Obit for George Veditz in the The Buff and Blue

Deaf Pride by Nancy Rourke
Deaf Pride by Nancy Rourke
In order to define our future, we must know our past.  
Many ancestors stood strong and long so 
that we too could see, know and DO.
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The Buff and Blue - Obit. for George W. Veditz
Vol. 45, No. 12 


Tuesday, March 30, 1937 


Graduated From Gallaudet In 1884; 

Former President of National 

Association of The Deaf 

Dispatches in the New York Times and 
the Herald-Tribune brought to light for the 
deaf in the East news of the death, on March" 
12, of George W. Veditz, '81, former presi- 
dent of the National Association of the Deaf 
and a prominent figure in the education of 
the deaf, at Colorado Springs, Colorado. He 
died at the age of 75 years. 

George Veditz was born at Baltimore, Md., 
in 1802 1861 (correction as error in the Buff & Blue), 
and received his early education at 
a German-English private school, which he at- 
tended for three years to the time he became 
deaf. In 1875 he enrolled at the Maryland 
School for the Deaf after two years of being 
under a private tutor. He remained there for 
five years, and while at school acted as fore- 
man of the printing shop for two years. 

In September, 1880, he matriculated at Gal- 
laudet College, entering the Freshman class and 
graduating in June, 1884 with the degree of 
B. A-. He was no-ted for excellency in scholar- 
ship and was valedictorian of his class. 

Sensing a man of rare ability, the late Dr. 
Ely, Sr., then superintendent at the Maryland 
-School, at once appointed him to a position as 
a teacher there. He remained there for four 
years when he resigned in 1888 to accept a 
like position at the Colorado School. 

As a teadher he was painstaking and 
thorough, and was distinguished for his ability 
to interest .and encourage his pupils in their 
learning. Being scholarly in his tastes and in- 
clinations, a master of several languages and 
an omnivorous reader, he delighted the pupils 
by his lectures and addresses covering a wide 
range of subjects. 

Mr. Veditz was for many years a valued 
member of the National Association of the 
Deaf and at one time chairman of the execu- 
tive committee and later a vice-president. In 
190-4 he was elected president of the association 
and again re-elected to that office in 1907. 

Upon retiring from the position of teacher at 
the Colorado School, lie made 'Ms home at Col- 
orado Springs, devoting his abilities to poul- 
try raising and then to floral cultivation. In 
both of these lines he became prominent for 
the superior grade of his poultry breeds and 
the high class of his horticultural growths. The 
extent of the prominence of the position he held 
among groups of hearing people is evinced by 
his election as secretary of the Poultry As- 
sociation and frequent selection as a repre- 
sentative to its conventions. 

In the last several years the conditions of 
his health rendered him almost helpless, but 
throughout it all his indomitable spirit 
prevailed and he wrote with indefatigable 
nergy for certain publications of the deaf, 
showing courage and determination that was 
remarkable. — From D. M. J. 

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3 thoughts on “Obit for George Veditz in the The Buff and Blue

  1. Veditz born in Baltimore in 1802? Thought he was born in 1861 during the first year of Civil War and agb was 14 yrs old and probably was still living in Edinburgh, Scotland

  2. Eagle eyes Shawn. Yes I should probably post a correction in the entry

    Can u link The NY Times article here q

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