CI CO.rruption and Uncool Cops

some items in the news for your review:

Cochlear implants

Cochlear LTD of Australia founded by Graeme Clark loses $131.2 MILLION to Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research.  See

There’s $$$$$ in them thar ears, eh?

A lab at MIT has been playing with a 100% implantable CI implant.  There has been a mad dash to try to make a fully implantable CI (no external processor) for a while now. Recall the Denver, Colorado Co. that got sued by a French company for stealing over its talents and trade secrets.  The Co. company – Otologics was fined $5.9 million dollars

Why would they want a fully implantable CI??  well then the kiddies cant mess around with the external processor and break, loose, toss, hide, etc the external part of the device.  It is not enough that they can now remote control CI (parents, teachers, aides, audiologists, doctors, etc can turn off and on a child’s cochlear implants at whim – without the child’s consent).  the child can still tamper with the external device, they can still resist wearing the external device, they can still make it difficult to keep the external device on them so…. lets remove that “option” completely.

Making the device 100% implantable is not going to make it work better – in fact it will make it harder to repair and access in order to check or change.  It also will mean that folks can NOT simply get an upgrade on their external processor that would be compatible with their internal part.  Instead it would mean that they would have to have to be explanted (existing internal part taken out) in order for the 100% implantables to be put in.  We also don’t know if that will require new drilling spots through the skull due to explanting the old models and making room for the new internal part and w/ battery parts that would now be internal.

Interesting, eh?

of course there is still buzz here and there about stem cells but nothing definitive and you really cant get honest answers as to if the various existing cochlear implants will even be eligible for stem cell what with all the drilling and electrodes etc to the hair cells there.  Cant regrow what aint there no more

the 100% implantable implant has been done with moderate to severe via the envoy esteem – ya know like with the sarah c. viral video “Deaf since birth woman hears for the first time” bs (bs cuz she could hear a great deal before that implant.  all the implant did for her was bump up her ability to hear a bit more.  Hear perfectly and clearly and everything – no) see FDA – scroll down for

We wont even talk about genetics folks

it is a brave new world and yep – u aint wanted.  dont believe us?  just check out what Belgium just approved re: children and if ya think – well they dont see Deaf = terminally ill and unbearably suffering recall the Deaf Belgian twins that were euthanized recently

yep and i aint even finished reading War Against the Weak by E. Black.  just cant get too far through it as i have studied up on eugenics and well wow humanity is so inhumane sometimes methink

New article out:

Precarious Plasticity

Neuropolitics, Cochlear Implants, and the Redefinition of Deafness by Laura Mauldin published in Science, Technology and Modern Values

(very important folks!!! this is why EHDI has been so deceitful and harmful and pro-anything auditory/oral – see karl white’s finishing the EHDI revolution manifesto in the volta review)

Precarious Plasticity: Neuropolitics, Cochlear Implants, and the Redefinition of Deafness by Laura Mauldin
Abstract: This article provides an ethnographic account of pediatric cochlear implantation, revealing an important shift in the definition of deafness from a sensory loss to a neurological processing problem. In clinical and long-term therapeutic practices involved in pediatric implantation, the cochlear implant (CI) is recast as a device that merely provides access to the brain. The “real” treatment emerges as long-term therapeutic endeavors focused on neurological training. This redefinition then ushers in an ensuing responsibility to “train the brain,” subsequently displacing failure from the device onto the individual’s ability to train his or her brain (in pediatric implantation, this most often falls onto the mother). New caregiving techniques that accompany implantation are understood through neuropolitics, showing how parents are encouraged to engage in neuro-self-governance, and how the concept of neuroplasticity is used to cultural ends.from

And some Hearing parents have been blogging about loving their Deaf children as they be… Deaf



and one mom shared in FB about how audiologist said have to do ABR with sedation but when she inquired about the side effects associated with sediating a 15 month old the receptionist referred her to the anesthesiology who said “studies have shown that there is a possibility for children under the age of 3 to develop severe health problems in the future, including neurological issues.” and if its not a medical necessity, no need to risk it.  (that is just the sedation for the ABR – the sedation for implantation surgery is stronger)

so what is a medical necessity?

other things in the news:

Uncool cops

Seriously they is supposed to be peace officers – what is all this crap about denying Deaf folks civil liberties and worse yet killing them sometimes simply for being Deaf

latest – Deaf guy tasered in Ca. simply for using ASL and signaling he is Deaf

Others (note how many of these folks are People of Color – not cool cops, not cool)

African American Deaf man being held in Georgia Corrections facility without proper access

Police beat African American Deaf man for not obeying orders he couldn’t hear

White Deaf and Mentally Challenged woman beaten by police for not obeying orders

African American Deaf woman tasered by police when she sought help from dom. volience situation

African American Deaf mentally ill man on a bike dies after being tasered by police in SC

White Deaf man maced and beaten by copy and denied phone access in St. Paul – sues and wins $93,000

Latino Deaf man incarcerated for 30 years in isolating conditions for a crime his brother has since confessed to

African American Mentally Challenged Deaf man tasered and pepper sprayed by police in Alabama

Native American Deaf man killed by police – family awarded $1.5 million in civil settlement

Many others Deaf folks – especially POC have been killed or put in jail unjustly – racism and audism being the reasons.  Walking, running, driving, riding a bike while a POC and Deaf can be dangerous

Not cool, definitely not cool.

Also – MANY folks have told me that when they were arrested their hearing aids and cochlear implants have been taken away from them and denied use during the time of their being in jail.

hmmmmm.  at one end of the spectrum they are forcing cochear implants and digital devices onto infants and toddlers and at the other end they are forcing them off of them.

why do folks see Deaf as Death and why do they try to make Deaf dead

it aint no coincidence that the word for deaf and death are very similar in SEVERAL languages

odd eh?


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