Why Nyle’s the Jewel of the Nile

nyle at AG Bell hq

Nyle dancing sweeping Mabel Bell off her feet in front of the Volta Bureau – digital art by Shawn Elfrink

Why Nyle DiMarco is the jewel of the Nile in my eyes:
1. not cuz he dances so pretty but rather cuz he dances the truth – he dances about the oppression of Deaf folks via the jealous mistress – oralism = the banning of sign language and the systematic push for Deaf folks value to be measured by their mouths and their ears

2. not cuz he is so hot & will probably be picked by People Magazine to be the Sexiest Man of the Year – i really ain’t a fan of lookism (look it up – its a real word) but rather because he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that speech and audition – ie talking and hearing are not the great equalizer or liberator

3. not cuz he is all over the internet and popular culture – i aint really big on popular culture but rather because he uses his popularity and celebrity status for the GREATER Good. he has uttered words that most of our “leaders” barely mention – he has talked about the harms of Oralism – banning Sign language from the lives of Deaf children. he has talked about Language Deprivation. he has talked about the beloved Deaf community. He has not made this moment be ABOUT him but rather about JUSTICE – that is huge

4. not cuz he is gonna make everything all better for Deaf folks cuz he is not – no single person could or should do that but rather because he is not afraid to take a stand for that which is just right and good. too many Deaf folks think they must – talk pretty, walk pretty, get flies with honey, sell out, etc etc to eventually some day feel safe enough to stand for the truth but Nyle did not wait. he did not minimize what it is like to be a Deaf person amongst all Hearing contestants on ANTM – he called it what it was “language deprivation” – he suffered through it for the goal of winning and visibility. he did not just make dances that were inspiration pornish – he made a dance that was Pow Pow truth telling. he has the courage of his convictions and acts on them

so what i hope for Nyle and all of us is:
1. keep that courage a rolling. keep singing those songs of freedom

2. keep experimenting with creative and artistic ways to express the Deaf experience both resistance of oppression and affirmation of all that is good about being DEAF

3. keep destigmatizing what it means to be Deaf and celebrating Deafhood

4. keep pulling down the mask of AG Bell Association and all the various corporations and systems that promote the biggest LIE OF THEM ALL – the lie that a person must hear and speak to function in society, and that a person’s intelligence is measured by their ability to speak, and that hearing sets you free, and that normalcy is all the rage

Sensory diversity, gender diversity, sexual diversity, neuro diversity etc ROCK

and now a wish – a deep and heart felt wish that Nyle’s spirit does not get adversely affected by fame. Fame is a horrible beast and not anything i would wish upon anyone. it can mess with the mind worse than any addiction or malady i have ever seen. My wish is that it does not taint or destroy Nyle’s spirit. My wish is he will always remain grounded via his family, bestests, and beloved community and that he will continue to give back and not give in.

and for us – my wish is – we do not sit back and expect him to be all and do all. We all got work to do. Creating, Caring, Challenging, and Celebrating. On ward march. its a love reEVOLution


NTID & RIT Presidents Support ASL

NTID and RIT presidents released a strong statement in support of ASL & English on April 12, 2016.


The statement is clearly in response to the AG Bell Association’s attack on ASL and Deaf culture reacting to a short write up in the Washington Post praising Nyle DiMarco’s (whose mom is an NTID alumni) Foundation supporting ASL for Deaf children so they have bilingualism and Kindergarten readiness.

Their letter uses D/d as some members of our communities do not identify with Deaf culture but are deaf.  I believe this may be one of the first times RIT/NTID has used the capital D and while i see people who do not identify as being Culturally Deaf as still being D because we dont lower case J for Jewish or a for Asian or n for Native american to signify the diversity within those groups – i understand why Presidents Destler and Buckley chose to go with D/d and im thrilled to see them being inclusive of D as most other organizations or universities or individuals opted to go with d only.

The NTID Alumni Association has also released a letter – it can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/NTIDAA/ (scroll down to Statement in response to Sugar’s letter).  I’m facebook free so when i try to click the document – i cant see it unless logging in.  if anyone would like to copy and paste it in the comment box that would be great.

Many other great letters have come out by individuals and organizations and there has been a more thorough examination of the AG Bell association and its bigotry against ASL and Deaf culture.

Not sure if the Gallaudet Student Body Government ever received a response from AG Bell Association Pres Sugar in regards to their invitation to meet with them at Gallaudet.  If they have not – i hope they will follow up with a phone call or a visit to Volta Bureau.


AG Bell’s Bigotry & Bu$ine$$ as Usual

– AG Bell’s Bigotry & Bu$ine$$ as Usual

1280_nyle_dimarco_DWTS_160411AG Bell Associate has displayed Cultural and Linguistic Bigotry.  PERIOD.

it is indefensible and it is endless – it aint the first time and it aint gonna be the last time

so while i commend folks for bringing out all the various studies and i am especially touched by some of the deeply personal stories some folks are sharing about growing up oral aural only or parents being pressured to “choose” oral aural only – the burden is on the AG Bell Association to prove that they are not bigoted

to prove that they are not exclusionary

to prove that they are not trying to usher in a “new way of being deaf” that involves the demise of what it means to be Deaf

to prove that they are not ga ga over a linguistic and cultural genocide

so lets see ’em try

im waiting

and i aint worried because they aint gonna be able to – they have been LOYAL to AG Bell, the man, and association’s mission of PURE ORALISM and ANTI-ASL since their inception

yes,they have raged and waged an unholy campaign against American Sign Language (see mask of benevolence, when the mind hears, forbidden signs: American Culture and the Campaign Against Sign Language, preservation of Sign language and more)

so the burden is on them.  not us.  not u and not me.  it aint even on the Oral “successes” to prove their life is valid and good without ASL because we KNOW their lives are valid regardless of what language(s) they use or dont

the problem is with the AG Bell Association not even believing that their oral “successes” can lead their organizations and co. – yep the burden is on u, AG Bell and Co. – come on Ms. Sugar and Mr. Alonso-Mendoza step down and make room for the byproducts of your obsession – “independence through talking and listening” folks

PROVE IT – put your money where your mouth is and have a Deaf CEO and President at the same time – gasp – horrors.  grrr that durr so radical. haaa its only 2016.  Name one association FOR a group of people that doesnt have any of those people at the lead – hmmmm.

the burden is on YOU. AG Bell Association. You too EHDI systems – put some Deaf folks at the helm – yes im talking to u Dr. White.  Make things right and stop the:

racism (yep almost all those orgs and entities are lead by White folks)
classism (yep almost all those orgs and entities cater to middle, upper middle, and wealthy)

that is just way toooooooo many “isms” ya all – it is 2016 after all – if u and cochlear implants are all the bling – CI co. and AGB and starkey and let them hear foundation and hands and voices should be filled with Oral successes in LEADership positions

odd eh?  and dont even try to say they are all too busy being successful in the mainstream that they cant take on leadership in any of these entities.  Cuz your noses have already grown way to big lately




and now to the point of Bu$ine$$ as Usual

we aint having it – Nyle is way to pretty and shiny.  He is just gonna win the hearts and minds of US popular culture – quicker than any viral ci activating video will ever do.  That Deaf Smart ASL Boy Sure plays a mean pinball!

yep he does soooooo AG Bell and Co u is busted.  As in Ya Basta

as  in your Bu$ine$$ as Usual in the hopes of creating a brave new world of hearing deaf (what an oxymoron) people – aint gonna work.  u can keep trying – i know u will but we gonna:

  1. boycott – Deaf folks are not gonna be going to your Association or membership events or EHDI conferences until you got Deaf folks in the lead and you STOP your cultural and linguistic bigotry
  2. divest – Deaf schools, colleges, organizations and individuals and allies are not gonna be sponsoring your conferences or donating money to you and your events cuz we do not finance bigotry
  3. direct action – folks are gonna keep disrupting the auditory industrial complex – they gonna keep doing sit-ins at your temple of doom aka Volta Burea, they gonna keep holding vigils in memory of lost lives and victims and survivors past, present and soon to be, they gonna hold demonstrations outside of your conferences and hand out truth cards to passer bys who ALWAYS SAY – “what – they dont let Deaf babies sign?????  THAT IS HORRIBLE”
  4. and more surprises cuz ASL rises and civil disobedience rocks – we peaceful resisters are so scary ; )psst – keep pushing AG Bell and the truth gonna reach the US public about your unethical and unimaginable practices – banning ASL from Deaf babies and their families is gonna go viral and u will not be able to practice bu$ineSS as usual

cuz your practices are in fact CRUEL and UNUSUAL

they is and u know it

as i told the EHDI folks when we met with them in St. Louis “YOU KNOW YOU CAN NOT PRACTICE ORALISM WITH OUT ABUSE”

and no one at the table dared disagreed because at the table were survivors of ORALISM and because they the system folks – NCHAM Dr. White, CDC rep, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Maternal and Child Health rep – know that in order to get Deaf children to wear their “ears” parents have had to SIT ON THEIR CHILDREN, punish their children (reward punishment), some children develop infections, some children’s CI fail cold and they have to have it ex-planted and a new one implanted, some children’s CI fail hot and they are shocked and it has to be explanted and a new one implanted.  and more – much more.  Even under the best of circumstances abuses are happening – on micro and macro levels

this is aversion therapy via technological intervention

all in search of that holy grail – “how to make deaf children into hearing deaf children”

and the answer is – why would you even EVER try.

just look at Nyle.  It is beautiful to be DEAF.

Deaf ASL = success. Get used to it AGB

ASL is not on the decline – its on the rise and that is what is scaring you and causing you to REact.

No worries – its a beauty to behold – truths being told by the victims and survivors of your bigotry and its a JOY to see a STRONG Deaf-centered man who can dance, smile, laugh, sign and INVEST in Deaf children’s right to ASL.

Seriously Nyle has won me over.  I aint a fan of celebrities – they are often very unauthentic and i do not value society putting so much attention and $ into them – its usually very bad for the individual and for the greater good.  But every once and a while there emerges someone with ambition for public attention to serve the greater good and me thinking Nyle DeMarco may just be such a person.

what’s that i hear?

“I’m shrinking, I’m shrinking” shrieks AG Bell Association

yep u is.  no doubt

Deaf individuals, organizations, educational institutions, and allies – divest from bigoted bu$ine$$ so they can no longer do their bu$ine$$ of bigotry

and to our beloved community

focus now folks because lots of folks are gonna be popping up here and there and everywhere to illicit a REaction from ya all so they can point and shout “see see meany big D Deaf militant, extremists, bullies” while simultaneously praising “others” freedom of speech – dont take the bait.  We dont need to be REacting to them – we just need to engage in direct peaceful action with the true oppressors.

Focus cuz we are very close and that is why they have released the krakens ; ) haaaa

nah the various aliases that i have been told are showing up here and there to make a ruckus with wee word wars in small boxes aint nothing at all except a diversion.  don’t take the bait mate.

eyes on the prize folks and forward march and love.  always love.

oh and thank u nyle for restoring me faith in mankind ; ).



AG Bell NAD & You & Me

Text below video box:


I’ve gotten a lot of emails about AG Bell Association insulting Nyle, insulting Deaf people, insulting sign language, insulting research, insulting facts, and insulting truths. (see http://www.agbell.org/in-the-news/response-nyle-dimarco/)

Yep, that is what AG Bell does. It’s really nothing new. That is their way since the beginning.

Many of you are upset and that is good. We should be upset. What they are doing is unacceptable! I’m here not to show the errors of their ways – the falsehoods behind their offending statements. Am i here to be on the defense against their lies – NO – I don’t feel a need to do that. It is obvious that they are 100% wrong in what they are saying. I hope that other linguists and psychologist will post up facts. I don’t feel we need to be on the defense. Who should have to defend their words? They – AG Bell – should. Why? Because AG Bell has been practicing AUDISM against Deaf people since its conception. It has been practicing PHONOCENTRISM (the belief to speak is superior to signing or writing) since its conception. AG Bell has the STRONG belief that Speech is superior. It practices the belief of lingiucism – it believes that English is superior to ASL.

The recent statement from AG Bell Association (http://www.agbell.org/in-the-news/response-nyle-dimarco/) is BIGOTRY – Cultural and linguistic BIGOTRY against Deaf people, against Deaf culture, against Sign Language. They have been doing this since their beginning and its nothing new – in fact it’s their MISSION in life.

AG Bell, the man, himself was against sign language with Deaf children in schools, against Deaf teachers, against Deaf marrying Deaf. He wanted a perfect race (eugenics) – he did not want to see more hereditary Deaf children created. So he founded the AG Bell Association and it adheres to his principles. AGBAD is against sign language. At times they have tried to word smith and cloak their bigotry but every once and a while they overtly show their true colors by making public statements in the media. But regardless of their public actions – throughout time they have enforced a strict practice of Oralism. Fiercely supporting it. Occasionally they get in hot water for making a public statement and its good that their masks comes down and people see them for what they are but we should know that they have been doing this since their origins and it really is NOTHING new for them.

I’m here to sign out what? Number one – that the NAD (National Association of the Deaf) must stop being on the same committee as the AG Bell –(Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alliance) http://usicd.org/doc/DHHA%20CRPD%20Letter%20FINAL%20%282%29%206_2_2014.pdf (added here since the DHHA website is down – AG Bell and NAD also sit on the Council on Education of the Deaf http://councilondeafed.org/member-organizations/) NAD should not serve on the same taskforce / councils /committees with AG Bell. They should step down from such affiliations in protest showing that they will not do business with such a bigoted association. NAD needs to make a strong statement. Previously the CEO of the NAD promised they would make a strong statement against any organization or individual that campaigned saying oralism was superior to ASL but then later the NAD got evasive and backed down. NAD needs to confront AG Bell’s conduct. They need to.


If people want to demand an apology from AG Bell that is fine but for me – I am not interested in an apology. I want them to stop – to cease and desist from their persistent campaign against ASL. Enough is Enough.


EHDI on the state level across the country and NCHAM, which gets a lot of funds from NIH and CDC and is responsible for gathering information and disseminating it related to Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (note I do not sign the recommend “grab/seize opportunity or Involve sign” for intervention because EHDI is still about INTERRUPTING parent and Deaf bodies via “deafness” frame) – NCHAM is run by Dr. Karl White and the NCHAM lists different resources and services for parents etc. – lists AG Bell Association. Many State level EHDI services lists AG Bell Association. If you look around to various agencies, programs, etc who do they list for referrals, resources, services? AG Bell Association will often be at the top of the list. It’s often at the top because it starts with an A and A is the first letter in the alphabet – when in fact it shouldn’t be listed at all. AG Bell Association should be REMOVED from any such listing because they practice bigotry – they promote hatred of ASL and Deaf culture. This has been proven throughout time.

Us being upset about AG Bell’s response to Nyle and the Pepsi commercial is fine and right. At the same time before AG Bell had sent out a letter to Deaf schools with membership cards. When the teachers all over the country went to their school mail box and saw they got a letter from AG Bell Association they were disturbed and upon opening up the letter they found a unwanted, unsolicited, offensive membership card with their OWN names on it with their title as “Hearing Specialists.” NAD said and did nothing to protect Deaf teachers from this tactic by AGBAD.

Many people were upset as was AFA Audism Free America so they held a vigil at AG Bell Headquarters in Washington, DC and made copies of these offensive “Hearing Specialist” AG Bell membership cards and distributed to folks to burn in protest. A symbolic measure to communicate to AGBAD to stop sending out such “membership cards” and since then they have not done that again.

Thus it is important for us to confront such oppressive practices – not just when famous people are attacked or because of the Pepsi letter. It’s important to challenge the everyday oppressive practices of the AG Bell Association and its promotion of the falsehood that speech is superior.

Last year or the year before that, the president of AG Bell Association wrote a horrible letter in response to an article – she wrote about how superior cochlear implants were since her Deaf son has cochlear implants and when he is on his bike riding she can call him home to eat and he will hear her and come back thus making life easier for her and all hail to the powers of CI and speech and all curses for the inferiority of ASL. http://www.agbell.org/AGBellResponsetoPediatrics/

Was there a great outcry by the community – no because there was no famous person involved so we really need to look at how on-going the AG Bell Association’s campaign against ASL and Deaf culture has been. This recent flare up about Nyle’s and the Washington Post article (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/reliable-source/wp/2016/03/28/a-dancing-with-the-stars-contestant-is-vying-for-a-white-house-correspondents-dinner-invite/) – in a few weeks the noise will die down and AG Bell will keep up their sheath-like campaign against ASL and Deaf culture. We need to keep an eye on that and challenge it again and again.

People should host vigils and rallies at AG Bell Headquarters periodically so that the public is aware of what AG Bell Association is playing at. Now with the Nyle’s incident – it would be a good time for folks to have a peaceful rally at AG Bell Headquarters – to practice their first amendment rights of freedom of speech/sign and assembly.

Last summer some of us went to AG Bell Headquarters – called Volta Bureau – which is near Georgetown University. We put 12 black flags in memory of 12 Deaf children who died from Cochlear Implant complications way back in the beginning of experimenting with implanting children. Since that time many others have died from CI complications in the US and other countries – although it is hard to get those facts and details out to the public. (see https://usdeafhistory.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/final-transcriptforpanelexcerptpetitto1.pdf) 12 flags were planted in their memory. AG Bell Association has gotten a lot of money from CI corporations. They have had their circle alliance with different cochlear implant companies that have been sued for fraud and faulty cochlear implants that leak and cause shocks and have had recalls.

AG Bell should be challenged not to be pushing cochlear implants onto innocent parents when they first learn their newborn or infant is Deaf and are looking for answers.

It’s important to watch the various systems that we often allow to go unchecked without our challenging them and holding them accountable. We also need to watch our organizations and leaders that some time refuse to see the truth or even work with various oppressive systems and then later those systems like AG Bell and EHDI say “we work very closely with the NAD” or “we work very closely with Deaf leaders.” They take advantage of those associations and claim that they are not at fault while scapegoating the Deaf orgs and individuals because those Deaf folks are allowing it. We need to challenge and not just passively accept the status quo.

Yes I predict the NAD will write a letter to AG Bell wagging their finger at them “tsk, tsk, tsk AGB. Don’t do that” and then be done with it allowing AG Bell to continue doing OTHER THINGS that are much worse. ADDED 4/4/201One write up by AG Bell with misinformation which is wrong and bad and should not be tolerated – at the same time have a fit over that one action when there is a long history of much great bad deeds that directly adversely impact Deaf children due to Oralism – we need to stand oppose all forms of oppression. Not just today’s situation but 3 weeks from now, 3 month from now, 3 years from now. Confront, Confront, Confront.  bye

ADDED: important blog by Amy Cohen Efron examining AG Bell’s history of having a fit any time ASL and the Deaf-world is shown in a popular light to the greater public
AG Bell Belittles Nyle DiMarco


Option Schools and Alliances and Elephants – OH NO!

The Elephant in the Deaf Room by Nanc y Rourke

The Elephant in the Deaf Room by Nancy Rourke


so a few weeks ago CEASD Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf http://www.ceasd.org/ met in Indiana and they had a presentation / panel about ALLIANCES AND PARTNERSHIPS with Option Schools, Inc.  Option Schools are Oral /Aural Only programs – IE they EXCLUDE / BAN/ DENY ASL  http://optionschools.org/


The NAD National Association of the Deaf was there too.  the NAD already serves on an ALLIANCE with the AG Bell Association (AG Bell Association is the # 1 – Oral / Aural Only promotor – IE they EXCLUDE / BAN / DENY ASL and refuses to apologize for its offensive letter to Pepsi portraying signing Deaf folks as isolated and dependent).  See the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alliance membership http://www.dhhainfo.com/members/ to see that the NAD (and CEASD) has been k-i-s-s-i-n-g with AG Bell for a mighty long time now.


Option Schools, Inc is having a conference in Buffalo, NY  May 18-21, 2014 and CEASD and the NAD will be there.

This is very De Ja Vu folks.

we already been there, done that.

ie – we already tried to work with the Oralist Oppressors.

NOTE: there is nothing wrong with developing oral skills – there is EVERYTHING wrong with insisting it is the only / exclusive / mandatory way to “function” in society and listening and talking create independence.  Speaking and listening does not equate intelligence nor independence folks.  The notion that to speak and listen (ie Oralism) is superior to being Deaf  is bigotry and bias speaking .  Audism anyone?

from Option Schools, Inc website:

Our Vision

OPTION Schools, Inc. will be a recognized authority on listening and spoken language education for children with hearing loss. We will be known for our work in, and dedication to helping children with hearing loss to listen and talk and reach their full potential. We will continue to provide a wide variety of programs and services that will increase the effectiveness of schools and centers that teach children with hearing loss. We will be an unfailing source of information and training for our members, and in our field.


this is so same ole same ole

so why praise tell is the CEASD and the NAD teaming up with Optionless schools?

(we call them optionLESS because they truly are – they are denying Deaf children the right to a natural and fully accessible language and that goes against 4 International groups saying Deaf children have a RIGHT to a natural signed language – http://audismfreeamerica.blogspot.com/2011/10/international-documents-asserting.html)

Why is CEASD and the NAD making ALLIANCES with OptionLESS schools & AG Bell Association?

one Deaf leader in Facebook said with dismay “I put my trust in our Deaf leaders to do right by the Deaf children”

yep. Tis a pity.

why oh why?

NAD is saying its not happy happy about OptionLESS schools inc and CEASD k-i-s-s-i-n-g cuz NAD got stung by some Option School folks in the FLA legislative meetings

bbuuuuuuttttttt – it supports CEASD cuz it supports the Alice Cogswell and Anne Sullivan Macy bill – See HR 4040

(but there really isnt much to see)


This bill was never impressive cuz its like  ‘Oral only is ok’

(which we know it is NOT)

and now the bill has been expanded to include Blind and Deafblind folks and the Blind provisions are MUCH STRONGER than the provisions originated by the NAD and CEASD.  The blind folks are asserting their rights mighty nicely methink.  (ie we dont see any provision saying the denial of the use of a cane or braille is ok)

the CEASD’s reasons for having an ALLIANCE with OptionLESS schools has not be clearly articulated.

According to tweets from the Indiana CEASD conference – CEASD said the big elephant in the room was Option Schools going after Deaf school funding while OPTION Inc said the big elephant was that folks dont understand what Option Inc is about.





not likely


cuz when u put money over children

cuz when u pursue unjust and unwise ALLIANCES

cuz when u pretend that Option Schools, Inc really provide options

cuz when u draft bills that are devoted to saving your schools and positions and not saving the  children

cuz when u create illusions of equality (Deaf at EHDI, Deaf on ALLIANCES with AG Bell, Deaf at Option Conferences) without any demands for equality of condition for the CHILDREN

cuz when u dont address the TRUE elphant in the room

cuz when u dont release the Language Deprivation bill by Dec 1 as promised (hello, NAD we see you)

cuz when u wheel and deal – gala here, meeting there, super bowl rah rah rah

cuz when u never invest in ASL and the Deaf -world – always fighting for things to serve the elite and privileged over the most down trodden of us

cuz when u dont heed the words and actions of our ancestors who have already encountered the deadly tango with the Oral / Aural ONLYIST

cuz when u dont know history

you fail the children


There is NOTHING wrong with demanding that Deaf children have a right to a fully natural and accessible signed language.  They can also learn oral and aural skills

There is EVERYTHING wrong with being in alliance with organizations, groups, associations, and business (ie Inc and Ltds) that advocate for the denial of ASL and for oral / aural ONLY

sure you can go the route of “you get more flies with honey” or whatever that bloody idiom is

or the one about “building bridges instead of burning” them but

the truth is – we dont want flies we want justice

the truth is – the bridge was burned a long time ago and is STILL burning – anytime an organization, institution, inc, ltd commits itself to be Oral / Aural ONLY – it is burning the bridge

the CEASD and NAD crossing over the burning bridge thinking its gonna give them a wee measure to limp a long a bit more is reckless and UNJUST

LGBTQ have not gained the rights they are gaining today by having acquiesced to the oppressors

African-Americans have not gained the rights they have today by acquiescing to the oppressors

Women have not gained the rights they have today by acquiescing to the oppressors


CEASD and NAD – ya can continue down this path and we know where it will lead – we already done played this one out – u r ushering in the 2nd wave of Oralism because u feel there is no other choice but in fact we do have OPTIONS

awake and stand

if u must be in Buffalo – you MUST stand and testify to all the abuse that goes on under the cloak of “restoring the Deaf to society” IE ORALISM

cuz it still goes on

kids are still being rapped on the hand with rulers and YARD STICKS (this happened 2 years ago to a Deaf 16 year old man (yes 16 is considered legal age in some states) with a CI, who said to his speech pathologist – i dont want to do speech therapy any more – WHACK! Take that)

there is more folks – MUCH MORE


OH and check out how effective the visibility at EHDI is working out for Deaf folks – audiologist blogs that Deaf signing folks at EHDI made a parent cry – ahhh inclusion


We demand it cuz Deaf folks are worth it

or dont and SINK

Remember and heed the words of the first president of the National Association of the Deaf.  NAD was founded in 1880 and 2 scores later, six years before his death, The McGregor was still calling for the NAD to stand strong and do what it was formed to do – oppose oppression via oralism.

Excerpt from Robert McGregor's Address to the NADY December 1920

Excerpt from Robert McGregor’s Address to the NAD December 1920

See Robert P. McGregor’s Irishman’s Flea – that has great relevancy today:


In this 1913 classic film, The McGregor compares an elusive and pesky flea to the irksome myth of the “restored to society deaf” which can never be found because they do not exist.

Ella Mae Lentz’s classic vlog about the true Elephant in the room – ORALISM – which depends on falsehoods and deceit and ALLIANCES to continue its reign of error.

AGBell: the Elephant in the Deaf Room



“A tremendous WTF” & Keep STANDing Folks

Greetings all

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 4.31.38 PM

Audism Free America (AFA) had a very intensely busy time in L.A. doing peaceful protests against AG Bell Association and the Bermuda Triangle of Oralism in L.A.

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 4.33.50 PM

Logo design by Iva ikeda

AG Bell – the man and the Association – promote Oral/Aural ONLY over a Deaf child’s right to a natural and fully accessible language (ASL), falsely portray Deaf folks who sign as being dependent and inferior, and are in bed with cochlear implant corporations.

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 4.22.56 PM

Advanced Bionics – cochlear implant manufacture that has been fined by the FDA and sued by parents for $7.25 million dollars. 40 more lawsuits pending.

AGBell Association held its lsl (listening and spoken language) symposium in LA where Advanced Bionics was a major sponsor.  Advanced Bionics produces cochlear implants – some of which have led to brain infections and caused deaths and other complications.  One of which has caused shocks, convulsions and vomiting.  Advanced Bionics has been sued and fined by the FDA and has been sued by parents of a Deaf child and they have been awarded $7.25 million dollars.  Why or why is AG Bell keeping co. with such an unsafe and unethical corporation?

Statue of Dr. House standing atop a  pedestal with Deaf child underneath in front of House Research Institute

Statue of Dr. House standing atop a pedestal with Deaf child underneath in front of House Research Institute

The House Research Institute (formerly known as the House Ear Institute HEI) is also housed in LA and features a hugely creepy statue of Dr. House looking like a sinister character out of one of Tim Burton’s films standing a top of a Deaf child with covered ears.  Eerie indeed.  Many folks have encountered Dr. House and his huge push for implanting all things Deaf – especially children – with his experimental 3M/House implant.

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 3.58.05 PM

Sandra Thrapp showing her unease with Mrs. Spencer Tracy

And there there is the John Tracy Clinic founded by the wife of the famous actor Spencer Tracy for their Usher Syndrome (Born Deaf and would become fully blind late in life) son, John Tracy and promotes AG Bell’s oral / aural .  The John Tracy Clinic is affiliated with the University of San Diego.  it is high time that university’s divest from audist practices and institutions.  Audism is the belief that to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf soooooo Utah State University really shouldn’t be running that Sound Beginnings program that is all oral / aural ONLY, nor should the University of Wisconsin be doing those unethical cochlear implant experiments on cats in the name of saving the Deaf, nor should the University of San Diego be doing teacher training education via John Tracy Clinic oral /aural Only manifest destiny doctrine.

Sandra Trapp had this to say about the John Tracy Clinic and Dr. House:

[Thank you Sandra for allowing us to reproduce your quote and images here.]

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Sandra Thrapp being used as a poster child for audism and John Tracy Clinic. Many Deaf children have been featured in news stories to SELL oralism and audism.

DR. WILLIAM HOUSE from Ear Research Institute referred my parents to send me to JOHN TRACY CLINIC (Haunted Mansion). Mrs. Spencer Tracy took my childhood years from 14 months to 4 1/2 yrs. old, took me away from DEAF WORLD. Then I was sent to a public school and placed me in a “Special Need” program. I did not even know my full name until I transferred to California School for the Deaf, Riverside. PAH! CSDR and Gallaudet did not waste my life. I will NEVER NEVER forget Dr. House and John Tracy Clinic. i was mentally, verbally, and physically abused by them. Damn them AND A.G.Bell’!!!! (A tremendous WTF)….

It is absolutely TIME to listen and hear and

HEED the words of the survivors. 

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photo by Robert Audette

Thank you to all the folks who were part of the AFA rallies in L.A. Most especially Ruthie Jordan, who led the events and is true blue to STANDing against audism and other “isms” that oppress and diminish. The ACTivists were very busy and at times security at the Omni hotel, Advanced Bionics, House Research Institute, and John Tracy Clinic were not always cool.  So braveness and love were in greater need.  The hired hands of AG Bell and the LA Bermuda Triangle of Oralism (JTC, HRI, and AB) shows how badly they tried to intimidate and silence.  They do not want the truth out so pls keep standing folks.  Peaceful direct confrontation is working.

It is time to put a stop to these tremendous WTF practices of audism.

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Detail image of Ellen Manfield’s mandala with lit candle cupped in ceramic hands.

AGBAD & JTC k i s s i n g… first comes Oralism then comes Audism…

I Will Never Forget mansfield

I Will Never Forget by Ellen Mansfield

So as hopefully you already know – the AG Bell Association will be having their Listening & Spoken Language (LSL) conference in Los Angeles this summer.  July 18-20, 2013.  and hopefully you already know that Audism Free America (AFA) and Ca. Deaf community members will be having some rallies (see vlog at bottom of this entry)

Also in LA is the infamous John Tracy Clinic, which was established by the wife of famous actor (Spencer Tracy) because they had a Deaf son (John Tracy) and she wanted him to speak.  He was raised orally and even after he became blind from Usher’s Syndrome later in life still no one signed with him.  Family members would just listen to him talk and then they would do tactile outlining of letters into the palm of his hand or if more lengthy info. on his back.

The John Tracy Clinic is famous because it brought English word kits directly into the homes of families with Deaf children.  Parents desperate to know what to do with their Deaf child would get these packets to label various items in their home CHAIR DOOR STAIRS …. a visual system to get words into the minds of the wee people of the HandEyes.

The reason why it is also famous is because it adheres to the exclusionary dogma of Oral / Aural ONLY – ie the wee things are NOT allowed to sign if they are reared on the John Tracy Clinic method which in turn is affiliated with the AG Bell method.  The John Tracy Clinic is not only in the business of making Deaf children behave as much like Hearing children as possible, they also have a master’s program.  the online program
• Requires current employment as a teacher in a “Center of Excellence” as outlined in the Alexander Graham Bell Association’s “Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral Program”1

this AG Bell Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral Program that the John Tracy Clinic adheres to promotes the belief that to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf (ie AUDISM) and follows Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT), which denies the visual acuity of Deaf children via lipreading or gesturing and/or signing.

Don’t believe me well here are a few quotes from that AG Bell Program:

AG BELL Components: As we prepare students who have a hearing disability for the real world, it isimperative that they develop the oral communication skills that will enable them to compete.

Resistance by David Call

Resistance by David Call


FACT: this is false folks – i know plenty of Deaf folks who do not communicate orally that are able to compete in the real world.  Its not an imperative for life – its just an imperative for their industry and their ideology.
AG BELL Components: This is particularly important since 90-95% of alI students with a hearing disability are born to hearing parents and families who communicate orally.
FACT: Aren’t they cute in how they make it seem like 90-95% of the families do not sign when in FACT many Hearing families with Deaf children DO SIGN.
AG BELL Components: Public School Caucus is dedicated to providing auditory/oral programs and options for students with hearing disabilities. The development of auditory/skills increases students’ ability to learn and to meet their maximum academic potential.
FACT: The majority of Deaf children are implanted and being raised orally in oral Deaf schools and/or the mainstream and we have NOT seen a marked improvement in Deaf children’s literacy rate.  Auditory/oral programs continue to show mixed results while Deaf children who were given a fully accessible natural sign language and English at a young age generally show strong literacy and cognitive skills.
AG BELL Components: All program components must support that oral philosophy. This is based on the following beliefs:
The role of education is to prepare students to live in the hearing world by developing oral
communication skills.
All persons involved in the student’s program must be committed to the auditory/oral
philosophy. This includes:
-the parents, immediate family, and extended family,
-the teachers of the hearing impaired, support staff, and administrators,
-the general education staff and general education administrators, and
-the board of education and the community.
‘ All programs and methods used must be designed, implemented, and maximized to develop
the student’s ability to communicate orally.
All methods/modalities must support and not supplant oral communication/programming.
Examples of supportive systems Would include audition, speechreading, and the printed
symbol. Methods that supplant would include Signed English, ASL, etc
FACT: See how EVERYONE must be oral / aural only – even the extended family members.  Imagine the effort that goes into trying to deny the child any exposure to ASL.  I know of one young person that told me their parents wouldn’t even let them have up Deaf centered posters in their room for fear that ASL would soon follow.
Note the last line of how ASL is maligned as a supplanter. 
 AG BEll Component under the Physical Facilities section:

A quality auditory/oral program is sensitive to the physical facilities in which the program is housed. It
is imperative that students who utilize auditory/oral communication be in a separate facility from those
students using sign language.
FACT: Never the twain shall meet, eh?  Keep them far far as in physically far apart.  Oy the jealous mistress.
There is more (you can see an older entry examining other parts of AG Bell Doctrine) but its UGH and you get the idea that 1. AG Bell your fanaticism NOT COOL and 2. JTC your training new teachers in this dogmatic doctrine NOT COOL.

AGB & JTC k i s s i n g… first comes Oralism then comes Audism…

MaishaAnd if you are already thinking but the ability to speak is such a Godsend or its only for their own good or grrr that Durr with all her facts – check out a survivor of John Tracy Clinic and her beautiful truths.  She even included George Veditz and i was like WOW!


LA is starting to look like the Bermuda Triangle of Oralism now aint it?

No wonder AG Bell set its sights there.

This is why we STAND folks.

“Let us join together as one to protest these educators who would fix our destiny without consulting us, without hearing us. Here in the greatest republic of the Old World, the delegates from that in the New ask all present to join together to affirm a new declaration of human rights, the right of the deaf to life, liberty the pursuit of happiness, and the education of their children on a plan they accept. Let us declare to the entire world that the deaf will not be crucified on the cross of a single method.” James L. Smith 

1 (from http://www.jtc.org/graduate-students/online-masters-degree-program)

AFA vlog about the rallies in LA during the AG Bell LSL Symposium

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