Viva Veditz & the Day of the Dead

Thank You by Nancy Rourke

Viva Veditz

Day of the Dead

Colorado Springs, CO.
Sunday Aug 12, 2012

11:30 am Day of the Deaf celebration (Pack a picnic)

@ George W. and Bessie Veditz’s gravestone
Evergreen Cemetery 1005 S. Hancock Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado Lot #236

painting by Nancy Rourke

Folks are encouraged to host their own Day of the Dead in their own area by finding a local Deaf ancestor to host a picnic at the gravesite or by having a birthday BBQ in solidary!


2 thoughts on “Viva Veditz & the Day of the Dead

  1. it would be good idea to celebrate his birthday on august 13th…. anyway i am searching where he was born ( i know the city) in what address. i would like to visit his house.

  2. ahh if u find out the house he grew up in – i assume in MD – let me know

    re: Aug 13 – u right that is his birthday but its a monday smile. sunday is better for a picnic as folks have work on monday etc. we ringing out the old year and ringing in a new one for veditz.

    ill try to stop by again monday morning to wish him a happy birthday DAY too ; )



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