#WPSD Hunger Strike – a poem by Karen Christie

#WPSD Hunger Strike

by Karen Christie


The grand double doors at WPSD

Do not have a flashing lights button

So the knock can only summon

Hearing folks.

The knocks are one of the few sounds

They are able to ignore.


Without sound,

There is no language.


A new day.


The school windows now have blackout curtains

They refuse to look

At the starving Deaf bodies

On their doorstep


They refuse to see

The young Deaf bodies

Starving too.



The strikers

Have been hungering

For days, and days, and days

Mostly for a response, a dialogue.

Mostly for the children, their/our future.



The adults at WPSD

Feed them all only

long moments of silence and neglect.


And whose soul here

is truly

in the most

mortal danger?


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