Blow the Bugle for the Bungling Bulger

Theresa Bulger, of Oral Deaf Education, fame bungles again and again.

Note Bulger is not to be confused with Burgler (a thief) or Bulgar (an extinct language & people)

For those of you who have not made the acquaintance – Ms. Bulger has appointed herself the patron saint of the Deaf and promoting oral education at all cost despite the ICED New Era agreement and Accord of the Future of 2010 saying Oralism was NOT COOL.  Ya can read more about her in this “profile” where she laps up lots of patronizing and pathological quotes about our “prison of silence”

In case ya didn’t notice or know – Oralism is BACK.  It aint called the 2nd wave for nothing.

See Oral Education map and Option schools map

Also see the Private + Public = Solutions Website – its all about getting public (govt) funding for private ORAL / AURAL Only education.  They already got that in FLA where the state law mandates that the parent must have their kids use hearing aids and/or CI in order to have the state govt pay for private oral programs. (ahhh parental choice) read and be appalled how they frame ASL Deaf folks as deviant, helpless, and undesirable.  and then check out the CONTACT US page and be shocked (NOT).

Bulger tried to bungle her way into some California legislation to push forth Oralism even though she was with the NY school (see pdf above) and this summer she ran around spreading lies about the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) to prevent Senators from ratifying it.  Bulger incorrectly and inaccurately (as in FALSELY) stated: “That means that as the USA comes into compliance with this convention – only sign language will be provided (funded) to children. NAD has made a strategic move to pre-empt dialogue re the ADA.”  Fear mongering – sooo old.

She even used an AG Bell list server to spread the bs.  (yes she is affiliated with AG Bell Association).   Nothing in the UN CRPD convention says ya cant do audition and speech.  It just says you can NOT deny sign language.  To learn more about Bulger and her trying to keep the US from endorsing the convention that aims to protect folks with disabilities all over the globe go to

Bulger and the jealous mistress – ie – she believes ya gotta be oral-only or else.  wow weee.

meanwhile pro-ASL folks have always been bi and multilingual – NEVER ASL only – NEVER forbidding English but the pro-Oral folks are always forbidding, banning, prohibiting, punishing, maligning ASL.  Not cool.  Language bigotry is not cool.

Next stop for Bulger on her bungling campaign – Flordia where she’s trying to get the unnecessary and wasteful and pro-Oral (ie anti-ASL+English) SB1240 passed and now trying to meddle with the JUST RIGHT and GOOD bill of rights for quality and just ASL+English education for Deaf kids.

No idea who sent the disgusting, insulting, and prejudicial email to Fla Senator Richter, which he read to the health policy committee, but i wouldnt be surprised if Bulger had her bungling hands in it.

Deceit aint sweet Ms. Bulger and the reign of error has ended.  2nd wave of Oralism is not cool.

So folks – Blow the Bugle for the Bungling Bulger

She needs to know Deaf does not = death nor does it equal prison nor are we SILENT.  And Deaf most certainly is not DUMB!

if ya care to comment – come from love.  No name calling or trashy talk.  Just be firm with love folks.  the truth speaks volumes.


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