It is our duty, our business…

my gem of a friend sent me this today and it made me cry.

look, im doing it again.  crying.  my nose stings, my eyes water.

i weep.  why u ask? well cuz we slow folks.  we mighty slow.  The McGregor – the first president of the NAD, which was formed in 1880, is two-score later reminding the NAD of its duty in 1920 and…. the NAD listened not.

This was near the end of McGregor’s life (he was hit and killed by a car while walking to mail his Christmas cards in 1926) and around the time that the NAD’s rudder had completely fallen off – Oralism having infiltrated the minds of its organizers – survival by conceding and ignoring instead of by peacefully and persistently confronting.

I weep cuz we are not all heeding our duty.  We are not opposing the oralists with all our power.  (Note: oralist does NOT mean people who speak and hear some – it means folks who push Oralism at the expense of ASL).

I weep cuz we have not been doing our duty of enlightening the public concerning the Deaf.

i know some of us have tried and i know that when we have done the good work we have always been met with surprise and interest and shock that Deaf children are being denied the right to learn ASL (they are – it is still happening today folks – get ur heads out of the sand and your oars out of that denial river.  don’t be saying oh but with implanting of babies they are nearly hearing – it aint truly so and u know it and studies show ASL is an assets to those babies and language deprivation harms and sometimes CI fail hot and cold and. .. ).

i know we need to keep signing those songs of truths.

But i weep because we are looking mighty late folks.

so so late.  and cuz its true – when u dont study history you are doomed to repeat it

It is happening all over again – from 1920 when nearly EVERY school for the Deaf in the US had become oral / aural ONLY to 2013 when more and more oral / aural only schools and programs are being set up and taking away funding & pupils from signing schools for the Deaf.  (see indiana and see florida folks)

i weep because you sleep.

i whisper to you as firmly and as loudly and as sweetly and as sincerely and as purely as i possibly can – wake up

wake up – the hour is late

wake up – before it is too late

do your duty or prepare to say you did nothing

i love you

it is OUR business

thank you McGregor – our Rob Roy then and now.  Thank u kc.  its a gem u brought to my inbox and yes – im crying all over again.

wake up people of the hand eye.

wake up

– oppose oralism and oralists who promote it

– enlighten the public about this travesty of justice inflicted by doctors, oralists, and professionals

its not hard – come take our hands.  we have hope,faith and love and we have lots of fun too.  resistance to oppression is the secret for possessing joy.  you only need to first – w a k e    u p

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” – Mahatma Gandhi

MCGREGOR 1920 nad


One thought on “It is our duty, our business…

  1. Indeed tragic how little progress we have made since 1920, and in these nearly hundred years the oralists have made tremendous advances in their insidious propaganda. More schools for the deaf have closed. More kids are being mainstreamed. Even with greater awareness of ASL and popularity of ASL courses, this is happening at the legislative level. We can’t wait for the pendulum to swing the other way when legislators finally become aware of gaps still there with even CI kids falling into them. The oralists are already in the lobbying halls, so we need to get in there along with them and present the reality.

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