what i am thankful for

greetings all

as folks get warm and cozy with their u.s. Thanksgiving holiday – i have begun my schooling on the American Indian resistance movement via Alcatraz.  I am not sure why this little known part of our American history keeps crossing my path but i am very thankful it does as some times im mighty slow and need repeat lessons.

So while millions of folks rejoice over a artificially fastly fattened turkey and watch football on the telly of teams using and abusing Native American representation – we should remember for whence this united states of america came – learn about the massacres of American Indians (North and South) after Thanksgiving and weep and know this… Resistance is the secret to possessing joy says Alice Walker.  Indigenous people first walked this earth and were the rightful heirs and caretakers here and have always resisted oppression.  Biological warfare via intentionally spreading small pox, importing in animals that carried vicious diseases (pigs most especially), enslavement, torture, rape, bondage, imprisonment, boarding school system, language oppression, and much more have been perpetrated against American Indians in the u.s. of a.  And still all the while they have and still do resist and insist on equality and justice.  Thank you for always standing and i am so sorry for what has been done and what continues to be done to your people, language, culture, land, and humanity.  And all often done in the name of democracy – oy!

so im just gonna leave ya some links in case u too would like to know more about what we, White folks have done, and how Native Americans have continued to resist our unholy occupation of their land.

U will see long before the revolutionaries dressed up as Indians to toss tea into the Boston harbor, before the tent cities of Unity for Gallaudet and long before the Occupy Wall Street Movement – Native Americans were living very close to the ground and reclaiming what rightfully belongs to them via organic and natural made tents and true occupation and you will see how our government did not and does not uphold its creed and founding principles of all folks being created equal.  Its wrong and we should all aim to right these wrongs.  Thank you A.I.M. and i am deeply sorry for all we done and failed to do.

See Engaged Resistance: American Indian Art, Literature, and Film from Alcatraz to the NMAI by Dean Reader

See the SPLC’s The Alcatraz Proclamation: A Primary Document Activity – great for teaching http://www.tolerance.org/activity/alcatraz-proclamation-primary-document-a

here is the direct link to the proclamation – scroll down and see how they are truthseekers – you MUST MUST MUST read this http://foundsf.org/index.php?title=ALCATRAZ_Proclamation



to the Native people of this nation – thank you for never giving up

what are u all thankful for?




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