Vote Yes to Q 6 on Nov 6 = No 2 H8

Thank u Jan, Sharon, Candace, & Jehanne for your STAND.

A person i adore and trust and is GOOD GOOD GOOD, who is also a devote Catholic, said to me “a government has no right to restrict the marriage rights of adult citizens.  To do so would be legalized discrimination.  Religious groups can maintain their own right not to recognize such marriages based on their beliefs and doctrines but a government has no right to do so.”  Yep, he knows what “all folks are created equal” means and what the 14th amendment means (ya know the right to life, liberty and property)

and so too do more and more states by stating folks should NOT be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation.

And that is what the Maryland law is all about – stopping discrimination against LGBT by allowing legal marriage – marriage equality while stating that religious groups can still do their thing.

MD passed marriage equality – allowing LGBT to have civil marriages but some anti-gay rights folks got thousands of signatures to have a referendum – vote put on the ballot to see if the people of MD support this law and if they don’t then they can get it tossed (think CA proposition 8).

NOTE: we have elected officials propose bill and vote on them and elected governors sign them into law or veto them every day.  Civil rights issues traditionally are not put on the ballot for the general population to vote on because many bigoted folks would try to maintain legalized discrimination.   The Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s would have never been passed if it was up to the people of the south to vote on the matter.  Women’s right to vote during a time when it was only legal for men to vote – would have never passed it was up to the general population to vote on it.  This is why we have elected officials – they r supposed to represent us and the greater good and to uphold the Constitution of the United States over corporate interest or religious institutions.

The media and conservative extremist wrong-wingers are quick to siege on the situation at Gallaudet to exploit for their own purposes.

All i got to say on the matter is:
1. A Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) taking steps to try to have discrimination legalized against LGBTQ calls into question her/his ability to support justice and equality for LGBT students on campus.

2. A University should examine how well a Chief Diversity Officer can perform their duties if they hold beliefs and values that say LGBTQ should be denied the right to marry legally (the MD law does not affect religious practices)

3. NOBODY should be attacking LGBTQ over this controversy
NOBODY should be attacking People of Color (POC) and Women over this controversy

NOBODY should be attacking Drs. McCatskill and Hurwitz over this controversy

NOTE: Oct 16, Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz released a msg to the community on this topic – it has been added to the comment section below or this link.

4. I hope and pray the better angels of our nature will manifest itself and reconciliation will emerge so that trust, respect, and justice can be fully self-evident in the Office of Diversity and through out the campus.

As a Holocaust survivor always told my classes – “Hatred is simply a waste of time.”

So please folks VOTE
if u live in Md or have loved ones that do – pls make sure they know what Question 6 on the ballot is all about.
VOTE YES to Question 6 on Nov 6
this is a vote of NO to H8

voting FOR the referred law means you want to keep LGBTQ marriage rights.

Note the law preserves the rights for religious groups to do otherwise so i have NO idea why so many religious groups are trying to get folks to be AGAINST the referred law.

Hence my big question as to why Question 6 is even on the ballot if not for bigotry: (bold added by me)

Question 6
Referendum Petition
Civil Marriage Protection Act (Ch. 2 of the 2012 Legislative Session) Establishes that Maryland’s civil marriage laws allow gay and lesbian couples to obtain a civil marriage license, provided they are not otherwise prohibited from marrying; protects clergy from having to perform any particular marriage ceremony in violation of their religious beliefs; affirms that each religious faith has exclusive control over its own theological doctrine regarding who may marry within that faith; and provides that religious organizations and certain related entities are not required to provide goods, services, or benefits to an individual related to the celebration or promotion of marriage in violation of their religious beliefs.
For the Referred Law
Against the Referred Law 

For the Referred Law = supporting the current law above (LGBT can legally marry in MD but religious groups do not have to follow such practices)

Against the Referred Law = oppose the above law (wants the state of MD to discriminate against LGBTQ folks by removing their right to civil marriage)

VOTE FOR the referred law and…

stop the H8

12 thoughts on “Vote Yes to Q 6 on Nov 6 = No 2 H8

  1. Oct 16, 2012

    Dr. Alan Hurwitz’s email to the Gallaudet community:

    Dear Campus Community,

    I am sending this communication to indicate forcefully that Gallaudet University would like to work with its Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Angela McCaskill, to enable her to return to the community from her administrative leave.

    As many know, Dr. McCaskill exercised her right to sign a petition concerning legislation on gay marriage. Because of her position at Gallaudet as our Chief Diversity Officer, many individuals at our university were understandably concerned and confused by her action. They wanted to know “does that action interfere with her ability to perform her job?”

    I placed her on paid administrative leave as a prudent action to allow the university — and Dr. McCaskill – the time to consider this question after the emotions of first reactions subsided. While this has become an issue beyond our campus, as President of Gallaudet University, my number one concern is our university community – our students, faculty and staff and so many others who support us. I act on their behalf, not with any agenda other than their well-being as all of us work to prepare these university students for the future. While I expect that a resolution of this matter can be reached that will enable Dr. McCaskill to continue as our Chief Diversity Officer, this will require that she and the University community work together to respond to the concerns that have been raised.

    My practice, which I will continue, is to reach out to the campus community to ensure that we are acting with their best interests in mind. To accomplish that, dialogs among those with differing views are common on our campus as a way of fostering understanding of the opinions, and the individuals holding them, which are different from ours.

    I have complete confidence that the community will emerge stronger because of this situation. In particular, I am incredibly proud of our students – as well as our faculty and staff — who have shown maturity and restraint under the pressures of the complexities of the situation.

    Dr. McCaskill has been, and can continue to be, a valued member of this community and we are very much interested in working with everyone to come to a shared understanding in an environment that allows the community to rebound and move forward.

    Each of us would benefit from remembering that everyone should be treated with civility and respect as we work together to create a positive and welcoming environment that is open to the free exchange of ideas and the acceptance of others who may hold views that differ from ours.


  2. Thanks Patti for putting it in perspective. I am saddened that the way this was handled has the potential to diminish the valid concerns of our LGBTQA community. Attacking Dr. McCaskill is equivalent to attacking black deaf folks. While I am not surprised that many people do not see the connections, I blame this on the paucity of information about deaf communities of color, their ways of being and interrelationships/interconnectedness with other institutions within their world. Deaf history and literature intentionally or inadvertently give the impression that the definition of a Deaf Person is white, fluent ASL signer, deaf of deaf, deaf institute. DOC are lucky if there is any mention of them in these histories and literature they are expected to learn at places like Gallaudet, NTID and CSUN and beyond. So we are always being informed subconsciously via these omissions that “we do not have a culture and that we are to emulate the culture of the white deaf citizen and try to live by its values and standards in order to gain acceptance, acknowledgement and respect”. I think that this is the unintended consequence that has left us without the ability to engage in civil discourse and made us prone to divisiveness when we so desperately need unity. My fear is it is too late. Dr. McCaskill is already dead. She has been lynched publicly and has no chance of salvaging her reputation or career. We forced JK Fernandes into the periphery between the deaf and hearing worlds. She can never be hearing and can never be accepted in the deaf world. JK has significance within the community of color in that she was perhaps the most knowledgeable senior administrator we have ever had on issues of diversity and was on the brink of actually implementing a plan that stunned some of us who are familiar with it. It would liberate us and give us an equal chance. Is it any surprise that since then, nobody has the courage to take it off the dusty shelve and make it happen? Sigh. So in essence, it feels like we are going through another lynching and it is unnerving for us hence instead of this being a discourse on the compromising of the Office for Diversity which is a legitimate issue, we are being torn apart and the critical issue is being side tracked. Totally unfair. But how can we enhance knowledge and engage in deeper discourses in order to understand our complex identities and our unique deaf lives?

  3. Heye ldun1713 –

    re: your comment of “Attacking Dr. McCaskill is equivalent to attacking black deaf folks.” I think this is how some of the LGBT community took her signing of a petition threatening the current legalization of LGBT marriage rights in MD. as – “attacking LGBT rights in MD is equivalent to attacking LGBT Deaf folks”

    re: Deaf cultural studies and Deaf academics needing to be more inclusive and representative of LGBT folks, POC, Deaf-Blind – etc. History has largely been written & controlled by the dominant culture and this too has manifest itself in Women’s Studies, Black Studies etc. Thankfully as more women of Color like bell hooks and LGBT of Color start to examine the unexamined – we see more intersectionality and multiculturalism is really going multi, which is very good.

    re: your statement ” Dr. McCaskill is already dead. She has been lynched publicly and has no chance of salvaging her reputation or career.”

    Please do not say that. She is not dead. I have never met her but from what i have read of her – she is a strong and a good person. Her spirit can rise above of the rift and tension. The publicity, while surely unwelcome and undesired, is not a lynching – i truly am not comfortable with your use of the word “lynching”

    especially since many African-Americans have been lynched in this country and White folks have stood around having a picnic and taking pictures. It appalls, disturbs and upsets. Last week i learned that some people have taken to hanging a chair from a tree on their front lawns to symbolize Obama being hung. Not cool but folks say “hey free speech, free country”

    There is absolutely EVERY chance of salvaging her reputation and career. People have not been calling her evil or incompetent or malicious or hateful – they have been calling into her action and her ability to serve as a chief diversity officer.

    If she chooses to do that which is right, just and good – she will shine and soar

    And we all know folks whose reputations and careers should have been adversely affected based on their bad performances and/or conduct but they went on to have careers here and there without any repercussions.

    im not gonna remark on the JK thing cuz it looks like a grab at dragging in an old wound and i already feel like McCaskill’s case is being used by too many folks for their own purposes and we should just focus on the facts of this one situation

    and because HOPEis a moral obligation (says award winning gay playwright tony kushner) and Hope is what African-American scholar and activist Cornel West calls upon us to do

    and in this i believe lays the answer to your concluding question:
    you asked “But how can we enhance knowledge and engage in deeper discourses in order to understand our complex identities and our unique deaf lives?”

    i answer:
    1. we hope for the better angels of our nature
    (think of the Amish when the man killed their children and then himself – they gathered up funds for HIS family)
    (think of Tutsis who have forgiven the Hutus that massacred their families)
    (think of humanity over inhumanity)

    2. ACT – actions defines who we are. so if we signed a petition calling for a just law to be put into question via a ballot when there is no reason to do so other than to get that just law outlawed, we should make amends. Sure it would be within our legal right to sign such a petition but if it is not the right thing to do – we would say – i am sorry. i didn’t read carefully, i didnt think carefully, i thought of my religious beliefs over your constitutional rights and i erred. i am sorry

    if we have called for her termination without knowing the full facts, we should make amends and say – i am sorry. i didnt read carefully and i didnt think carefully. I felt scared and upset that you would support something that would undermine my civil rights.

    Trust has been lost. Yet trust can always be found again – via the truth and… compassion.

    the dalia lama says we must remember our compassion with our passion

    gandhi says the truth and love win – think of it always

    perhaps Gallaudet can consider screening the documentary Brother Outsider for starts. its a film about one of my favorite heroes that so few folks know about but it examines intersectionality and just as Deaf POC and Deaf LGBT etc have been put on the way side of Deaf history so too have LGBT African-Americans and Bayard was one of the best.

    Brother Outsider. Check it out and some day may we all have our seat at the table.



  4. Alec – well i think the mission of the office of Diversity is much more telling. Folks r contesting her ability to serve that specific office’s mission and based on what she said at the press conference – there is evidence of just cause for their concerns.

    Shawn – im having a hard time with the slavery analogy just as i am having a hard time with the “Lynching” word – slavery in this country was an abomination it was a systematic, unconstitutional, immoral, slow death of the spirit and humanity – our country’s soil is seeped in the blood, tears, and sweat of HUMAN BEINGS that we put into bondage, threw into holds of a ship as cattle (see Amistad film), put up on auction blocks like livestock, force breed, raped, sold, maimed, whipped, hung – too much for me to list – im crying right now. Seriously folks – read the slave narratives. i dont like it getting tossed out causally for a “how would you feel” kinda thingy because it was and is a SIN OF THIS NATION. and it is something that should be spoken solemnly about and because yes there are people who would actual vote in favor of legalizing slavery in this country today and that sickens me beyond belief.

    Your point even though im not comfortable with the example – is correct. And this is why i stated in the blog entry – civil rights do not go on BALLOTS for a reason. Cuz the bigots would flock to the polls while the folks of good will are sitting home thinking all is well with the world and such things like that could never happen again in the u.s. of a but heye – they could. just see proposition 8 and then see how a judge had to overrule it and understand why

    so really question 6 has NO BUSINESS being on the ballot

    and a CHIEF diversity officer has NO BUSINESS claiming she is trying to advocate for democracy when if she truely was supportive of LGBT rights – she would have worked for that law they are trying to get removed to be passed in the first place – not waiting for marriage rights to be passed and then scramble to have it put on the ballot to call it into question in the name of exercising democracy

    and if she really wants controversial questions to be voted for by THE PEOPLE – then she should be having the Americans with Disabilities Act put on the ballot and the UN CRPD put on the ballot and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 put on the ballot and the Equal Pay Act put on the ballot etc etc

    im very upset about that press conference and i’m hoping this statement is just an error by the author cuz wow its looking mighty contradictory on McCaskill’s part:
    ———During a press conference Tuesday, McCaskill described the university as one of intolerance that manages by intimidation and bullying among faculty staff and students. She asked to be reinstated.———-

    so this is not a matter or brain science but rather a matter of our hearts and truth force / soul forces

    1. yes Mccaskill has the right to sign that petition
    2. it was not the right thing to do
    3. yes Gallaudet had the right to put her on a paid leave to examine the situation
    4. it was the right thing
    5. yes she may have been experiencing distress from the MEDIA attention about the leave and the push and pull from various groups including the Family Research Council which should never be thanked by any diversity officer
    6. yes this is a bloody mess with folks trying to divide and conquer – making it be LGBT vs African-Americans when in FACT there are LGBT who are African Americans
    and no BODY should be discriminated against based on the color of their skin nor the person that they love

    ah LOVE

    gosh would that it be allowed to manifest itself in this situation



  5. Let’s wait and see NEXT year if any or ALL of our America different religion churches will join to respect celebrating Dutch’s 150th Anniversary of abolition (to end) of slavery.

    this website did mention that Dutch leader

    (Dutch government) did asked the churched in whole Dutch country to examine their past

    and hope all Dutch churches to be involve the celebration of the abolition of slavery,

    in the Koningskerk (King’s Church) in Amsterdam on 1 July 2013

    from the Dutch published Ecumenical News International on Sep 20, 2012:

    (not too long ago – less than a month ago)

  6. I agreed with you that it is so very confusing and hard to understand the slavery analogy.

    But the Church and the State should NOT be merge.

    I agreed 10th paragraph:

    I copied and pasted here:

    If the United States and the Catholic Church, or any church, were to come together, Americans would lose their identities and freedoms.

    that article published: Thursday, October 11, 2012

    on that link:

    Pray and hope that Maryland will remove that BALLOTS of marriage equality

    because of the history with US Dept of Education are no good handling

    the different kinds of oppressions from many public schools and churches for years!

    Thank you for your time explaining, patti!!!

  7. heye shawn –
    that is good that the Dutch are recognizing their past slavery and the ending of it. too many other nations would rather folks just forget about it when it is unforgettable and unconscionable

    re: taking question 6 off the ballot – i dont believe that can be done. they got the thousands of signatures they needed (including Mccaskill’s) so that the question would be put on the ballot.

    lets just hope that the good folks of MD read it and know that it is WRONG to deny folks the right to marry and vote FOR the referred law cuz it protects LGBT from legalized discrimination while allowing churches/ temples / clergy etc to do what they do etc

    hope – its all we have. when we move into hopelessness well then despair is very near

    much peace


  8. Hi PDurr,

    Thank you for your wonderful blog – I truly appreciate your ability to include historical analysis in the discussion. Too often we as a country neglect history and Hegel is frowning upon us because we continue to neglect history in which we could learn and deduct principles from our history but we continue to ignore it both consciously and subconsciously.

    This is a human right – it should never ever be in question. I am tired of adding other spices into the pot (e.g. race, JF, etc). This is about a fundamental human right – that is all. It sickens me that we continue to ignore that and instead allow the politics to ride ideology.

    Yours in camaraderie,


  9. Heye D

    Sorry I missed replying to ur comment a while back

    Thanks for what u shared and re politiks riding ideology – yep did u see the republican senators vote on tues against UN CRPD. Simply heart breaking


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