Hello – its me!

heye all
thank u to the various folks who have inquired about the silence over here at People of the Hand Eye.
nothing personal – its just that Facebook has taken over the lives of many folks my age who live on their handheld devices and the past few years i’ve been busy with something important
sunrise sunset
enough said – i dont feel like sharing my grief with the world but i will venture out to make a post and see if it feels right to dust off the cobwebs and get this little space rolling again or ill roll back up the carpet and close the door
will see see which way the wind blows me
for now this:
1. thank you to each and all who have reached out to comfort me – much appreciated. greatest thing we can all do – is L O V E
so mucho gracias (see trump i can use a wee bit of spanish in a nice way instead of the only time u use it is to malign my brethren – u scoundrel u – which leads us to my next point…

2. Nasty Woman = V O T E R
yes i am a “nasty woman” and i hope you will be one too
Vote vote vote all ye all
all ye weary and poor and huddled masses (yes i’m quoting from the statue of liberty and yes she is a 10)
vote cuz our country depends on it as do our liberties and our civility and our humanity
and yes while i aint really “with her” as in – i got some concerns about Hilary – i do definitely qualify to be categorized by Donald Trump as a “Nasty Woman” so what am i gonna do do ?
Vote for the first future woman president of the United States of America
(sorry bernie)
Ill be happy we have a woman – ill be happier we dont have trump and ill continue hoping and watching and worrying about the police state that wants to emerge and our imperialism and capitalism run amok.  but at least i wont have to be packing
UNLESS of course – enough of us Nasty Women and Allies do not get out and VOTE

so ya all just go ahead and do it – VOTE

then we can watch trump pitch a fit “rigged rigged rigged” your boat gently down the stream…

3Durr_BLM_mm.jpg. i made a bunch of art – i made it quickly because my wrist were majorly messed up after getting arrested at the Black Lives Matter (and they really should folks – Black Lives Should TOTALLY MATTER IN THE US of A so pls keep standing and making sure that they do)
you can see the art i made at: https://deafhoodwlove.wordpress.com/pds-art/
from the To Deafhood with Love exhibit at the Art Museum of Rochester (AMoR) and please hit the ARTISTS button so you can see the works by my comrade Surdists – Karen Christie, Laurie Monahan, and Nancy Rourke that were exhibited there also.

Thanks to each and all who attended and asked questions and discussed and dared to care.  It really moved me when someone would be looking at one of the pieces and they would put their hand up to their heart and shake their head from side to side.  Yep that shit sure do hurt and that other stuff sure do shine.

4. if ya got anything u wanna chat about or see me blog or vlog about, pls do leave a comment or send me a note – it will help more to move forward in opening up the windows and well u know – just move forward.  sometimes that is mighty hard to do cuz it means we will be moving further away from when a certain someone could hold your hand or give you a hug or sing your name or look deep into your eyes and say everything or just say “shit head” and make you laugh.  yeah i made myself cry.  and now we know why i aint been around here of late.  grief’s a beast.


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. PopeMistress
    Nov 08, 2016 @ 23:40:09

    Yes understand your long silence

    Here’s the reason I voted

  2. PopeMistress
    Nov 08, 2016 @ 23:43:10

  3. PopeMistress
    Nov 08, 2016 @ 23:44:51

  4. PopeMistress
    Nov 08, 2016 @ 23:47:34

  5. PopeMistress
    Nov 08, 2016 @ 23:50:03

  6. PopeMistress
    Nov 08, 2016 @ 23:52:33

  7. PopeMistress
    Nov 08, 2016 @ 23:55:13

  8. PopeMistress
    Nov 08, 2016 @ 23:57:12

  9. PopeMistress
    Nov 09, 2016 @ 00:00:01

  10. PopeMistress
    Nov 09, 2016 @ 00:04:06

    Hello darling again!

    (FYI I did sent this reading link to Sheri from my tweeter to her)

    There’s something fishing about those 3 agriculture company Monsanto, Cargill and Dow took over Iraq’s farm agriculture after the Iraq War.

    But we don’t know if the UN (United Nations) already approved those 3 American corps:
    1. Monsanto;
    2. Cargill;
    3. Dow
    took over Iraq’s farm and control Iraq’s farms without helping them earning profits and control Iraq’s seeds.


    Did the UN voted for 3 American agriculture corps to come Iraq after the Iraq War?

    That’s puzzled me.

    Thank you for your time reading this msg.

  11. PopeMistress
    Nov 09, 2016 @ 00:07:48

    p, thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts.

  12. handeyes
    Nov 09, 2016 @ 19:37:36

    wow PopeMistress

    you have been busy art-a-making

    thank u for sharing all these creations and your investigation of Monsanto cargill and dow and their connections in Iraq

    geez – havent we harmed that country enough?

    familiar with monsanto and dow but cargill is new to me

    really sad stuff

    love the Sign Union flag colors on the butter flies and the blue hands holding up the paper

    really great stuff Shawn

    thank you for keeping me aware and awake

    peace – patti

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