Viva Veditz – 33 years ago???? 1913 film commentary part II

heye all – this is a wee series to get us happy about Veditz’ upcoming birthday.  some of us will at his gravesite on Colorado Springs  on Aug 12 Sunday to ring in his new year (his birthday is Aug 13) so im posting up a few videos where i discussed parts of his famous 1913 Preservation of Sign Language film. (if anyone else takes up doing a commentary on different segments of this famous speech – pls do link me as i really NEVER feel i do George justice especially when im talking to a video lens and not other humans – George is meant to be engaged)

NOTE: the film will be having its 100th birthday next year !  ya hoo

What was Veditz referring to when he mentions 33 years ago and who are the false prophets today?

Move PLAYHEAD to 15:12 for clip of Veditz.  (im sorry it seems my commentary appears AGAIN in the middle 11:20 to 15:12 at fast speed – it was a technical glitch last year that i totally overlooked and no longer have the file to fix it)  just jump to george!

Translation of clip from Veditz is below the video box.

vlog explaining some old signs from a clip of Veditz’s speech and discussing the meaning and msg in that clip then Clip shown. Translation of the excerpt from Dr. Carol Padden:

For the last 33 years, with eyes filled with tears and hearts broken, the French deaf people have watched this beautiful language of signs snatched away from their schools.
For the last 33 years, they have strived and fought for the restitution of signs in the schools but for 33 years their teachers have cast them aside and refused to listen to their pleas. But their teachers would much rather listen to the worthless, cruel-hearted demands of people that think they know all about educating the deaf but know nothing about their thoughts and souls, their feelings, desires and needs.
It is like this in Germany also. The German deaf people and the French deaf people look up at us American deaf people with eyes of jealousy. They look upon us Americans as a jailed man chained at the legs might look upon a man free to wander at will.
They freely admit that the American deaf people are superior to them in matters of intelligence and spirituality, in their success in the world, in happiness. And they admit that this superiority can be credited to – what? To one thing, that we permit the use of signs in our schools. The French deaf people base their inferiority on one thing, the fact that oralism must be taught in their schools. They have eliminated fingerspelling; they have eliminated signs. But we American deaf are rapidly approaching some bad times for our schools. False prophets are now appearing with news to the people that our American means of teaching the deaf are all wrong. These men have tried to educate people and make people believe that the oral method is really the one best means of educating the deaf.
But we American deaf know, the French deaf know, the German deaf know that in truth, the oral method is the worst. Our beautiful sign language is now beginning to show the results of their attempts.
They have tried to banish signs from the schoolroom, from the churches and from the earth. Yes, they have tried, so our sign language is deteriorating.


2 thoughts on “Viva Veditz – 33 years ago???? 1913 film commentary part II

  1. Thanks for the ongoing Veditz series! I was wondering if the filmography students at RIT would be willing to try restoring this film. I took a screen grab and did a little basic enhancing in Photoshop, and the potential seems to be there for a greatly improved film. How about sounding them out for a project?

  2. Heye Diane – thanks for the comment. The quality of the clips are grabbed are poor due to the source i got them from etc but the film i believe is being well maintained especially since the Library of Congress selected it out of 20,000 + nominations to be one of the 25 se;ected fpr tje 2010 National Film Registry – more info about that at:

    I had been worried about preserving the quality a while back and was looking into the George Eastman House they do great restoration work but seems its in good hands with the National Film Registry – so so thrilled they say the importance of this work! and to honor it on the 100 anniversary of when NAD and Veditz began filming – that is just so fitting

    if u want to work from a better quality of the film than the clip i have up – i think the NAD youtube of it and the Gallaudet Video library version r a bit lighter than what i grabbed from but they r still a bit comprised



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