Ourstories – the 4 Ps

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ourstories pp

as it is a link to a Powerpoint presentation i gave at the US Deaf History conference (2017 Minn.) via video conferencing

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 4.07.51 PMthere is not alot of text – as i only use PP really to give visual references to what I will be discussing but almost every slide has a live link to a website that has US related Deaf history content so i am sharing it here.  During the presentation i click the links and toured a wee bit of each site – mostly using specific examples that gave content while also showing how the website is set up and the type of information it provides

the 4 Ps for creating such digital spaces for OURSTORIES are:
Persist – sometimes it is very difficult to find or acquire certain materials (articles, films, images, primary sources, documents, etc)

Preserve – once we have found these materials – if they are original we need to get them into secure places – donating materials to an archive is very important (see Gallaudet, RIT/NTID Deaf Studies Archives, CSUN, etc – anyplace that u know is safe and follows proper archival processes – temperature controlled etc)

Protect – make sure the materials are well cared for and well utilized and not misused.

Promulgate – share and share and share.  get the good stuff out to the public.  So much of Deaf history has been lost, forgotten, swept under the carpet, minimized, misunderstood, erased, etc.  Keep searching and sharing and you will see how truly hard, long, and well Deaf folks have stood and fought for justice and equality 

ourstories pp

3 thoughts on “Ourstories – the 4 Ps

  1. Thank you! Look forward to viewing the slide. Didn’t realize the Deaf History conference already happened!?!?

  2. The 4 P’s are carried out by the 3 P’s and the DCDL, DCDM, and NDHM.

    The 3 P’s are aka Public-Private Partnerships, they represent the (1) government, (2) the public, and (3) NPO’s & For-Profits working together. The DCDL or Deaf Culture Digital Library and the DCDM or Deaf Culture Digital Museum are national institutional mediums and platforms for the 3P’s to carry out the 4 P’s in the real world. And, finally, the NDHM or National Deaf History Month is originated upon three historical events.

    The NDHM is a period of observation of the many, not just the three dates of its founding. The NDHM is a time for the community to step up and present its wares, anything related to deaf history.

    The DCDL and DCDM as conceived in Maryland and as envisioned nationally is as Public Libraries and Museums. Public being the keyword.

    Preservation requires funds, funding on a perpetual basis; a state or federal institution.

    Note that none of this takes away from any other organization, this is a platform designed to enable community participation.

    Consider that these things are designed to give things like “Ourstories” not only a platform, but a means of preservation, propagation (or promulgation), persistence, and protection.

  3. Edit
    The DCDL and DCDM as conceived in Maryland and as envisioned nationally is as Public Libraries and Museums [that carry out the 4 P”s]. Public being the keyword we want.

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