Dear Obama – Vlogs and Petition in support of ASL

greetings all

Adrean Clark, artist, author, and publisher, has started a petition at the White House “We, the People,…” petition website.  If the petition gets over 25,000 signatures, it will then be reviewed by the White House.

ASL Lives by Nancy Rourke (c)

Read, Sign and share folks.  ASLers and Allies get busy ; ).  click for Link to the petition call


for the recognition of American Sign Language as a community language and a language of instruction –

(click here to see an ASL vlog of Adrean explaining the purpose of the petition)

In addition to signing and circulating the petition, Adrean has also called for folks to share with Obama why ASL is important to them.

If you signed and/or circulated the petition – pls feel free to leave a “I sign so I signed” comment below.  Also if you make a vlog about why ASL is important to you and you would like to have it added here, please leave a link to your vlog in the comments section and we’ll embed it in this post later.  Also if folks prefer to do a pix holding up a sign saying “Sign on for American SIGN Language” #ASLOBAMA – pls feel free to link us to that.  Twitter and hashtag #ASLOBAMA

Video explaining why we are thankful for ASL:

Adrean Clark

Nancy Rourke


Alison Aubrecht

Mark Myer

Kathleen Kinnee

Z VRS ASL petition

Convo Sign the ASL petition

Irish Lady (Jean Murphy’s video of pix from the campaign)


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