stand as if your life depends on it

greetings all

i have been away

first to kansas where the De’VIA Curriculum III took place

the Teaching Artists are AMAZING people – truly dedicated, creative, and GOOD human beings.  Deaf schools are blessed to have these artist teachers and Deaf Artists in Residences (DAIR)

also away with me family – loving each other and struggling – things are hard as parents age and our hearts walk outside our bodies

so now a wee message from me on the 4th of july – Stand the #uck up folks

really – it is long overdue.  we all gotta be awake, aware and active.  While i was in kansas – amy cohen efron brough us up to speed about Karl White and company killing the Rhode Island Lead-K bill.  not cool folks not cool.

and so i will be honest with you – unless everybody cares a whole awful lot – its not going to get better its not (loosely quoted from the lorax)

Deaf schools are a natural habitat for the endangered species of Deaf ASL children.  Look around and there are fewer and fewer Deaf ASL children while there are more and more children with cochlear implants – by teenage years most of these implanted children will be given some form of sign language – mostly in their mainstream programs via their interpreters.  they will not have ASL language models, they will not have any one teaching them using a Deafhood pedagogy, they will be told that they failed (look familiar?) they will be told that their parents failed (sound familiar?) they will be told that there are super star Cochlear implantees all over the global fully “restored to society”

they will be told many more lies and falsehoods and Deaf schools will continue to shrink and close their doors

karl white ri
STAND by P. Durr 2016 acrylic on canvas board

the 2nd wave is upon us and Dr. Karl White is the chief architect of this “finishing the EHDI revolution” u can see his paper plotting out how to invade, infiltrate, and implement the Oral Aural Only imperialism all over AGAIN.  aint we already done this twisted dance before?

sooooo while i was in Kansas i made a wee bit of artwork – reflecting on what Amy had told us about Dr. Karl White and the RI Lead K bill and trying to muster up courage in participating in Nancy Rourke’s challenges while amongst some very amazing artists

the artwork was inspired by a creepy picture of Dr. Karl White holding an innocent baby with a bizarre red smile and red marks on their forehead and then having his new born hearing device that he promotes all over the globe as part of his Mormon missionary mantra to make Deaf children be able to talk with their parents and want to go home for the holidays despite the fact that i know many Deaf oral folks who do not go home for the holidays. The newborn screening device changes into a gun while red tainted bullets that shoot through the Lead K bill that is shaped in the outline of the state of Rhode Island.  in the middle is a black hole.  the wee baby Karl holds is in outline only because too many Deaf lives are rendered invisible as the neo-eugencists try to create a hearing-like race out of the Deaf folks and the wee thing is about to be tossed into the black hole.

in the center is a hand stand with a third eye holding the waving Sign Union flag in the colors of (yellow, turquoises and dark blue).  there is a door way under the hand stand and there are many lite vigil candle flames in solidarity of victims and survivors of oralism.

the only thing that will stop the 2nd wave of Oralism from sweeping away Deaf centers (Deaf schools, Deaf clubs, Deaf lives, etc) is for us to STAND and be counted.  to engage in activism and ARTivism.  to confront oppression with truth force and soul force.

i harbor no bad feelings towards Karl White or other aural / oral extremists.  i harbor no ill feelings towards many of our Deaf leaders who have enabled Dr. White and EHDI to raise to the point it has.

All i want is for us to stand for that which is right, just and true.

The oppressor needs liberation as much as the oppressed do.  We challenge with a firm and just love.

To all who went to Denver to challenge #AGBELL2016 thank you.  To all who will go to the NAD and challenge them as they have not implemented an anti-language deprivation bill and they have not sufficiently challenged AG Bell Association, EHDI, and Oberkotter foundation and others thank you.

It is time for us to do direct, peaceful civil disobedience before it is too late so we do not continue to see this Deja vu-like cycle of violence and discrimination against Deaf children, their families and adults.




8 thoughts on “stand as if your life depends on it

  1. ohhh shawn

    so glad you are making art

    yes we should have a Blue Heart medal.

    Me think Prisoner of Audism medal will be a bit hard as many folks make themselves prisoners

    its still the system and powers that be that cause it but many folks remain prisoners of their own devices and / or ensnare others

    appreciate how deeply you think about things and create

    thank u shawn

    much peace patti

  2. p,

    Thanks for your feedbacks

    i have different views on both

    Yes many folks do deserve the POA medel in case if they stuck with only one option since we are trying to fight hard to have more than one options

    Just found out that we are paying more higher healthcare insurance premium in 2017

    I feel it is time for health care insurance to cover ASL to prevent the post depression of language deprivation

    HealthCare Insurance should have hire more than 50% Deaf that have ASLTA certified to work for each different healthcare ins companies to become watchdog on one option on oralsim coverage for up to 2 months services for the Deaf babies Roghta

    Love this Ellen’s art and she’s right:

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