Save the Planet … Save the World

people's climate march | Shepard Fairey
poster by Sehpard Fairey

greetings all

tomorrow (21 september 2014) is the People’s Climate March in NYC

its hugely hugely hugely important

it is the most important thing of our times

i cant get to nyc tmw – wahhhhhh but i been studying up on divestment – how more and more colleges are divesting from fossil fuel

i been studying up on how HORRIBLE climate change claims the life of folks in the lowest altitudes, lowest economic groups, and lowest education ranking

i been studying up on how capitalistic corporations have been sacrificing the folks who benefit the least and have contributed the least to pollution – indigenous people and people of color

i have been studying up on how no matter how many research studies are conducted, how many reports are issued, how many true scientist verify – we are in MAJOR trouble – there are still politicians and the corporate bosses who own them saying its false, its untrue, its just mother nature just going through a natural change of life

there is NOTHING natural about climate change ie global warming – it is MAN made folks

Poster by Favlanna Rodriguez

and if humans created it – humans have GOTTA slow it down real fast or our kids and our future have no hope

so if you too cant get to NYC and join the People’s Climate March at the very least take 50 minutes today or tmw or the next day and watch this film DISRUPTION

its captioned – YA HOO! and THANK YOU. Aint it nice when we aint gotta beg and plead for #captionthis – when folks already think and know and do – so no excuses now folks WATCH IT (note when i had it in full screen the captions would bounce at times so i just got out of full screen and enlarged the viewing via the + key – problem solve)

This film is Pow Pow – awesome visuals, animation, information and human beings – im a gonna watch this film AGAIN AGAIN

it opens with a quote from our beloved Fredrick Douglass “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” and uses one of me favorite quotes from Alice Walker about how resistance is the secret to possessing joy and has a ton more quotable stuff from new faces to me. Lots and lots of beautiful faces sings songs of social justice and social activism. Heroes – my eyes and hearts are full of new heroes

So don’t feel hopeless at how big and scary the climate change reality is – just get real and get active and get busy and GET FOLKS TO DIVEST NOW.

Poster for the film "disruption"
Poster for the film “Disruption”

Solar Power

Wind Power

People Power

they be the future

pete seeger said he realized that all his activist for peace – anti-war and anti-nuclear proliferation would be for naught if we did not become active for the environment

this is how im a feeling

if we dont throw our full hearts and spirit into stopping fossil fuel we are pretty doomed

STAND folks

at the very least watch the movie

as noted in the film – climate change affects how we live, where we live, and if we live

get involved

poster by Ceasar Maxit

Text ‘PCM’ to 97779 to join

Share the link to the film Disruption

Tweet at media outlets to cover the People’s Climate March

Check to see if anything is happening locally near you

be part of the MOVEment

thank u in advance


Poster by Cesar Maxit.   Don't let Obama or anyone else turn their back on clean energy and our future
Poster by Cesar Maxit.
Don’t let Obama or anyone else turn their back on clean energy and our future

6 thoughts on “Save the Planet … Save the World

  1. There is no doubt that we should be environmentally conscious, but I have one question for you: how were the Great Lakes created?

  2. Alex – it’s 2014 – if we have glaciers melting like that due to global warming lots of PEOPLE are going to be under water

    Watch the film – it’s not enough to be conscious – we have to be active



  3. Patti, there’s no x in my name. The Great Lakes were created by the surge, and regression of the ice age where, once upon a time, miles of ice existed above both Chicago and New York, clear to and beyond Central Park. Thanks for verifying. Now given this fact, and given that no man-made causation existed at that time, what exactly is happening now and why should we, relatively speaking, be alarmed?

  4. Alec

    Because science has proven beyond a doubt that humans are causing the climate change we are now facing and many humans and animals and plants are going to be wiped out if we don’t stop destroying the earth by using fossil fuels

    We can change this or we can talk about the ice age when cities and towns did not exist

    Watch the film or deny and minimize. The rest of us will be on the move.

    Best wishes Alec



  5. Right, a time when fossil fuels did not exist ice miles thick dissapeared. There is no doubt we impact the environment, but a simple if-then proposition should be admitted to this discussion.

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