Whack goes Oralism RULERS

Repressive Means by P Durr


Whack goes the RULERS

Dr. Barbara Kannapell recirculated her pow pow “let my people go” letter (click link to see the letter) to AG Bell Association from 2011 and Roger Claussen left an important testimony in the comment section so i asked him if i could post it as a blog post here and he said yes.  Thank youRoger

And just so you all know this is not all ancient history because:

  1. it was not THAT long ago and
  2. it is STILL happening.

I #hit you not.  i met a young man a couple of years ago who said that one day a speech pathologist got frustrated with him because he was not pronouncing a word correctly and she grabbed a YARD STICK (not even a ruler but a YARD STICK) and whacked him in the mouth.  He yelled out in pain – another teacher heard him and came to check if all was alright and the LSL specialist said everything was F I N E.

This happened just a couple of years ago to a Asian Deaf young man with cochlear implants in the US of A.

He then went home and told his parents and said he was going MUTE.  He would NOT try to speak for anyone because it invited abuse.  They accepted because he was a junior in HS and that is when young Deaf folks tend to start to assert their somebodiness and parents cant claim parental choice and cuz rulers and yard sticks are for measuring – not for metering out punishment and cuz that #hit aint cool.

If this chap had not shared his story with me – i might have been less inclined to believe Roger Claussen – yet despite already having been RECENTLY introduced to this “method” of the jealous mistress – Oral  aural onlyism – i still felt shock and outrage at reading Roger’s story below.

This is REAL folks.  dont even try to tell me its a thing of the past because:

  1. it aint
  2. even if it was – we need to get this stuff out to the public because the more i learn the more i am applaud and
  3. i know there is alot more that i dont know

we need to shut this #hit down N O W

#agbelllies #liesagbelltoldmyparents #endaudism #iwillneverforget #webelieveyou

thank you Roger for singing these songs of Truth

Scroll down for more De’VIA Surdists works featuring RULERS

Roger C. comment:——————————–

Barbara – Great comment! To: AGB believers, I grew up as a deaf child attending Arizona School for the Deaf in Tucson. My parents were not deaf and did not use sign language at all at home.

In the classroom, we were forced to be oral. My teacher(s) often used a ruler to “whack” my lips if I didn’t pronounce it right. I would think I said the word well. But then my lips would get whack. I hated trying to use my voice , hated speech. For example: the teacher repeatedly had me to say word “baseball” for many days and I still failed. Why weren’t the teacher(s) focusing on the more important subjects such as English, Math, Reading, etc.

At lunch time I would often sit with the high school students in the cafeteria. I had easy / free communication with them using ASL and learned from them. As many young deaf back then and even today being around peers and in a social setting/ environment increased my language and signing skills. For me at that time more so than in the classroom.

When I entered middle school, I was thrilled to see teachers using ASL. However, later my family moved to San Diego. I had to attend a local oral school and forced to use bulky hearing aids. I met about 15 deaf students in the classroom. The students knew practically nothing about sign language and were very behind in most all subjects. I was also shocked to see students aged between 12 to 20 years old in the same classroom.

That teacher taught us to SING with our voices and we would practice the same song for months and then put us in assembly for hearing students to hear our voices. Unbelievable!!!! We were mocked by them. At the end of the school year I told my friends “This coming fall I will transfer to California School for the Deaf in Riverside (CSDR)”. My teacher took me to a private room and talked with me using sign language. I was shocked he could sign and he told me he was glad that I am going to CSDR where I can get better education. Then he told me that if he used sign language in classroom and he will lose his job. It was clear to me that deaf students and teacher were oppressed.

Two years later 7 of my former classmates transferred to CSDR. It was obvious they were starved for communication by using ASL and a better education and socialization.

To AGB believers: Allow the deaf children to be themselves! You have a responsibility to share the truth and the facts to parents, who often get high or false hopes that their deaf child/children are better off in oral schools than schools for the deaf which use bilingual (ASL/English). Let’s work together for the betterment of our deaf children and their future.


Video by Shawn Efrink – Making the invisible VISIBLE – you can’t do Oralism without abuse (Shawn stands in front of a building that houses the new location for the St. Joseph institute of which Shawn is a survivor of and of which promotes Oral Aural OnlyISM – ie LSL – Listening and Spoken Language)

another short video by Shawn Efrink- calling on us to “Break the Rules”(Shawn stands in front of a building that houses the new location for the St. Joseph institute of which Shawn is a survivor of and of which promotes Oral Aural OnlyISM – ie LSL – Listening and Spoken Language)

Mr.Renck, My Strict Oral Teacher. (a chamber in "My Inner Maze") Prismacolor pencil 2016. David Call.jpg

Mr.Renck, My Strict Oral Teacher. (a chamber in “My Inner Maze”) Prismacolor pencil 2016. David Call

I will never forget by Ellen Mansfield

YOU! Mr. Renck my strict oral teacher. Graphite 2014. David Cal

YOU! Mr. Renck my strict oral teacher. Graphite 2014. David Call

by Ellen Mansfield

3 thoughts on “Whack goes Oralism RULERS

  1. You are 100% wrong that you can’t teach spoken language without abuse. I do it every single day. I have never hurt a child, or even yelled at one. Neither have my co-workers or friends. It is disgusting that you would paint me with the same brush as child abusers because of a few.

    What if I claimed that you can’t run a Deaf school without rape?

  2. There are plenty of lsl teachers who do not abuse just like there are plenty of deaf schools that don’t molest or rape children.

  3. Dear MKM – some day may you invent a pseudo name that is not framed around your daughter’s name. just hoping for a wee bit of independence for you on this independence day. my apologies for the delay in responding to your comments. i was away for a while.

    Please know that i have talked indepth with survivors and victims of Oralism – past and present and they self identify that being denied the right to gesture in the lunch room at CID or in the hall ways when pointing to a sign – as ABUSIVE. They tell me this. they say being forced to sit separately from their peers because they gestured a wee bit during lunch – was a punishment that ostracized and hurt them.
    They tell me they were told that they were superior to Deaf children who use ASL and that they were smarter and that they were better. and then when they met other signing people they were surprised to see these people – drive, think, laugh, love and travel the world successfully. They had been feed a diet of lies and falsehoods and this hurt them to their very core because they saw that these Signing Deaf people navigate the world well and wholely and that they the ones who were taught to only speak and listen had spent a life time of laboring to please others and reinforce the myth that this is the way it should and must be.

    imagine the surprise some Deaf oral children are facing when they see Nyle DiMarco dance and work the run way and receive accolades and notoriety when he speaks and listens not.

    abuse comes in many forms and physical abuse is still at work in many oral schools – young adults report being hit on the mouth with a YARD stick for not pronouncing a word correctly others report being put in isolation and more. But the emotional abuse – the being taught to lie and being lied to – being told they are superior when they are not being told they are loved because they can speak being told they should love and thank their CI every night because it makes them normal being told that signing is inferior and a handicap because told success = speech being told not to do what comes naturally – gesture with their hands being tested prodded operated on and mandated to endless therapy being sat on everyday to force them to wear their CI and MORE – these are not normal experiences for children and for many survivors and victims they constitute abuse.

    i stand with the survivors and victims. for a long time i had my head in the sand and believed all the BS coming out of the Volta Review and various agencies and parents saying that none of that “stuff” happened any more because CI work so seamlessly and are the great equalizers and liberators but then survivors and victims kept coming to my door telling me their LIVED truth and many of them were horror stories. i can not ignore them. i can not deny them. and nor should you.

    you can say whatever u want about “Deaf schools” but when u do remember pointing back at u is the truth that many Deaf children have suffered in CID’s dorms. Rape is a horrible thing and the fact that u want to toss it out here in defense against the truth that Oral Aural only involves abuse is cheap and wrong. Rape has happened at Deaf schools (Oral, TC, bilingual etc) it is horrible and very very wrong. That u would try to derail this discussion by throwing that out there saddens me. it is so disrespectful of the victims of rape and so dismissive of the victims of oralism. this is not an oppression / abuse Olympics. you dont cancel out one form of abuse by saying “what about…” or “what if i….”

    any abuse at any school is wrong – PERIOD.

    if you can not see that – it makes me wonder what truly happens in your classroom



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