AG Bell – Dirty Words & Deeds

English text below video box

summary based on my memory of what i signed – not an exact transcript or translation as the woods beckon) short vlog thanking our communities for challenging AG Bell – see Barb Wingfield’s vlogs and chart comparing AG Bell’s Statements and the truth with facts and Amy Cohen Efron’s blogs and vlogs – especially the latest examining AG Bell Association. Shared a bit about the evolution of AG Bell’s language use and image – they used to go by the word ORAL and the Deaf community still does cuz what the AG Bell Association does is promotes mouth stuff but the AG Bell Association shifted its own language away from the word “Oral / Oralism” etc with the advent of the WWW about 15 years ago because when you put in the word ORAL to a search engine you get images and things that the AG Bell association doesnt want you to get. They didnt want their name and practice to be associated with sexual things and sex acts. So they tried to get their practionaires (speech therapists / pathologists and such) to shift to using the terms SPOKEN COMMUNICATION but that didnt really take on. About 10 years ago the were using AVT Auditory-Verbal Therapy alot but we challenged them about the guidelines for AVT that say “without sign language” – they initially just removed the “without sign language” in their guidelines but continued to practice a pure oral approach and we continued to challenge them so then they changed to stealing from ASL (which is now the 3rd most studied non-English language in the US). They chopped of the A and came up with LSL so it looks like ASL and it looks like it is a REAL language when in fact it is a modality. LSL stands for Listening and Spoken Language and as Amy pointed out – if you look at AG Bell’s website you will see the top banner has minimized AG Bell’s name and has LSL taken over its branding / image. they even have an LSL “academy” which certifies and gives CEU credit – they are now a business. For all the AG Bell Association’s talk about making Deaf people “independent and successful” through listening and talking they dont show evidence of that via their own organization / bu$ine$$ as they Rarely as in almost never have had a Deaf CEO. Currently both their CEO and President are both Hearing. So much for independent and successful Deaf Oral adults – they cant even run its organization. (added: when AFA met with AG Bell’s then CEO – Alexander Graham (real name i kid u not) we asked him why no Deaf CEO and he said “why is that important?” ohhh my heavens).  AG Bell and other oralists claim that Oralism works now because they are implanting children at a younger age and CIs work better etc – problem with that is – there are concerns about the long term affect of early implanting and even when Deaf children acquire speech – that does not automatically or always translate to literacy skills.  There are many hearing people who hear and speak perfectly who have weak literacy skills and some are even illiterate.  Speaking and hearing do not equate literacy.  And even Deaf folks who do hear and speak and are literate – they struggle in social situations – misunderstanding and not fully catching everything.
All of AG Bell’s history and practices show what we are confronting today. As Veditz told us ” Enemies of the sign language, they are enemies of the true welfare of the Deaf”


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