Is there a Dr. in the House?

In this series examining the Bermuda Triangle of Oralism in L.A. we have covered:
Point A

Advanced Bionics (a Cochlear Implant corporation outside of LA that has had numerous deaths, complications, recalls, fines, and lawsuits – the latest of which they have to pay damages of $7.25 million dollars to a family who’s daughter was shocked to the point of convulsions and vomiting)

Point B

John Tracy Clinic (a longstanding Oral / Aural Only institution devoted to indoctrinating parents and potential teachers into the doctrine of audism – the belief to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf.)

and now Point C

The House Research Institute

i.e. is there a Doctor in the House?
ABSOLUTELY.  There is.  For those of you who never heard of Dr. House as me, myself, and i had never heard of him until a couple of years ago – Dr. William House (real name and no relations to the TV show character) – was the first bloke in the US to insert electrodes into a Deaf person to stimulate their brain artificially.  You can see the video of Dr. House with his human subject – Jack Urban.  It’s not captioned and the auto caption is way way off the mark.

I first learned of Dr. House when Dr. Tom Humphries mentioned that many moons ago when he was serving on an ad hoc committee to come up with a position on Cochlear Implants, he sat across the table from Dr. House and Dr. House asked “Tom, can’t you see that I have the deaf children’s best interest at heart?”  to which Dr. Humphries replied,  “No.  I’m sorry to say this but no, you do not.”

When Dr. Humphries told this story several people in the audience reacted to the name Dr. House.  So i asked my pal who grew up in Ca. – “Dr. House?” and she said “L.A. Dr. – famous – my parents took me to him.”  and i asked my other friend who i knew grew up on the East coast but also reacted when his name was mentioned
I signed – “So Dr. House?”  She replied, “He implanted me.  I was one of the first kids to be implanted.”
and i said “oh”

wow – the things i dont know.  Yes, I knew my friend had gotten one of the first implants for children as a teenager but i didnt know anything about this Dr. House guy.

He is big as is the INSTITUTION his brother (Dr. Howard House) founded – it has gone through many name changes but it is now called the House Research Institute and it is HUGE and running in LA.  Their version of their history  at

What are they researching? Well it used to be called the House EAR Institute so …

they be researching how to make folks as unDeaf as possible.  They got $ and they also have lobbyists (lobbying re: Defense legislation? hope its not more of that Acoustic Kitty espionage bonkiness)

This is what the House Ear Institute had to say about the advent of pediatric cochlear implants. (see quote below)  Please note the absence of any mention of the courage of the CHILDREN who under went this experimental surgery and please KNOW that not all children survived.

“Although there a many reasons why cochlear implants have become as successful as they are in helping deaf people with profound hearing loss to hear sound, it is the courage and commitment of a small group of clinicians and parents of deaf children who were instrumental in the eventual success of this technology for children,” continued Eisenberg, who was an audiologist on the first pediatric cochlear implant team in 1980.

Yep.  The child who was implanted is not even worthy of being mentioned in that tribute.  “object” and “objectification” anyone?  I for one object to the treatment of children as things to be experimented on.

It is also note worthy that the AG Bell Association used to have Advanced Bionics as its banner on its website then Advanced Bionics had its cochlear implant failing hot so they POOFED IT and replaced the banner with the House Ear Institute but that got POOFED too.

hmmm – they are now easing out the name of AG Bell and playing up all things LSL (as if the selling of a clinical service as a “language” and a bigoted mentality as “independence” was gonna sell with any of the folks beyond those who depended on the myth being real – oy – such hubris and spin)

Now we see what there is to see see.

L.A. has a Bermuda Triangle of Oralism via John Tracy Clinic, Advanced Bionics and the House Research Institute and hence AG Bell Association has selected L.A. as this years LSL Symposium cite.  A G Bell, the man and the Association, have been propagating and proselytizing their unholy gospel of it must be oral / aural only by any mean means necessary for a might LONG TIME.

No worries – some good folks plan to have their feet on the ground making the invisible visible.

We all are created equal and thus should be treated as such.

Systems that resort to “by any mean means necessary” can not last.  Truth and love win – think of it always said Gandhi.

so now ya all see the pattern right – get ’em YOUNG, implant, do oral / aural only LSL, get private and public programs to do oral / aural only and when they graduate with any language deficiency blame it on the parents for not working hard enuf or not implanting young enuf or for letting them watch switched at birth or …. but NEVER NEVER question the system.  NEVER tell AG Bell, Dr. House and his Institute or John Tracy Clinic that NO THEY DO NOT IN FACT HAVE THE DEAF CHILD’s BEST INTEREST AT HEART – for if they did they could NEVER justify the unjust practice of INSTITUTIONALIZING the forbidding of a fully natural and fully accessible language from the minds of those who most desperately deserve it.

See Dr. Humphries et al. article on the Harms of Cochlear Implants and pure Oralism in terms of Language Deprivation and humanity here

Geez L.A. Bermuda Triangle of Oralism = JTC + HRI + AB = AGBAD – don’t y’all have any shame.

keep STANDing Truth Seekers.  They may run and spin and hide but we on the MOVE!

“Until justice rolls down like water and
righteousness like a mighty stream.”

So is there a Dr. in the House? – surely there are and have been more than a few.  Read about what Dr. Itard did to Claude Forestier while he was a student at the Paris Deaf School –
 “a regime of daily purgatives, and his outer ear was covered with a bandage soaked in a blistering agent.  Within a few days, his ear lost all of its skin, oozed pus, and was excruciatingly painful.  When it scabbed, Itard reapplied the caustic soda to the skin behind Forestier’s ear.  All this was to no avail, no more for Forestier than for thirty other pupils on whom it was tried.” (From When the Mind Hears by Dr. Lane p. 134)

We got Drs too folks.  (Dr. Petitto, Dr. Hauser, Dr. Lane, Dr. Ladd, Dr. Cummins, Dr. Skutnabb-Kangas, Dr. Nover, Dr. Humphries, Dr. Padden, etc.)

Drs who say – not cool – depriving Deaf children of a fully natural accessible signed language in order to sacrifice them to the oral Moloch – totally not cool.  Deaf people are NOT children of a lesser god.
VL2 (Visual Language & Visual Learning) Parent Toolkit

Oral / Aural ONLY extremists – 

Ya busted.

Ya Basta


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