De’VIA 29 Challenge 2016 – me art

29 day chart

Just a space to put up the art ill be creating during the De’VIA Feb 29 Day Challenge 2016

See De’VIA central FB for more info on the challenge and the motifs for each day


Day #1 CHAIR

In the Box Front view P Durr

In the Box P Durr back view.jpg

“In the Box”
P Durr
Mixed media assemblage
Red haired doll wearing sunflower dress in wooden crate sitting on oversized blue chair – telephone headset on head with cord wrapped around neck and hands one eye open legs sprayed wooden hand holding up fake ear. Yellow ceramic halo in background and Christmas lights in the back.
2nd image – chair turned around – doll naked telephone cord going to wind up knob at doll s bottom fake ear nailed to chair black and white pix of young girl in plaid dress with hands in pocket at top of chair. Christmas lights in the background

Day #2 Fish


Detail of white coat Shark

Go Fish! Jump at the Sun
P Durr 2015
Mixed media
20 x 16

this work represents how often Deaf children are in a Deaf school or small mainstream programs only to be gobbled up by the auditory industrial complex. one Deaf fish is leaping out of the water jumping at a Deaf sun where s/he can breath out of water via ASL air

{image description: dark blue paint on bottom half of canvas with etching of a small group/school of small fish – slight outline of the triangle flag symbol for school at top and large etched shark wearing a white doctor/lab coat. top half lighter/brighter blue with white cloud on right side and gold leaf sun with Nepali sign handshape for Deaf (one bent finger) as sun rays – middle image is a clown fish with gold leaf on bodyd and Nepali Deafhandshape as fins and white and black oil pastel and sharpy lines and eyes – leaping out of the water with some water droplets}

Day #3 Shadow


Time to go
P Durr
9 x 12
Face w no eyes w speech bubble w blurred words “time fo_ your _ _ eech le_ _ I with Han on young child shoulder. Child has red lines above ear for CI lights and has speech bubble with “Nooo”. Large multiple shadowed figure – head and arms w octopus like arms reach for child

Day #4 Window     Day #5 Bell    Day # 7 Maze

spray paint window and maze

Spray paint art at Washington Grove

winding maze leading Bell with skull for ringer – red bird busts out

Land Ho! Sail on Spectrum (dayLand Ho! Sail on Spectrum (night)

Land ho! Sail on spectrum
P Durr
Mixed media

one image during day other at night

Started this on the Window motif day and would add to it ever few days when any ideas or objects would strike me. Finished last night. One pix at night and one during the day and video so u can see it a bit better I will probably add a bit over time but for not it says. Thank u. I will definitely put real dandelions in the case come spring Photos below in comments on
Has several motifs
Window dandelion stream best – bird hands feather

Day #5 Bell and Day # 7 Maze IMG_0932.JPG


+ Eugenics: Raise your paw if you …
Encaustic mixed media
P Durr
18 x 14
Ag bell invisible speech drawing pix of kids w CI diagrams of stem cell treatment and Dan and eugenics tree and bells Deaf hereditary family tree study and Pavlov dog and Pavlov experiment and and and …

Day #6 Bird House

spraypaint birdhouse

This Spray painted bird house was done by Karen Christie

spraypaint eye

Spray paint of Eye on man hole (not related to the assigned motif but nice to make all the same)

Veditz face birdhouse – need at add pix
Day # 8 Lantern



In the beginning…
Patti Durr

Day #9 Blood


This Blood is On Their Hands
P Durr

Day #10 Interpreter

IMG_0915.jpgVicarious Trauma
P Durr

Day # 11 Rope

hanging hand noir

Everyday a Deaf child is denied sign
Black and white photo of hand hanging from rope

Day #12 Mountain


Building the MT
P Durr
Spray paint and Acrylic on canvas
20 x 16

. Yes cuz to me the 2nd wave of De’VIA is the same as surdism I was thinking about paddys quote about building the mt today before folks started sharing the quote and I was thinking how do we show U build the my through art and I thought the work with the little people artists creating was so cute and I thought of us all creating the mural to replace the missing 1989 one and I thought of how the triangle looks like a mountain so I made the stencil and thought oh I can make art supplies showing the creation of the mountain via art and place making and then when I was doing the sky I was thinking well if the stars were to spell something out or be a constellation what would it be and I thought of Surdism cuz that is really what we all be doing. Hurrah for the 2nd Wayne of De’VIA via ARTivism. Surdists unite take back the night

Day #13 Birdcage


i know why the caged ..

I know why the caged …
P Durr
16 x 29
Acrylic on canvas


Day #14 Stream

glass stream

As a mEYEghty Stream
P Durr
Mixed media on glass
28 X 20
Might add paint on the side spaces but I think I didn’t mix the right ratio of resin as it is sticky to the touch so I doubt it will cure. Will see see I’ll add a video clip soon and I’ll add a pix of what inspired this in the comments


Day #15 Windup Key


Screen shot 2016-02-19 at 4.03.04 PM

Say the word “I scream”
P Durr
Charcoal with color pencil
9 X 12
Wind up key motif day 15
Cochlear implants can now be turned off and on by remote control. One parent joked about turning her son s CI off when she hears the ice cream truck coming around. Ice cream is a common Spondee word to test speech discrimination in an audiology lab. Cochlear implants now have indicator blinking lights for specialists and parents to check status if or not off etc Child is receiving stimulus at the will of others not their own


Day #16 Dandelion



2 water colors
P Durr
One has a sneaker about to step on a yellow dandelion w a white one floating and white seeds blowing and a yellow one about to bloom
Other one has man mowing down dandelions stopping to reach for a floating seed. Roots border the image


Day #17 Hourglass



very bad attempt at stop animation – you really need a stable camera from the exact same location and many more pix etc and i should have planned out what i was covering – in hindsight im curious what it would have looked like to erase parts of the brain as the sand in the hour glass went down but i dont have much time so that is a wee bit of my attempt to give visual representation to the impact of language deprivation and the critical period
“Window of Opportunity” – if i had more time id film taking a hammer to the glass
P Durr
Stop animation (kinda)

Day #18 My Third Eye & Day # 20 Mother of All Deaf Souls Day #21 Zipper Day #24 Nest

Root of your soul p durr

Day #19 Harlequin Jester

Pushing + Eugenics p durr

Pushing + Eugenics does not make us laugh
Marker on old window shade with previous encaustic work.


Day #20 Mother of All Deaf Souls (see Day #19)

Day #21 Zipper (see Day #19 and day #22)

Day #22 Bridge

untitled bridge p durr 1.jpg

untitled bridge p durr 2

Mixed media
Zipper as bridge – Deaf person pulling the zipper together to reach the other side to symbolize how Deaf person is often saddled with working of bridging the chasm and in doing so puts them all the way over on to the Hearing side with little to no effort on the Dominant cultures side to meet half way over the bridge

Day #23 Fence

Screen shot 2016-03-12 at 10.37.57 PM.png

Deaf Greens
Spray paint
Acrylic Paint
36 x 48

Day #24 Nest

untitled nest p durr 2.jpg

untitled nest p durr 1

Mixed media
Red haired doll wearing sun flower sun dress sitting on red high stool chair w large nest in lap. Inside best jack o lantern dried plant large black feathers s other feather. Honey comb from bees nest – small Sign Union flag bird in her hand being lifted up I to the air or down into the nest depending on your pov

Day #25 Black Hole

untitled black hole guardian angel with kids

Acrylic on canvas

bird hole.JPG

Screen shot 2016-03-06 at 4.57.35 PMScreen shot 2016-03-06 at 5.01.18 PM

Experimenting with perspectives and black hole

Day #26 Moth

moth motif p durr 2

Acrylic w/ pen on paper

Day #27 Button Eye (See Day #28)

Day #28  Spiral

There is a way out 1.jpg

There is a way out 2 doll close up .jpg

There is a Way out 3 back close up .jpg

There is a way out
Installation work
Inspired by Arnaud Balard Double S installation piece
will she make it out to the finish line in the race called Deaf lives qqq
description rotting cord wood form spiral in the snow wirh red haired doll in the center. doll has battery button eyes – blue tape to keep Deaf finger up black hole on chest with sign union flag bird flying out on back of doll is open view inside chest with heart beind bars sign union flag is at the exit finish line of the spiral maze of the auditory industrial complex

Day #29 Treasure Box

open signs-a-me 4 close up de'viaopen signs-a-me 3open signs-a-me 2 close upopen signs-a-me 1open signs-a-me 5 full

Open Signs-a-Me

Spray paint










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