Advanced Bionics Put Profit Over People q

Advanced Bionics headquarters against a blue sky with black lettered spray painted signs on white poster boards hanging in front on a fence spelling out the words (AB) HARMS DEAF CHILDREN July 2013

Advanced Bionics headquarters against a blue sky with black lettered spray painted signs on white poster boards hanging in front on a fence spelling out the words (AB) HARMS DEAF CHILDREN July 2013

ADVANCED BIONICS keeps shocking us.

Advanced Bionics Put Profit Over People q

We have been sharing info on the dangers of cochlear implants for a while here at the People of the Eye place simply because no one else was.

It wasn’t anything i wanted to pursue or even think about.  But the truth kept on a calling and there are more truths to be told.

In addition to Advanced Bionics being fined by the FDA to the tune of $1.1 million dollars and having numerous recalls and having caused alot of deaths from meningitis infections post implantation – it was sued by a KY family who’s daughter got shocked by her Advanced Bionics cochlear implant four years AFTER it was implanted due to a moisture leak.  A Ky jury awarded the family over $7 million dollars.

[see A Tool That Shocks – Advanced Bionics & AG Bell]

The latest is more facts are coming out about how Advanced Bionics engaged in corporate deviance – knowingly allowing their faulty devices to remain out on the market.  This is a HUGE problem folks cuz these devices dont just sit on shelves, they don’t just travel in people’s pockets – they get implanted into the brain – yes the electrodes make contact with the brain and moisture leak where there is brain fluid is NOT NOT NOT NOT cool.

Deceit is not sweet. – So see the latest news story from the Today show of NBC about a family that is VERY upset that their daughter got a faulty implant.  Language delay is not cool.  Corporate deviance is derelict.  Profit from false prophecies unjust.

Note the quote from the doctor in the news:

Dr. Gadre says he’s angry that small children were forced to undergo multiple, traumatic surgeries.

“I think those human beings made a terrible decision,” he said. “When you start putting profits before people, because that’s the only way I can interpret this, if you start putting profits before people it never comes to a good end. There’s no way that that could ever come to a good end.”

Advanced Bionics putting profit over WEE people is totally unconscionable.  AG Bell Association being associated (ie in bed with Advanced Bionics) – accepting HUGE amounts of money from Advanced Bionics and featuring them as their major conference sponsors is WRONG.

With a capital A for Audism and C for capitalism.


Very thankful that Audism Free America held a peaceful demonstration at Advanced Bionics in July 2013 and spelled out the truth to help make the invisible visible.

group of protesters in front of Advanced Bionics hold up white poster boards with black spraypainted letters spelling out (AB) Harms Deaf Children in the scorching heat of LA, CA July 2013

group of protesters in front of Advanced Bionics hold up white poster boards with black spray painted letters spelling out (AB) Harms Deaf Children in the scorching heat of LA, CA July 2013

Audism Free America started a petition calling upon the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to initiate and impartial and independent investigation into the safety of cochlear implants especially in children.  The petition has over 1500 signatures at the PETITION ONLINE site – Please feel free to sign and circulate.  Many prominent folks have signed the petition such as Drs. Ben Bahan and Harlan Lane.  Add your John Hancock so that we get ANSWERS.


“A tremendous WTF” & Keep STANDing Folks

Greetings all

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 4.31.38 PM

Audism Free America (AFA) had a very intensely busy time in L.A. doing peaceful protests against AG Bell Association and the Bermuda Triangle of Oralism in L.A.

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 4.33.50 PM

Logo design by Iva ikeda

AG Bell – the man and the Association – promote Oral/Aural ONLY over a Deaf child’s right to a natural and fully accessible language (ASL), falsely portray Deaf folks who sign as being dependent and inferior, and are in bed with cochlear implant corporations.

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 4.22.56 PM

Advanced Bionics – cochlear implant manufacture that has been fined by the FDA and sued by parents for $7.25 million dollars. 40 more lawsuits pending.

AGBell Association held its lsl (listening and spoken language) symposium in LA where Advanced Bionics was a major sponsor.  Advanced Bionics produces cochlear implants – some of which have led to brain infections and caused deaths and other complications.  One of which has caused shocks, convulsions and vomiting.  Advanced Bionics has been sued and fined by the FDA and has been sued by parents of a Deaf child and they have been awarded $7.25 million dollars.  Why or why is AG Bell keeping co. with such an unsafe and unethical corporation?

Statue of Dr. House standing atop a  pedestal with Deaf child underneath in front of House Research Institute

Statue of Dr. House standing atop a pedestal with Deaf child underneath in front of House Research Institute

The House Research Institute (formerly known as the House Ear Institute HEI) is also housed in LA and features a hugely creepy statue of Dr. House looking like a sinister character out of one of Tim Burton’s films standing a top of a Deaf child with covered ears.  Eerie indeed.  Many folks have encountered Dr. House and his huge push for implanting all things Deaf – especially children – with his experimental 3M/House implant.

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 3.58.05 PM

Sandra Thrapp showing her unease with Mrs. Spencer Tracy

And there there is the John Tracy Clinic founded by the wife of the famous actor Spencer Tracy for their Usher Syndrome (Born Deaf and would become fully blind late in life) son, John Tracy and promotes AG Bell’s oral / aural .  The John Tracy Clinic is affiliated with the University of San Diego.  it is high time that university’s divest from audist practices and institutions.  Audism is the belief that to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf soooooo Utah State University really shouldn’t be running that Sound Beginnings program that is all oral / aural ONLY, nor should the University of Wisconsin be doing those unethical cochlear implant experiments on cats in the name of saving the Deaf, nor should the University of San Diego be doing teacher training education via John Tracy Clinic oral /aural Only manifest destiny doctrine.

Sandra Trapp had this to say about the John Tracy Clinic and Dr. House:

[Thank you Sandra for allowing us to reproduce your quote and images here.]

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 3.56.01 PM

Sandra Thrapp being used as a poster child for audism and John Tracy Clinic. Many Deaf children have been featured in news stories to SELL oralism and audism.

DR. WILLIAM HOUSE from Ear Research Institute referred my parents to send me to JOHN TRACY CLINIC (Haunted Mansion). Mrs. Spencer Tracy took my childhood years from 14 months to 4 1/2 yrs. old, took me away from DEAF WORLD. Then I was sent to a public school and placed me in a “Special Need” program. I did not even know my full name until I transferred to California School for the Deaf, Riverside. PAH! CSDR and Gallaudet did not waste my life. I will NEVER NEVER forget Dr. House and John Tracy Clinic. i was mentally, verbally, and physically abused by them. Damn them AND A.G.Bell’!!!! (A tremendous WTF)….

It is absolutely TIME to listen and hear and

HEED the words of the survivors. 

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 4.19.29 PM

photo by Robert Audette

Thank you to all the folks who were part of the AFA rallies in L.A. Most especially Ruthie Jordan, who led the events and is true blue to STANDing against audism and other “isms” that oppress and diminish. The ACTivists were very busy and at times security at the Omni hotel, Advanced Bionics, House Research Institute, and John Tracy Clinic were not always cool.  So braveness and love were in greater need.  The hired hands of AG Bell and the LA Bermuda Triangle of Oralism (JTC, HRI, and AB) shows how badly they tried to intimidate and silence.  They do not want the truth out so pls keep standing folks.  Peaceful direct confrontation is working.

It is time to put a stop to these tremendous WTF practices of audism.

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 4.41.24 PM

Detail image of Ellen Manfield’s mandala with lit candle cupped in ceramic hands.

AGBAD & JTC k i s s i n g… first comes Oralism then comes Audism…

I Will Never Forget mansfield

I Will Never Forget by Ellen Mansfield

So as hopefully you already know – the AG Bell Association will be having their Listening & Spoken Language (LSL) conference in Los Angeles this summer.  July 18-20, 2013.  and hopefully you already know that Audism Free America (AFA) and Ca. Deaf community members will be having some rallies (see vlog at bottom of this entry)

Also in LA is the infamous John Tracy Clinic, which was established by the wife of famous actor (Spencer Tracy) because they had a Deaf son (John Tracy) and she wanted him to speak.  He was raised orally and even after he became blind from Usher’s Syndrome later in life still no one signed with him.  Family members would just listen to him talk and then they would do tactile outlining of letters into the palm of his hand or if more lengthy info. on his back.

The John Tracy Clinic is famous because it brought English word kits directly into the homes of families with Deaf children.  Parents desperate to know what to do with their Deaf child would get these packets to label various items in their home CHAIR DOOR STAIRS …. a visual system to get words into the minds of the wee people of the HandEyes.

The reason why it is also famous is because it adheres to the exclusionary dogma of Oral / Aural ONLY – ie the wee things are NOT allowed to sign if they are reared on the John Tracy Clinic method which in turn is affiliated with the AG Bell method.  The John Tracy Clinic is not only in the business of making Deaf children behave as much like Hearing children as possible, they also have a master’s program.  the online program
• Requires current employment as a teacher in a “Center of Excellence” as outlined in the Alexander Graham Bell Association’s “Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral Program”1

this AG Bell Components of a Quality Auditory-Oral Program that the John Tracy Clinic adheres to promotes the belief that to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf (ie AUDISM) and follows Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT), which denies the visual acuity of Deaf children via lipreading or gesturing and/or signing.

Don’t believe me well here are a few quotes from that AG Bell Program:

AG BELL Components: As we prepare students who have a hearing disability for the real world, it isimperative that they develop the oral communication skills that will enable them to compete.

Resistance by David Call

Resistance by David Call


FACT: this is false folks – i know plenty of Deaf folks who do not communicate orally that are able to compete in the real world.  Its not an imperative for life – its just an imperative for their industry and their ideology.
AG BELL Components: This is particularly important since 90-95% of alI students with a hearing disability are born to hearing parents and families who communicate orally.
FACT: Aren’t they cute in how they make it seem like 90-95% of the families do not sign when in FACT many Hearing families with Deaf children DO SIGN.
AG BELL Components: Public School Caucus is dedicated to providing auditory/oral programs and options for students with hearing disabilities. The development of auditory/skills increases students’ ability to learn and to meet their maximum academic potential.
FACT: The majority of Deaf children are implanted and being raised orally in oral Deaf schools and/or the mainstream and we have NOT seen a marked improvement in Deaf children’s literacy rate.  Auditory/oral programs continue to show mixed results while Deaf children who were given a fully accessible natural sign language and English at a young age generally show strong literacy and cognitive skills.
AG BELL Components: All program components must support that oral philosophy. This is based on the following beliefs:
The role of education is to prepare students to live in the hearing world by developing oral
communication skills.
All persons involved in the student’s program must be committed to the auditory/oral
philosophy. This includes:
-the parents, immediate family, and extended family,
-the teachers of the hearing impaired, support staff, and administrators,
-the general education staff and general education administrators, and
-the board of education and the community.
‘ All programs and methods used must be designed, implemented, and maximized to develop
the student’s ability to communicate orally.
All methods/modalities must support and not supplant oral communication/programming.
Examples of supportive systems Would include audition, speechreading, and the printed
symbol. Methods that supplant would include Signed English, ASL, etc
FACT: See how EVERYONE must be oral / aural only – even the extended family members.  Imagine the effort that goes into trying to deny the child any exposure to ASL.  I know of one young person that told me their parents wouldn’t even let them have up Deaf centered posters in their room for fear that ASL would soon follow.
Note the last line of how ASL is maligned as a supplanter. 
 AG BEll Component under the Physical Facilities section:

A quality auditory/oral program is sensitive to the physical facilities in which the program is housed. It
is imperative that students who utilize auditory/oral communication be in a separate facility from those
students using sign language.
FACT: Never the twain shall meet, eh?  Keep them far far as in physically far apart.  Oy the jealous mistress.
There is more (you can see an older entry examining other parts of AG Bell Doctrine) but its UGH and you get the idea that 1. AG Bell your fanaticism NOT COOL and 2. JTC your training new teachers in this dogmatic doctrine NOT COOL.

AGB & JTC k i s s i n g… first comes Oralism then comes Audism…

MaishaAnd if you are already thinking but the ability to speak is such a Godsend or its only for their own good or grrr that Durr with all her facts – check out a survivor of John Tracy Clinic and her beautiful truths.  She even included George Veditz and i was like WOW!

LA is starting to look like the Bermuda Triangle of Oralism now aint it?

No wonder AG Bell set its sights there.

This is why we STAND folks.

“Let us join together as one to protest these educators who would fix our destiny without consulting us, without hearing us. Here in the greatest republic of the Old World, the delegates from that in the New ask all present to join together to affirm a new declaration of human rights, the right of the deaf to life, liberty the pursuit of happiness, and the education of their children on a plan they accept. Let us declare to the entire world that the deaf will not be crucified on the cross of a single method.” James L. Smith 

1 (from

AFA vlog about the rallies in LA during the AG Bell LSL Symposium

CI Online FRC and McCaskill – Wow Weeeee

heye all

just a truth seeking before the New Year rolls in since the doomsday 12 21 2012 b.s. has been busted and the fiscal cliff is still looming and cuz folks r still going rampant and killing innocent folks left and right (even on Christmas eve – see the tragic shooting of firemen in Webster, NY ) while the NRA still justifies the producing marketing and disseminating of weapons of mass destruction

Item 1: CI Online goes Over the Line

CI Online – the blog run by two pro pro pro CI folks ran an entry attacking Toys R Us and the American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC).  Never mind the fact that Toys R Us has been CI friendly via having kids with CI appear as models in their catalogs etc – the folks at Cochlear Implant Online reaffirm that Oralism is a jealous mistress and they are furious over Toys R Us giving ASDC a wee grant.  Odd how they never complained about AG Bell having Cochlear Americas and Advanced Bionics as their Circle Alliance Partners accepting THOUSANDS of dollar$$$ from both companies while those companies were getting hit with fines from the FDA and the Dept of Justice for unethical dealings, fraud and faulty (spark) product.  Nope not a wee word of complaint was heard from CI Online but Toys R Us giving ASDC some support for all the good work ASDC does causes CI Online to insinuate and accuse.

I left a comment over there back when the entry crossed my path and ive given them a long time to finally approve it but since its been month and since other comments got approved after mine im gonna wager that they are not interested in publishing the truths so we will just do that here.

They start with this misrepresentation: “the existence of the technology that allows deaf children to hear almost like a normal hearing person.”  The data and the testimony from cochlear implant users (included Rush Limbaugh) state that CI do NOT allow Deaf folks to hear almost like a normal hearing person – nope they don’t so just lay off on the B.S. Rachel and Elizabeth, eh – otherwise ya look like u r selling snake oil.  Truth and nothing but it is what the parents deserve and need

Falsehoods #1 from CI Online’s letter to Toys R Us:

“incredible technology that enables children with hearing loss full access to sound.”


CI does not provide FULL access to sound – just go see those pix of cats with CI on their foreheads trying to train them to identify when a violin is played or see Rush Limbaugh and every other CI user I know talk truthfully about what it does enable and what it DOES NOT.

Falsehood #2:

Rachel and Elizabeth state that the ASDC misleads people via this statement from ASDC’s website: “Research consistently demonstrates that fluency in sign language and English offers deaf children (including those with cochlear implants) and hard-of-hearing children optimal opportunities for social and academic success, and thus both should be part of their language-rich environment.”


There is NOTHING misleading about that statement – it states a fact that research has shown that fluency in a fully natural and accessible Signed Language and English does offer Deaf (wee bit to big bit and with or without devices) kids optimal opportunities for social and academic success.

Falsehood #3:

“This statement is not based in fact, and promotes only one of the many ways that parents of children with hearing loss can choose for their children to communicate.”


The statement is fact based and does NOT promote only ONE of the many ways ie they recognize ASL, English and technology so YO YOU, AG Bell, and CI co  ARE THE ONES PROMOTING ORAL/AURAL O-N-L-Y – ie AVT / LSL and Oral Only Optionless programs

Falsehood #4:

The Fourth paragraph which starts with the word: “Today, …” lists speaking and hearing, telephone, TV without CC, music, and mainstreaming.


They do not mention that many Deaf people could speak and hear some before the advent of CI, that many folks with CI want and need CC and are even suing schools and colleges to provide them with CART and CC, that many can hear music but still not decipher the words, nor can they hold telephone conversations beyond family members or beyond them speaking primarily and the other person listening predominately.  As for mainstreaming – the literacy rate for Deaf children is still low despite the HUGE increase in mainstreaming and implantation.

Falsehood #5:

“The vast majority of children with hearing loss do not know or use sign language, contrary to what the American Society for Deaf Children argues.”


ASDC does not argue that the vast majority of children KNOW sign language – they argue that they should have the RIGHT to know sign language – just as Hearing babies are gobbling up sign language.

Falsehood #6:

“Thus, the American Society for Deaf Children, with its promotion of only one mode of communication for children with hearing loss (sign language) is both out of line with the latest research as well as out of sync with the vast majority of children with hearing loss today.”


Already established but since we are dealing with folks who have hearing loss and selective listening skills we will repeat with caps (ie louder) ASDC DOES NOT PROMOTE ONLY ONE MODE OF COMMUMICATION.

In fact it is CI Online – Rachel and Elizabeth who are OUT OF LINE and out of sync with the facts and the truth and that which is right, just, and good.  ‘Tis a pity, eh?

Why do the pro-CI anti-ASL fanatics always have to resort to lies, falsehoods, deceptions, extremism, and exclusivity.  OY!  so old, so old this jealous mistress of theirs.

Falsehood #7:

They go on to misrepresent by saying “There are many research studies that truly show success in children with hearing loss who learn the language through speaking and hearing with cochlear implants.”


The studies they mention are comparing oral /aural only with total communication (sim-com speaking and signing incompletely at the same time NOT bilingual programs) and those studies are measuring speech and hearing NOT LANGUAGE.

Falsehood #8:

“While ASDC primarily supports children with hearing loss who communicate through sign language, the organization clearly shows animosity toward cochlear implants and listening and spoken language.”


Im a little teapot hears my spot – can you hear that black kettle a roaring?  ASDC favors providing Deaf children with LANGUAGE RIGHTS – ASL and ENGLISH.  That is actually a good thing.  Bilingualism and multilingualism is generally desirable and beneficial.

In no way has ASDC demonstrated animosity towards CI and listening and spoken language.  They do acknowledge the benefits, usefulness, justness of ASL and in CI Online’s prejudicial eyes – that constitutes animosity.

Well well well – lets take a look at who is exhibited animosity – Rachel and Elizabeth are via their letter riddled with falsehoods and attacks to Toys R Us.  Oy – doing more than shaking me head over here.  Im also grinning a bit.  Why you ask?  Well, see the next FACT


When ya all resort to false attacks and misrepresentation it shows how scared you are and shows how unjust you are.  AG Bell couldnt tolerate ASL being shown on TV one day in a wee seconds of a commercial so they wrote a letter to Pepsi crying (just ignore the fact that one of the actor has a CI and does do all that listening and speaking stuff but *gasp* he showed ASL and Deaf culture in a witty way – call out the Oral Aural ONLY police) to which Pepsi said – WHATEVER!

And Toys R Us gives ASDC a wee grant award and Cochlear Implant Online goes on the warpath.

Really – lets talk about animosity shall we?  and lets remember our history which AG Bell and others so much want us to forget and lets remember and REALIZE that the history is still being enacted EVERYDAY all over the US of A.  they making Tony Perkins look tame eh?  There has been a vicious campaign against ASL in America and AG Bell and co.  have been the primary proponents of it – ask yourself WHY?  Why would they go to such length to forbid ASL on the fingers of the wee things folks?  its an important question

Back to the b.s.

Falsehood #9:

Rachel and Elizabeth go on to try to malign ASDC some more by insinuating guilt by association via Audism Free America (AFA) “an organization that fights against cochlear implants and demands that all deaf children must learn sign language by holding protests at Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s headquarters, the Volta Bureau in Washington DC.”


The Blue Scare (blue as in blue ribbon, blue tape and AFA is the anti-christ wow wee ya all need to get out more) Ya Hoo – yes CI Online is engaging in a wee bit of fear mongering aint they?

AFA ADVOCATES for ANSWERS.  Ever wonder why its so hard to get the FACTS re: CI safety, effectiveness, and reliability?  AFA has called for an impartial and independent investigation into CI safety and it has demanded that AG Bell STOP excluding ASL from the lives of Deaf children and their families.  AG Bell’s AVT / LSL programming promotes an exclusionary, extremist, and unjust doctrine of Oral / Aural Only and that is what AFA protests.

Free speech! ya hoo – AFAers have the right to assembly, press, petition, and speech and we use it well and AFA is made up of folks au naturale, folks who have CI, folks who had CI, folks who are native ASLers, native speakers, folks who are newbies, folks who are survivors of Oralism, and more.  Exercising our independence we be!  AmeriCANs

Falsehood #10:

” ASDC affiliate AFA also wrote a letter to Dr. John Niparko, one of the world’s leading cochlear implant surgeons, expressing hatred towards cochlear implants.”


Fact is if you read the AFA letter to Dr. Niparko you will see an act of community accountability you can be proud of and impressed by (and no, while i am involved with AFA & am one of the signatories i did not write that letter ; ) – there is no expression of hatred towards cochlear implants.  In fact if we are to assess any hate, we can see it coming full throttle from the Cochlear Implant Online authors – Rachel and Elizabeth and the anti-ASL, anti-Deaf folks.  Truths hurts it seems.  And pls do read the letter – it is just, right, and good

Falsehood #11:

“The organization promotes sign language and Deaf Culture by providing a wealth of resources supporting sign language and Deaf Culture while resources for listening and spoken language and cochlear implant are clearly lacking. ASDC fails to represent all children with hearing loss and their families.”


ASDC does have info re: listening and spoken language in their website, their magazine Endeavor, and via their support of parents etc.  It is NOT lacking.

AG Bell Association, Cochlear Implant Online, Option schools, Oral Education, all those “foundations” that are associated with CI surgeons and companies are not just lacking in providing resources re: ASL & English they are hostile, prejudicial, and harmful in their zeal for their ONE WAY fits all.

Re: ASDC failing to represent all children – wow – they close their biased and unjust letter with a note to readers to copy and paste their letter and add a suggestion: we encourage you to suggest an alternative nonprofit to which Toys “R” Us could make a donation, a nonprofit that supports listening and spoken language, or more fully supports children with hearing loss without bias.

And if you all do not find that ending comical beyond belief – well i got some water to sell ya.  Seriously they are just wow wee OBVIOUS!

Thankfully despite Rachel and Elizabeth sending their bogus and unjust letter to Toys R Us and encouraging others to do so, Toys R Us responded to my positive note on their FB page thanking them for donating to the very worthwhile and worthy ASDC with “Hi Patti. We are very proud to support the special needs community and ASDC.” 

Hey ya never know – maybe they will want to donate to AFA too ; ) – we got some special needs to combat b.s., hatred, prejudice, audism, Oralism, ableism, etc. 

Item 2: McCaskill Matter

Remember the Gallaudet Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Angela McCaskill, and her signing of the anti-gay marriage petition that put up LGBTQ civil rights on a ballot.  Well the petition backfired since the people of maryland voted in FAVOR of LGBTQ marriage equality as well as other states – ya hoo.  Four states reaffirmed marriage equality.

If McCaskill is thinking of suing Gallaudet as seemed to be hinted at in her unwarranted and unjust press conference – she might want to reconsider cuz appeal courts in Cinn. have sided with the University of Toledo stating it was “within its right to fire its head Human Resources administrator, Crystal Dixon, for submitting an anti-gay op-ed column to a local newspaper.” see the write up about this important case at Planet DeafQueer

See Adam Bartley long, personal, and touching Dr McCaskill letter re: her action.  I saw it a while back in Facebook in ASL and was very moved by it and here it is in English

Tony Perkins of the hate group, Family Research Council (FRC), used and abused video of Dr. McCaskill’s press conference to promote his anti-gay rights, homophobia and H8. Perkin’s anti-gay right’s propaganda video “Dr. Angela McCaskill Speaks Out on Bullying by Gallaudet University President” Its not captioned cuz Perkins is just using McCaskill and doesnt care if she can access his hate speech and manipulation just like he used Black churches to promote the anti-gay petition.  U can turn on the auto captions but its pretty garbled “bullying” appears as “bowling” – which reminds me of how the film Bowling for Columbine reveals how fear mongering is used and abused to control the populous and we see how Tony Perkins of the anti-gay FRC tries to sell fear to no avail – all those four states he lists REAFFIRMED marriage equality (see how the SLPC has affiliated him with white Supremicist group)

Happy New Year folks – keep signing and singing those songs of freedom and 2013 is gonna be a good one.  its the 100th anniversary year that Veditz gave us his priceless Preservation of Sign Language speech and many other treasures.

Faith hope and love – we be jumping at the sun

AG BEll Oral group encourages lying to Senators – not cool

ADDED: if you want to contact your Senators to support the CRPD ratification – CDR has a GREAT online auto system- very easy, fast, and secure:

Greetings all:
I call upon the AG Bell Association to issue a denouncement of Theresa Bulger’s unjust and unjustifiable attack on natural sign language, Deaf culture, human rights, the UN CRPD and the National Association of the Deaf.  Really uncool of her so the AG Bell Association better step up to the plate and issue a call for SUPPORT of the UN CRDP or else your mask is totally down and we completely see YOUR bias.

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) has been ratified by many nations all over the world however the pro-Oralists in the U.S. are trying to flood US Senators inboxes with a bunch of lies saying that the convention is biased and trying to deny parental rights.  Geez they r so wrong.  Falsehoods and false prophecies seem to be old habits that are just really hard for them to kick – why? well because what they are selling does not work reliably or justly so they have to resort to deceit – geez that aint sweet.

Excerpts from Theresa Bulger’s War Against CRPD in support of the Oral / Aural Only industry
Bulger falsely explains the CRPD by saying “That means that as the USA comes into compliance with this convention – only sign language will be provided (funded) to children. NAD has made a strategic move to pre-empt dialogue re the ADA.”

She is full of crap folks – it doesnt say ONLY sign language – chill on the BS Bulger.

She goes on to say “Parents will have their choice removed. Statements that sign is the natural and preferred language of the deaf will allow states, school districts and others to support only sign. This is a deliberate and strategic move to undermine parental choice and listening and spoken language options for children.”

What is she saying that a parents’ desire to force their child to be raised oral / aural only and exclude sign language from their life should supersede the right of the child to a fully natural and accessible language – HUH?  WOW!

Her sample letter to the Senators is really biased and paints the NAD out to be exclusively ASL folks when many of their members are survivors of pure oralism.  She calls for the includion of access for non-signers and that is already put into the convention – READ THE WHOLE THING babe not just the parts about Deaf culture and sign language that you are NOW TRYING TO GET TAKEN OUT.
Who’s biased huh?  Who is militant in their feverish pitch for Oral / Aural ONLY and who has a bloody vested interest in the industry of Listening and Spoken Communication
So pretty please CALL and/or email every US Senator urging them to join the other nations in ratifying this right, just and good convention.  And after the Senate votes then start ringing AG Bell and telling them this is totally UNACCEPTABLE – how they are playing things – totally WRONG and UNACCEPTABLE this lame fear mongering and playing off the parents.

I can not tell you how many parents i have met who REGRET not learning sign language and there is nothing in the CRPD that says the parents must sign – they just shouldnt deny the child the right to a fully natural and accessible language because that is what all children are entitled to.  Many parents regret not learning to sign years later even if their Deaf child hears a plenty and speaks – why do they wish they had learned – well cuz its mighty handy to have sign language and sometimes the Deaf child (later adult) lingers longer at the table when signing is present and sometimes they bring home Deaf pals who sign and sometimes they fall in love with those Deaf pals and make more Deaf babies and then mom and dad really regret not knowing sign language and well just cuz its the right, just and good thing to do and the learning of signing does not pre-empt or exclude the ability to learn speech and/or use hearing devices etc.

Geez how the Oralists  spin and play things – that is just rude and nasty of u.  geez this one is much worse than the pepsi letter and the unwanted and offensive membership cards to teachers of the Deaf – three strikes and you out AG Bell / LSL center.  Ya better take a stand against this bs and for the CRPD

Now the AG Bell  Association might say they didnt have anything to do with this call for opposing the UN CRPD from Bulger; however, the call did go out on an AG Bell Deaf Adults list group and Bulger was a chair for a past AG Bell Convention and if they can denounce AFA before we even had our peaceful and 1st amendment sanctioned rally at their place in 2009, they can surely denounce Bulger’s unjust misrepresentation of CRPD

I’ve copied and pasted AFA’s  sample letter you can email the US Senators urging them to do the right thing and ratify the UN CRPD.

Audism Free America’s sample letter – Just add your name)

22 July 2012

Greetings Dear Senator:

We urge you to support the ratification of the United Nation Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability (UN CRPD) because presently all over the globe Deaf children are denied what children from all walks are life are regularly given freely and openly: access to language and equality.  We most especially support the following provisions in the UN CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES:

Article 21 – Freedom of expression and opinion, and access to informationStates Parties shall take all appropriate measures to ensure that persons with disabilities can exercise the right to freedom of expression and opinion, including the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas on an equal basis with others and through all forms of communication of their choice, as defined in article 2 of the present Convention, including by:
b. Accepting and facilitating the use of sign languages, Braille, augmentative and alternative communication, and all other accessible means, modes and formats of communication of their choice by persons with disabilities in official interactions;e. Recognizing and promoting the use of sign languagesArticle 24 – Education
3. States Parties shall enable persons with disabilities to learn life and social development skills to facilitate their full and equal participation in education and as members of the community. To this end, States Parties shall take appropriate measures, including:b. Facilitating the learning of sign language and the promotion of the linguistic identity of the deaf community;Article 30 – Participation in cultural life, recreation, leisure and sport4. Persons with disabilities shall be entitled, on an equal basis with others, to recognition and support of their specific cultural and linguistic identity, including sign languages and deaf culture.Thank you again for your attention to this important matter.  Every child deserves to have full and natural access to language.  A Deaf mind is a horrible thing to waste.

We hope the U.S. will join the other civilized nations of this world and ratify this important convention in a step toward guaranteeing the rights of ALL individuals that we, as Americans, have pledged to uphold.

Let Freedom Roll,

Dr. Roz Rosen’s NAD 2012 Keynote address

this summer is a traveling whirlwind for me folks with many more miles to go before i rest so happy to be home for a wee bit and see the latest greatest from

Dr. Roz Rosen, head of CSUN’s National Center on Deafness.  She has made her NAD 2012 Deaf Keynote Presentation, OGG presentation “Veditz Still Lives” public – ya hoo – public domain and collective communities.

Thank you for sharing this and for allowing us to reprint it here for folks who can’t access the pdf while on the move as in moblie

Note: Most of the sources i have seen, put George W. Veditz age of onset for becoming Deaf to be 8 or 9 years old – just FYI.  pls do click her link to the pdf, share, save & print it.  This is very important.  Thank you, Dr. Rosen, for being a huge part of Viva Veditz and standing for a just, right, and good future for Deaf children, youth, and adults – and for humanity.   And thanks George – see ya soon (Aug 12 in colorado springs) – im told some of ur flowers r still in bloom – ah heritage.

link to the pdf

Veditz Still Lives!

By Dr. Roz Rosen, NAD President 1990 – 1993

National Association of the Deaf Keynote Presentation, OGG

NAD Conference, July 3, 2012

Today I’d like to talk about a famous George – George W. Veditz. He was President of the NAD 1904 – 1910, a bit over 100 years ago. To prepare for this speech, I read Dr. Larry Newman’s book “Sands of Time: NAD Presidents 1880-2003” a treasure of a book which you all should have in your home and public libraries.

Veditz is mostly known for his idea of using “moving pictures” to “protect, preserve and promote” American Sign Language, featuring some of the most prominent leaders and orators of that time. He raised $5,000 for this project. Veditz in “Preservation of Sign Language” postulated that “As long as we have people on Earth, we will have Sign Language. Our beautiful Sign Language is the noblest gift God has given to Deaf People.” Those priceless films can be seen online via the Gallaudet archives and are available at the United States Library of Congress. These films, which were thought lost, were found at California State University, Northridge by Dr. Larry Fleischer and Lou Fant.

Next year, 2013, will mark the 100th anniversary of Veditz’s films, vision and legacy.

Who was Veditz the man, the leader, the visionary?

Veditz, born in 1861, would have been 151 years old today. He was born in Maryland to German immigrants, and when he became deaf at 14, he enrolled at the Maryland Institute for the Deaf and Dumb (MIDD, now MSD). He was fluent in English and German, and handily acquired skills in sign language. No longer was he frustrated by communication barriers.    He was a star pupil and was assigned the responsibility for handling the school fiscal bookkeeping and performing secretarial work for the school principal. In 1880, he entered Gallaudet – the same year of the infamous ICED Milan Doctrine and the establishment of the National Association of the Deaf.

Upon graduation from Gallaudet, he taught at MIDD for 4 years before moving to Colorado where he taught for 17 years. Whatever Veditz set to do, he mastered. Writing, poultry, horticulture, and chess. Veditz and his wife Bessie won many blue ribbons for their entries in state fairs. He was recognized as a respected authority and genius in many fields and he was a prolific writer for the journals related to his various interests. Dr. Merv Garretson was a young lad at the Colorado School for the Deaf when he first met the Veditzes; when he mowed their grass, he took great care not to chop off the beloved prize- winning dahlias and gladioli.

Veditz’s pen was mightier than a sword, and much more sharper at times when he wrote articles and rebuttals when combating pure oralism in education.

In 1933, when Veditz was 72, he wrote “The Genesis of the National Association” in the Deaf Mutes Journal regarding NAD history and his perceptions. Following are some excerpts.

At the first NAD convention in Cincinnati in 1880, a resolution was passed “to accept your deafness as God’s will and to not deride your fellow deaf for laboring – professional work is out of reach for us.” Veditz wrote, 53 years later, such a motion would have been unthinkable in 1933.

In the 2nd NAD convention, in New York in 1883, a paper “The Truth about the Pure Oral Method” was to be presented to show the benefits of oralism. Mr. Patterson of Ohio objected to the reading of this paper and declared it out of order. The chair ruled that the reading would proceed and again Mr. Patterson objected, so the chair put it to a floor vote, which upheld the chair’s decision.    Many NAD members at that time were teachers and used the combined system or speech in schools to keep their jobs. The menacing head of the oralism serpent was beginning to become prevalent in school systems. Veditz wrote that this was “the first sign of revolt of adult American Deaf against oral propaganda.” He also noted that the more active or radical members were in their twenties (Side note: Just like the 1988 DPN Ducks.)

NAD at that time was called the National Deaf-Mute Association. Although Veditz could speak well, he was proud to be identified as a Deaf-Mute and to belong to the same community of people who experienced frustrations and discrimination. Veditz wrote, “If oral magicians who yank educational rabbits out of silk hats and pearls of speech out of those who never heard, choke over it (the Deaf-Mute term), why, bless them!” Veditz was not anti-speech, but objected to speech as the sole method in education.

Veditz condemned the ban on signs as “wicked and evil.” “That Bell appeared in the guise of a friend made him the most feared enemy of Deaf people, past and present.” Veditz pointed to Germany – a bastion of oralism since 1754 – as an educational failure since only 2 oral Germans were admitted to college, as contrasted with many Americans.

“The Deaf are what their education makes them to be – more than any other class of humans. They are not a theory but a condition – they are first, last and forever ‘the people of the eye’.” “Deaf people learn everything through sign language. Speech is sign language of the lips. Papers, books, writings, finger spelling are all forms of sign language. We are people of the eye.” Natural education (use of sign language and English) will lessen disadvantages in an increasingly hearing world, he wrote. Telephones and talking movies had become quite ubiquitous in the United States when he wrote this.

It was the dark ages. The life-sucking tentacles of oralism had spread and became entrenched within the education system. Deaf teachers were laid off, fired or reassigned. Fewer students in oral schools were academically prepared for college. The Silent Worker was shut down by the superintendent of the New Jersey school for the Deaf. Schools were in danger of being closed. Alexander Graham Bell and his committee on eugenics were against schools for deaf students and deaf marriages. The government Civil Service Commission would not hire deaf workers. States did not want to license deaf drivers. Oppression of Deaf people and ASL was rampant. Veditz wanted to set up a NAD endowment to combat all this. He stated, “We need a war chest bigger than Bell/Volta’s.”

Most of the NAD members were teachers and cautious about combating oppression, discrimination and oralism. Signing in public brought on stigma and derision. Some deaf people even believed that deaf people should not marry each other, especially those from deaf families – why bring on more suffering for the children? Some believed that speech was a way to be saved. Conditioned from the cradle upwards to believe in those, dysfunctional consciousness repressed human rights. The NAD at that time, while fighting for civil rights, also practiced caution. Veditz had zero patience with those who “wouldn’t speak or act against oralism and advocate for the combined system of instruction.”

In his 1933 article, Veditz listed priorities for the NAD – 1) Education, bilingual education; 2) End discrimination in government employment and driving; 3) Publish and get information to people
everywhere; 4) Governance system should be changed from random representation to a federation of state representation, and 5) Endowment. (Side note: These remain issues, nearly 80 years later.)

Wrapping up this article, a dejected Veditz penned, “The Association has been drifting like a ship without a compass or rudder. Elect a man who will truly be a captain with his hand on the tiller. I don’t expect to figure on the program of any future NAD convention, and this is goodbye.”

Veditz sought the light and the truth; these were reflected in his writings. These writings did not sit well with the NAD leadership.    Veditz was considered a maverick, a militant, a sometimes unwelcome gadfly, not well liked by some because of his “radical” views. However, when Veditz died in 1937 at 76, there was a flood of positive accolades written in many newspapers and professional journals, from many fields as well as from the Deaf community. Today he has legions of admirers.

Now let’s fast-forward 100 years to today. What are our gains? What are our issues? 90% of deaf students up the mainstream with only one ill-functioning oar. The ASL ban by doctors and specialists who promote speaking and listening only. The rise of Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) and Oral Only Option Schools, fueled by economic gain and fears. The LSL law which passed in Florida this year and now threatens several other states: California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Delaware.    EHDI and IDEA with misplaced focus on communications rather than language acquisition and accountability. Funding for biased information on early identification and intervention through the Center on Disease Control rather than the Department of Education. The United States Convention on Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) which explicitly states that sign language is a human right, still awaiting Congressional ratification. The neutral position assumed by some leaders and institutions.

What would Veditz have said about all this?

Veditz may be still alive and well in Paddy Ladd, whose dissertation, treatises and presentations on “Deafhood” are awakening us, initiating dialogues, and empowering us to act. Paddy states that it is clear that the 2nd wave of oralism is upon us. Waves will wash away our work, beliefs, accomplishments, unless we build a mountain to withstand this tsunami. Such a mountain is made of ourselves, our sign languages, arts, history, literature, successes, and human rights.

The NAD must work with various organizations which some of us may initially view as extreme or off- center. I am reminded of someone who took a strong stand for ASL early in the 70’s when Total Communication and simultaneous communication were beginning to be accepted in schools everywhere. I asked him why he had to be so extreme, with his “voice-off” position, and he said, “To enlighten other people and hopefully to move them nearer to accepting ASL as a separate language from English, and equally beneficial, for all of us.” We do need the Audism Free America, Deaf Bilingual Coalition, Deafhood Foundation, along with the different organizations representing women, people of color, and various sexual orientations and ethnicities. We share the same cause. The NAD needs them and should support them.

We have our work cut out for us with EHDI, IDEA, CRPD – keep our eye on Child First. And Jobs. Together, we can and we will.

What would Veditz say to us today at this NAD Conference? “Vote on the leadership and conference mandates needed to secure ASL and human rights for all. Hold NAD accountable. Be strong, be clear. Our children need you. Godspeed!” Veditz still lives – in each of us.

Kudos to the Cops & Not Cool, Karl

Heye all

just some songs of freedom re: the Audism Free America peaceful activism in St. Louis March 3-6, 2012.

By all accounts the cops were mighty cool while Dr. Karl White was not.

Now this is me – typing as patti at patti’s place so if u want AFA’s official position on anything mosey on over to their space (website) and Youtube (scroll down)- they got some mighty fine pow pow letters up re: the expensive  12 th International CI conference (yes 12th folks), Huff Post, NPR etc. in addition to the various videos from the St Louis activism.

knowledge and action are cool folks

so back to the Karl and the Cops in ole st. louie:

right at the very beginning when we approached one cop with an AFA card and gestured about the importance of sign language, he replied “I think everyone should learn to sign” and i was in love.  ha – it’s that easy.

In contrast when AFA met with the key players of EHDI – the system (not just the conference) – Dr. Karl White was acting like he had not been promoting the 2nd wave of Oralism when in fact he has been.  When he asked “what did I do?”  We showed him and told him – not cool, that testimony in CA in favor of the Oral / Aural supported AB 2072 and the Oral / Aural supported Indiana HB 1367 and we placed his FINISHING THE EHDI revolution manifesto in the volta review on the table.  Jig is up – we know what u have been up to and it aint neutral nor unbiased. – page 8-29 in the pdf

During the St Louis peaceful activism, we did hit some moments of tension (remember peace is not the absence of tension but rather the presence of justice).  We donned our  hardiHOODS and fortitude to stand firm with LOVE so that justice and true peace could reign and it did.  Folks started to wake up and say “hmmmm why is the system so ENCOURAGING / MANDATING of ear testing, and retesting, and listening devices, and speech therapy while ASL+English is in the periphery as in way way way over there?”  hmmmm, indeed.

so below are some snapshots of how the police did the good work they are supposed to do, which is to preserve our constitutional rights of freedom of speech and assembly instead of being pawns for huge hotel chains like the Marriott and how Karl was not cool.

Cool Cops and Not Cool, Karl:


1. Cops were cool when folks came in from the march from City Hall (to signify laws ABOUT us without us) to Union Station and we held up our signs – many of which were from the Lies AG Bell Told My Parents campaign that DBC supplied


2. Cop was cool when he was unnecessarily sent over to the food court – way far far away from the EHDI conference area to surveillance Deaf&ally folks eating and congregating. AFA checked in and asked – everything alright?  Aint we allowed to eat and chat?  (noting that the conference security and the conference interpreter really had no business stalking us – we aint in conference space and the tracking and surveillance EHDI does is supposed to be of the babies not the adults – they so confused).

Cop noted this was the truth and reminded us to keep the pathways open as they already were (what else can they say) and walked away.  Oy they got played by them there crack down conference but we just smile and wave – HOWDY.


3. the cops (eventually LOTS of them got called in unnecessarily) were super cool when we went to see if we could get into the free PRE-conference EHDI 101 session which is normally open FOR the Deaf community but which Dr. Karl White and security ordered closed to us despite the Deaf presenters wishing it to be open.  They allowed us to all gather and WAIT.

Yes, we are a patient and a hopeful people.  We went to see if justice and truth would emerge – if they would allow us to go see EHDI 101 in accordance to the purpose of that session – to educate the public – most particularly the Deaf community about the basics of EHDI.  Our patience and hopes proved to be misplaced since Dr. Karl overruled the EHDI 101 presenters’ wishes and ruled against justice.  So much for inclusion and stakeholders and open society.

That was ok because: 1. the cops didnt have no problem with us standing and waiting to see see.  2. we got our 101 in how EHDI does and does NOT work mighty quick.  we See Saw – what goes up must come down – ie true stakeholders “not allowed”

During the walk from the conference area to the Marriott Hotel bar, which is in a different part of Union Station, we were stalked by the hotel security.  We checked to make sure it would be fine if we all went up to the Marriott Hotel bar which is open to the public and many of us were guests at the hotel.  She said “sure, welcome.”  So off we went.


4. Very disappointed that this same security person tried to get an innocent Deaf man arrested simply for being a Deaf man walking.  I kid u not folks – and this is NOT FUNNY.  i was mighty upset to see this.  Scott Manion, Sr. had went to the bathroom and upon returning to Union Station and heading up to the Marriott hotel bar was accosted by a Lieutenant and almost arrested.  His wife came and alerted us to this fact and when we went to find Scott he was being brought into the hotel bar to find out what is what.

We asked the lieutenant what’s up?  He said he was informed by the hotel security this man was harassing someone.  I looked up at Scott (he is tall and i do look up to the dude – he was super cool during this incident even though inside I’m sure he was shaken).  I asked “were you harassing anyone?”  He signed and spoke “Nobody.  I just went out off to the bathroom.”  Ruthie Jordan asked “Did anyone approach you and give you any warnings?” “Nobody,” he responded shocked and rattled.  I looked at the Lieutenant – “this is not cool” i said.

He summons the hotel security – we asked “what’s up – we are guests of this hotel and this is our friend who is visiting with us.  He is NOT bothering anyone and never got a warning”  Security goes – ahems and haws and the Lieutenant sternly says to her “I want to talk to you” and storms off cuz its not cool to falsely accuse someone of harassment cuz then u be the harasser – see see?

Busted – it is so not cool Karl and crew tried to get a nice dude like Scott arrested for nothing more than being a Big Deaf Dude with a beard and a bandana on.  NOT cool.

Lieutenant super cool for not appreciating having cops called in to Union Station for NOTHING!  Waste of time, resources, and geez they could be fighting crime instead of almost undermining the constitution.  Thank you for figuring out how quickly you were getting played and for being mad that they almost made you arrest an innocent man.  Geez that could have gone real bad real quick.  Glad you were a PEACE officer and not a hired gun (like the other folks floating all around the Marriott and more)


5. uniformed security was cool when Dr. White had slinked up to each table in the Marriott hotel bar and suggested that folks relocate to another secluded space where he got the Marriott to set up a completely separate make shift bar so he could keep the EHDI participants away from Deaf and Hearing ASL folks who  had gathered peacefully in the bar that evening.  This action on his part stole all the staff away from the Marriott bar thus closing it to us paying guests of the hotel as well as the public in the hopes that we

would GO AWAY.  But instead we stayed – Deaf time rocks!

And when i looked up up up (it really is a LOVELY bar / lobby) I saw the uniformed officer looking down on all of us – i guess Karl was worried we were gonna start pummeling his conference security person for bringing us the bad news of no booze but instead we all just said – whatever and kept chatting.

I waved and smiled at the uniformed officer and he waved back.

Aint sign language beautiful!  and Scott thank you again and again for keeping ur cool.  U r my hero.  They totally where trying to provoke us but nope we no take the bait – we cool cucumbers

Wow – look at this list and the conference hadn’t even started yet.  That was all per-conference events.  guess we will have to do a Part II for you soon.

AFA vlog covering events pre-EHDI and during the EHDI conference

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