ARTiculating Deaf Experiences Conference

RIT/NTID ARTiculating Deaf Expereinces conference was a big hit.  Just a post sharing some of the highlights of the conference. Image may contain: text

fernadaThere were attendees from the Philippines, Brazil, France, England, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and the US.  Presentation topics relating to Deaf experiences covered visual art, film, theatre, literature (written and signed), music, documentation and primary sources and more.

The conference evaluations were extremely positive – indicating a healthy mix of academics, staff, students, creatives, and community members responding – representing diverse backgrounds and age groups.

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 8.51.37 PMPeople really appreciated the diverse keynote presenters – covering areas that haven’t already been covered in typical Deaf studies conferences.  Many of the evaluations highlighted the reception at the Memorial Art Gallery and the Deaf View/Image Art (De’VIA) exhibit there as being one of the highlights along with the People of the Third Eye production with Nancy Rourke’s live painting during the show.  Many people remarked on the importance of the short documentary, Signing Black in America, also.

People really appreciated the diversity, scope and quality of all the presentations and panels.  The biggest complaint was how cold the Panara Theatre was.  AGREE!!!!

Perhaps if NTID is to host a conference in the future  – it should be in the spring ; )

Kudos to all involved and all who attended.  Loved the suggestion of showcasing more work by young Deaf children – they are the future.

To see bios and abstracts of the keynotes, presenters, and panelists go to: ADEC-Sessions

Eventually hopefully there will be videotapes of the presentations and pp uploaded to this site



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