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History Repeats a la Clarke

Imagine my surprise when finally getting to see the scanned copy of Veditz’s obit to AG Bell to see at the bottom a 1922 resolution from Los Angeles Silent Club of LA, Ca. in regards to Clarke Oral School

“$500,000 fund attempts to beguile the public into a conclusion that the oral method released the deaf in American from what it terms ‘the stone age’ system of signs and fingerspelling, thereby creating a false impression generally of the true status of the deaf.”

LA resolution 1922 against Clarke prejudicial propaganda
LA resolution 1922 against Clarke prejudicial propaganda

Fast forward to 2013 – nearly 100 years later (91 to be precise) and see that Clarke School for Hearing and Speech, while renamed to “help the deaf and their parents forget they are deaf” is still up to the same ole games.  See how the Theresa Bulger of the Clarke School in Fla. slid $500,000 appropriation funding for two wee oral / aural only schools in FLA into a state budget.

see ireport CNN (Text below video box)

see The St. Augustine Record

Bulger is an Oral /Aural only zealot who tried to spread fear mongering amongst AG Bell members saying that the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People was really just a plot for the NAD to get VP relay sweet deals and that the UN CRPD would deny parental rights.  Yep this is the lady who would rather see severally disabled children all over the globe mistreated viciously because she is paranoid over the clauses that affirm Deaf culture, natural signed languages, and Deaf autonomy and self-governance so she does what all fear mongers do – she lies.

scroll down there if you’d like to use a just, right, and good sample letter to send to US senators encouraging them to ratify the UN CRPD like the rest of the civilized world and then some.

You can see Bulger’s missionary zeal profile at

Bulger made many dangerous and deceitful attempts to influence legislation in California and Florida to go pro-oral / aural ONLY (ie Anti-ASL anything) to no avail until finding a back door via FLA state hefty budget bill and sliding in that HUGE $500,000 appropriation for 2 wee oral /aural only schools in the state of Florida.

Wow the fact that almost 100 years ago Clarke School was using $500,000 to peddler its wares and push for all things oral / aural only is like chilling.

And where do u think they got those enormously huge bucks in 1922 from folks?

ostrichAnd note today AG Bell Association has a lot of association with Clarke School and note that the NAD recently sent a rep. to the Clarke conference.  The NAD remains on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alliance (see so that the AG Bell Association can proudly and repeatedly say “we work very closely with the NAD.”

Its incestuous and everlasting because:

1. we do not know our history

2. we ignore what they are doing and we actively engage in collaboration with the very groups and individuals that are trying to eradicate Deaf beings, Deaf teachers, Deaf ASL+English education, and Deaf culture

Wake up

They’re back……

They are coming for a pair of ears and eyes and a school or two near you.

Don’t believe me? well 1920s is when almost every school in the US became oral / aural only.

The pendulum is swinging – what are you doing to stop it?

There is no reason in the world that two oral /aural only schools deserve nor need $500,000.

There is absolutely NO REASON why a state legislature should finance abusive practices.  You can not do pure oralism without some form of abuse folks and ya know it.

Wake up!

And where are our organizations’ resolutions – like the wonderful LA Silent Club’s of 1922?

“Resolved, that the Los Angeles Silent Club go on record as opposing such an unwarraneted and untruthful allusion of sign language of the deaf as something meanly associated with stone age times, that we do our utmost to combat the prejudice and false impression spread generally by the overzealous oral propagandist, that we preserve and improve the dignity and beauty of the true sign language which the deaf – orally taught deaf as well as others – universally concede to be their surest medium of happiness.”

gosh aint they grand how they stand.

and remember what THE McGregor had to say about where the doctors were getting their info (from the oralists) and influencing the parents.  See his 1926 address – its our Duty and Our Business folks

so where be u today in 2013?

Divest from oppressive organizations and practices folks.