“A tremendous WTF” & Keep STANDing Folks

Greetings all

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Audism Free America (AFA) had a very intensely busy time in L.A. doing peaceful protests against AG Bell Association and the Bermuda Triangle of Oralism in L.A.

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AG Bell – the man and the Association – promote Oral/Aural ONLY over a Deaf child’s right to a natural and fully accessible language (ASL), falsely portray Deaf folks who sign as being dependent and inferior, and are in bed with cochlear implant corporations.

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Advanced Bionics – cochlear implant manufacture that has been fined by the FDA and sued by parents for $7.25 million dollars. 40 more lawsuits pending.

AGBell Association held its lsl (listening and spoken language) symposium in LA where Advanced Bionics was a major sponsor.  Advanced Bionics produces cochlear implants – some of which have led to brain infections and caused deaths and other complications.  One of which has caused shocks, convulsions and vomiting.  Advanced Bionics has been sued and fined by the FDA and has been sued by parents of a Deaf child and they have been awarded $7.25 million dollars.  Why or why is AG Bell keeping co. with such an unsafe and unethical corporation?

Statue of Dr. House standing atop a  pedestal with Deaf child underneath in front of House Research Institute

Statue of Dr. House standing atop a pedestal with Deaf child underneath in front of House Research Institute

The House Research Institute (formerly known as the House Ear Institute HEI) is also housed in LA and features a hugely creepy statue of Dr. House looking like a sinister character out of one of Tim Burton’s films standing a top of a Deaf child with covered ears.  Eerie indeed.  Many folks have encountered Dr. House and his huge push for implanting all things Deaf – especially children – with his experimental 3M/House implant.

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Sandra Thrapp showing her unease with Mrs. Spencer Tracy

And there there is the John Tracy Clinic founded by the wife of the famous actor Spencer Tracy for their Usher Syndrome (Born Deaf and would become fully blind late in life) son, John Tracy and promotes AG Bell’s oral / aural .  The John Tracy Clinic is affiliated with the University of San Diego.  it is high time that university’s divest from audist practices and institutions.  Audism is the belief that to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf soooooo Utah State University really shouldn’t be running that Sound Beginnings program that is all oral / aural ONLY, nor should the University of Wisconsin be doing those unethical cochlear implant experiments on cats in the name of saving the Deaf, nor should the University of San Diego be doing teacher training education via John Tracy Clinic oral /aural Only manifest destiny doctrine.

Sandra Trapp had this to say about the John Tracy Clinic and Dr. House:

[Thank you Sandra for allowing us to reproduce your quote and images here.]

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Sandra Thrapp being used as a poster child for audism and John Tracy Clinic. Many Deaf children have been featured in news stories to SELL oralism and audism.

DR. WILLIAM HOUSE from Ear Research Institute referred my parents to send me to JOHN TRACY CLINIC (Haunted Mansion). Mrs. Spencer Tracy took my childhood years from 14 months to 4 1/2 yrs. old, took me away from DEAF WORLD. Then I was sent to a public school and placed me in a “Special Need” program. I did not even know my full name until I transferred to California School for the Deaf, Riverside. PAH! CSDR and Gallaudet did not waste my life. I will NEVER NEVER forget Dr. House and John Tracy Clinic. i was mentally, verbally, and physically abused by them. Damn them AND A.G.Bell’!!!! (A tremendous WTF)….

It is absolutely TIME to listen and hear and

HEED the words of the survivors. 

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photo by Robert Audette

Thank you to all the folks who were part of the AFA rallies in L.A. Most especially Ruthie Jordan, who led the events and is true blue to STANDing against audism and other “isms” that oppress and diminish. The ACTivists were very busy and at times security at the Omni hotel, Advanced Bionics, House Research Institute, and John Tracy Clinic were not always cool.  So braveness and love were in greater need.  The hired hands of AG Bell and the LA Bermuda Triangle of Oralism (JTC, HRI, and AB) shows how badly they tried to intimidate and silence.  They do not want the truth out so pls keep standing folks.  Peaceful direct confrontation is working.

It is time to put a stop to these tremendous WTF practices of audism.

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Detail image of Ellen Manfield’s mandala with lit candle cupped in ceramic hands.


AGBAD & JTC k i s s i n g… first comes Oralism then comes Audism…

I Will Never Forget mansfield

I Will Never Forget by Ellen Mansfield

So as hopefully you already know – the AG Bell Association will be having their Listening & Spoken Language (LSL) conference in Los Angeles this summer.  July 18-20, 2013.  and hopefully you already know that Audism Free America (AFA) and Ca. Deaf community members will be having some rallies (see vlog at bottom of this entry)

Also in LA is the infamous John Tracy Clinic, which was established by the wife of famous actor (Spencer Tracy) because they had a Deaf son (John Tracy) and she wanted him to speak.  He was raised orally and even after he became blind from Usher’s Syndrome later in life still no one signed with him.  Family members would just listen to him talk and then they would do tactile outlining of letters into the palm of his hand or if more lengthy info. on his back.

The John Tracy Clinic is famous because it brought English word kits directly into the homes of families with Deaf children.  Parents desperate to know what to do with their Deaf child would get these packets to label various items in their home CHAIR DOOR STAIRS …. a visual system to get words into the minds of the wee people of the HandEyes.

The reason why it is also famous is because it adheres to the exclusionary dogma of Oral / Aural ONLY – ie the wee things are NOT allowed to sign if they are reared on the John Tracy Clinic method which in turn is affiliated with the AG Bell method.  The John Tracy Clinic is not only in the business of making Deaf children behave as much like Hearing children as possible, they also have a master’s program.  the online program
• Requires current employment as a teacher in a “Center of Excellence” as outlined in the Alexander Graham Bell Association’s “Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral Program”1

this AG Bell Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral Program that the John Tracy Clinic adheres to promotes the belief that to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf (ie AUDISM) and follows Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT), which denies the visual acuity of Deaf children via lipreading or gesturing and/or signing.

Don’t believe me well here are a few quotes from that AG Bell Program:

AG BELL Components: As we prepare students who have a hearing disability for the real world, it isimperative that they develop the oral communication skills that will enable them to compete.

Resistance by David Call

Resistance by David Call


FACT: this is false folks – i know plenty of Deaf folks who do not communicate orally that are able to compete in the real world.  Its not an imperative for life – its just an imperative for their industry and their ideology.
AG BELL Components: This is particularly important since 90-95% of alI students with a hearing disability are born to hearing parents and families who communicate orally.
FACT: Aren’t they cute in how they make it seem like 90-95% of the families do not sign when in FACT many Hearing families with Deaf children DO SIGN.
AG BELL Components: Public School Caucus is dedicated to providing auditory/oral programs and options for students with hearing disabilities. The development of auditory/skills increases students’ ability to learn and to meet their maximum academic potential.
FACT: The majority of Deaf children are implanted and being raised orally in oral Deaf schools and/or the mainstream and we have NOT seen a marked improvement in Deaf children’s literacy rate.  Auditory/oral programs continue to show mixed results while Deaf children who were given a fully accessible natural sign language and English at a young age generally show strong literacy and cognitive skills.
AG BELL Components: All program components must support that oral philosophy. This is based on the following beliefs:
The role of education is to prepare students to live in the hearing world by developing oral
communication skills.
All persons involved in the student’s program must be committed to the auditory/oral
philosophy. This includes:
-the parents, immediate family, and extended family,
-the teachers of the hearing impaired, support staff, and administrators,
-the general education staff and general education administrators, and
-the board of education and the community.
‘ All programs and methods used must be designed, implemented, and maximized to develop
the student’s ability to communicate orally.
All methods/modalities must support and not supplant oral communication/programming.
Examples of supportive systems Would include audition, speechreading, and the printed
symbol. Methods that supplant would include Signed English, ASL, etc
FACT: See how EVERYONE must be oral / aural only – even the extended family members.  Imagine the effort that goes into trying to deny the child any exposure to ASL.  I know of one young person that told me their parents wouldn’t even let them have up Deaf centered posters in their room for fear that ASL would soon follow.
Note the last line of how ASL is maligned as a supplanter. 
 AG BEll Component under the Physical Facilities section:

A quality auditory/oral program is sensitive to the physical facilities in which the program is housed. It
is imperative that students who utilize auditory/oral communication be in a separate facility from those
students using sign language.
FACT: Never the twain shall meet, eh?  Keep them far far as in physically far apart.  Oy the jealous mistress.
There is more (you can see an older entry examining other parts of AG Bell Doctrine) but its UGH and you get the idea that 1. AG Bell your fanaticism NOT COOL and 2. JTC your training new teachers in this dogmatic doctrine NOT COOL.

AGB & JTC k i s s i n g… first comes Oralism then comes Audism…

MaishaAnd if you are already thinking but the ability to speak is such a Godsend or its only for their own good or grrr that Durr with all her facts – check out a survivor of John Tracy Clinic and her beautiful truths.  She even included George Veditz and i was like WOW!


LA is starting to look like the Bermuda Triangle of Oralism now aint it?

No wonder AG Bell set its sights there.

This is why we STAND folks.

“Let us join together as one to protest these educators who would fix our destiny without consulting us, without hearing us. Here in the greatest republic of the Old World, the delegates from that in the New ask all present to join together to affirm a new declaration of human rights, the right of the deaf to life, liberty the pursuit of happiness, and the education of their children on a plan they accept. Let us declare to the entire world that the deaf will not be crucified on the cross of a single method.” James L. Smith 

1 (from http://www.jtc.org/graduate-students/online-masters-degree-program)

AFA vlog about the rallies in LA during the AG Bell LSL Symposium

EHDI you have failed the EAFD screening

In a sense we have come to our nation’s capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as her citizens of color are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked “insufficient funds.” But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. So we have come to cash this check — a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice. We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice. Now is the time to lift our nation from the quick sands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God’s children. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr

(You can see this discussed in AMERICAN Sign Language and cited in an International Day of Sign Language Rally 2007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=VVU40ZnBH6U#t=40s – thanks Ritchie Bryant)
and so while we r not having a march on the capitol this weekend – we did have one in the capitol of Oralism and Audism – St Louis – to say howdy to the EHDI folks and the “specialists” and “professionals” and the corporations and the agencies and associations (see EHDI 2012 sponsors list) and the institutions and the parents
good social change has been a DIRECT result of Direct Confrontation – peaceful of course.  always peaceful on the part of the protesters – on the part of the oppressors – well, not so much but that is the primary purpose of civil disobedience and peaceful resistance – to expose unjust systems – to have them pull down their own masks for all to see so that the systematic oppression becomes more visible and thus can be challenged and changed

Women marched, petitioned, debated, challenged, lobbied, got spat upon, got manhandled, got arrested and engaged in a hunger strike – See Iron Jawed Angels

African-Americans marched, petitioned, debated, challenged, lobbied, sued, got arrested and beat upon and water hosed and attacked by attack dogs and homes burned and churches bombed – see many films about the Civil Rights Movement such as The Children’s March http://www.tolerance.org/magazine/number-27-spring-2005/announcing-childrens-march

Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender folks have done the same (Stonewall Rebellion and on and THANK YOU PRESIDENT OBAMA – me so happy.  And no worries all those anti-GLBT bigots can try to use their $ and unjust ways to get u out of the white house but we on the move now.  ya stood by the CREED of this COUNTRY over politiking and its a beautiful sight to behold)

Peaceful direct confrontation is what ya gotta do to make the invisibleness of the PREJUDICE visible and this is why we STAND and this is why they try to split Deaf&Ally folks up and pit them against each other – so we wont be indivisible in our quest to make things visible

Unfamiliar with soul force / truth force – check out the 6 principles of non-violence a la Kingian philosophy


so since we are truthseekers we say unto the Early Hearing Detection & Intervention system you have failed the EAFD screening

EHDI really should be Early Healthy Deaf Identity but that is just way too egalitarian + equality of condition for them to consider just yet but we helping them inch their way in that direction – the direction of that which is right, just, good and true.

In March, we marched and came to see how ya do things and are sorry to inform you that your baby (EHDI) has not passed the Early Audism-Free Detection Test (EAFD) and we gotta do an Intervention.

Your baby (EHDI) has failed and had to be referred to the specialists for further testing to see just how bad it is.  And after several test of peaceful engagement – you have been diagnosed to be suffering from profound audism.

So I’m sorry to say your baby (EHDI) has failed yet again.  I know that you are sad to learn this but the majority of American people instinctively know that it is wrong to deny a Deaf child the right to a fully accessible language via American Sign Language.  The fact that you can not comprehend nor accept this true fact is abnormal and will prevent you from being able to function normally, successfully, independently and humanely within a democracy cuz ur work thus far has been biased in favor of injustice.  And that is not cool, EHDI & co.

But do not despair.

We are happy to announce there is a cure for your affliction of audism.  And the cure is known as truth force / soul force.

The truth – the truth will set you free as will love

so we r lovingly here to tell you some truths: (yes this is an Intervention Dear EHDI & Co.)


– there really is no use in trying to say you have a handful of Deaf people on a planning committee out of 19 when we know you make all the final decisions and psst…

4 – 5 out of 19 is pathetic.

FOR THE TEST on “balanced and unbiased” – WE ARE SORRY TO SAY YOU HAVE FAILED

– you tried to minimize the FACT that EHDI 2012 only has 1 presentation out of over 100 with the word ASL in the title, you did a word search by keying in the word “sign” and “deaf” or looked for presenters who had requested an ASL interpreter and got a few more hits

<20 out of over 100 presentations allowing the mention of ASL&English and/or using ASL&English is abysmal and UNbalanced

Your bias is busted

– trying to portray it as a just, right and good thing is simply bad math and bad science.  We may be Deaf but we aint dumb, sir.

we been sold that promissory note before

ya can spin it to say – well more presentations about bilingualism-biculturalism should have been submitted.  HA – spin baby spin.  The burden is on your end to seek out such good stuff.  Like why the heck wasn’t the smart folks at Gallaudet’s LV2 invited to be keynote instead of the bloke saying genetics are the new frontier to purge us from the problems of Deaf folks?


given the FACT that ASL and bilingualism has been oppressed and suppressed in the US of A (See Baynton’s Forbidden Signs: American Culture and the Campaign Against Sign Language and many other scholarly publications), it really is beholden upon the EHDI conference and entire system to make ASL+English more visible so that their claims of being balanced and unbiased might actually have the appearance of being true.

selecting a few here and there aint gonna cut it.  having ASL+English mentioned here and there after all the pathological and medical stuff is not gonna cut it.  Criticizing studies about the value and merits of baby signs for Hearing babies while not criticizing some of the very lame-o studies re: AVT+CI is totally showing a BIAS.  YES Dr. Karl White we totally see what you are up to.  My goodness and your badness.  Ya know on a scale of 1 to 5 you are rating in the negatives.  Be a good bloke and fight for everybody – not just the oral / aural fixation for the fix it up nation cuz… Bio diversity is a must and Deaf folks are NOT going away – no matter how hard you work at it.  If you really want Deaf folks to be part of the family table – put some of your work towards getting ASL&English into the homes of the families.  Yeah the Obertokker family and AG Bell might not likey but HEY re-read MLK’s message at top and remember George Washington’s words of “to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance.”

Back to the EHDI 2012 Conference and the failing of the EAFD test

– you put the only bilingual booth all the way at the END of the exhibition stretch

– and while i understand that folks who have not registered for the conference didnt have the right to go into the exhibit space and NO ONE FROM AFA EVEN TRIED – i do not understand why you corralled a Deaf man who left the DBC table to come out and talk with us back into the booth area.  Doesn’t this Deaf bloke have freedom of movement, of personhood, and liberty – when folks register for your conference does that put them under your thumb and mean you can PHYSICALLY restrict their movements and socialization – WOW!

Seriously Dr. White – what is up with that.  There’s more – there is much much more.  Like how you said that EHDI 101 could not be made open to the public when it always had been in the past

Or how you slinked up to EDHI conference folks in the Marriott Hotel bar to whisper in their ears that you were closing down the bar and establishing a new locale so they wouldnt have to sit amongst the large group of Deaf&Allie folks who had gathered to discuss good stuff like justice and equality (note – many of those in the circle were also EHDI conference attendees but you didnt seem to concerned about them – odd eh?)

Dr. Karl despite your trying to make St. Louis be about you – it really isn’t.  Its about the system of which we are learning you are a major part of.  but not the all of it

Its about the truth and getting the truth out –

THE TRUTH – there is no harm in ASL and there is plenty of harm in Oralism (oral  / aural only).  See the Lies AG Bell Told My Parents campaign

One man, upon seeing EHDI’s audism up close and personal in St Louis (Dr. Karl White telling another Deaf man to “behave” when he wasn’t doing nothin’ accept trying to get into the pre-conference EHDI 101 session that he was registered for), remarked:  “I am glad to be here to witness this.  I never thought i would see something like this.” The witness, a survivor of CID of St Louis, was shaking his head sadly at how little the system thinks of us and how free speech and assembly and just ole walking around was severely restricted by the EHDI conference leader, Dr. White.  Oppression is not pretty

Bearing witness and telling truths – this is how ya get injustices to end and justices to emerge.  this is how u cash in on that promissory note – not by enabling the oppressors by pretending everything is OK when it aint and not by getting angry and mean and not by ignoring.  Just by loving urself and ur people enough to STAND and say – we are here and this here EHDI is utterly imbalanced in favor of an exclusionary method and the falsehood that its bad to be Deaf

so we say ¡Ya basta!

pretty much never a dull moment in St Louie – bottom line is that EHDI surely fails and has been referred to an AA program for treatment.  Audism Anonymous

the first step is admitting u have a problem

no worries – the treatment for your affliction is very humane unlike the treatments EHDI pushes upon parents and schools and the real babies

The fact is there is nothing wrong with us.  I got no objection with teaching speech and audition as long as it is done humanely.  I have MAJOR objections with OVERemphasizing the importance of speaking and listening as equaling independence when it dont and MAJOR objections with DENYING a fully natural and accessible language.  Crimes against humanity are not cool and should not be financed or sanctioned by governmental bodies.

And i aint alone in these objections – See Dr. Humphries et al. article about the HARMS of COCHLEAR IMPLANTS


(odd how i can not find this article cited or linked in the NCHAM website – NCHAM is a EHDI / UNHS clearinghouse type of thingy that Dr. Karl White runs out of Utah State University w/ lots of money from an oral /aural ONLY dynasty – Heya Obertokker family we see you too)

Audism is the problem and if you believe that its bad to be Deaf then you are part of the problem.

So EHDI – the jig is up – the first step is admitting you have a problem – that you have stacked the deck in favor of a medical solution which inherently undermines and harms Deaf children’s linguistic, cultural, social, and psychological development and puts a wedge between child and parents resulting in estrangement.

It’s time to mend your ways and right your wrongs and tell parents the truth.  its ok to be Deaf and ASL&English do not harm

I promise ya – when u begin to put this truth front and center – you will TRULY begin to do your job which is to detect if a newborn and/or child is Deaf and to ensure they do not suffer any adverse impacts from audism (which includes paternalism, linguicism, ableism, and phonocentrism)

Now is the time to lift our nation from the quick sands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. ~ MLK

Racial injustice includes discrimination based on ethnicity and Deaf ASL folks r an ethnic group (See Lane, Pillard, and Hedberg People of the Eye) – trying to deprive the babies of their ethnicity is not gonna solve YOUR problem – just delays it from coming to a head.

Head in the right direction EHDI – work the steps and work for social justice and equality by ensuring that ASL&English is part of the “I” in intervention.

or keep doing what u be doing and we will keep doing the soul force / truth force w/ love way

its a beautiful new day, eh?



Wow! and some answers to some questions


Heye all:

lots of drama over AFA activism in St. Louis

Did ya know that George W. Veditz was elected president of NAD in 1904 in….. where?  St Louis

yep – george is leading the way.  thanks buddy!

now re: the drama – when i mentioned drama king and queen i was referring to Barry Sewell and Harleylady – they make a cute couple dont they?  (so for the other folks who took immediate offense when i wasnt even thinking of u – easy does it)

i got me peace boots on due to all the b.s. that be flying. we give it the boot.

why i single Barry and buddy out? cuz they done this dance before and before and before and before but some folks dont know that cuz they have a shelf life memory of .10 or because they only want to see what they want to see or cuz they only pay attention to things they THINK are about them when in fact they often have nothing to do with them.

Basically Barry and Buddies DETEST social justice and activism.  Barry have condemned the IDC, NAD, DBC, CAD, DHF, and AFA.  Harleylady has threatened to protest DBC in Milwaukee, in Washington DC 2009 and 2011 but never shows up.

And the reason why its called “drama” is because it is all yellow journalism / sensationalism based on falsehoods to stir up trouble and distract folks from the truth and justice and to try to suppress activism.  And the fact that Deafread carries that stuff – well ’tis a pity.  (and all this crap about AFA being like Malcolm X ohhh please folks do some studying – there is NO NO NO comparison – none at all)

Now regarding the short walk through of a ENT Audiology waiting area in a huge hospital complex that is associated with CID, an oral only school in St. Louis, by a few peaceful folks – well – knowledge is power folks.

Take a good hard look at who is making a big stink over that simple action and who is LEAPING to condemn and chastise while the powers that be are mute.  No child was harmed.  No parents were terrorized.  No arrests were made.  Some truth material was left behind just as materials are left all over hospitals.  Just go to any waiting room and you will see plenty of materials folks.  There was no confrontation, there was no hostilities, there was no aggression, there was no pushing and shoving, there was no arrests, there was not even any civil DISOBEDIENCE in that hospital walk through.  There was just a few folks walking through a waiting room to see what there is to be seen.  To get a look at what the system looks like.  And this clinic is a direct feeder to CID – they actually have the doctors / residents go into CID and see the kids – they are connected.  And we just examining and illuminating the connection.

It is mighty telling to see which folks are so quick to condemn this peaceful examination of the unexamined.

Pattern anyone smile – anytime u see the bs flying.  Duck or say quack quack and play along or STAND for the truth and justice. Its real illuminating to see who is doing what right now.

We on the truth campaign – with or without you.

Now pls know that i know how many of you are WORRIED about what other folks think of us.  I see u quaking and shaking about how things “look.”  and how u might be seen as complicit simply because you too have a dB gain.  No worries.

I can assure you that the greater public that is just beginning to be told the truth by us is saying “what took you so long to stand and challenge this oppression” more loudly than any of the nukkers who are saying “you should dress nicer” or “you should do this…. but you should not do that….” etc etc etc.  and while some folks spend hours debating what and how OTHERS should do things – we be on the move.  with or without u – we are on the move and we are LEGIONS.

I have seen it – folks – GOOD folks are coming forward.  i thank u and i love u.  Truly.  Ur truths shine.  I hear them i feel them i know them and they make me cry and they forge me forward and these truths are being told not only by the Deaf survivors of Oralism but also by their parents.  Yep i done seen a parent walk through the EHDI 2012 exhibit shaking their head in disgust at all the propaganda spread out on those tables – these parents know what is true.  They know that their Deaf child (baby, youth or adult) is beautiful as is (with or without speech or Hearing) they KNOW and they know that anything contrary to that truth is unjust and prejudicial and basically EHDI 2012 is one big ole myth-a-making factory.  (see below for some more truths)

The parents are starting to tell the truth and their children are starting to feel it is safe to speak the truth.

this is HUGE folks.  HUGE.  More masks of the systems and the enablers / collaborators r coming down now.

so pls know that folks can tell us – dress this way, talk this way, walk this way – and we who are truth seekers will continue to love you from afar but we will NOT change our focus from the truth force, soul force, love force.  We will NOT.

and pls know – that our peace STAND is really upsetting the systems – they r like FREAKED OUT – yikes they r running here and there and everywhere trying to stir up things so that we will go off the course and REACT and get UGLY or waste our time in a blogwar but we will not.  We be all love and flowers.  Firm Firm Firm and TRUTHFUL.  Truth and love always win – think of it always said Gandhi.

Looks like we got a bit of a blue tape fiasco going by some folks.  no worries – it helps flush out those who care and dare and those who just like to stir up the pot or who like to jump to whatever side they think will serve them.  ’tis a pity.

NAD i thank u for standing firm.  i see some folks are trying to misrepresent u – guilt by association – ohhh so yawn.  no worries.  its all good.  this way we know what is what and who is who.

oh and re: The HOLEism – latest batch of unholyiness – no worries.  im gonna let him string it all up and see who shows up in various spaces to play along with him – just giving him more rope to ensnare himself and others with.  Its their own doing and undoing.  Our eyes and hearts remain on the prize – social justice not nonsense in text boxes on the internet.  We have found our FEET and we STAND.  Life is GRAND.

some answers to some questions

In my previous post explaining that there was so much to share re: St. Louis that it would be best and easiest if folks simply asked what they wanted to know so i could reply accordingly so u dont have to weed through long posts or vlogs to gather the info you are seeking – only one set of questions came via Candy, which focused on AFA’s meeting with EHDI reps, and since the reply requires some length I have posted it here in this entry for all to see as some of you may have similar questions or it might prompt some new ones.

Candy’s question: (see previous entry comments section to see her full comment and my note there)

I do have one question for now. What really transpired at the meeting with EHDI where AFA walked out? Perhaps you can tell us who met (who were there) and what recommendation/demands were proposed, what took place (exchange of conversation) and why AFA walked out. (looks like more than one questions!).

My reply – NOTE – i am not replying as an AFA representative here – she asked me as Patti at Patti’s People of the Eye place so here is Patti (as in me, myself, and I)’s reply

AFA asked if we could videotape the meeting –  John Eichwald of CDC said sure and Dr. Karl White said NO so we didn’t and thus cant show ya all any video.  ’tis a pity

Who was present – EHDI representatives and AFA representatives and some community members and three interpreters

for AFA demands – see the 5 demands at http://audismfreeamerica.blogspot.com/2011/12/afas-5-demands-of-ehdi.html.  they have been public since Dec 30, 2011

the EHDI representatives declined to meet any of the 5 demands.  We mentioned the lack of an US Dept of Education representative in the EHDI conference system and how “I” of INTERVENTION seems via the EHDI implementation bodies and the conference focuses on medical solution whereas it is clearly marked to be part of IDEA PART C thus there needs to be a stronger role from US Dept of Education in terms of early intervention for language (ASL+English) intervention

we discussed the disparity in Deaf representation and ASL in EHDI conference system
– EHDI conference planning committee only having 4 Deaf members out of 19 members.
– lack of ASL+English presentations out of the 140 presentations at EHDI
– images promoting the conference in hotel and near conference area and program book heavily promoting medical solution – ASL rarely displayed

Early on at one point Dr. White said “I’m always open to being replaced.”  So later after much discussion on the INEQUALITIES in the system and in the EHDI 2012 conference, Dr. Eichwald (CDC) asked for some suggestions for improvement and we suggested Dr. White step down from his post as he had freely suggested earlier without any prompting from us.

A few times the EHDI reps did a bit of pointing the finger at Deaf leaders by either saying they were active in EHDI things or by saying so and so hadnt responded to an email  but we know that those individuals dont really have any REAL power and they are used for the appearance of inclusion or to scapegoat and/or deflect.

The heart of the problem, which we put on the table is that the EHDI system via CDC, NCHAM, MCHB, HRSA, AAP etc and the EHDI 2012 conference focus disproportionately on a medical solution that encourages and at times mandates the denial of a fully natural and accessible language and that ASL has been oppressed for over a 130 years and needs to have its day in the sun.  This campaign against ASL and social justice has resulted in estrangements within families and relations.  the system needs to put ASL+English at the forefront and not have it as a side note listed in parenthesis under services provided by audiologists or speech therapists and it should not require five clicks to reach any information about ASL+English.

we walked out of the meeting as it was circular and because they are WELL AWARE of the disparity in the overall program and conference and how they are bent towards an over utilized approach (medical / pathological) which does not have consistent and reliable results and comes at a hefty price for the child, family and our society.

Later that evening two of us saw Dr. Eichwald and he said he was moved by what we shared and heard our points.  I am pinning a bit of hope (im a hoper – its what i do) that he will work hard to improve his area in terms of delivery and balance as we strive for justice and equality.  This will be an indicator of whether or not he truly HEARD us.

Now im off to wash my cars – its spring here for the moment

to all the beautiful folks on the ground who stood our ground peacefully and lovefully – you shine.  seriously i admire u so much.
Gratitude is the memory of the heart ~ Jean Massieu
Peace and love ALL,


All roads lead to … EHDI

Well are ya ready folks?

Ready to ACT?

“It ain’t what you say.  It’s more what you do.  At the end of the day can I count on you?  If they had their way our dreams would never come true.  When I’m concerned – actions speak louder than words.” ~ Signmark

So what is our dream that they (the systems) are trying to prevent from materializing you ask?

We have a dream that little Deaf children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the dB of their ears, but by the content of their character.
This is a right, just, good and true dream and we will prevail.  So we see that the system fails – miserably and we see all roads are leading to EHDI
The various systems with their FIXations on the things Deaf folks can’t easily and comfortably do while ignoring and suppressing and depressing all the things Deaf folks can do – are FAILING.
The systems are failing…
the children
the parents
the siblings
the schools
the society
because when they start out with a falsehood that – its better to be Hearing and/or behave as a Hearing child does – we know they are gonna have to employ extreme methods to reach such a ridiculous aim.

Dr. Hans Furth told “The Washington Post in 1966 that the deaf should be instructed from birth in sign language and that any objection to that smacked of prejudice of the perceived handicap.”

(don’t mind the term handicap – this was in 1966 folks) but see see – this man knew that to DENY Deaf babies ASL at birth was rooted in PREJUDICE and that is what audism is – prejudice against Deaf folks just as racism is PREJUDICE against folks of color and sexism is PREJUDICE against women.

Pre/judice – is to to pre – judge someone.  And so we see that the whole dang EHDI system is one big ole PREJUDICE-a-making factory.

Folks are just discovering that EHDI is under the Center for Disease Control and they are rightfully offended by the erroneous notion that we are a disease to be controlled.

E = Early (which even includes genetics – pre-birth and pre-baby making EARLY)

H = Hearing – ahhh the EARS are so lovely aint they

D = Detection – wait hark i hear a click of the red REFERRED light and what it is referring to is that the baby has FAILED the universal newborn screening TEST

I = Intervention – surgery and/or very high end digital hEARing aids and intensive auditory verbal therapy (AVT) and sometimes mislabeled as LSL

NOTE: Not all of EHDI is under CDC – the I part as in Intervention is supposed to be under the Department of Education (DoE) but the DoE is not even attending the EHDI this upcoming Sat – Tuesday – not even sending a state or local representative to the EHDI conference so it will all just be CDC, NIH, NIDCD, and NCHAM and these are all medical home sweet home based infrastructures.

And various states are pushing for EHDI and a “medical home” for the Deaf child patient because they have a prejudice against letting Deaf babies be Deaf and against their HAVING ASL from Birth

this is a fact and in fact this is why EHDI is under the auspice of the Center for Disease Control folks

yes they are saying you are a scourge and an abnormality on this planet and something that needs to be controlled by…. DENYING you a fully natural and accessible language and by making you overly dependent on artificial and faulty devices and just as soon as we can get to your gene pool we will nip u before u r even created or if its too late and u r created and born we will then harvest your own blood cord stem cells while charging the insurance co. $2,000 + per EVERY child born in the U$ cuz u never know who will come down with deafNE$$ later in life and then they will charge about $200 + annually for storing these cord blood stem cells but if the baby participates in the study – we wont charge you the THOUSANDS of dollars for the study (MRI tests, sedition, hospital stay, EXPERIMENTATION etc) we will just make you pay for your flight and lodging while you WAIT for the weeks and month and years to pass by of TREATMENT but once we can prove that no one dies quickly or sprouts another limb as a result of our experimentation then we will get it approved and charge away

never mind that there was never anything wrong with your child except for the irrational prejudice of its country and society – there is no money to be made in curing audism so we will just aim to string the parents, insurance co and government along with our songs of falsehoods and our for-profit prophecies

like this one “Our cochlear implants are designed to last a lifetime” – well COCHLEAR LTD why r they always breaking so much huh?  how come so many folks gotta get explanted and reimplanted or upgraded and what of the recalls.

What of the baby sophie in Australia who got 2 CI surgeries before the age of 2 and one of them was a dud so she had to undergo a 3rd surgery.  FDA has data showing that kids with 2 or more surgeries with anesthesia before the age of 2 are showing a higher rate of learning disabilities

Are learning disabilities under the Center for Disease Control?

What about meningitis – many children died after coming down with meningitis as a RESULT of their cochlear implant surgery.

So why isnt the CDC and EHDI and the NIH and the National Institute on Deafness and Communication Disorders and the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management INTERVENING in the wild fire implanting of babies – one as young as 3 month (THREE MONTH) when the results in terms of LANGUAGE and a reducing of audism for that child are not consistently demonstrated and proven – especially later in the age range where reading, comprehension and cognition are much more complex than whether or not they can turn their heads when you call them or if they can pick up the object you have named THREE times while covering your mouth and having your eyes glance in the direction of the correct object during AVT

These kids are not stupid – they learn very quickly how to “hunt and gather” for clues and information visually.

Out of all the studies being conducted on Deaf children – the most important will most likely be – how is it that they ever learn anything CONSIDERING that we have all made it so difficult for them to get their hands and eyes on everyday information that all other children get with ease and in abundance.

It truly is amazing all the things that Deaf children CAN do and do very well – IN SPITE of all the crap that is thrown in their way such as

– be labeled a failure when all they did was be Deaf

– be measured by what they are not – Hearing

– be denied a fully natural and accessible language (a small percent might actually get this at home but once they start attending school usually by age 3 it is most likely oral ONLY or sim-com city)

– be weighed down by devices that slip out, slip up, or slip away so then they need more devices and surgery and training – its a life long thing cuz the THINGS are not built to last lifetime as billed

oh and speaking of the bill – who foots the bill on this horrible inadequate practice which has just dressed up an antiquated prejudice with some new flashing lights and gadgets to make it look like its “new and improved” but the results only show… mediocre results?

who foots the bill – sometimes the parents, more often their insurance company and most often the government

and at the end of the day – even the bestest of the byproducts who can talk and hear a plenty wish they had had sign language as a pup

so you see – EHDI is rotten from finish to start because….

it does not approach the child as “good from the start” and if they could take that message to heart then maybe we could start to make it better

and we should also face the fact that some folks are making a mighty lot of money off of EHDI and Deaf babies’ “condition” (which is really a result of language deprivation and not of the condition of being Deaf) and it is not the parents nor the babies who are making the cha ching a ling ling ring

There is money in selling the equipment to test the ears in the hospitals and in the audiology labs and in the schools and in the centers and in the cochlear implant devices, surgery, rehabilitation, therapy and more therapy etc.  There is money to be made in mandating training and certification in antiquated practices like AVT.

There is even money to be made in hosting a big ole conference like EHDI where you make folks pay lots of money for flights, hotels, food, and conference registration so they can present for 30 minutes to a room of about 15-30 people.  And they can then check of the INCLUSION illusion box





AG Bell

have all been around for a long time now and what do we have to show for it – abysmal test scores and shattered lives all because of the prejudice prohibiting the teaching of sign language from birth to Deaf babies

meanwhile…. Hearing babies and mommies and daddies are gobbling up the good stuff before you can teach a Deaf baby to say WHHHHAAAAAATTTTEEEERRRR

but in their wee minds they be saying WWWWW  TTTTTTTT   FFFFFFF cuz they ain’t dumb

that there has been PROVEN – Deaf folks generally cus might fine – pretty G-d da#n clearly in fact and aint it ODD considering how #uck and Son of a #itch were not generally spondee and speech therapy words   (ahh necessity be the best teacher they say)

we do not need any more data folks

we do not need any more summits

we do not need any more lobbyists

what we need is your feet on the pavement signing “Ya Basta”  enuf is enuf with all the hatred towards Deaf people and ASL. enuf – we are Deaf see us roar – we are not going to take this any more!

peacefully – of course – i am only preaching of peaceful action and being extremists of love (see Martin’s letter from jail)

and see AFA’s demands and meet us in St Louis or dont and just wait until the EHDI state system comes for a Deaf school or two near you cuz that is definitely what the EHDI system is – a feeder system to try to make the Deaf undeaf

we could all say yawn cuz its so dang SOML (Z just taught me that one – Story of My Life) and SOS but we cant yawn cuz it is so bloody destructive – sending us back generation after generation.  when u deprive a mind of a fully natural and accessible language u stunt its intellectual growth and that there is a crime against humanity


The 5 AFA demands are right, just, good and true and long over due.

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

If you want more information on EHDI – just key that into the search box here at People of the Eye and you will find some earlier entries on this subject.

see ya in st. louis folks

The Right to be…. Deaf part VI

NOTE: – i wrote up this entry a couple of month ago but didnt have the heart to publish it. In light of the 2nd wave encompassing genetics – i figure i gotta go ahead and click publish.  wish i didnt have to.  would much prefer my paddle in the denial river and me rosy glasses.

We have had a sporadic series going here examining if folks have a right to be Deaf.  See part III,III, IV, V if u want to check those earlier ones out.


The Right to be… Deaf part VI

yes yes i know i aint touched this series in a long long long time.

there is a reason for it – i do not like the conclusion that is self-evidence so hence i have been avoiding.

ya see – i began this series with a question…

Do we have the right to be Deaf?

and the answer has come back with a resounding NO

The answer is NO folks

– when they have cochlear implants implanted in babies and controlled by REMOTE – by others

others being specialists, professionals, assistance and parents – not by the person with the implant themselves then no the RIGHT to be DEAF no longer exists.

Yes yes i know folks r still Deaf who have cochlear implants but the right to be as is, as created, or as u might want to be of ur own free accord – nope there is no bodily integrity and there is no autonomy and EVERYBODY i know of who learns of remote controlling kids with cochlear implants goes…


they all do – even the folks who got their cochlear implants as little kids – they all go EW.  and some even say – well that is like treating them like a robot.  (folks with CI say this  – some of them even refer to themselves as cyborgs but we should not use the robot word cuz it has been used to hurt but when folks who have CI use the R word we gotta take notice folks.  its important and it means something)

so the verdict is in and NO we do not have the right to be Deaf.  We do but we don’t cuz the systems DENY this right.  They are sneetching up the babes and chopping down those trulump trees – quicker than u can sigh&sign UNLESS…

Yes – we know that its alright to be Deaf and yes we know we do have the inalienable right to be Deaf  but we also know that folks r denied their inalienable right by the power that be

and we know that a baby really has NO rights when a system is set up nation wide to test their ears fresh out of the oven and condemn them to a life of “Passed” or “Referred” (ie Failed)

and pls dont tell me the whole early detection racket is actually serving the kids – i can totally SEE who it is serving – cha ching cha ching cha ching

hello Center for DISEASE CONTROL (CDC) – geez why dont u just call us a scourge

hello National Institute of Health (NIH) – National Institute on DeafNESS and other Communication DISORDERS (NIDCD)

hello National Center for ASSESSment and MANagement (NCAM)


i know i know – u say “its for ur own good”

hmmmmm – what good is it really getting Deaf folks except for the 2nd wave of ORALISM/AUDISM getting institutionalized

geez have u noticed how much money the CDC and NIH give out for research re: CI and ear cures and genetics???  and have u noticed how much money the CDC and NIH does NOT give out for ASL+English testing, assessment, intervention, materials, mentoring, services, training etc?

ODD, eh?

in pursuing this question of Do we have the right to be … Deaf – i have made some heartbreaking discoveries that we don’t

that in fact this right is being suppressed, trampled upon, and obliterated by any MEAN means necessary and that there is a depressing discovery

so my friends and my foes (as some of u might wanna see me but i just SEE ya and love ya from afar)

so my friends and neighbors on this planet earth (which we, humanUNkind, are killing mighty fast – see how fracking and earth quacks go hand and hand) i must be honest and tell u – i dont have the heart to imagine any more babes and walk us all through the process of how they are tagged, labeled, drugged, tested, molested, invaded, inoculated, marketed, tooted, etc etc etc cuz we ALL already know these things and if we dont by now its cuz we like eating sand and we “think” if we ignore something we can then pretend that INGORance is bliss and absolves us of any responsibility or complicity

but it dont folks

it certainly does NOT in times of moral crisis and this is what we got so as ive said before – i will say it again Wake the #uck up – and if u continue to do nothing, say nothing, contribute nothing – then u are officially part of the problem and that is not cool

and i am not speaking of poliTICKING – we do not need any more folks telling us how to make ASL pretty so its more attractive.  the language is bloody beautiful and hearing folks all over the planet are gobbling it up.  Meanwhile…. it is forbidden fruit to the very folks who will benefit the most

so you may say – i have survived childhood and my children are hearing so i care not so much for the others.

or you may say – i believe the dog and pony shows –  “look i can hear and speak for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE” (kinda, not really, sorta, well… what i mean is… says Sarah in her near perfect pronunciations)

or you may say – i believe rachel’s rants about how if u all just played nice ud have a job and be off of SSI but because u “DEMAND” so much – u r just a worthless and hopeless people

or you may say – i believe one of those studies with an N of 7 that was financed by MAJOR cochlear implant CORPORATION (ahhh the 1%) espousing the falsehoods that CI babies x 2 will make them on par with their hearing peers.

u may say any and all of the above and to which i will say – NOT COOL

it is not cool to only care about yourself and your won

it is not cool to swallow b.s. and deny the truth when wee lives are attached to those truths

it is not cool to tell folks that they have caused their own misery because they have not worked hard enough to be what they are not

it is not cool to sell the notion that if you play along you will not get played and you will be able to get into positions of power to help those down trodden because its untrue – when u play that game u end up being a token and or banging ur head against a wall trying to make a change

its not cool to protect the corporations over the right to be Deaf

Deaf infants, toddlers, children, youth and adults deserve the right to be Deaf and have access to a fully natural and accessible language in addition to English and u can throw in all those other accessories later if u like but the first and foremost fundalmental right is and shall be – the right to FREE speech – to understand and be understood in a FREE language – not one that comes at an astronomical and unjust price with iffy results except for the CEOs and stock holders (until a recall rolls around then they be singing the blues with you too)

so NOPE the babies do not have right to be Deaf because…

they are DENIED this right and that is not cool!

it is alRIGHT to be Deaf – in fact it is dandy – and that is what the manufacturers, specialists, and educators are bloody petrified of – that u all will realize that its cool and good to be Deaf cuz when we and the greater public discovers that (which they are on the threshold of doing so) the companies, and professionals are not looking so slicky and out of commission as in cha ching – ring a ling ling

(maybe this is why when i asked the director of the cochlear implant program at Gallaudet’s Clerc Center why there was no info on their website about any of the CI recalls the reply i got was – well it would be sticky to share that.  really the truth is sticky?  for whom?  hmmmm – to me the truth would be MIGHTY handy for the parents to hand and most especially for the children but hey what do i know – im just a child of a lesser god (no i aint really – i am woman hear me roar  – i dont care what ur bloody dB is ; )

so if anyone else wants to take us through some walks of life of what happens when a baby is DETECTED to be Deaf and the various INTERVENTIONS – please ohhh please do

me – i aint got the heart to keep doing this cuz the answer is way to clear

2nd wave is hEAR folks

so grateful most of u r waking up and shaking up and creating stuff and ROARING!

say it Loud im Big D and Proud

and audism #uck and mucks things up real bad

and meet me in St. Louis … (or don’t the “option” is all yours)



Dianrez’s Letter to AG Bell Assoc

Another grand letter to AG Bell’s CEO and Director of Communications And Marketing
To see others here – click back or side bar

Thanks Dianez for taking this Grand STAND on behalf of the truth and justice.

August 4, 2011

Dear Mr. Graham, Ms. Boswell;
I am a retired Deaf professional and mother of a grown Deaf son. In my growing up, my parents were profoundly imprinted with the AGBell philosophy. However, it later was not what I chose to raise my Deaf son, preferring a comprehensive approach instead. In the meantime, I observed less than honorable tactics by AGBADHH and now wish to speak up.
Since your recent marketing strategy became publicized by teachers of the deaf receiving them, I have spent considerable time in thought. On one hand, it seems a creative way to gather names and addresses to fill your rosters and increase revenue similar to strategies of direct marketing agencies. It also increases the value of your address lists for secondary marketing to businesses.
All in the name of a charitable organization, right? One that provides services to parents and deaf children, often for free, right?
On the other hand, it was an unwanted invasion into the mails of professional teachers of the deaf. Since your agency membership are largely medical or business people, it made sense to try to add more teachers to the rosters. However, many teachers working with deaf children do not buy into the “listening and speaking” philosophy excluding ASL. Aware of the pitfalls of that approach, they studiously avoid association with it.
Also, many are deaf themselves. They have experienced the pure oral philosophy or have seen products of that environment. They have fought their way through limitations of oralism and obtained university degrees via other approaches to become educators. On the way, they have observed that oralism damages more than it helps, and that the social and emotional costs are greater than the few successes.
To impose your “temporary” membership upon these professionals and their colleagues was offensive because of an approach that they know is iffy at best. To call them “HEARING specialists” further compounded the insult because it dismisses their realities, struggles and strengths of growing up deaf as well as being far removed from their orientation–addressing the deaf child on his own terms, not as a subject to be habilitated into an approximation of hearing.
This is only one of many offensive actions your agency has taken in the past. With each one, your credibility within the Deaf community and professionals working with the d/Deaf drops even further.
I am personally disappointed and thoroughly disgusted with the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and feel that a series of apologies is long overdue.
That, and a greater sensitivity to the overall influence that your agency exerts on the climate we all live in and try to work in the community. For more information, please feel free to contact me or any of the other Deaf professionals working in the real world.

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