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So as predicted – things have quieted down three weeks out from the AG Bell Association’s pissy fit over Nyle DiMarco supporting bilingualism.

But it was a wild three weeks wasn’t it?
ya all rocked the house. Truths be a tellin’ ten fold.

I especially appreciate the Buff and Blue’s ASL letter to AG Bell Association and the Council de Manos’ letter (see below).  While i had seen the Buff and Blue’s English letter, I didn’t know of their ASL letter until a colleague mentioned it a few days ago and i went a googling and ta da.  WOW it is a gem.  Love the variety of signers and the message as is the Council de Manos, which they also have in English and Spanish – ohhh multilingualism rocks.

I’ve also enjoyed seeing:
Convo’s #tosignishuman

Letters from individuals (especially poignant letters from parents and victims & survivors), departments, colleges, organizations, De’VIA surdists’ artworks etc singing the praise of ASL & English and busting the bullshit on language and cultural bigotry have been making the invisible visible.  Thank you each and all for standing and demanding that the AG Bell Association cut the crap.  Many of the letters by AG Bell and our communities have been posted up at The Bell Effect website https://thebelleffect.com/

After just one week AG Bell Association’s President M. Sugar released a 2nd letter in which she maintained her very patronizing tone of voice basically saying we don’t know squat.


Problem is – we know a plenty and have brought the truth forward to prove it so she can hide behind their b.s. euphemism LSL as if it were a language when it is the jealous mistress called ORALism, and hide behind the bs shield of parental choice but we know their version of “parental choice” includes child abuse.  YES FOLKS when Ms. Sugar and Co. says parents have the right to choose Oral / Aural Only and ban ASL for their child’s life they are saying depriving a child of ASL and Deaf culture is FINE.  It’s DANDY. Why? because ASL is dying she says (in her first letter) and cuz the babes no needy any ASL cuz they can hear just fine with CI and AVT ie Oralism ie LSL.  Yes she said this crap in response to the American Academy of Pediatric praising bilingualism as best practices too.  She is relentless in her delusions.

Oh the holy grail – to make the Deaf child unDeaf.  to make them speak and hear “like” Hearing folks.  all hail the god of “independence through listening and talking” which is the AG Bell Associations motto and mantra and mission and..

yawn – so boring so endlessly boring and WRONG

W R O N G  AG BELL and Co. – listening and speaking do NOT make someone independent.  This has been proven time and time again.

How do we know?
cuz many completely hearing folks can hear and speak perfectly fine and they are not fully independent

cuz many Deaf folks who use bilaterial implants, do not sign whatsoever, and speak a plenty still want CART services, still want close captioning, still want Oral interpreters, some no go home for the holidays

and cuz… drum rolllllllll

We are all interdependent.  Its called living.  and the holy grail of normalcy is a falsehood and neurodiversity, sensory diversity, gender diversity, ethnic diversity, sexual diversity, etc are groovy.  They truly are – they is what makes the world go round methink.

Truths gonna flow Ms. Sugar and Co. (ie AG Bell Association) and the truth is – there is NO HARM in being bilingual or multilingual and there are GREAT BENEFITS to it. So…..

depriving a Deaf child of such is just basically cruel and unusual

You can cling behind the bilaterial cochlear implants, you can cling behind the clause of “parental rights” when they are really wrong but the truth remains – its unjust and you know it

And YOU – AG Bell Association – have known it since your inception.  You have KNOWN that you can not do pure Oralism (ie lsl and implantations etc etc) without some form of abuse.  YES AG Bell Association you have known about the putting of children into closets for signing, you have known about the making of children sit on their hands, fold their hands, have their hand taped to table tops, bound by mitten strings, tied up, stacked with books to uphold while kneeling on a broom stick, dunked in scalding HOT water, whacked with rulers, and more.  those poor wee dear hands that did nothing but try to do what came naturally – talk.  talk with their hands.  why has this ever been such a sin that parents and teachers have HIT those hands, have made those hands write on boards and sheets of paper 100 times “I will not use my hands.” ha ya all have tried to also make liars out of the children – they knew to write that very sentence they were using their own hands and they knew that to raise their hand in the audiobooth when not really hearing to end the testing, prodding, probing, and distress they would have to practice your skill and value set – deceit.

more has been done to the Deaf child – the Deaf body – lots of surgery – lots of various experimentation on their ears, brains, tonsils and more.  All in that effort to make the Deaf child into something they are not “unDeaf” and as “Hearing like as possible”

ie: AG Bell’s latest and lamest effort at myth-a-making – the notion of “there are many ways to be deaf” duh

that is about as inspired as “Deaf people can do anything except hear”

jewish folks have always been diverse – you dont see folks saying jewish versus Jewish or J/j

African American folks have always been diverse – you dont see folks saying African American vs african american

You did see lots of stratification of disenfranchised folks by the dominant culture in its effort to divide and conquer.  You saw them conjure up Mulatto as a “way of being” and giving it a wee bit of privilege so that resentment and inequality would fester and the oppressed could be the oppressor so the master could worry less and control more

So AG Bell and Co. you can try to paint “your deaf children and poster children turned adults” as being a different way of being deaf but still it is the same ole same ole.  They still be people of the hand eye – they still glean info via their eyes and their hands.  i have seen them in those youtube activation viral videos, i have seen them sitting across from me at the AG Bell Volta Bureau & Laboratory  – speaking when you called on them to speak and trying to read the CART screen when anyone else was speaking despite them having CI and a voice interpreter sitting right behind them.  I have seen how their eyes scan the horizon and i have seen how their hands point and gesture.  So while they are not bilingual with ASL because they have been taught that to use ASL is a dependence and a crutch and demeaning and they should be as hearing-like as they possibly can be, they still gravitate to visual access and if they are Deafblind orally raised they gravitate to tactile access as did John Spencer.

This is nothing NEW.  What it means to be “deaf” has not changed.  The props and excuses and myths have been updated but they are still props, excuses, and myths in which to propagate cultural and linguistic bigotry and that is not cool – AG Bell Association, John Tracey Clinic, House Ear institute, NCHAM, CDC, Cochlear LTD, Advanced Bionics, Med El, and blood cord registry and more..  We see you and we call your bluff.

Not cool at all fools.

We are Deaf – not damaged nor damned.

soooo Ms. Sugar of AG Bell Assoc – you conclude your second letter with a comment about respectful open dialogue after having spread a bunch of disrespectful crap in your letter about not discouraging parents from  ASL (tsk tsk how you lie) and how your mission is backed by research – dont u see how your ACTIONS and words in your letters and history are NOT respectful for open dialogue and if you TRULY wanted an open dialogue – you would accept the Gallaudet Student Body Government invitation to go to Gallaudet for such a dialogue.  AG Bell Association your commitment to crucifying children on the cross of a single method is WRONG and you know it.

Ya busted Ya basta.

George W. Veditz knew that ASL & English was the greatest good for the greatest number.

Screen shot 2016-04-24 at 11.20.51 AM.png

And from the NAD resolutions from the Proceedings of the Ninth Convention of the National Association and the Third World’s Congress of the Deaf.  Colorado Springs, CO.  August 6-13 1910

  • Resolved, That we recognize and appreciate to the fullest extent all methods of educating the deaf, but deplore and condemn the narrow and destructive spirit that endeavors to educate all pupils by any single method. We are firmly and unalterably in favor of the Combined System, which adapts the method to the pupil, and not the pupil to the method. (Resolutions similar in tenor to the above were unanimously adopted at the Nation Convention sat Chicago 1893; Philadelphia, 1896; St. Paul 1899; St. Louis, 1904, and Norfolk, 1907.)
  • Resolved, That the educated deaf, even though they may not be in the profession, feel that it is their privilege to discuss and pass upon questions of educational methods, inasmuch, as they are the results of these methods, and that their opinions therefore should have the weight of authority.


and now i conclude with the truthful words of a Deaf educator and leader.  James L. Smith, who was a teacher and Supt at the Minn. School for the Deaf.  He stated these words at the International Congress on the Education of the Deaf (ICED) in 1900 at the Paris Congress.  Yes this is the same congress that in 1880 Milan, Italy declared oralism to be superior and banned natural sign language from the hands, hearts, and minds of Deaf children and educators and the same congress that in 2010 (2010-07 ICED Resolution – A New Era document-2) declared that the Milan 1880 ICED resolutions were unjust and caused great harm and that we should remember our history and issued an accord for the future in which Deaf folks shall not be deprived of natural sign language and Deaf culture and they shall be involved in decision making in matters that affect their people.

(note there are a million other great statements from gems from our past who prove that what it means to be Deaf has not changed and that excluding Deaf folks from their birthright – a fully natural and accessible language – is wrong like McGregor’s short, precise, and profound 1920 message – but you get the point – things have not changed cuz the oppressive nature of the jealous mistress, Oralism, remains.  Its time for an upgrade AG Bell and Co. Your deceit aint sweet. In fact it is toxic. and its old as in unchanged and ASL is on the rise not on the decline and the Deaf will always be Deaf.


“Let us join together as one to protest these educators who would fix our destiny without consulting us, without hearing us. Here in the greatest republic of the Old World, the delegates from that in the New ask all present to join together to affirm a new declaration of human rights, the right of the deaf to life, liberty the pursuit of happiness, and the education of their children on a plan they accept. Let us declare to the entire world that the deaf will not be crucified on the cross of a single method.”

~ James L. Smith 

Gallaudet Buff and Blue’s ASLized letter to the AG Bell Association:

Council de Manos letter in ASL below (to see in text English and text Spanish go to https://thebelleffect.com/2016/04/08/council-de-manos/)


“A language divorced from its culture is like a body without a soul.” ~ M. Byram, 1998

Thanks Brian S for the quote


Binary is boring and Deceit is not sweet

Very powerful letter in the Gallaudet Buff and Blue from a mother of a Deaf child that supports bilingualism for her child. She firmly shows the AG Bell Assoc. how their binary – EITHER / OR approach to Deaf children is wrong. Binary is so so boring AG Bell and AG Bell Assoc you prove again again how Oralism is the jealous mistress.


pls take the time to read: http://www.thebuffandblue.net/?p=14442
Thank you marvelous mom Laura McMullen.

And so we see how AG Bell Assoc plays things – see this tweet AG Bell released after Trisha Waddell visited the Volta Bureau as part of a class assignment and see her follow up tweet below.  AG Bell Association and Pres Sugar – when are you going to learn that deceit is not sweet

Screen shot 2016-04-16 at 9.15.14 PM.png

Screen shot 2016-04-16 at 9.13.32 PM

NTID & RIT Presidents Support ASL

NTID and RIT presidents released a strong statement in support of ASL & English on April 12, 2016.


The statement is clearly in response to the AG Bell Association’s attack on ASL and Deaf culture reacting to a short write up in the Washington Post praising Nyle DiMarco’s (whose mom is an NTID alumni) Foundation supporting ASL for Deaf children so they have bilingualism and Kindergarten readiness.

Their letter uses D/d as some members of our communities do not identify with Deaf culture but are deaf.  I believe this may be one of the first times RIT/NTID has used the capital D and while i see people who do not identify as being Culturally Deaf as still being D because we dont lower case J for Jewish or a for Asian or n for Native american to signify the diversity within those groups – i understand why Presidents Destler and Buckley chose to go with D/d and im thrilled to see them being inclusive of D as most other organizations or universities or individuals opted to go with d only.

The NTID Alumni Association has also released a letter – it can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/NTIDAA/ (scroll down to Statement in response to Sugar’s letter).  I’m facebook free so when i try to click the document – i cant see it unless logging in.  if anyone would like to copy and paste it in the comment box that would be great.

Many other great letters have come out by individuals and organizations and there has been a more thorough examination of the AG Bell association and its bigotry against ASL and Deaf culture.

Not sure if the Gallaudet Student Body Government ever received a response from AG Bell Association Pres Sugar in regards to their invitation to meet with them at Gallaudet.  If they have not – i hope they will follow up with a phone call or a visit to Volta Bureau.


NTID/RIT Students ROCK !

RIT Student Government and NTID Student Congress (NSC) sent a strong letter to the AG Bell Association and ASLized the letter (See below)

In addition the NTID Student Congress (NSC), Communication Access Now (CAN), and Ebony Club (EC) have been working hard (and i mean very very very hard) on several important issues relating to intersectionality, safe space, privilege, language rights and more.The students have been putting hundreds of hours into advocacy, meetings, committees, coalition building, Solidarity Walk, addressing NTID Advisory Group, and more.  I am learning a great deal from the students. You can follow these groups on Facebook and see the Daily Moth videos on CAN and EC letters and the Walk of Solidarity.
Daily Moth Dec 22, 2015 (English text is under videobox) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH_kzYMc0dE
Daily Moth April 1, 2016 https://www.facebook.com/TheDailyMoth/

Issues of language rights and access have surfaced about every 5 years or so at NTID.  Its refreshing to see such an array of students coming together for a collective solution for this cyclical problem. I have only been able to attend a few of the student meetings but each time i have been VERY impressed with how they make sure access is effective and open, how much they pay attention to each other, how they come up with great solutions, how they negotiate differences of ideas and approaches, how their love and care for NTID/RIT is their central focus and motivation.  Thank you students for leading the way.


Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 9.56.27 PM

Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 9.56.39 PM

The Drs. are In & Calling out AG Bell

The Drs. are in. & Calling out AG Bell.  Yep Deaf folks with and without doctorate degrees are signing out about AG Bell’s everlasting aggression against ASL and Deaf culture.  See the ASL letter to the AG Bell Association from some NTID/RIT Deaf Cultural Studies faculty. English version is below the the video box. If you would like your name added to the letter, feel free to leave a comment below with your name and we will add you in. 

(video was filmed and edited by Kc)

12 April 2016

To the President, CEO, Board, and Members of the AG Bell Association,

We have a wealth of knowledge today from both historical scholarship and the
collective, lived experiences of Deaf people about AG Bell.  We know that AG Bell
was a strong supporter of the eugenics movement. He supported language
oppression, leading to a legacy of linguicism in Deaf history.  Eugenics began and
was practiced here in the United States before being adopted in Nazi Germany.

Thus, Bell was part of the development of the notion of a “better stock of human
beings” which clearly indicated that Deaf people were unacceptable.  Bell’s ideology
shows repeated pattern of language oppression, systematic destruction of Deaf
people’s culture and way of life.  Such systematic ways of destroying any culture
needs to be stopped right now.

The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) organization has reported that 70 million
Deaf and Deaf Blind people around the globe use sign language.  Additionally, WFD
has worked closely with the United Nations in developing the Convention on Rights
of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).  The UNCRPD focuses on the rights of Deaf
people including recognition of the human right to sign language as a first language. The CRPD, therefore, recognizes and promotes the sign languages of Deaf people worldwide.  A related CRPD principle reaffirms the education of Deaf children
through sign language followed by reading and writing skills in the language of their
home countries.  The recent letter from the AG Bell Association mentions sign
language as simply one of many “options.”  Thus, the AG Bell Association has
blatantly denied Deaf children the human right to sign language that has been
asserted by WFD/UN CRPD.

I’ve noticed among Deaf students here at NTID that they tend to communicate most
successfully through sign.  These students are diverse: many from international
countries and from various states; their educational backgrounds include
experiencing mainstream schools and Deaf schools.  When they all come together
and need to communicate effectively in the moment, they all use sign. Speech
doesn’t work well because many of the international students do not lipread English
nor use spoken English.  When they come together, they all can sign and smoothly
collaborate. This experience is evidence that it is signing which allows diverse
students to be successful communicators.

For many years, AG Bell has reinforced the concept that speech is equated with the
ability to learn language which is misleading and erroneous.  Focusing on
developing literacy is different from speech training.  Being able to use speech may
be a convenient way to communicate with many people, but it does not lead to
literacy–that is, skills such as the ability to think, reason, negotiate, read and write. Research has indicated that in America today there are about 30 million people who
use speech fluently, but who cannot read and write. When you give your child
language, you need to remember that Deaf children always are bilingual or
multilingual.  Today in 2016, we have a lot of research that AG Bell’s assumptions
have been wrong.

In 2008, the President and CEO of AG Bell Association wrote a letter to the Pepsi
Company chastising them for having shown a commercial which included Deaf
people signing.  It was just one short commercial shown on one day out of a whole
year’s worth of commercials.  Yet, the President and CEO of AG Bell were so upset
that they felt they needed to respond.  At NTID/RIT, the students, faculty, staff,
community members and members of the Orange and Brown Coalition decided that
we must confront you about this injustice.  We demanded that you rescind your
letter to the Pepsi Company and apologize for offending and misrepresenting Deaf
people.  At the same time, people at NTID/RIT began to question the integrity of
having a building named in honor of AG Bell on our campus. Students began to study
Bell’s history and notice his pattern of oppressing Deaf people’s language and
culture as well as his destructive impact on the individual lives of Deaf people.
Because of this history, they felt NTID/RIT should not show honor much less
tolerance for people who represent such actions.  After much discussion, the name
and plaque honoring AG Bell was finally removed from our campus.  That was in 2008.

Now, in 2016, you have again written a letter publically insulting Deaf people, Deaf
culture, and ASL.  You seem resistant to learning.  Your pattern of harassment and
insults to our culture and our language is unacceptable and must stop.  It is harmful
to parents, children, and adults.  We have had enough.

NTID/RIT Faculty/Staff members from the Department of Cultural and Creative


Dr. J.Matt Searls,
Mr. Joseph Hamilton,
Dr. Deirdre A. Schlehofer,
Dr. Aaron Kelstone,
Ms. Patti Durr,
Dr. Karen Christie and
Ms. Pam Conley

Additional Signatories:

Nancy Rourke
Diane Plassey Gutierrez
Rodney Navratil
Barb Wingfield
Ms. Shawn Elfrink
Robert Tawney
Tim Gough
Raymond Kovachik, P.E.
Lisa Hermatz
Mindy Brightman
Ella Mae Lentz
Willy Pierce
Rochard D. Coll
Kym Symansky
Brenda Aron
David Tester
Lance Forshay

AG Bell’s Bigotry & Bu$ine$$ as Usual

– AG Bell’s Bigotry & Bu$ine$$ as Usual

1280_nyle_dimarco_DWTS_160411AG Bell Associate has displayed Cultural and Linguistic Bigotry.  PERIOD.

it is indefensible and it is endless – it aint the first time and it aint gonna be the last time

so while i commend folks for bringing out all the various studies and i am especially touched by some of the deeply personal stories some folks are sharing about growing up oral aural only or parents being pressured to “choose” oral aural only – the burden is on the AG Bell Association to prove that they are not bigoted

to prove that they are not exclusionary

to prove that they are not trying to usher in a “new way of being deaf” that involves the demise of what it means to be Deaf

to prove that they are not ga ga over a linguistic and cultural genocide

so lets see ’em try

im waiting

and i aint worried because they aint gonna be able to – they have been LOYAL to AG Bell, the man, and association’s mission of PURE ORALISM and ANTI-ASL since their inception

yes,they have raged and waged an unholy campaign against American Sign Language (see mask of benevolence, when the mind hears, forbidden signs: American Culture and the Campaign Against Sign Language, preservation of Sign language and more)

so the burden is on them.  not us.  not u and not me.  it aint even on the Oral “successes” to prove their life is valid and good without ASL because we KNOW their lives are valid regardless of what language(s) they use or dont

the problem is with the AG Bell Association not even believing that their oral “successes” can lead their organizations and co. – yep the burden is on u, AG Bell and Co. – come on Ms. Sugar and Mr. Alonso-Mendoza step down and make room for the byproducts of your obsession – “independence through talking and listening” folks

PROVE IT – put your money where your mouth is and have a Deaf CEO and President at the same time – gasp – horrors.  grrr that durr so radical. haaa its only 2016.  Name one association FOR a group of people that doesnt have any of those people at the lead – hmmmm.

the burden is on YOU. AG Bell Association. You too EHDI systems – put some Deaf folks at the helm – yes im talking to u Dr. White.  Make things right and stop the:

racism (yep almost all those orgs and entities are lead by White folks)
classism (yep almost all those orgs and entities cater to middle, upper middle, and wealthy)

that is just way toooooooo many “isms” ya all – it is 2016 after all – if u and cochlear implants are all the bling – CI co. and AGB and starkey and let them hear foundation and hands and voices should be filled with Oral successes in LEADership positions

odd eh?  and dont even try to say they are all too busy being successful in the mainstream that they cant take on leadership in any of these entities.  Cuz your noses have already grown way to big lately




and now to the point of Bu$ine$$ as Usual

we aint having it – Nyle is way to pretty and shiny.  He is just gonna win the hearts and minds of US popular culture – quicker than any viral ci activating video will ever do.  That Deaf Smart ASL Boy Sure plays a mean pinball!

yep he does soooooo AG Bell and Co u is busted.  As in Ya Basta

as  in your Bu$ine$$ as Usual in the hopes of creating a brave new world of hearing deaf (what an oxymoron) people – aint gonna work.  u can keep trying – i know u will but we gonna:

  1. boycott – Deaf folks are not gonna be going to your Association or membership events or EHDI conferences until you got Deaf folks in the lead and you STOP your cultural and linguistic bigotry
  2. divest – Deaf schools, colleges, organizations and individuals and allies are not gonna be sponsoring your conferences or donating money to you and your events cuz we do not finance bigotry
  3. direct action – folks are gonna keep disrupting the auditory industrial complex – they gonna keep doing sit-ins at your temple of doom aka Volta Burea, they gonna keep holding vigils in memory of lost lives and victims and survivors past, present and soon to be, they gonna hold demonstrations outside of your conferences and hand out truth cards to passer bys who ALWAYS SAY – “what – they dont let Deaf babies sign?????  THAT IS HORRIBLE”
  4. and more surprises cuz ASL rises and civil disobedience rocks – we peaceful resisters are so scary ; )psst – keep pushing AG Bell and the truth gonna reach the US public about your unethical and unimaginable practices – banning ASL from Deaf babies and their families is gonna go viral and u will not be able to practice bu$ineSS as usual

cuz your practices are in fact CRUEL and UNUSUAL

they is and u know it

as i told the EHDI folks when we met with them in St. Louis “YOU KNOW YOU CAN NOT PRACTICE ORALISM WITH OUT ABUSE”

and no one at the table dared disagreed because at the table were survivors of ORALISM and because they the system folks – NCHAM Dr. White, CDC rep, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Maternal and Child Health rep – know that in order to get Deaf children to wear their “ears” parents have had to SIT ON THEIR CHILDREN, punish their children (reward punishment), some children develop infections, some children’s CI fail cold and they have to have it ex-planted and a new one implanted, some children’s CI fail hot and they are shocked and it has to be explanted and a new one implanted.  and more – much more.  Even under the best of circumstances abuses are happening – on micro and macro levels

this is aversion therapy via technological intervention

all in search of that holy grail – “how to make deaf children into hearing deaf children”

and the answer is – why would you even EVER try.

just look at Nyle.  It is beautiful to be DEAF.

Deaf ASL = success. Get used to it AGB

ASL is not on the decline – its on the rise and that is what is scaring you and causing you to REact.

No worries – its a beauty to behold – truths being told by the victims and survivors of your bigotry and its a JOY to see a STRONG Deaf-centered man who can dance, smile, laugh, sign and INVEST in Deaf children’s right to ASL.

Seriously Nyle has won me over.  I aint a fan of celebrities – they are often very unauthentic and i do not value society putting so much attention and $ into them – its usually very bad for the individual and for the greater good.  But every once and a while there emerges someone with ambition for public attention to serve the greater good and me thinking Nyle DeMarco may just be such a person.

what’s that i hear?

“I’m shrinking, I’m shrinking” shrieks AG Bell Association

yep u is.  no doubt

Deaf individuals, organizations, educational institutions, and allies – divest from bigoted bu$ine$$ so they can no longer do their bu$ine$$ of bigotry

and to our beloved community

focus now folks because lots of folks are gonna be popping up here and there and everywhere to illicit a REaction from ya all so they can point and shout “see see meany big D Deaf militant, extremists, bullies” while simultaneously praising “others” freedom of speech – dont take the bait.  We dont need to be REacting to them – we just need to engage in direct peaceful action with the true oppressors.

Focus cuz we are very close and that is why they have released the krakens ; ) haaaa

nah the various aliases that i have been told are showing up here and there to make a ruckus with wee word wars in small boxes aint nothing at all except a diversion.  don’t take the bait mate.

eyes on the prize folks and forward march and love.  always love.

oh and thank u nyle for restoring me faith in mankind ; ).



AG Bell – Dirty Words & Deeds

English text below video box

summary based on my memory of what i signed – not an exact transcript or translation as the woods beckon) short vlog thanking our communities for challenging AG Bell – see Barb Wingfield’s vlogs and chart comparing AG Bell’s Statements and the truth with facts and Amy Cohen Efron’s blogs and vlogs – especially the latest examining AG Bell Association. Shared a bit about the evolution of AG Bell’s language use and image – they used to go by the word ORAL and the Deaf community still does cuz what the AG Bell Association does is promotes mouth stuff but the AG Bell Association shifted its own language away from the word “Oral / Oralism” etc with the advent of the WWW about 15 years ago because when you put in the word ORAL to a search engine you get images and things that the AG Bell association doesnt want you to get. They didnt want their name and practice to be associated with sexual things and sex acts. So they tried to get their practionaires (speech therapists / pathologists and such) to shift to using the terms SPOKEN COMMUNICATION but that didnt really take on. About 10 years ago the were using AVT Auditory-Verbal Therapy alot but we challenged them about the guidelines for AVT that say “without sign language” – they initially just removed the “without sign language” in their guidelines but continued to practice a pure oral approach and we continued to challenge them so then they changed to stealing from ASL (which is now the 3rd most studied non-English language in the US). They chopped of the A and came up with LSL so it looks like ASL and it looks like it is a REAL language when in fact it is a modality. LSL stands for Listening and Spoken Language and as Amy pointed out – if you look at AG Bell’s website you will see the top banner has minimized AG Bell’s name and has LSL taken over its branding / image. they even have an LSL “academy” which certifies and gives CEU credit – they are now a business. For all the AG Bell Association’s talk about making Deaf people “independent and successful” through listening and talking they dont show evidence of that via their own organization / bu$ine$$ as they Rarely as in almost never have had a Deaf CEO. Currently both their CEO and President are both Hearing. So much for independent and successful Deaf Oral adults – they cant even run its organization. (added: when AFA met with AG Bell’s then CEO – Alexander Graham (real name i kid u not) we asked him why no Deaf CEO and he said “why is that important?” ohhh my heavens).  AG Bell and other oralists claim that Oralism works now because they are implanting children at a younger age and CIs work better etc – problem with that is – there are concerns about the long term affect of early implanting and even when Deaf children acquire speech – that does not automatically or always translate to literacy skills.  There are many hearing people who hear and speak perfectly who have weak literacy skills and some are even illiterate.  Speaking and hearing do not equate literacy.  And even Deaf folks who do hear and speak and are literate – they struggle in social situations – misunderstanding and not fully catching everything.
All of AG Bell’s history and practices show what we are confronting today. As Veditz told us ” Enemies of the sign language, they are enemies of the true welfare of the Deaf”

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