“Please Touch” in the Dyer Arts Center

just a short bumpy video of the way cool “Please Touch” exhibit in the Dyer Arts Center.  From the Dyer:

The Please Touch exhibition features works by DeafBlind artists for DeafBlind visitors. This exhibition will allow our visitors the opportunity to use their hands (and possibly other senses) to experience the artworks on display. The exhibition is also open to other visitors who are curious to explore works through touch.

The exhibit closes December 14 – don’t miss this opportunity to have a hands-on experience with art.  Sighted folks don’t tap into all the wonders of tactileness and DeafBlind folks are excluded from many art experiences – so rarely are we invited to TOUCH art.

Don’t miss this wonderful exhibit at the Dyer Arts Center. Closes Dec 14, 2019
Enter from the 2nd floor of LBJ
“Please Touch”

Rhonda Voight Campbell, Tabitha Jacques and Mackenzie Robbins were instrumental in organizing and curating this exhibit.

Description of video is below the video box

Sarah Morrison
Caged Bird -Distantism
(small wooden figure with feather wings and rope bound hands in a cage with white cane below)

Kimi Hager

Feel Me Art

(geometric shapes of different sizes, textures and colors)

Mary Dignan

Dawn Star

(mosaic works, many pieces small mirror-like, face is 3d with rays coming outward)

Sanja Falesevac

(terra cotta ceramic work with two peak structures with small figures climbing them in various locations)

Mary Dignan

Watching Tree
(mosaic work – tree shape made of many different textured mosaics and many small watches hanging from the branches and in the roots)

Sanja Falesevac

A Night Visitor
(hooded figure that is empty inside. there is a small hand stamp imprint on the base)

Jon Garby

(two ILY handspaces on their sides connecting forming a heart shape with other rounded shapes around a high border)

Kimi Hager

Tree of Life

(large bowel surrounded by fake ivy, exterior of the bowl as a weave like texture and a soft velvety material as a border at the top, inside different material textures including glass beads and a pinecone as the center piece)

Arnaud Balard

Freedom Gloves
(two clear plastic gloves filled with small circular metal objects (batteries?) – the gloves are tied at the bottom and very heavy when you lift them)

Arnaud Balard
Hope Boat
(large folded boat featuring colors of the Sign Union flag – dark blue yellow and turquoise – with clear dots – indicating the word “hope” in braille)

Andre Pellerin

Rose Color Vase
(tall rectangular shaped vase with imprinted patterns on each of the 4 sides that have been glazed with a dark maroon color ontop of a grey glaze. The top of the vessel is adorned with feathers, beads and sticks woven together)

Rona Von Mering
Incised Candle Vase With Tea Candle
(small ceramic tea candle holder with several oval cut outs to let light shine through and crimp edges at the top of the vase)

David Ennis
DeafBlind Resistance
(Elvis looking bust with blue head and black hair – silver colored middle finger handshapes stick out of the ears and eyes area. The mouth is a wide open hole) note: i try to sign kiss-fist with the bust because i really like this work.

David Ennis
Go With the Flow
(large 3d panel featuring mountains, sun, waterfall, landscape)

Sanja Falesevac

Second Face
(elegant sculpture of a face with very subtle almost vanishing facial features with different hard and strong textures and shapes for the hair and neck area)

Sarah Morrison
Striving to Thrive

(shapes with English words with raised lines and braille on canvas The words are smaller to larger in size – Abelism, Distantism Vidism. Three small figures are linked together and tied to a larger yellow figure who is using a white cane with a red tip at the bottom. There are stars above them. More braille at the bottom but no English (perhaps the artist’s signature)

note: i tried to sign wonderful show and thank you Dyer at the end of the video

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