“A tremendous WTF” & Keep STANDing Folks

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Audism Free America (AFA) had a very intensely busy time in L.A. doing peaceful protests against AG Bell Association and the Bermuda Triangle of Oralism in L.A.

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Logo design by Iva ikeda

AG Bell – the man and the Association – promote Oral/Aural ONLY over a Deaf child’s right to a natural and fully accessible language (ASL), falsely portray Deaf folks who sign as being dependent and inferior, and are in bed with cochlear implant corporations.

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Advanced Bionics – cochlear implant manufacture that has been fined by the FDA and sued by parents for $7.25 million dollars. 40 more lawsuits pending.

AGBell Association held its lsl (listening and spoken language) symposium in LA where Advanced Bionics was a major sponsor.  Advanced Bionics produces cochlear implants – some of which have led to brain infections and caused deaths and other complications.  One of which has caused shocks, convulsions and vomiting.  Advanced Bionics has been sued and fined by the FDA and has been sued by parents of a Deaf child and they have been awarded $7.25 million dollars.  Why or why is AG Bell keeping co. with such an unsafe and unethical corporation?

Statue of Dr. House standing atop a  pedestal with Deaf child underneath in front of House Research Institute
Statue of Dr. House standing atop a pedestal with Deaf child underneath in front of House Research Institute

The House Research Institute (formerly known as the House Ear Institute HEI) is also housed in LA and features a hugely creepy statue of Dr. House looking like a sinister character out of one of Tim Burton’s films standing a top of a Deaf child with covered ears.  Eerie indeed.  Many folks have encountered Dr. House and his huge push for implanting all things Deaf – especially children – with his experimental 3M/House implant.

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 3.58.05 PM
Sandra Thrapp showing her unease with Mrs. Spencer Tracy

And there there is the John Tracy Clinic founded by the wife of the famous actor Spencer Tracy for their Usher Syndrome (Born Deaf and would become fully blind late in life) son, John Tracy and promotes AG Bell’s oral / aural .  The John Tracy Clinic is affiliated with the University of San Diego.  it is high time that university’s divest from audist practices and institutions.  Audism is the belief that to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf soooooo Utah State University really shouldn’t be running that Sound Beginnings program that is all oral / aural ONLY, nor should the University of Wisconsin be doing those unethical cochlear implant experiments on cats in the name of saving the Deaf, nor should the University of San Diego be doing teacher training education via John Tracy Clinic oral /aural Only manifest destiny doctrine.

Sandra Trapp had this to say about the John Tracy Clinic and Dr. House:

[Thank you Sandra for allowing us to reproduce your quote and images here.]

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 3.56.01 PM
Sandra Thrapp being used as a poster child for audism and John Tracy Clinic. Many Deaf children have been featured in news stories to SELL oralism and audism.

DR. WILLIAM HOUSE from Ear Research Institute referred my parents to send me to JOHN TRACY CLINIC (Haunted Mansion). Mrs. Spencer Tracy took my childhood years from 14 months to 4 1/2 yrs. old, took me away from DEAF WORLD. Then I was sent to a public school and placed me in a “Special Need” program. I did not even know my full name until I transferred to California School for the Deaf, Riverside. PAH! CSDR and Gallaudet did not waste my life. I will NEVER NEVER forget Dr. House and John Tracy Clinic. i was mentally, verbally, and physically abused by them. Damn them AND A.G.Bell’!!!! (A tremendous WTF)….

It is absolutely TIME to listen and hear and

HEED the words of the survivors. 

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photo by Robert Audette

Thank you to all the folks who were part of the AFA rallies in L.A. Most especially Ruthie Jordan, who led the events and is true blue to STANDing against audism and other “isms” that oppress and diminish. The ACTivists were very busy and at times security at the Omni hotel, Advanced Bionics, House Research Institute, and John Tracy Clinic were not always cool.  So braveness and love were in greater need.  The hired hands of AG Bell and the LA Bermuda Triangle of Oralism (JTC, HRI, and AB) shows how badly they tried to intimidate and silence.  They do not want the truth out so pls keep standing folks.  Peaceful direct confrontation is working.

It is time to put a stop to these tremendous WTF practices of audism.

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 4.41.24 PM
Detail image of Ellen Manfield’s mandala with lit candle cupped in ceramic hands.


2 thoughts on ““A tremendous WTF” & Keep STANDing Folks

  1. I was survivor of A. G, Bell and LSL.that did not worked for me so well. They need to understand what’s feel like with Deaf human. They need to learn with ASL, so they can comprehensive and relate with Deaf culture.. Although, I’m anti-CI on Deaf babies and children until when then turn older enough to decide for themselves.

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