some quotes to post & resistance rocks

cover of the book Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot by Masha Gessen. Photo at top of the punk protest band - women in colorful dresses and leggins and balaclava (ski masks) with black background and white text of title and author below)
cover of the book Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot by Masha Gessen. Photo at top of the punk protest band – women in colorful dresses and leggins and balaclava (ski masks). Two women holding a guitar, another a microphone, another a purple flag with a solidarity fist, several women doing the solidarity salute. Black background and white text of title and author below)

i just finished reading Words Will Break Cement: the Passion of Pussy Riot by Masha Gessen (thank you kc for feeding me the good stuff)

so just a few quotes to post so i dont loose sight of them later in life

“In all societies, public rhetoric involves some measure of lying, and history – political history and art history – is made when someone effectively confronts the lie.  But in really scary societies all public conversation is an exercise in using words to mean their opposites – in describing the brave as traitorous, the weak as frightening, and the good as bad – and confronting these lies is the most scary and lonely thing a person can do.” ~ Gressen from Words Will Break Cement

that passage is particularly important to me because i believe in peaceful direct confrontation in the quest for justice.  Confront the lies can be mighty lonely at times.  too many folks are colonized and fearful.  i have seen how public conversation has been used to promote misconceptions about the people who really are working for the greater good

Gressen’s book takes its title from Nadya’s closing statement in which she quotes from Solzhenitsyn “So the word is more sincere than concrete?  So the word is not a trifle?  Then may noble people begin to grow, and their word will break cement.”

this is really beautiful to me

Veditz signed of a noblest gift and Agatha Tiegel Hanson wrote of a noble hunger and Solzhenitsyn and Nadya talk of NOBLE people.

Speak up folks – they can not hear us as their minds and hearts are closed.  STAND and demand justice.

“Still, there was value in fighting for the sake of fighting.” ~ Gessen

which has been stated many times and many ways by believers in civil disobedience and direct peaceful confrontation yet many folks forget or know not of

From one of Maria’s trials she stated, “A philosopher name Heidegger once said that language is the house of being.”

to me this is very powerful especially for Deaf folks who are often denied a fully natural and accessible language from the cradle.  it is not the context and meaning of which maria meant it but it is poignant and again ties into the word and into one’s ability to confront the lies and to break the cement – via language whether it be written, signed, spoken, or visual (ie art)

and in another of Nadya’s trials, she quotes Joseph Brodsky from his Nobel lecture ” The more substantial an individual’s aesthetic experience is, the sounder his taste, the sharper his moral focus, the freer- though not necessarily the happier – he is.” She goes on to say, “We in Russia once again find ourselves in a situation where resistance, especially aesthetic resistance, becomes the only viable moral choice as well as a civil duty.”

alice walker wrote that resistance [to oppression] is the secret to possessing joy

so im mighty thankful to the folks who protested at Advanced Bionics headquarters – an over-the-top wealthy corporation that has engaged in unethical and harmful dealings by marketing defective cochlear implants that have shocked and harmed children

im thankful to Audism Free America for calling for an impartial and independent investigation into the safety of pediatric cochlear implants as too many of the “studies” are financed and conducted by cochlear implant corporations and LSL and audiologists who have a vested interest.  corporate deviance is real folks – check out the billion dollar fine against toyota and GM’s coverup (and many many others in the past and to be in the future) The cochlear implant INDUSTRY has gone unmonitored and unaccounted – time to do some community acCOUNTability where it counts folks

im thankful to the folks who DIVEST from the EHDI system until it cleans up its act and stops promoting medical “cures” that require EXPLANTING and oral / aural ONLY solutions that prohibit the use of ASL and get the govt to finance oppressive and abusive practices as “best practices” and “medical homes” and “tracking and surveillance”

folks who need to “see how” EHDI works by attending their conference actually end up supporting (with $ by paying the high registration fees) and by providing their bodies as walking-signing/talking Deaf beings to give the illusion of inclusion – this is not cool and folks need to DIVEST.  If they must go – they should be on the outside STANDING tall to make the invisible visible – DECEIT is NOT SWEET.

NOTE – Advanced Bionics and Cochlear LTD are big sponsors of the upcoming EHDI Conference.  Both Advanced Bionics and Cochlear ltd have been fined, had recalls, and had MAJOR million dollar lawsuits against them and LOST soooooo why would anyone go to an EHDI conference – DIVEST BOYCOTT DEMONSTRATE and demand change folks

Words have power.  Showing up and thinking u r gonna make nice and change one heart at a time just makes you complicit.  The hour is way past “show” and “tell” – it is time to do direct peaceful confrontation with love.

I am super duper especially thankful to all the Deaf View / Image Art De’VIA artists for they really do make the invisible visible and they use visual language (art) and words (via text, si5s) and ASL in art as a form of resistance.  Affirming the good and challenging the bad on our way to liberation

Most especially i wanna thank folks who are out there on the ground protesting the environmental destruction of our planet – of all the current woes facing humanity – protesting the destruction of our mother should be #1.  I think often of late on Pete Seeger’s words about how he had realized that his protesting war and nuclear proliferation would mean very little because soon there would be no world to protect due to climate change so he threw his activism into environmentalism and set up Clearwater.  I want a Clearwater – we need a boat – dont we? ; )

we really are killing ourselves fastly folks so i hope u will get involved with: Idle No More (they rock) or 350 degrees (champ) or the Occupy movement (the 1% are really the ones putting us on the brink of annihilation.  Greed breeds many evils – chief amongst them is not thinking even 1 generation out – Chief Seattle implored us to think 7 generations out!)

if u want to know how good and true Nadya and Maria are – you can see how beautifully they handle an attack on them when they went to a town to try to gain rights for women prisoners (remember they were sentenced to 2 years in penal colonies simply for dancing and singing in a church for a few minutes to expose how Putin and the Russian Orthodox church were in cahoots – in prison they were subjected to terribly inhumane conditions.  They engaged in several important hunger strikes and have won many improvements in some prisons and upon release continue to FIGHT for those who have no resources or recourse to do so.  They also staged a simple concert in Sochi (again to make visible the invisible of Putin’s dictatorship) and were greeted with whips and physical abuse

trigger warning – the videos shows aggression and hostility.  Note- it does not come from Pussy Riot

scroll down for the videos

LOVE is the answer folks.  Keep standing

oh and most especially thank you Nadya and Maria and the other members of Pussy Riot for being braver than brave and for living up to the creed that MLK Jr and Gandhi and so many others have tried to teach us.   see when folks use the term pussy in derogatoly way to mean weak. They are totally WRONG pussys are strong  – dont believ me – just learn how pussy riot got its start

“A man who does not have something for which he is willing to die is not fit to live.” ~ MLK Jr

thanks kc for giving me some new heroines




2 thoughts on “some quotes to post & resistance rocks

  1. Powerful message Patti. Much appreciated for sharing this.
    I will check out the book you recommended.

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