Building the MT – the 2nd wave of De’VIA

ColorASLby nancy rourke
Color ASL by Nancy Rourke. click image to be routed to Nancy Rourke’s website where she explains this layered work of hope and liberation – mighty fine mountain, Nancy.

Dr. Paddy Ladd explained that we only have a few years left to build a mountain so that the waves of Oralism do not crash upon our shores and wipe away the People of the Eye Hand.

In giving a presentation at the Olathe, Kansas De’VIA retreat in July 2013 we see how a 2nd wave of De’VIA is emerging to combat the 2nd wave of Oralism.  De’VIA stands for DEaf View/ Image Art, which is art about the Deaf experience.  The term was coined in 1989.  We are mighty mighty mighty fortunate to have so many truth seekers who are visual artists.  They make the invisible visible.

Note – i didnt really present – i mostly compiled all the images together and clicked some video clips and added commentary here and there.  Mostly it was the artists themselves sharing about their work, pov, and thoughts and feelings that truly gave the presentation
If you wish to reproduce any of the images in the PDF  – contact the artists for permission to use.

De’VIA retreat 2013 for webpdf  (may take a bit of time to load – as it has so many images)

Part 1 video of presentation
Part 2 video of presentation

The retreat, gala, and festival in Olathe were amazing.  will try to post more about it next week.  Regret i dont have images of Chester K. paintings that he shared with us before the presentation.  would love to add those here.


7 thoughts on “Building the MT – the 2nd wave of De’VIA

  1. seems like “oppression kill is creativity” is part of philosophy of education or the 2nd wave of oralism to make more money from the parents of Deaf children out of federal taxes and/or state taxes and private health care insurance?

  2. Heye Shawn –
    The 2nd wave of Oralism is heavily financed by corporate & political greed – yep. I think because art and creativity often freely express truths that the oppressors dont want the public to know about – they often work hard to kill creativity – cut art education and ASL language arts and filmmaking from Deaf schools – instead pushing auditory and clinical stuff instead.

  3. ohhh Friere -His stuff is hard to read but good stuff.
    “This, then, is the great humanistic and historical task of the oppressed: to liberate themselves and their oppressors as well.”
    thank u for the link Shawn.

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