People of the HandEye TEDx programs

TED talks are generally super good short videos from the International TED Conferences – the presentations are videotaped and translated into a bunch of different languages for subtitling and usually very informative.

TEDx talks (note the added X) are from locally independently organized TED events.

TEDxIslay programs were organized by Mark Gobble, who was later tragically killed after being hit by a car while jogging on the sidewalk, and DJ Kurs and focus on Deaf presenters.  The talks are named after the novel, Islay, by Douglas Bullard, which is about a Deaf island. I’ve posted a few TEDxIslay programs below and a TEDx talk from PSU and Amsterdam.

NOTE: Wouldn’t it be great if Dr. Laura Pettito, the Science Director and Co-Principal Investigator of the National Science Foundation and Gallaudet University’s Science of Learning Center (“Visual Language and Visual Learning, VL2“) and Dr. Peter Hauser, Deaf clinical neuropsychologist and the director of the Deaf Studies Laboratory (DSL) at NTID/RIT, hosted TEDx talks?

Biggest thanks to David Kurs and Mark Gobble and their committees for having undertaken this important task of organizing these talks, recording them and disseminating them.  No need for the Deaf world to be 30 years behind now that the digital age is upon us.  DJ Kurs explains that more TEDxIslay talks are in the works so keep your eyes open for more good stuff down the road.

Wayne Betts, Jr – Deaf Lens

Mei Kennedy- Evolving Education Technology: Universal Design

Alim Chandani – Reaching Out to the Global Deaf Community

Marvin Miller – Building an ASL Community

Linda Bove – We Need Deaf Actors in Deaf Roles

Kevin Nolan – Deaf in Military

Joseph Valente – Hearing the Unheard

Lissa Zeviar – the Art of Sign Language for Babies, Boobs, and Bobs

best to watch at this link for English captions

You can see more TEDxIslay at – scroll down to the blue named links.

Yes – i know there is a TEDxUSU talk by Dr. Karl White – Alison Aubrecht of Facundo Element does a mighty fine job of illuminating all his sins of omissions and misrepresenting of the truth as well as questioning his ethical choices – so feel free to check out that vlog –


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