AG Bell’s Bigotry & Bu$ine$$ as Usual

– AG Bell’s Bigotry & Bu$ine$$ as Usual

1280_nyle_dimarco_DWTS_160411AG Bell Associate has displayed Cultural and Linguistic Bigotry.  PERIOD.

it is indefensible and it is endless – it aint the first time and it aint gonna be the last time

so while i commend folks for bringing out all the various studies and i am especially touched by some of the deeply personal stories some folks are sharing about growing up oral aural only or parents being pressured to “choose” oral aural only – the burden is on the AG Bell Association to prove that they are not bigoted

to prove that they are not exclusionary

to prove that they are not trying to usher in a “new way of being deaf” that involves the demise of what it means to be Deaf

to prove that they are not ga ga over a linguistic and cultural genocide

so lets see ’em try

im waiting

and i aint worried because they aint gonna be able to – they have been LOYAL to AG Bell, the man, and association’s mission of PURE ORALISM and ANTI-ASL since their inception

yes,they have raged and waged an unholy campaign against American Sign Language (see mask of benevolence, when the mind hears, forbidden signs: American Culture and the Campaign Against Sign Language, preservation of Sign language and more)

so the burden is on them.  not us.  not u and not me.  it aint even on the Oral “successes” to prove their life is valid and good without ASL because we KNOW their lives are valid regardless of what language(s) they use or dont

the problem is with the AG Bell Association not even believing that their oral “successes” can lead their organizations and co. – yep the burden is on u, AG Bell and Co. – come on Ms. Sugar and Mr. Alonso-Mendoza step down and make room for the byproducts of your obsession – “independence through talking and listening” folks

PROVE IT – put your money where your mouth is and have a Deaf CEO and President at the same time – gasp – horrors.  grrr that durr so radical. haaa its only 2016.  Name one association FOR a group of people that doesnt have any of those people at the lead – hmmmm.

the burden is on YOU. AG Bell Association. You too EHDI systems – put some Deaf folks at the helm – yes im talking to u Dr. White.  Make things right and stop the:

racism (yep almost all those orgs and entities are lead by White folks)
classism (yep almost all those orgs and entities cater to middle, upper middle, and wealthy)

that is just way toooooooo many “isms” ya all – it is 2016 after all – if u and cochlear implants are all the bling – CI co. and AGB and starkey and let them hear foundation and hands and voices should be filled with Oral successes in LEADership positions

odd eh?  and dont even try to say they are all too busy being successful in the mainstream that they cant take on leadership in any of these entities.  Cuz your noses have already grown way to big lately




and now to the point of Bu$ine$$ as Usual

we aint having it – Nyle is way to pretty and shiny.  He is just gonna win the hearts and minds of US popular culture – quicker than any viral ci activating video will ever do.  That Deaf Smart ASL Boy Sure plays a mean pinball!

yep he does soooooo AG Bell and Co u is busted.  As in Ya Basta

as  in your Bu$ine$$ as Usual in the hopes of creating a brave new world of hearing deaf (what an oxymoron) people – aint gonna work.  u can keep trying – i know u will but we gonna:

  1. boycott – Deaf folks are not gonna be going to your Association or membership events or EHDI conferences until you got Deaf folks in the lead and you STOP your cultural and linguistic bigotry
  2. divest – Deaf schools, colleges, organizations and individuals and allies are not gonna be sponsoring your conferences or donating money to you and your events cuz we do not finance bigotry
  3. direct action – folks are gonna keep disrupting the auditory industrial complex – they gonna keep doing sit-ins at your temple of doom aka Volta Burea, they gonna keep holding vigils in memory of lost lives and victims and survivors past, present and soon to be, they gonna hold demonstrations outside of your conferences and hand out truth cards to passer bys who ALWAYS SAY – “what – they dont let Deaf babies sign?????  THAT IS HORRIBLE”
  4. and more surprises cuz ASL rises and civil disobedience rocks – we peaceful resisters are so scary ; )psst – keep pushing AG Bell and the truth gonna reach the US public about your unethical and unimaginable practices – banning ASL from Deaf babies and their families is gonna go viral and u will not be able to practice bu$ineSS as usual

cuz your practices are in fact CRUEL and UNUSUAL

they is and u know it

as i told the EHDI folks when we met with them in St. Louis “YOU KNOW YOU CAN NOT PRACTICE ORALISM WITH OUT ABUSE”

and no one at the table dared disagreed because at the table were survivors of ORALISM and because they the system folks – NCHAM Dr. White, CDC rep, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Maternal and Child Health rep – know that in order to get Deaf children to wear their “ears” parents have had to SIT ON THEIR CHILDREN, punish their children (reward punishment), some children develop infections, some children’s CI fail cold and they have to have it ex-planted and a new one implanted, some children’s CI fail hot and they are shocked and it has to be explanted and a new one implanted.  and more – much more.  Even under the best of circumstances abuses are happening – on micro and macro levels

this is aversion therapy via technological intervention

all in search of that holy grail – “how to make deaf children into hearing deaf children”

and the answer is – why would you even EVER try.

just look at Nyle.  It is beautiful to be DEAF.

Deaf ASL = success. Get used to it AGB

ASL is not on the decline – its on the rise and that is what is scaring you and causing you to REact.

No worries – its a beauty to behold – truths being told by the victims and survivors of your bigotry and its a JOY to see a STRONG Deaf-centered man who can dance, smile, laugh, sign and INVEST in Deaf children’s right to ASL.

Seriously Nyle has won me over.  I aint a fan of celebrities – they are often very unauthentic and i do not value society putting so much attention and $ into them – its usually very bad for the individual and for the greater good.  But every once and a while there emerges someone with ambition for public attention to serve the greater good and me thinking Nyle DeMarco may just be such a person.

what’s that i hear?

“I’m shrinking, I’m shrinking” shrieks AG Bell Association

yep u is.  no doubt

Deaf individuals, organizations, educational institutions, and allies – divest from bigoted bu$ine$$ so they can no longer do their bu$ine$$ of bigotry

and to our beloved community

focus now folks because lots of folks are gonna be popping up here and there and everywhere to illicit a REaction from ya all so they can point and shout “see see meany big D Deaf militant, extremists, bullies” while simultaneously praising “others” freedom of speech – dont take the bait.  We dont need to be REacting to them – we just need to engage in direct peaceful action with the true oppressors.

Focus cuz we are very close and that is why they have released the krakens ; ) haaaa

nah the various aliases that i have been told are showing up here and there to make a ruckus with wee word wars in small boxes aint nothing at all except a diversion.  don’t take the bait mate.

eyes on the prize folks and forward march and love.  always love.

oh and thank u nyle for restoring me faith in mankind ; ).




7 thoughts on “AG Bell’s Bigotry & Bu$ine$$ as Usual

  1. I kissfist this blog entry! Wonderful job as always. There are so few of us who actually understands the “underbelly” of the system which is heavily saturated with phonocentristic and audistic ideology. We need to be persistent to challenge this. We need to hold medical professionals responsible, and of course NCHAM! We have scientific evidence which supports ASL, and its benefits. I still cannot believe that medical professionals and educational professionals intentionally ignore them and continues supporting the LSL approaches. This must be stopped.

  2. This is so magnificent; your way of putting your truth, the truths and perspectives about ALL of it has made me laugh, smile, cry, jump up n down (and I’m OLDDDD:) with the excitement of being nearly age 74 and living long enough to witness such brains, beauty, talent, inteligence, creativity, courage as YOURself AND ‘our Nyle’ at the start of the 21st Century. I identify with absolutely everything you’ve said and the way you’ve said it. You will see how ‘for real’ I mean this when you read my own recent blogs:) Big hug and THANK you. For the first time in 47 years I feel real, actual HOPE that ASL and “D”eaf culture will be saved – and that all the A.G.Bell, CI Industrial Complex $$$$ and overall audist power will NOT succeed in their historic goals of Deaf “ethnic cleansing” and ultimate “cultural genocide”. A.G. Bell Assocaiation… Your reign of terror it’s OVER!

  3. Amy – super thrilled to see you b/vlogging so much. You have always been a gem at bringing out the truth for all to see.

    Julia – thanks!

    Dwight – Peace power rocks!

    Dottie – aww – appreciate the note as i too think the truth is beautiful. Not the practice of oppression but rather the confronting of it.

    Craccess – Hope is a moral obligation says Gay playwright and activist – Tony Kushner and We are prisoners of hope says African-American Professor, author, and and activist – Dr. Cornel West. So we keep on pushing the truth forward and in so doing comes liberation for us and the oppressor. Please stop back and link us to your post. and thanks!

    peace – patti

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