Bessie Veditz’ Welcome

In browsing through the 9th NAD & 3rd World’s Congress of the Deaf conference proceedings of 1910 in Colorado Springs, Co. i spy another gem – A welcome message from Mary Elizabeth “Bessie” Veditz (teacher, horticulturalist, wife of George W. Veditz and much more)

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Mrs. G. W. Veditz followed with an address of welcome in behalf

of the Colorado deaf. 

To the Members of the Convention and Congress: 

When the great Napoleon marshalled his army before the Pyramids, 
he uttered an aphorism since become famous, "Soldiers, forty 
centuries look down upon you !" 

We, the Colorado deaf, can say still more to you, for from the top 
of our silver-capped Peak, not forty centuries, but forty ages, 
look down upon us, and in all those forty ages, never has a 
gathering like ours been assembled within sight of our mountains. 

We are proud to have you with us. We appreciate more fully than 
we can find words to say the great honor it is to be your hosts. For 
years past it has been one of our dreams to entertain the N. A. D., 
the most powerful and militant organization of the deaf in our 
country, and now this wish, this dream, is realized and there 
is also the added honor that your President is from our 
Mountain State. 

Our histories tell us how whole cities and districts along the route 
of march spent years in preparing to maintain the army of Xerxes, 
for a single week, and after its passage were impoverished and 
ruined. For the past three years the Colorado deaf have been 
thinking and plan-ning to entertain you at this ninth milestone 
in your own progressive march. Nor were we thinking and planning 
under compulsion, but of ourown free will and with every desire 
to do honor to a distinguished guest. When you leave us, 
instead of being bankrupted like those poor wretched Asiatics, 
we shall be enriched, for you will render far more than it is in 
our power to give. 

Our mountains, our passes, our canyons, our waterfalls, our caverns 
are all yours. They came from God's hand and He placed them here 
for you and for all men to admire. 

But the welcome we give you is our own. It is as warm, as spon- 
taneous as it is possible for human hearts to make it. 

Friends from far and near, in the name of the Colorado deaf, I bid 
you welcome.

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