then the lawyers will prowl around for lawsuits re: schools that passed Deaf kids who are functionally illiterate when they HAD normal intelligence to begin with

ahhhh this is why the GOOD drs say language deprivation is a crime against humanity and THIS, Supt. tucker, is why cochlear implants are IN FACT controversial

if u got misquoted – my apologies and let me know so we can note the correction.  If u got quoted correctly but u can see the truths in what i am singing – thank you.  We need folks to STAND for the truth because that is the best strategy for social change.  anything short of it is just band aids and delaying the inevitable – oppression.  and that ain’t cool.  Child First does not have a hope and a prayer because the SYSTEMS are pushing FULL throttle EARLY EARLY EARLY bilateral implanting + AVT.

there is more Mr. Tucker et al – there is way more

Wake up would ya?  and know i love ya.  i aint really met u but i did see u at the NAD conference a million moons ago where u gave a presentation on “COMMUNICATION ABUSE” in which you clearly and directly and boldly and truthfully named Oralism (oral / aural only) as communication abuse and it lit a fire in the room – folks were lined up around the full room to ask questions and share and one man came forward and was shaking and crying and talked of the estrangement from his family at the hands of Oralism.  It was POWerful because it is the TRUTH.

I know folks who can hear and talk a plenty with CIs who do NOT go home for the holidays Mr. Tucker

pls return to the truth

we need you!



NOTE:  My apologies for addressing Supt Tucker as a Dr.  Thank you to Sandra in the comments for correcting me and alerting me to my error.

Connecting some dots re: the 2nd Wave of Oralism

NOTE 1: Oralism means – oral / aural ONLY

NOTE 2: speaking and listening is fine –  excluding ASL from a Deaf child’s education and family is not.  billing listening and talking as the path to independence is not fine and saying it can only be achieved by an exclusionary means necessary is not right, just, good or true.

In reading a WIRED article about static from sliding down slides on playgrounds wiping  out cochlear implant mapping programs, i learned that John Tracy Clinic had a Teacher Education program.  In looking at that the John Tracy Clinic  2 year teacher education program i see a mention of:

Requires current employment as a teacher in an auditory-oral “Center of Excellence” as outlined in the Alexander Graham Bell Association’s “Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral Program”

so i google AG Bell Association Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral program and am a bit freaked out.  I mean it is hard core and the fact that the John Tracy Clinic STILL requires that its applicants be involved with schools that adhere to this manifesto – well yikes!

This obsessive mandate that everyBODY must be committed to the auditory/oral philosophy – family and extended family, administrators, general education staff, board of education and the community – Wow!  so much for respecting various languages and ways of communicating.

Oralism is King it seems.

Haven’t we done been there, done that before – AG Bell Assoc?   Or didnt you get the Babbidge report or the COED report or the ICED 2010 New Era Agreement and Accord of the Future or the more recent reports that show that while cochlear implanting is on the raise – most Deaf kids make their way to sign language by adolescence.

Audism is King in this document also.

according to AG Bell Association Public School Caucus Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral program – (page 7) (bold added by me)

Audition is:

  • the natural foundation for all learning,
  • the best avenue for receiving and developing spoken language
  • the best avenue for developing speech production,
  • the most expedient avenue for receiving information, and
  • the system that warns us of impending danger.

wow wee!!!!!

Lots of creepy stuff about Early Identification / Intervention and LRE in this document too.

AG Bell Association Position Paper on Cochlear Implants (no idea why AG Bell Association’s server is down.  Let’s not assume its to erase their paper trail re: offensive Pepsi letter, bylaws prohibiting propaganda and lobbying, this position paper, and much much more.  lets just assume the best – that its simply a technical malfunction.  technology does break sometimes – just check out all the CI recalls and all the ones that have stopped working that are still in folks’ heads)  Now back to CI in children and AG Bell’s position statement –

1st line in this doc. is the forever tooted AG Bell mission of promoting the falsehood of independence comes from listening and talking and the 2nd sentence reads

“Cochlear implants for children with hearing loss, combined with appropriate habilitation, can provide a key to making that independence achievable.

Ah hmmmmm well how come so many Deaf kids with CIs grow up later to use sign language?  and what of the Deaf kids who do not have CI or habilitation – are they never going to achieve independence?

whoa – chill on the propaganda would ya AG BELL Assoc – geez ya keep violating ur own bylaws there ya know

the position paper mentions the “efficacy” (the things turn on and off) and not the “EFFECTIVENESS”

it also states:

“Auditory learning integrated with social, emotional and cognitive development is crucial to proficiency in the use of spoken language.

Wow, how did Deaf folks ever learn to talk before there were cochlear implants?  from this position paper, it looks like it would be impossible to do without all this stuff but we do know that many Deaf folks do speak and many of them have never had cochlear implants so…. hmmmm

“It is now appropriate for children to receive implants at a very young age. This trend has been reinforced by the accurate and early diagnosis of hearing loss.

Is it appropriate for doctors to be performing bilateral implant surgery on 5 month old babies when the FDA recommends 12 mo old and up?

And again the push for early detection appears to be for the purpose of early implantation. hmmmm

“Current research further substantiates that children who receive implant(s) at an early age can demonstrate impressive growth in spoken language and literacy achievement comparable to the levels of their peers with typical hearing.

Shouldn’t they be citing the source of this research?  I hope they are not referring to that one single study in Australia with a small N that was funded by biased systems and COCHLEAR the co.

If cochlear implants and AVT/LSL are to be credited for independence  and speech and literacy abilities then shall they also be faulted when a cochlear implant dies or has to be explanted or when speech and literacy skills are not up to par?

Odd that they don’t mention the language skills and literacy abilities of Deaf children who got a fully natural and accessible sign language at birth up or the study that shows ASL actually helps Deaf children’s speech or the study of how by elementary school Deaf kids shift from oral / aural only programs and into signing programs.

“Cochlear implant technology brings with it a responsibility to support this new access to sound. An appropriate educational intervention program optimizes the integration of auditory learning with spoken language and literacy skills.”

This is just a fancy way of saying oral / aural ONLY programs.  They don’t say oral so much no more on their website cuz ya get some mighty dirty pictures when you key in the word “oral” for a google search

hmmm and I wonder what educational intervention program they have in mind?

perhaps the AG Bell academy AVT/LSL program that has not yielded consistent or reliable results or the much sought after independence as the recipients of cochlear implants and AVT and oral / aural only education often still prefer visual access to information ie captioning for TV, subtitles for films, text messaging, CART, etc (even Rush Limbaugh who was hearing his whole LONG life until very recently “depends” on captioning and one on one conversations without background noise.

– folks might also want to check out the House Ear Research Institute founded by the famous Dr. House – one of the earliest cochlear implant surgeons in the U.S.  The House Ear Research Institute is the top banner on the AG Bell Association website – scroll down on the Pros and Cons of Effective Teaching page at the House Ear Research Institute and see how visual acuity is discouraged and oral / auditory is overly encouraged

We also need to start questioning:

-teacher education programs that push the auditory / oral philosophy

– cochlear implant industry profits, recalls, fines, ethics, language deprivation, etc.

– early hearing detection and intervention (Universal Newborn Hearings Screening and EHDI) – tracking and resources

– the Center for Disease Control (genetics and tracking) and NIH – NDICD and NCHAM

– Food & Drug Administration and how its page on Cochlear Implant safety and recalls doesn’t list recent recalls

wow wee!

“Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral Program”

de ja vu? and whatcha gonna do?

ya gonna wave the 2nd wave in or ya gonna put up a hand and say Ya Basta?

Truth and love always win – think of it always said gandhi and….

STAND 4 PEACE   ^ 4 v

NOTE: MLK Jr defined positive peace not as the absence of tension but rather the presence of justice

it is UNJUST to deny a Deaf child the right to a fully natural and accessible sign language as well as the language of the majority


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